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Chevrolet Impala Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeteastjeteast Posts: 11
    Well I pulled A CR Price sheet on my 2007 LTZ and as equipped stated to offer 23,800 on the 27,000 MSRP. I had one dealer bite at that offer 23,799.50 with all fee's and then lowered another 2,000 with my GM credits (21,799.50) and if I would known of the other hidden Manuf to Dealer regional rebate of an additional 750.00 .. I would have asked for another 500.00 - 700.00 off from offer price. Next I pulled a CR Price sheet on a 2007 SS equipped with Sunroof They are showing to offer 26,100.00 but assuming the regional rebate is the same as in my area, I would offer 25,500.00 with all fee's included(not including T,T&L) on an SS with a MSRP of 30,000.00. The Dealer would have to eat the price of any Dealer installed options he had on it, as I never pay for those. With the dealer getting your 1,000 rebate plus the regional Incentive, plus any other hidden incentives, you would be getting a good price, while he is still gets a fair profit. Good Luck
  • Grea info!

    Question though, where are you getting this info from and what does CR mean? Consumer Reports?

    How did you get the to initial $26,100 for the ss Impala? Rebate and incentive I understand.

    I appreciate the feeback.
  • jeteastjeteast Posts: 11
    CR meaning Consumer Reports!

    CR offers New Car Reports for a small fee, and also has the option to purchase unlimited Reports for a slightly higher
    price. It Is basically an In-Depth Expert Report that includes
    Safety Reliability and what the dealer paid for the car. You add all the options and then it will price it and offer you
    a starting amount to offer the dealer. It shows the current
    incentive on the car, but does not show the Hidden Rebates
    (such as Regional or National Manufacture to Dealer) those
    you have to try to find out on your own as they are never printed and Dealers are hard pressed to share this info with you. So we Know your SS qualifies for for the 1,000 cash back to customer, it should also have a min 750.00 cashback to dealer from Manufactured (Maybe more in your region) and there may be even more hidden incentives out there as well.

    I used the Price Reports to purchase my wife's LTZ two weeks
    ago. It was well worth the few bucks spent as I never left the house. I e-mailed all the dealers in the area and told them the price I'd pay, and the conditions of the sale. My conditions were I would not sign a "Arbitration Clause" or
    the "72 hour contract waiver clause".

    It made the buying process easy, The dealer that excepted
    my offer had all paperwork ready for me to inspect and sign.
    A brief visit to the Finance Manager to where I opted out of the finance and all the BS rip-off add ons, inspected and
    took delivery of car, and wrote them the check. Less than 2 hours at the dealership, and things went smooth. Good Luck!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,207
    The CR reports are nice... but, just about all of that information is available here on (for free!).

    2007 Chevrolet Impala: Pricing
    LTZ 4dr Sedan

    2007 Chevrolet Impala:Incentives & Rebates

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  • So I spoke with about 6 dealers in my area today, most of which stated to me that a $30,800 vehicle invoices at $29,000 or so. They can sell me the car at invoice plus $1000 factoy rebate to get me at $28,000.

    I had about 4 of them tell me that, they stated there is no more money to put in to that car and no reason to go in to a hole. They also stated their is NO regional incentive and holdback for that vehicle wouldn't get me anywhere near the pricing I was looking for.

    I did however speak with Potamkin and Bay chevrolet in Manhattan and Queens respectively. They miraculously got me down to $27,100 which I'm testy to jump at after a months experience. Being a salesman myself, I am pretty confident I am getting the best possible deal as searching the internet for pricing paid for this same exact vehicle with less options was at best $27,693.00.

    So $27,100.00 for a $30,700 vehicle is the best that I can see anybody doing for a 2007 fully loaded Impala SS? The only thing the vehicle is lacking is the air brushed aluminum
    trim. It has the wood grain instead which I am not a fan of.

    Yeah I'm picky. :confuse:
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Hey, I don't blame you. I can't figure out how the very fake looking faux wood is more popular than the faux metal. Luckily, my '06 SS has the metal trim and I'm very happy with it. Hearing your prices for the car makes me feel a little better about the deal I got. :)
  • hess4hess4 Posts: 7
    There are a lot of impalas out on the lots. In Nov. 06, three months ago, I felt that I really got a deal, 06 lt, with 3.9 engine, miles-7,400. A lease vehicle built in May 06, lots of warr. left, good condition. Price 14,700. I did not question the price because I felt it was good. It was certified so carried an additional three months warr.. What do you think?
  • I believe you only had the 3month/3000miles warr. correct me if i am wrong.
  • I'm ready to buy a '07 LTZ in the next few days.
    Using some advice from what I've read on this forum , I've sent out reqests for qoutes from around 25 dealers. I've received about 5 solid prices- the best being 25,275 +TTL
    on a MSRP of 28,150. From Edmunds and what I've been seeing online, I was targeting 25000 or better. I'm in the Chicago area. I got a couple quotes for 22K- somthing, but after trying to pin them down I'm pretty sure these are for '06s.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A national news magazine is looking to interview recent GM car buyers (Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac, Saturn, Buick, Hummer, Saab) that switched from a Toyota or considered purchasing a Toyota. If you are interested, please send an email to no later than Monday, January 29, 2007 containing your daytime contact information.


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  • mote96mote96 Posts: 3
    I'm being quoted a price of 16,573 on an '06 LTZ with 23,000 miles. I like the car, but I'm not sure if it's worth that kind of money. I really am totally clueless and would appreciate any advice.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    check out edmunds nada and kelly for the wholesale price on your vehicle. You wanna pay around wholesale to wholesale+1000.

  • I negotiated a 2006 LT3 Impala, new, at my neighborhood dealer for $18,200 - car had msrp of 24,400, no options besides the lt3 package. It was on the lot for a year so they wanted it out. I've no idea what the 06 pricing should be but they made lots of groans that they were under cost (as usual!). I had wanted a LT3 07 in different color but they held fast over 21k...
    My purchase was stimulated by the addl $1000 added to my $1200 on the GM card ... which gave me a cash cost of $16200 on the 2006 (excluding taxes & fees). Anyone know where the pricing really is on an 06 model new?
  • werm9werm9 Posts: 8
    I am looking into purchasing a impala. the room and a v6 is nice. not to many larger sized vehicles with a v6 for $20,000. anything I should look out for about the 2007's? Am i better off to buy one now with a $1,500 rebate or wait till summer for a $2,000 or $2,500 rebate? I really don't pay attention to incentives until I want a new car but what time of year do they offer the greatest incentives?
  • aamixyaamixy Posts: 69
    Hi, what's the wholesale price? Is it invoice price. Newbie question...
  • Hi ronaries10!
    Could you please elaborate on the additional $1000 added to your GM card please? What it that about? Thanks.
  • GM added $1000 as promotional to existing amount on my GM credit card (I have the older card) and the amount was good til March 15 or 31, I don't remember the exact date. Since that tallied $2250, I put the amount to good use.

    Periodically, but mostly when they are anxious to move cars, GM will add an unadvertised "sweetener" to the credit card holders to entice them to buy cars soon. This was that type of a deal. Its probably worth registering for a GM card just to get the periodic offers....

  • Thank you Ronaries10 for your reply! Seems like the $1000 is available to certain GM card holders only isn't it? I got my GM card about 6 months ago and never seen any promotional info like this in my account, nor on the GM card website. Plus, the maximum allowances are pretty low, only $1000 for cars like Aveo, cobalt, colorado, HHR, and Malibu, etc. But I've seen people on this forum having applied more than $3k of GM card earnings. I guess these are the advantages of the old GM card aren't they? You guys can earn 5% on any purchase and apply unlimited earnings to any new GM car? Thanks.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    We earn 5% and can put the same amount towards the cars. That offer talked about earlier didn't sound like anything I have heard. The amount you can use towards purchase varies by model. Usually higher on lower demand cars and lower on best selling cars. Typically the max is $2K but occasionally certain models will go higher (I think th Hummer H2 last summer).

    Do you earn 3% with your card? That's what my sister gets and I thought maybe she got the wrong card. I'm guessing they changed it. I'm glad I got in early. ;)
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hi chipkarsicker..

    Just for information sake, my current GM Visa Card earns me 3% towards a new car with a maximum redeptiom of $3,500 and has a 19.75% interest rate. You know, I can't ever remember seeing anything over $ 2,500...i.e. Aveo $700, Impala/Monte Carlo $2,000, Cobalt/Malibu/Corvette $1,500, and some SUV's /Trucks $2,500. Ya, I guess it all depends on what they are trying to push at the time..!! Personally, I have never seen nor heard of any of the specials reported here until now..!! Chip....I'm not sure how accurate this is , but I have heard recently that Master Card offers a 5% GM redemption card..Don't know...It Might be worth looking into.

    Frank ;)
  • Mine is GM MasterCard. 5% on all purchases. No annual cap, i.e. if you spend $1m a year you get $50k in earnings. The catch is that the redemption allowances are limited. $1000 for small and mid size vehicles like Aveo, Cobalt, HHR, Malibu etc. $2000 for Impala. You can see the complete list on Hope this helps.
  • I also have original GM card - this is the 3rd car I bought with it. I often return GM's mailings and ALWAYS tell them I'm interested in buying in the next 3 months or so. I get notice of special bonuses on card at least once per year - tho the cars & amounts, this year the SUVs had $1500 credit while the sedans had only $1000 bonus credit.
    I would expect that it wouldn't matter if one had the old or newer card since GM simply wants to sell more cars... but you may need to let them know you are in the market...
    Hope this clarifies.
  • dave35dave35 Posts: 2
    I am getting closer on a new Impala, thanks to all the info on Edmunds. I have no trade in. Might either pay cash or finance privately. 2 dealers are promising additional rebates beyond the normal rebates, to the tune of about $1500 additional, if I buy on the Smartbuy program and then pay it off completely within a month. They claim there are no strings attached, no buy out penalties, and only one month interest with this technique. Claim it works great for a cash buyer. One other dealer says this is not what it appears, hidden costs, and it only makes sense for someone who can not otherwise afford the car and is willing to go long term payments. the extra rebate is appealing.....anyone else do this with a one month buy-out or payoff? Any strings attached? thanks !
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    The chevrolet impala wholesales more than 10k from MSRP 1st year if you're lucky. With all the terminating leases, cars in rental fleets etc it is one of the worst. I'm not saying its a bad car, I like it but the valuation is terrible.

    You want at least $6000 off of this car. Preferably more. (rebates, hidden dealer cash, whatever) Most of the ads I see are for $2800 or so off and this is a poor joke.
    This is regardless if you trade or hold it for 10 years.

    If you can't do this then get 700-1200 under invoice on a v6 Honda Accord. Just as good if not better than the Chevy and much better in the value dept.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter with a national newspaper is hoping to talk to consumers who currently are or just recently purchased a new vehicle and factored or will factor in where the car was made (i.e. made in the USA). Please reply to no later than Friday, March 16, 2007 with your daytime contact info.

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  • I paid 13.5K for my lease return with 11K miles. Just checked the gas mileage yesterday and it got 30.1 mpg. Unbelievable for a fullsize car. ;)
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Wow....Sounds like you got yourself a great deal here...!!! :)
    A 2004 off lease should have at least 4 times the mileage you have on yours....Well done..!!

    Frank ;)
  • Left the dealer today and agreed on a price 0f 21,670 (Including 650.00 destination) for a fully loaded 06 SS. Only 60 miles on this bad boy.

    Only thing it's missing is the 6 cd changer. If all goes well with the financing, I pick up on Tuesday! Finally!!! :shades:
  • Leftovers are the way to go... ;)
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey there ncf...congratulations on a very nice deal !!

    You know, while we're all happy for 'ya , some of us Canadian guys here can get alittle jealous when we hear stories like this. You boys down in the U-S of A, and as the saying goes.. " Have it Made in the Shade". Geeeezzzz, I find it absolutely incredible how a fully loaded '06 SS there is about $12,000 less than it is here, whether it's a new one or left over....I think I need to apply for my green card before the '08/'09 comes out !!! Or maybe..just maybe..Bryan or Ron has a basement Apartment for me to stay...Ok, Ok, just kidding !!! :blush:
    Frank ;)

    PS. Has anyone heard how our 'ole friend Rob is making out ?? Remember, after 5 weeks, he went from an '06 SS to an '02 Saturn and possible house purchase..
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