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Chrysler Town & Country Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hotyo623hotyo623 Posts: 1
    I just bought a preowned 2000 T&C LXI, with 3.8L engine ,78,800 miles. Leather heated power seats, premium sound, am/fm/cass/cd, air, tilt, cruise, no tow package but thats fine for me.. I paid 9230.00 plus 1500 for a 2 yr/30,000 mile warranty that covers power train, engine, trans, electrical, roadside service , so total with tax and fees came to 11,383.00. I think it's a decent deal, what do you guys think?
  • cjrwebcjrweb Posts: 2
    For all those looking to buy a Town & Country, Chrysler is now offering Employee Pricing + $2000 cash allowance. For the T&C I bought about 10 days ago (posting #181), the Employee Price is now $23,787. I paid $23,106--$681 lower than Employee Pricing + bonus allowance (and that includes the doc fee).

    Therefore, I would expect that you can negotiate a lower price than the Employee Price. Good luck!
  • antelope1antelope1 Posts: 9
    Good to know - I've been looking at a mini-van with GM and had given up hope I could find one with my price range, but now that Chrysler has this deal, I would much rather have one of their vehicles. Went to look tonight and I just want the basic package. We are looking at list of $23,805, invoice of $21,633, Employee Price Discount of $20,650 - $2000 rebate = $18.650.

    Do you think I can still get them lower than that trying to negotiate the price? It is just the SWB model with the entertainment package add-on.

    Has anyone tried to negotiate lower, but then say I'll pay that price if you throw in a couple more years of the extended warranty?
  • Has anbody bought a base model Chrysler town and country since the employee discount has started. That with a 2500 dollar rebate could be a good deal. Was the final price under $17,000? Thanks
  • hill_annahill_anna Posts: 1
    I recently puchased an 05 Touring. It had the 29k package and also included side curtain airbags and I have the dealer installing the rear dvd system and 6 disc cd changer. Since I had a friend who works for Chrylser I was able to get the employee choice price( this was a week before employee pricing)- less a fair value for my 10 year old t @ c ($2100). Price after EC price less about $400 addtl discount less $3500 in rebates- less trade plus taxes, tags, title = $23350. I worked 4 different dealerships very hard for over a week, I walked out 2 seperate times from dealerships when I felt I was being either lowballed on my trade or was not getting the best possible price. I recommend dealing with dealerships with emails and phone calls. ( if you have already done your home work and know which vehicle and options you want that is).You are in the comfort of your home or office. You are not on their turf. Even with the EC price I still worked a better deal for myself by showing the dealers I had done my homework and that I was prepared to walk. Also it doesnt hurt to let dealers know that you are speaking with other dealerships and that they are also working hard to earn your business. Keep it friendly and professional. Remember, they have something you want- a shiny new vehicle. You have something they want- Money!. The object is for you to get as much vehicle for the least amount of money. Their goal is to seperate you from as much money as possible. Dont ever worry about the dealership not making money. They will not sell any vehicle unless it is profitable to them. Don't be afraid to offer less than than what they say their bottom line is. If you justify it, they may just accept it or come back with an incentive or another offer. Good luck to all.
  • I am looking to buy a 05 Chrysler Town & Country Base model. The price I got in June was $16,500 plus $3500 factory rebate. Now, this month (July) I am quoted $17,400 plus $2000 rebate. Same dealership. They must think the buyers are fool who don't know how to do the math. I meant that my out of pocket money is actually 900 higher. So the "employee price" is just a trick. You and I will pay more.

    I am in New England area. Thanks for listening.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    I am looking to buy a 05 Chrysler Town & Country Base model. The price I got in June was $16,500 plus $3500 factory rebate. Now, this month (July) I am quoted $17,400 plus $2000 rebate. Same dealership. They must think the buyers are fool who don't know how to do the math. I meant that my out of pocket money is actually 900 higher. "

    I don't see how your numbers add up to a $900 difference
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    I'm confused as to what your original price would have June it would have been $16,500 plus $3500 factory rebate, making the van cost $13,000?! Or was that $16,500 with the rebate factored in? If I could get a T&C for $13K, I'd buy one right now.

    What was your out the door price for the van in June vs. July?
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Oh, I see now - you meant to say INCLUDING rebate, not plus rebate
  • The price in June was $16,500+3,500(rebate) = $20,000.

    In July, $17,400+2000(rebate) = 19,400. While the total number is $600 less, but remember you will pay $19400 and get back $2,000 rebate three month or more in time. That means your actual car price is $17,400, no the actual price of $16,500 of the June deal. The July deal is $900 more than the June's. Do you see the difference? That's why I call it is a trick. If they want to compete with GM, give us some real thing.

    Thanks for listening.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    You sure have a tough time explaining your price quotes. Rebates are not added to the price, they are subtracted from the dealer price. I assume what you are trying to state is that before employee pricing was introduced, You could have bought it in June for $16500, which was a price of $20,000-$3500 rebate.

    Now with the employee pricing, the price you pay is quoted at $17400, which was a price of $19,400-$2000 rebate.

    Am I interpreting this correctly? Is the rebate also dependent on your financing the car with Chrysler Credit, which is why you have to wait for the rebate?

    This could be the case as they may have reduced the rebate and introduced employee pricing to all at the same time. Might mean you could have got a better deal before.

    Chrysler has little to worry about from GM's minivans anyways, and I would bet on selected GM models, you would have seen the same thing happen when the employee pricing to all kicked in.

    Bottom line: Don't be sucked in by the advertising hype of these sales promotions. The competition in the US automobile market is about as brutal now as it was early in the 20th century, with so many manufacturers trying to grab a piece of the action. A big promotion now may even be followed by a bigger one next week, next month or next year.

    Note that the prices you are listing are not all that more, and in some cases are less, than you could have bought a DGC minivan ten years ago, and you are getting more equipment and better quality.
  • mttskysmttskys Posts: 23
    Chrysler's current rebate is not dependent on financing or on a trade-in.

    In June, there was a $2500 rebate + $1000 bonus cash if you traded a car in.
    Before June, there was a $2500 rebate + $1000 bonus cash if you financed.

    Currently there is employee pricing and a $2000 rebate (no dependencies).

    And obviously rebates aren't mailed in and waited for like a purchase at Best Buy.

    I expect it would be hard (yet not impossible) to negotiate a vehicle down to the employee price before July.... obviously if you did, and traded in a car (in June) you would have a price delta of $1500 ($500 w/out the trade).

    Another small point to remember is that the lower sales cost (before the rebate) will result in a smaller tax bill since rebates are applied (immediately) after tax to the purchase price.... and most likely one could easily make up the difference from June by selling a trade-in directly.... resulting in a better deal for July.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    The way I see it, the June deal is better. I'd rather pay them $20,000 and get back $3500 later. In the end I pay $16500. With the current deal, I will pay $17400 after all things settle down.

    As to the competition, if GM makes a station wagon, I will buy the car in a heart beat. Too bad the General Motor doesn't make them any more.

    I was very close to buying a 2005 Chevy Malibu MXX. They call it "5-door sedan". It's fine. But when I test drove the car, I felt the gas pedal was too loose. I couldn't get used to it.

    I also seriously considered the 2005 Chevy Impala. I even rented one for a weekend. I like the car very much. Good looking, roomy, good ride and good gas milage. Yes, the gas milage is better than any minivan. The only thing is, it is a sedan. I need a station wagon (at least) so I can haul things in the back of the car with the rear seats fold flat.

    So I am still shopping arond. I am trying to give GM a chance. It is still an American car company.
  • mttskysmttskys Posts: 23
    I think it is worth mentioning one more time though, you don't "get back $3500 later". The $3500 (or $2000 as it is now) is immediately subtracted from your final price when you "check out" that day. They add tax, title, etc. to come up with your final price and then consider the rebate to be part of your down payment. Trade-ins work the same way in CA.... other states subtract the trade in value from the purchase price before they apply tax.

    It would have been $20000+tax,title,etc minus $3500... that you would have paid to take the car home.

    You won't get an argument from me regarding the June deal. I ran out the weekend before they started the Employee purchase and bought since I assumed they would cut the rebates down....

    And just so you don't think less kindly of Chrysler.... GM did the same thing. Rebates went down when employee pricing came out. Many people paid less before GM started Employee pricing as well. It's mostly a marketing gimmick....

    If you are set on a GM car, the Saturn Relay, Chevy Uplander, Pontiac Montana, and Buick Terraza are essentially minivans in disguise... sliding doors and everything.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Well, I completely agree with you about the employee pricing being a "Gimmick". But, it's working.....GM sold TONS (literally) of cars last month. People love good marketing.....
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    If you want a "station wagon" then you have a couple other choices. Ford Freestyle (not to be confused with Freestar) is about the closest you can come to a traditional station wagon. Not as spacious as a minivan, but more so than a sedan with fold down second and third row seats that form a flat low load surface. Also Chrysler Pacifica is in the same market niche.

    The minivans still have more space efficiency than these "crossover" wagons.
  • antelope1antelope1 Posts: 9
    I am seriously considering getting that T&C 2005 deal, but at the dealer, they told me the final price would be $20,123 minus EP minus rebate (plus dealer add-ons, taxes, tags, doc fees - another $1700!!)

    Anyway, I asked how negotiable that price was and I was told that they are not allowed to charge more than the EP or they will get in trouble with Chrysler. I told them that is great, but I don't want you to charge me more, I want to work on getting that price lower. I was then told that is a bottom line price and it is not negotiable at all.

    Is this true?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    When you ask the dealer if they will negotiate further, what do you expect them to say? They're not going to say " sure, how low do you want us to go"? Tell them what you are willing to pay and if they except it, GREAT. If not, reconsider your offer or go to another dealer.

    Good Luck!!
  • veritasusaveritasusa Posts: 72
    Actually, I think I made out a bit better yesterday when I bought the only T&C Touring in white with the trailer tow group left anywhere in central FL.

    We had looked in April for a Touring with trailer tow, leather, adjustable pedals, and side curtain airbags. We would have had to order and the balance after trade in would have been almost 11 grand including tax, tags, and dealer fee.

    Yesterday we bought a Touring with trailer tow, leather group, and luxury group. The luxury group had some stuff I didn't really need, but at least the car wasn't loaded up with DVD, satellite radio, sunroof, etc. The quoted price before trade and less TT&DF was $27,960. This is $680 BELOW today's Edmunds TMV of $28,640! The side curtain airbags option was the most expendable of our original wants and the backup sensor system included in the luxury group will probably prove to be more useful in the long run.

    I really don't know how good a deal I got on my trade in because it was also a 2005 model (Subaru Forester I had for a year to the day) and I can't find any online book values for a 2005. But the price the dealer offered was right in line with my best uneducated estimate for trade in value, so at least I won't wake up in the middle of the night wondering why in h--l I bought on such impulse. my total difference was $11,917 everything included.

    Not bad considering I had just been noodling around on the internet in the morning and learned that the best dealer around still had this one car left. I called, we drove the 30 miles to see the car in person early in the afternoon. and were home again before 5 PM with a car my wife and I both agree should see us out, considering our ages and driving habits.
  • mttskysmttskys Posts: 23
    We went out looking for a Touring with just the side air bags. That was the one feature we felt was a requirement. We also didn't want to pay for the premium group just to get the parking sense... but I agree that it is best feature in that group. We'll probably just add the parking sense aftermarket. I believe you can have the mopar one added by the dealer... or there are plenty of others out there.

    Ours also had the adjustable pedals and the removable console. We didn't want either.... but are quite pleased with the console out of the van.

    MSRP was around $30K for the van. We bought over July 4th weekend to beat the employee discount for all.... but only because we already had the employee discount coming to us. So we ended up paying Employee price - $4000 in rebates ($2500 + $1000 trade cash + $500 end of model year bonus). Our final price (not counting tax and trade in) was somewhere around $22K.

    Oh, and for added fluff, this is good if you bought a 2005 before August 1st:

    Chrysler/United 70,000 miles
  • hyyzhyyz Posts: 4
    I posted this message under another topic in Edmunds forums. The T&C is an SWB. I bought it on June 20 with Chrysler employee discount and all other cash rebates. I think the employee discount dropped the price to mid 18K. The cash rebates includes $2,500 for everyone, $1,000 for trade-in or financing through Chrysler, $500 for AARP member. I wasn't an AARP member before I bought the van, but the dealer applied it for me to let me take the discount. With all above deals, the price dropped to $14,300 or so. Then add tax, doc fee, title transfer fee, etc. That brought the price to $15,450 or so.

    I know several other guys bought this way at almost the same price in June.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    Was this just a plain SWB T&C? No LX package?
  • hyyzhyyz Posts: 4
    Yes. It is a plain SWB T&C. It was built in Fenton, Mo on June 10th.
  • antelope1antelope1 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the advice on negotiating. Only car I've ever bought was a Saturn, so I never had to deal with that stuff.

    Someone mentioned a $500 year end bonus on 2005 models...was that only good until the end of June? If AARP has a discount, does AAA members get discounts too?
  • mttskysmttskys Posts: 23
    The $500 end of year bonus was good until either Aug 1st or 31st.... I don't remember exactly. It isn't a standard offer though.... you can't just walk into a dealership and ask for it.... well, you could try I guess.

    Mine came as a "coupon" in the mail, addressed specifically to me. It was actually presented as a Jeep discount (but good on all dodge, chrysler, etc... minus the 300c and other in demand vehicles). It was transferable only to other family members at the same address....

    The one piece of junk mail that actually was worth something.
  • When I told the sales manager I would give him $16,000 for the 2005 Town & Country SW base model, he jumped up in the chair like a rabbit. That was this Tuesday (July 12th).

    Now it seems my offering was more than reasonable.

    Thanks for your post.
  • cnew21cnew21 Posts: 13
    Not sure if I should be pissed or not about this. We bought a T&C LX on June 16. We purchased from Fitzmall and paid the delivered value price in order to get the .9% financing. This was a better deal then getting the $2500 rebate w/ conventional financing. We still paid below invoice/TMV.

    Then I get an email last week from the dealership about the employee pricing. I haven't run the numbers yet but should I be pissed off about this? I'm thinking that I could have gotten a T&C Touring w/ leather and DVD for about the same price that I paid for the LX.

    I don't suppose there is anything I can do about it now. This my was third car and my first new and at the time I got a good deal but I'm still pissed about this. lol

  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    A T&C LX (clone of GC SE Plus) is basically a rip off :cry: since the GC SXT costs LESS than a T&C LX if you add some of the options. The GC SXT is a clone of the T&C Touring minus the power lift gate and costs $760 less than the T&C Touring.
    The GC SXT has power sliding doors both sides, cast wheels, 3.8L V6 instead of 3.3L V6, fog lights, plus a few others goodies and will cost LESS than either the T&C LX or GC SE Plus if the overhead console and separately controlled temperature for driver and front passenger is added to the T&C LX or GC SE Plus. ;)
    DaimlerChrysler has so many different discount and rebate programs that it makes a buyer wonder when to buy.
    The original owner of my 2002 T&C LX was not pleased when DC added an additional $1,000 rebate a few months after the minivan was purchased in 2002.
  • megan2megan2 Posts: 3
    I am considering buying a T&C with Luxury, Leather & DVD packages. I think that $24,500 is too high but I am not sure. If anyone bought the same or similar vehicle, plese let me know the price you paid so that I don't pay more than I should. Thanks.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    When I went to go test drive a T&C a week ago, the salesman told me that the 06 models will not have the 7 year powertrain warranty that the 05s have. They will have a 3 year warranty instead. Why would Chrysler be cutting their warranty this way? Anyone know?
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