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Chrysler Town & Country Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • antelope1antelope1 Posts: 9
    I asked this too yesterday at the Dodge dealer. They said since their competitors were lowering their PowerTrain Warranties - they didn't feel they needed to pay for the repairs since competitors weren't, so they followed suite.
  • antelope1antelope1 Posts: 9
    So I took your advice on negotiating and went to look at the Dogdge Caravan SXT since it looks like a very similar car to the T&C. Found one with package I wanted, and after EP and rebate came to $21,073 (Included Bronze paint, 2nd row Bucket seats, entertainment package, etc.) This time, I tried to make it clear I didn't want to spend more than $18,000 before he even should me a car. I said how I liked the car, but it was too much. I kept throwing out numbers and finally made it to $20,000....but he kept saying that the EP minus rebate is as low as they can go. So I told him I would have to sleep on it.

    I just want to hear if someone has negotiated a price (without trade-in) that is lower than EP minus trade in this month so I know if I can get them lower. $20,000 might be a stretch, but $20,500 should be OK, right?

    BTW, this dealer is offering a Christmas in July deal - pick an envelop of the tree and get an additional $500 - $5000 off. I figure at a minimum, the $500 would cover taxes, tags, fees, and dealer-add ons.
  • megan2megan2 Posts: 3
    I think that you can get a lower price. I think that the deal that I have on the table is lower than EP minus incentives and rebates. I am going to buy a T&C with Luxury Package, Leather Package & Rear Seat Video System. I left a $24,500 offer on the table and walked out. I am waiting to hear from others if they think I can do better. Good Luck!
  • antelope1antelope1 Posts: 9
    I've had different answers from different dealers:

    Does the FWD model come with Wireless Headphones for the DVD system, or do I have to listen to the DVD through my speakers? If not included, can I just buy the wireless headphones from anywhere?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Stupidity. With Toyota having a 5 year 60,000 mile warranty, DC is cutting their own throat since most people perceive DaimlerChrysler having reliability lower than Toyota. :cry:
    I like my 2002 T&C LX but would not have even considered a Chrysler or Dodge without the 7 year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and the 7 year 75,000 Additional DC warranty that covers almost everything else.
  • antelope1antelope1 Posts: 9
    Well, the saga continues. Went to the 4th Chrysler/Dodge dealer in the area and sound the T&C that I like. Price minus EP minus Rebates plus taxes, tags, add-ons = $20,357. I walked out the door last night, but they kept moving down on this price. I was glad to finally find a dealer who would talk. I think I should be able to get them at least to $19,500.

    It is the SWB FWD model with a bunch of features I was looking for. MSRP was about $25,000.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Your area dealers are more willing to negotiate.
    I sent e-mail for 4 dealers stating I would like to know the lowest actual selling price of a NEW 2005 GC SXT with no options and MSRP $27,725. NOT one has replied with an e-mail quote.
    Salesmen have called telling me to come see what they have while selection is still good as they are just flying out the door. Funny thing, as I check their online inventory, the same ones I specifically asked about are still there.
    Meanwhile, Honda salesman gave me NO B.S. and told me their best price (which is not as good as my nephew got last November 30 on a new 2005 Ody EX). When I asked the salesman, he said November is normally a slow month and I too might be able to get a $3,301 discount from MSRP on a cloth Ody EX.
    Downside is that my nephew did NOT get the color he wanted. I doubt it is worth saving $1,000 to $1,500 to not get the exact vehicle I want. :cry:
  • kayode_65kayode_65 Posts: 5
    On Saturday I put in an offer to buy a 2002 grand caravan sport with 57k miles for $11000 out of the door. Looked clean had all the extras that I want like pwr lift/g, compass etc. I then got a call to see a T&C 2001 LXI with leather, video system, pwr lift etc. I am not sure if it is front or all wheel drive yet as this one is from a Toyota dealer and they still have it in the back for what they call recon therefore the sales guys have not put together all the info yet. If all is well we have agreed a price of $11850 out of the door . This one had 42kmiles.

    My questions are this

    1) Is this a reasonable price? 2) From all you experts our their what are the things that I should look out for, any known technical issues with these vehicles. I have been reading a lot on transmission problems with the Chrysler vehicles. I will be buying additional warranty on the vehicle.

    As I am buying from a reputable Toyota or Dodge dealership, Do I need an independent Carfax report? ( I ask this as I am from the UK and first time that I will be buying a vehicle in the states)

    Finally which of the two vehicles do people recommend? I know the T&C is 3.8 litres and the G/Caravan is 3.3.

    Your opinions will be appreciated as well as any advise when I go to test drive the vehicles what things should I check for.

    Thank in advance
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Flip a coin but get the Carfax report. Based on owning a 2002 T&C LX with 3.3L V6, I would personally prefer the 02 GC Sport since it is from a Dodge dealership and you would be getting a genuine DaimlerChrysler extended warranty.
    Neither the GC Sport nor T&C LXi will have the acceleration of a Sienna or Odyssey and DC transmissions have a noticeable whine. However, a used 2002 GC Sport will cost about half the price of a used 2002 Sienna LE or Ody EX. :blush: :confuse:
  • I this the Town & Country Touring with the Luxy Group, Leather, & DVD LCD for $24,500? Thats the van I am looking for but the best price I have received is $29,867.35 OUT THE DOOR PRICE with out trade ins. If any one knows where I can get it cheaper, please let me know.
  • kfdmedkfdmed Posts: 130
    What did it sticker for? If this is the LWB T&C Touring loaded up with those options 24500 would be a great deal.
  • sammonsammon Posts: 3
    I am looking at a 2003 T&C Limited with 34000 fully loaded asking price is 19995 what is a reasonable price to start negotiating with the dealer. It has full power doors seats rear liftgate cd dvd leather ect. I am in Ohio
  • sammonsammon Posts: 3
    I am looking at a 2003 T&C Limited with 34000 fully loaded asking price is 19995 what is a reasonable price to start negotiating with the dealer. It has full power doors seats rear liftgate cd dvd leather ect. I am in Ohio . :confuse: ">
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    for $20k, you're almost talking new Minivan price. Why not investigate a brand new one.
  • sammonsammon Posts: 3
    But to get one laid out with all the bells and whistles your looking more at 35000 plus.
  • megan2megan2 Posts: 3
    I went back to pick up the vehicle and SLAM -- the deal changed. I also had a friend wiht me who was going to buy at the same time. The Gnerela Manager told us that the salesperson apparently overstepped his bounds - -even though the price was in writing -- the general manager said that it was an "Approximate" In any event, they now tel me that their best deal is $26,300 for the same car. DON'T THINK SO -- at least not at that dealership. :mad:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    WALK...or RUN away from those crooked, dishonest dealerships. :lemon:
    Didn't the salesperson get a manager approval on the deal before you took it and left? :confuse:
  • rlimbachrlimbach Posts: 9
    I'm in the same boat. Looking for 05 DGC SXT, no options. Faxed and talked to many dealers lowest I got a quote on was 21242.00 That's below the employee pricing ad they are running. I told them wouldn't go above 20000.00. Then I noticed last week MSRP dropped 400.00. All I hear is no dealer at this time will go 19500.00 or even 20000.00. Well I'll wait then, I don't have to buy know, but they have to sell soon. 06 is coming. Any word when?
  • rlimbachrlimbach Posts: 9
    Same thing happened to me. Got a price quote on a05 DGC SXT. Told them it wasn't good enough. The next day received a email from the general sales manager asking why it wasn't good enough. and also saying thankfully I didn't accept it because he would have gotten in trouble with his general manager. What a bunch of crap, they just can't throw out prices without getting it approved. I believe it was a line to get me to believe how great of a price I was passing up. They can be so sneaky
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Only one dealership gave me a selling price for a 2005 GC SXT with Power Lift Gate and Power Adjustable Pedals: $23,205 for the GC SXT that had MSRP on window sticker of $28,320. Dodge web site stated $23,147. Neither dealer that had the base GC SXT with MSRP $27,725 would give me a quote. They just called to ask me to come down and see what they had as they were going fast. :sick:
    Needless to say, I am waiting to see what is available as 2006 models in Grand Caravan, Sienna, and Odyssey. ;) since no more 2005 GC or Ody are being built.
  • rlimbachrlimbach Posts: 9
    any idea when 06 caravans will hit the lot. I seen Ford has the Freestar available already. Dodge has to be soon behind them.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Keep in mind that the 2006 powertrain warranty will be reduced from the current 7/70 to 3/36.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    IF DaimlerChrysler reduces the warranty, their sales will free fall if Toyota keeps the 5/60 and Kia keeps their long warranty. :sick:
    A friend traded in a 2002 Honda Accord for a new 2005 Toyota Camry instead of getting a new 2005 Accord partly because of the longer Toyota warranty. ;)
  • greener1greener1 Posts: 37
    i would be real leery of purchasing a 2006 with less tranny warranty, my 2005 transmission was replaced at 1,500 miles, i started having gear noises at 87 miles plus other issues, told them i wanted a new replacement car, guess what? they replaced tranny, i told them no one would purchase the vehicle with all the gear whine and rear end noises, not even the dealer would want it back, was in shop so far almost 3 weeks for all issues, one more week and its a lemon, meaning any more transmission problems, i will file lemon claim, i like product for all features, but the quality issue for chrysler vans sucks as far as i am concerned, i feel at the mileage i started having issues they should have replaced van, so be sure you take your new van out for a drive of at least 50-60 miles before purchasing, look inside doors for unfinished paint spots, under hood where you pick it up i had severe paint overruns, felt like raindrops waiting to fall, even a bit of flaking when i tried to wax it on one of the doors, dont just check exterior paint, rolling locks issue, and a new muffler and tailpipe system because of glasspack sounding muffler system, what a miserable new car purchase, and i hope chrysler loses a few sales because of my reply :lemon:
  • veritasusaveritasusa Posts: 72
    Interesting, my 2005 T&C Touring now has about 400 miles on it and I'm finding it noisier at slow speeds than at highway speeds. I hear a distinct medium-pitched whine when in any indirect gear, especially first or second, and also hear a lower-pitched noise in any gear that reminds me of exhaust burbling through the pipes. I'm certain the latter is not tire noise. I think I am going to have to test drive another one or two new ones to see if this is endemic to the model. I never had such noises in either my 92 Dodge GC with the 3.3 engine or in my 99 T&C Limited with the 3.8.
  • rktechrktech Posts: 25 know, off hand, I'd say that my 04 T&C Limited is noisier than my 01 T&C...tire noise may be the issue for me, but I'm saying that the whole driving experience is's as if Chrysler revamped their noise reduction materials in an effort to reduce their production costs a bit. I'm looking to switch to a Honda in part because of the noisier ride.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Every Honda Odyssey I have driven IS NOISIER than my 2002 T&C LX. DC minivans have always been quieter than the Odyssey.
    Apparently your more expensive 04 T&C Limited is not as quiet as my low end T&C LX or the other DC minivans I have been in. :blush:
  • greener1greener1 Posts: 37
    before my tranny was replaced, a TSB was done, so chrysler knows about this, but the TSB did not fix it, i had the whine up to almost 60 mph, louder at low end speeds, less at higher speeds, and these sounds went clear to the rear end of car, i thought it might be tires, etc., the repalced tranny has eliminated ALL NOISES, so the problem was fixed, the thing that made me upset, was the repair bill said it was replaced due to customer satisfaction, yeah right, if the replacement eliminated the noises, what did my satisfaction have to do with it, it was a faulty transmision, i heard that the tooling tolerances on some of the earlier trannys in this underbody stow and go change were to blame, i dont know for sure but the hassle i had to go through for a new car purchase at 80 miles on odometer then not fixing it until 1,500 miles plus the OTHER ISSUES I had were unbelievable, as i said, be sure to demo drive that so called 2005 new van (mine's now remanufactured) for at least 50-60 miles to be sure you dont get one with a bad tranny, chrysler still hasnt got their act together as far as i am concerned :lemon:
  • rktechrktech Posts: 25
    ...well around town, I don't mind the noise, but on the highway the decibel level just seems to climb beyond semi-luxury car standards...sigh...alas...
  • 2005 Grand Caravan SXT with no other options for $379 a month for 48 months lease taxes included (Canadian). Or Grand Caravan SE with Stow 'n go (2'nd row) for $329 a month taxes included. Which do you guys think is the better deal? Should I spring for the SXT or stay with the SE? :confuse:
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