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Chevrolet Impala Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The total price was $25,132 minus $1,000 rebate equals $24,132. I will probably pass on the rebate making the total cost $25,132 and take the 3.9% financing. This doesn't include tag and tax which is around $1,750 in my area. Keep in mind the Chevy dealers get a 3% holdback off of MSRP so they did ok on the deal.

    After ordering mine I saw another local dealer advertising the base LS model for $500 below invoice.
  • Wonder if that price of $500 below invoice included the $1000 rebate from GM. Then, you are paying the dealer $500 more than invoice then the grand from GM results in the $500 below invoice.
  • That's a good question. After I ordered my car, I made the car lots on Sunday morning and and saw the LS on a local dealers lot with a sign on the windshield noting "$500 below invoice". I'm assuming that was not including the rebate but I don't know that. The dealer in question is relatively new, very small, I don't think they will be in business long. For that reason they may be discounting to establish volume. I have mine on order so I guess it doesn't matter to me.
  • I wanna sent the dealer this email to negotiate the price.
    maybe it looks stupid. please give me some advice.

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I hope this email can save our time. I want to buy a Chevy impala 1LT with 3 options: 1) Wheels: 16 in 5-Spoke Styled Cast Aluminum; 2) 4-Wheel Antilock Disc Brakes;3) Flip & Fold Flat Rear Seat. Everything else will be standard.

    Other N/C options will be the front 40/20/40 split-bench seat. The exterior color I wanted is Black, Glacier Blue Metallic, Laser Blue Metallic, Silverstone Metallic, or Superior Blue Metallic. Either interior color is fine with me.

    Here are my questions:
    1) Can you offer me the price for "invoice-500+options+destination fee+tax+tag-rebate”?
    2) How long will it take you to order my choice?
    3) How much can you accept my credit card payment? I am going to finance with my credit union.

    I think that is going to be $21,861.88 totally. This price will be the final out of door price with nothing else. So can you do it?

    Items Price Sources
    1 Invoice $20221,
    2 Below invoice $-500 Dealer’s offer
    3 4-Wheel Anti Disc Brakes $498,
    4 16' Cast-Aluminum $291,
    5 Flip-Fold Flat Rear Seat $228,
    6 Destination fee $660,
    7 Tax(1+2+3+4+5+6)*6% $1283.88 estimated
    8 Tag $180 estimated
    9 Rebate(current) $-1000,
    10Total(final) $21861.9 Out of door
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    Sign on to You can build and price the impala of your dreams. Options colors etc on line. Then ask for a quote from the Chevy dealer in your area (zip code ). The Dealer will get back to you very quickly with the price and rebates for the vehicle. You can negotiate from there with out leaving your house. That's how I bought mine. :)

  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    I purchased the Impala LT3 with moon roof for $23,583.84. That included tax and title out the door.
    ( I believe the tax in North east Ohio is about 8% )

    The only difference in options between the LT3 and the LTZ was the leather seats that I did not want. It actually has the same options as the SS model with the exception of the small block V8 engine. The LT3 has the bigger 6 cylinder engine as standard.

    I feel it was a decent price for the model and options I wanted, and I did this with out a hassle or leaving home until I had the deal I wanted.

  • Congratulations.That's a very very good price. Unbelievable!

    It seems much cheaper than the 24,132+tax+title one with sunroof,bose sound system and door remote.

    we are getting good deal now.
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    I didn't do the upgrade on the bose sound system. I am 68 and just listen to AM talk radio anyway. I believe that's about a 3 or 4 hundred dollar difference. Door remote and remote starting was standard on the LT3.

  • The door remote is the universal garage door remote opener. I think that's about $80. Your price is very good though. It's about $1000 less than my expect. Is it hard to negotiate? Can you please share more experience?
  • Yes, this truly is a great price, you bought it for $1,500 below invoice.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    There was no serious negotiations I just ordered the basic Impala LT3 with a moon roof. The Dealer applied the rebates. However I am an old person and sometimes forget to tell the whole story. I did fail to mention earlier that I also received the employee discount which I suspect is the difference in price you are referring to. Sorry about the confusion. :) :)

  • employee discount, that's the reason.I sent my email to dealer ask 1500 off invoice. They must be laughing at me now.
  • hello, Ken

    Can I ask you a question? Are you actually an employee or you just got the employee discount?
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    I never worked for GM. However my brother is a retired foreman with 40 years service at the Chevy Plant.

    It is my understanding the retired workers get a bigger discount than the active workers, and the hourly worker gets an even larger discount than the salary worker. ( Not sure if this applies to only the retired workers or not )

  • It looks like the red tag price is about $500 to $600 below invoice at least on the LT model. An equivalent deal if you want the low interest rates is offer $500 over invoice and you still can get the 1.9% financing for 36 months.
  • I still didn't understand. Did your brother help you get the discount? Or do you think you can get the employee discount even if you don't have any relatives have any relationship with GM?
  • I just came back from a dealership. They refused to offer me the same price as KEN. They also have the Red Tag sales. If they have the car exactlly I want, invoice-1000 could be possible, but they cannot use this price to order a new one with my options for me.

    They also said, if I order any car now, it will take 2 month because the Holiday is coming. Is that true?
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    Yes my brother did receive something from Chevy that I turned into my Chevy Dealer. I believe the discounts that I received are for employees and there immediate family only.

    Ford and Chrysler offer the same thing to there employs I believe it's called the "A plan" or something like that. As a matter of fact all three of the Auto manufactures were offering this program to the general public the last couple of months.

    Remember they use to say "You pay what we pay" I believe this ended the end of September or there about to the general public and now is strictly for employees and there families.

  • worrworr Posts: 45
    Right now prices are below invoice, with the red tag sale, as I figure it. Someone is saying $100 above supplier cost...but I don't know what that figure is.

    So a Impala SS listed (MSRP) at $29,995 invocices for $27,586 but with the red tag is going for 27,003 plus another 1,000 if you take the rebate and finance on your own.
  • worr, are you sure that Red Tag price doesn't ALREADY include the $1000 rebate? And that therefore it is really going out for ~$500 OVER invoice?
  • worrworr Posts: 45
    If you did get the rebate (and you don't) you would be 1500 under invoice. You can go to edmunds and price it for yourself....and then go to the gm web site and hit the red tag sale. It IS below invoice.

    Any idea how to get supplier price?
  • Red tag price should be over invoice and you cannot get rebate. correct me if I am wrong.
  • worrworr Posts: 45
    I have only researched one vehicle. In my illustration...and you can do the numbers for is $500 plus BELOW invoice.

    My guess is, however, you can do even better once the rebates are back and red tag is over.
  • I went online and got the RED TAG price of a 2005 LS of $26,460. I walked into Sansone Cheverolet in NJ and when a salesman asked if he could help me I said, "I'd like to buy the 2005 LS for $19,000". He said "OK" and I bought it. I got $7460.00 off the price. I think I got an good deal. :D
  • zjimzjim Posts: 51
    $26,460 Red Tag Price for an LS! That's impossible unless maybe if you're in a foreign country! That would mean a MSRP of over $28,000US. A completely loaded LTZ is in that price range! For the record, LS's are being advertised at just over $18,000 in the Milwaukee area. By the way, the Red Tag price includes the $1000 rebate. I "built" a completely option loaded LS on the Chevrolet website. Total MSRP was $22,670. The Red Tag price was $20,382.00. Since most dealers are now selling for $500 below Red Tag, a good buying price for the loaded LS would be about $19,800 or so.
  • worrworr Posts: 45
    The LS red tags for just over 19k. So not sure how you figure you got so much money off the price.
  • So let me get this straight, GM is REDUCING their sticker prices so as to be more competitive? All the while, they DROPPING their cash incentives? They reduce the price by $1,000 and discontinue the cash incentive of $1,500? Wow, what a deal.
  • imoldfellaimoldfella Posts: 15
    Why does CA, FL rate 1.99 gas and $2000 rebate and PA only gets $500 rebate? I like GM cars but their pricing is whack.

    Also, Edmunds is running the rebates as $2500, am I missing something?
  • pgh111pgh111 Posts: 11
    Here are the specs I received on a 2006 Impala LTZ, superior red:
    Selling Price - $26,215, residual 58% for 36 months 10,000 miles per years, 4.75 money factor. They had a lease rebate of $1,760 and I have GM points of $1,260. Tax on leases in PA is 10%, they quoted me $326.29 a month. Nothing due at signing (Sign & drive), acquisition fee was $595. Is this a fair deal? Thank you.
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