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Chevrolet Impala Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • balichbalich Posts: 62
    I purchased a '06 Impala last week .. did I do OK ...

    3.5L 211 HP SFI V6 ENGINE

    $ 20,830.00

    Options installed by Manufacturer



    $ 100.00

    $ 740.00

    $ 900.00

    $ 1,740.00

    $ 22,570.00



    ps. They charged me $199 dealer prep

    I negotiated pin striping ($169.00) and a 3rd Spare Key for FREE

    The final OUT the door price $19800 - $2000 (GM rebate) for
    total of $17800.00

    How did I do ?
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I think you did well if thats what you paid for the 2006. I don't know how you arrived at the Manfacturers retail price of $20,830 for the LT. The 2006 base LS lists at $20,990. Chevy is currently offering $2,000 cash back on all 2006 Impalas ending today, so you probably got the options instead of the cash back. The 2007 Impala LT lists at $22,065.00. Remember the 2007s will be on dealer lots in less then 2 weeks.
  • zizithzizith Posts: 11
    I got one like yours minus the sunroof, aluminum wheels, garage door opener and leather steering wheel, but with
    Options installed by Manufacturer
    $ 195.00
    $ 275.00
    TOTAL OPTIONS $ 470.00
    TOTAL VEHICLE & OPTIONS $ 21,300.00
    for $18,600 2 months ago, so I would say you did good. The 2007's will cost more. :shades:
  • triogemtriogem Posts: 32
    This price didn't include Tax,Tag and Registration,right?
  • triogemtriogem Posts: 32
    What's the new rebate? Do you think buy a 2006 when 2007 come out would be much cheap?

  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    DEALS DEALS DEALS!. Chevy offered $2,000 cash back after you negotiated your best deal before July 18th on 2006 Impala models.

    Current Chevy offer is 0% financing on almost all new remaining 2006 GM cars. Negotiate your best deal and save thousands in interest payments.

    GM employees get a special discount after they make their best deal.

    In Ontario Canada the steel company that makes the steel for the GM plants in Oshawa, offers the steel workers (CAW comparable to the UAW in the USA) a special discount after their best deal if they buy a GM product.

    Recently in Ontario GM VISA indicated families could combine their GM points I believe up to the maximum in the purchase of a new GM product.

    Year end purchases are good for the consumer if they plan on keeping the car for a few years. Remember if you trade early your 06 will be a model year old in a few weeks.

    There are some minor changes for the 2007 Impala, including some color adds/deletes.

    Jumping ahead in 1 year the 2008 Impalas will be out and there should be an anniversary edition for the Impalas 50th anniversary.

    If you have more then one Chevy dealership in your area go to both and play one against the other for the best deal.

    Deals can be made!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    >Remember if you trade early your 06 will be a model year old in a few weeks
    But if you don't trade for 5 or 6 years what little difference does it make if a car is 5 or is 6 years old as re tradein value? I feel that the extra year is offset by the lower mileage since it really a long 5 year car as far as usage rather than a 6 year car although model year might be six years.

    I'm not disagreeing with anyone or anything said. I just want to point out there isn't totally an extra year's mileage on the car. I've been keeping cars 8 and 10 years. So the cars are 5 years apart and I get a new one every 5.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • balichbalich Posts: 62
    Here's how ..

    100 universal opener
    740 upgrade to 2LT package
    900 Sunroof
    660 Destination charge

    = $23230 MSRP (I got a 3430 discount)

    The final OUT the door price $19800 - $2000 (GM rebate) for
    total of $17800.00 (this did not include taxes, reg)
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Thats what I said. Only if you trade early and some people do and get hosed, because the cars depreciate very quickly. I'm not knocking the car just stating a fact. however car value books go by model year, and mileage can be a factor high or low a few hundred $$ up or down. In a couple months Kelley Blue book will list the 2006 Impala and all other 2006 cars as a used cars with values according to condition, mileage etc. Check out the value of 2005 Impalas now. They go for rock bottom prices. Check out hundreds of low and high mileage used 2006 Impalas for sale at very low prices. Great deals for new 2006 Impala buyers with incentives and for used 2006 Impalas as well. WIN WIN for everyones budget.
  • triogemtriogem Posts: 32
    Thanks for your information.

    So the price of zizith was $3360 discount.

    I think you'v got great deal. btw: where did you guys get the deals?
  • triogemtriogem Posts: 32
    I just called around. The dealers said this price was crazy.

    Do you have employee's discount?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    $5500 off msrp (17800) I would say is pretty good. Especially if it was with little effort.

    The bible(s) estimate the Impala (Msrp 23000) be a 14000-15000 car in a year so-- not too shabby. That color is cool too. is a good site with ads from all over the country for many models. That seems to be one of the good deals. Things should improve more in sept-oct. The 2007s appeared in lots around here about a month ago. That they cost more is irrelevant. MSRP isn't very meaningful.

    This is a helluva car for a change and beats the Ford 500 hands down. Impala and Malibu are actually way up there with Accord and Civic in the top 10 most popular cars. (Ford Fseries Chevy silverado and Dodge Ram pickups in the top spots as usual) And THOUSANDS LESS for the V6 models. (Not sticker mind you, but possible negiotiated price for both)

    Personally, when I get some money in sept. I'm shooting for 6800 off or more on an LT3 package 3.9 V6 (24000 msrp). I'm faxing the sales managers in 20+ dealerships with some flexible requirements toward the last week of the month (this cuts down on the nonsense especially if they know other dealers are involved) and quickly narrowing it down to the top 2-3 heroes.(Cincinnati is loaded with car dealerships, the most per capita in the country for many makes)

    I sold cars for years, trained numerous salesmen and have purchased many new cars over the years in a similar manner in general they don't stand a chance as there's no deal I gotta have. All new cars are essentially commodities and one is just like the other. The store most desparate to book a low or no profit sale wins.

    Always remember that despite the nominal "invoice" price being public many of the dealer cash incentives are unpublished nowadays and mainly based on sales targets and customer satisfaction surveys. The only one who truly knows the cost is the sales manager/fleet manager himself and that itself may change as the month (or quarter) progresses.

    BTW, other than filtering 15-20 dealerships competitively to determine the bottom line a good quicky thing to do is to find out what a 1 year old model goes for and start from there. If an 05 goes for 14500 how much depreciation do you want to eat the first year? Its as simple as that.

    Obviously only a masochist would pay 23500 msrp and eat $9000 to drive a chevy (thus our dealer cash and hidden cash and rebates all of which 'sigh' honda -has been able to *mostly* avoid) I guess 2500-4000 may be a good target premium(over wholesale)at the beginning of a model year(07s now), more if the model redesign or its just hot. This shrinks steadily over the months until demand normalizes and next years models appear. Our limit would depend on how smitten we are.

    Closest to 1yr wholesale for an 05 you can get is best as sept -december appears for 06s

    The price we pay from msrp is under our control, and happily after the first year, depreciation seems to be a constant 1700-2200 bucks for a while, as the market takes over from the Henny Youngmans who print most American car MSRPs, which determine our first year cost. Msrp is also not realistic but less fanciful with many of the Honda, Toyota and maybe Nissan models.

    A extreme example is the Dodge Durango. With msrp $33000 this is a 19000 or less vehicle in a year(05), making it financial suicide to purchase even 2000 under invoice. (4000+ in hidden dealer cash available here folks, exclusive of published rebates etc) We would want at least 10000 off, at this time in the model year, perhaps working for more.

    Rotsa Ruck and thanks for your MSRP and price paid experiences


    Here's how ..

    100 universal opener
    740 upgrade to 2LT package
    900 Sunroof
    660 Destination charge

    = $23230 MSRP (I got a 3430 discount)

    The final OUT the door price $19800 - $2000 (GM rebate) for
    total of $17800.00 (this did not include taxes, reg)
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Kelley Blue book indicates that a base 1 year old 2005 Impala (similar to 2006 LS) trade in value for July 2006 is between $10,335-$11,075 with 18,000 miles. The 2005 Impala LS similar to the 2006 Impala LTZ trade in value $12,495 - $13,325 with 18,000 miles. Check it out.

    It is extremely hard to sell used Impalas privately. The market is flooded every year and car lots have tons of them for sale. There are many posters on the (2005 Impala and before forum) who posted their stories that had no luck in selling privately and couldn't believe the low residual on these cars after 1,2,3,4,5 years.

    Edmunds and indicate that the Impala has one of the lowest residual values in its segment. Good news for the used Impala buyer. Buying a new Impala now at a good price might mean a poor return when traded in down the road. I was a new Impala buyer before but not now. I am going to wait and buy a 1 year old 2006 or 2007 Impala when they become available. Lots to choose from at great prices. If you gotta have new get your best deal.
  • Just bought an 06 SS for $32,000 with everything,including 7/160 warranty and tax how did I do? and BTW that was Canadian dollars
  • fantascpfantascp Posts: 175

    Does anyone know much the 2006 Impala LTZ will depreciate now that the 07's are out?
    I have an 03 Grand Prix GT thats coming off lease in Oct- and we test drove the 06 Grand Prix, Buick Lucerne and Buick Lacrosse, and the 06 Impala 2 weeks ago- the Impala
    was the one my wife really liked over-all.

    Waiting for a few dealer quotes on the 06- my question is -is there that much difference between the 06 versus 07 to not go with the 06 for less money?
    We will be leasing and more than likely, not purchasing the vehicle at the end of the lease.

    Thanks for any feedback
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    How much was the msrp of the 06 SS and the manufacture date? (msrp changed Jan 06 unless you had the adjustment sticker in the window)

    You may know the exchange rate american better than I but is it about 15%? 32000 cdn =29000 American?

    How much did they want for the 7/160 warranty? (no deductable?)


    Just bought an 06 SS for $32,000 with everything,including 7/160 warranty and tax how did I do? and BTW that was Canadian dollars
  • The car was manufactured Feb 06 in Oshawa Ontario ( where they are all manufactured along with the Monte Carlo) The sticker was almost $41,000 CDN the extended warranty was $1000 with no deductable and you are about right on the exchange rate, usually around 15%
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    Impala LS w/ABS and Traction invoice: $20,370
    Impala LT w/ABS and Traction, Flip and Fold Rear Seat invoice: $21,070
    Impala LT 3.9L w/no options invoice: $23,085
    Malibu Maxx LT w/Head Curtain Side Airbags, Rear Wiper and Spoiler invoice: $20,503
    Sonata GLS V6 w/no options invoice: $19,831
    Current incentives 2006 Malibu Maxx: $1,500 2006 Impala: $2,000 Sonata V6: $2,500

    Impala EPA interior volume:105 cu ft, luggage vol:19 cu ft
    Malibu Maxx EPA interior volume:106 cu ft, luggage:24 cu ft
    Sonata EPA interior volume:105 cu ft, luggage:16 cu ft

    Impala 3.5L city/highway:21/31
    Impala 3.9 city/highway:19/27
    Malibu Maxx 3.5 city/highway:22/30
    Sonata 3.3L city/highway:20/30

    Impala 3.5L:211 hp@5800 rpm/214 lbs-ft of torque@4000
    Impala 3.9L:242 hp@6000 rpm/242 lbs-ft of torque@4800
    Malibu Maxx 3.5L:201 hp@5600 rpm/221 lbs-ft of torque@3200
    Sonata 3.3L:235 hp@6000rpm/226 lbs-ft of torque@3500

    Basic Warranty for Hyundai:5 years/60,000, Drivetrain: 10 years/100,000, Roadside: 5 years/Unlimited, Rust: 7 years/Unlimited

    Basic Warranty for Chevrolet:3 years/36,000, Drivetrain: 3 years/36,000, Roadside: 3 years/36,000, Rust: 6 years/1000,000

    Sonata comes standard with ABS, 6 airbags, traction, and stability.
    Impala 3.5L comes optional with airbags, ABS and traction
    Impala 3.9L comes standard with airbags, ABS and traction
    Malibu Maxx comes standard with ABS and traction, optional with airbags crash test ratings: frontal/side/rear
    Impala: Acceptable, Good, Marginal
    Malibu: Good, Good, Acceptable
    Sonata: Good, Acceptable, Good
  • does the sonata also come with side curtain airbags? Not sure if it is standard on the Impala or not , but I know my 06 SS has them
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    Yes, it comes standard. They also come standard on all trims of Impala. On the 3.5L Impala's ABS and traction are optional. The 3.9L and 5.3L comes standard.

    I think that the flip and fold flat rear seat is a hot option. I wish it came with a fold flat passenger seat like the Malibu Maxx and Ford Five Hundred.

    I hate the wood grain instrument panel and doors comes standard on all Impala's except the SS. I would want the 3.5L to take advantage of the E85 fuel. Speed isn't on my priority list. Do you know how hard it would be to find a exterior and interior color and desired options without the wood grain!

    My desired Impala would be the 3.5L LT trim with the dark grey exterior and gray cloth interior. Options 2LT equipment group, ABS and traction, flip and fold flat rear seat. Would want a sunroof but I'm trying to keep price under $20,000, another thing I like about the Impala, possible to get one under $20,000.
  • shainzeshainze Posts: 2
    That is exactly the car that I am looking for (MSRP $23,105). I contacted over 20 dealerships in my area and of those that responded to my emails only one was willing to give a decent price ($500 under invoice before incentives) but it had to be one they had on the lot (they didn't have what I wanted). I don't know if under $20,000 before rebates is realistic or just not realistic for my area (norther Alabama).

    No one came even remotely close to the $3430 discount described earlier. Most wanted around $500 over invoice. I wish I could find something anywhere close to that kind of deal. I think I will have to wait until most dealerships have 2007s on the lot before they are going to give a good deal. If I could get the price below $21,000, I think I would go for it (before adding $2000 GM card earnings and 0% for 60 months).
  • Try looking for the car in Canada, they are made there and with the exchange rate, under $20,000 might be reasonable. Also , there are no modifications required to use this car in the US
  • triogemtriogem Posts: 32
    how did you get 32000CDN=29000USD with 15%?

    Should that be 32000CDN/1.15=27826USD?
  • triogemtriogem Posts: 32
    So you got 9000CDN off MSRP, which is about 7826 USD. It's amazing.

    The car dealers here are so mean to me. I can only get the price for invoice-rebate. It's just way off the deal here.
  • triogemtriogem Posts: 32
    Same things here(North Florida). The price is just way off that $3430 discount. Who knows where's those deals at?
  • Well it helps when you have a family member as a design engineer at GM , thus you get their pricing . My SS had a sticker of almost $41,000 CDN , my cost was $32,100 and that included the 7/160 warranty. The other think that can be tried are some of the auto brokers up here, especially this time of yr.At the dealer I bought my car through , they did have LT's at $24,500 CDN on the sticker. Also , as I have found out , the LT, LS , and LTZ have different options and standard features between the models that are sold in the US versus Canada , which I found surprising.
  • amandableamandable Posts: 2
    What trim and options were you looking for?
  • triogemtriogem Posts: 32
    employee discount! That's the deal.

    the $3430 off MSRP must be an employee discount. correct me if I was wrong.
  • it was employee pricing
  • dfldfl Posts: 2
    Last week I purchased a 06 Impala 1LT, with the flip n fold seats and aluminum wheels being the only two extras. Sticker price was just over $23k. Doing all the initial negotiating over the phone, the first price the salesman came back with was.......$15,350! No joke. I said sold right there on the phone. Two days later I had the car, no real strings attached. Plus I had $3500 on my GM card to apply towards the price as well. I did not ask exactly where their price came from, because at that price I did not care. There was no employee pricing or supplier pricing involved, otherwise I would not have been able to use my GM card. The only thing I had to do was finance through GMAC, but that can be cancelled after 1 month, penalty free. Needless to say I was ecstatic with my out the door price. The dealership involved was Uftring Chevy in Washington, IL.
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