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Chrysler Town & Country Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vanbuyer2vanbuyer2 Posts: 19
    I am interested in possibly purchasing a 2006 T&C Limited. Has anyone purchased one with the employee pricing? Just curious as to what one with a DVD player would come down to.

    Alternatively, I am thinking about a Touring with side airbags, DVD, and leather (maybe the luxury group too but not sure about that package).

    Anyone buy one lately??
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I did not buy a T&C touring, but did buy a Grand Caravan SE, in June. At that time, dealer was really hungry and gave me employee pricing PLUS $4000 rebates PLUS another $750 owner loyalty rebate (had to prove I own a Caravan now). This deal ended up being a about $7.1K off MSRP, for a van that had an MSRP of $26640.

    Deals may be actually not as good in July as they were in June, as the rebates have actually gone down.
  • arrosenarrosen Posts: 21
    I just picked up a 2006 T&C Touring with the Spring Special Package.

    MSRP = 32,730.00
    Employee Disc = (3,102.00)
    Dealer Disc = (1,169.78)
    Rebate = (2,500)
    Total Price = 25,958.22 + Tax

    I leased on a 39 month 15K lease. Paid $800 up front (first month & DMV fees).

    Residual = 44%
    MF = .00161
    Monthly Pymt = $361.33 + Tax

    (Note that the MF may be a tad higher than published rates. The published rate is .0015, which would have made my monthly $5 less...)

    This was done at Power Chrysler in Valencia, CA, and it was all negotiated up front via email.
  • torotoro Posts: 1
    At the end of July I purchased (not leased) a 2006 T&C Touring in central Ohio and these were the numbers:

    MSRP $31,285
    Employee Disc $(3,386)
    Rebate $(2,500)
    Dealer Disc $( 899)
    Total Discounts $(6,785)
    Total + Tax + Title $24,500

    I visited two other dealership that will not deal with me and fixed their prices at the employee discount. They kept telling me that the EP was lower than the invoice price and they couldn't go any lower. One of those kept calling me and I kept telling him to reduce his price but he never did. Also, I did the Consumer Report's Car Pricing thing but it did not help. CR's price was the same price that you get from (do not waste your money).

    I hope this helps someone.
  • ol06ol06 Posts: 9
    I posted this on the Voyager/Caravan board as well.

    Model Info: 2000 Chrysler Town & Country LXi with All-Wheel-Drive (includes 3.8 liter V-6 engine and 4-wheel disc brakes), 29Y Package (includes leather interior, power seats, Infinity stereo system, alarm, 16” aluminum wheels, roof rack, various convenience groups, etc.), Heated Front Seats and Trailer Tow Group.

    MSRP/Invoice (in 2000): $35,140/$31,686

    Price paid (in March 2000): $32,276 + tax.

    Edmund’s trade-in value (in August 2006): $ 4,000 (almost 90% depreciation over 6 years).

    Strengths: Slightly “upscale” interior (compared to other minivans), room to comfortably seat seven adult passengers.

    Weaknesses: POOR RELIABILITY, UNDERPOWERED (3.8L V6 engine), POOR FUEL ECONOMY (13.4 MPG observed over 6 years of driving).

    Summary: My wife has driven this minivan for 99,000 miles and it’s literally falling apart. The exhaust manifold cracked and needed expensive replacement at just over 70,000 miles. The car leaked transmission fluid for almost 2 years (never properly diagnosed or repaired by the dealer). The engine currently sounds like a poorly-made sewing machine. This vehicle has been in the shop 8 times in the past 6 years (for other than routine maintenance). In contrast, my 2000 BMW has only been in the shop 3 times (for minor repairs) over the same 6-year period. My wife is currently looking for a new vehicle and we haven’t even considered buying another Chrysler product. We expected much more from a vehicle that costs over $30K. We’ll probably end up purchasing a much more reliable Japanese brand holds its value longer.

    I hope “Dr. Z” is improving the reliability of his newer vehicles!
  • Does anyone know if Chrysler will have any incentives in or October, I wanted to possibly buy this weekend but the current ones end on Wednesday. I am willing to wait.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I am sure they will have good incentives in October for left over 2006 models. I would shoot for a price of at least $7K less than MSRP. I got that exceptional deal in June on a 2006 Grand Caravan that MRSP'd at $26640. Part of my rebates at that time included $4K for everyone, then an additional $750 for those who already own one. Plus dealer was really desparate to move them out before the end of June, so I got a good price.

    There are so many competitors in the minivan market, with the Korean brands jumping in now also, that good pricing for the Chrysler twins is likely to continue. If you are patient, this is especially true.
  • I am buying a brand new 2006 T&C touring, just notice it's manufacture date is 09/05. Is this normal or not? considering it's out for 1 year already, could there be something bad about the long time parked?
  • Well, I have been offered a T&C Touring for $340/month including taxes for 39 months lease (12K mileage) and 364/month for 27 months with 1300$.
    Any comments?
  • I live 75miles south of Rockford Illinois I was wondering what kind of prices to expect on 2006 T&C LX and limited. This will be our fist minivan purchase currently have 04 cadillac cts and the only option I really care about is side airbags,room, and leather. Does anyone suggest a certain model? And should I wait until Oct to see if incentives are better? Right now we have 0%APR for 72 months! :)
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Well, right now you are giving up $4K in rebates if you take the 0% financing. You might want to reconsider whether you want to finance, given the hefty rebates available. If you are dumping the CTS, it may go a long way toward paying for much of the cost of the new T&C, though I suppose like most new vehicles, the CTS has already taken a good hit on depreciation, being near to a 3 year old vehicle.

    There might not be many choices in leftover 2006 models if you wait until October, though Chrysler may give the dealers more incentives to unload them the longer you wait.

    Also, you could consider checking the Dodge dealers as well, since Grand Caravan is a twin of Town and Country.
  • Your probably right about the incentives. I'm tryiing to wait until closer to the end of the year to see if savings will get better in the mean time I'm trying to sell my cadillac being they want to screw me on the trade in. I haven't really considered the dodge van but I may look into it. I really wanted the Toyota Sienna but not sure how great it really is. Thank you for all your info and tips. :)
  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    I don't think you can get leather in the LX. Touring with leather group and side air bags is probabyl what you want. The Limited adds a lot of other stuff that you may or may not want.

    I'd wait until November to buy. Last Nov was a great time to get an 07 model, but I tihnk Jan & Feb of this year were the best. There was $5k on the table for 2006 models, more than the $4k even now that 2007's are hitting the lots.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    "Last Nov was a great time to get an 07 model"

    Hm, I think you meant and 05 model, right? The 07's might be hitting the lots for the first time by now. :)

    Downside is the longer you wait to buy a leftover 06, the less choices you have. Right now I saw an ad for an Dodge Grand Caravan SXT for $7200 off MSRP, which is just about what I received in discounting in June for a 2006 GC SE, which MSRP'd for about $1-2K less than the SXT. I would expect long wheel base T&C's to be discounted about the same. Pricing could get even better the longer you wait, and if you are not fussy about color and exact equipment packages, one should do well.

    End of model year is almost always a good bargain hunters time to shop.
  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    Actually, I meant Nov 2005 was the best time to get a 2006 model. As much as $6k in rebates. Leftover models were only $500 more. Today, $4k in rebates for 2006 models, same as 10 months ago. Why buy an 06 model when the 07's will cost the same next month?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    If there were $6k in rebates, likely there was less other dealer discount off of MSRP.

    In June I got $4,000 rebate +$750 owner loyalty rebate plus dealer discount of about $2350, for a total of about $7100 off MSRP on a Grand Caravan SE. Could I have done the same deal in November 2005 for a 2006 model? Perhaps.

    Whether I buy at the beginning or end of the model year matters little to me, as we normally keep our vehicles ten years or more, so the remaining value of a ten year old vehicle is not dependent on model year, more dependent on the condition at that point.
  • Does anyone know what to consider a good price on a 2006 Town and Country Touring model? I live near Rockford IL and are looking to purchase soon. I have seen prices around 25,000 and want to know if this is a good price? :)
  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    That does not sound like a good price to me, unless that is before rebates. You should do at least as well as badgerfan @ $7k off which puts you at $22k.

    I read an ad in yeterday's newpaper for a new 2006 DGC SXT for $18k in Metro Detroit. I'm sure that does not include destination of $730, and idoes include employee discount, but that's a good price. $25k, not a good price. 2007 models are either hitting the lots of coming soon and they will have big incentives in the next 2 months as the 2008 redesign is coming next year.
  • 2005 25K Miles Fully Loaded Leather DVD etc. GOld color Stow & Go. Power everything including doors & Liftgate. It is very clean. A former Chrysler employee owned but had no kids. The dealer is asking $25K blue book wholesale says $18K or so. What is a good price? Dealer claimed original sticker was $38K+ but the employee got it for less due to their deals in 2005.
  • Did you ever figure out how to make the headphones work? I purchased a pair that were supposedly from a stock 2005 T&C for my 2005 T&C Limited. I have the 6 Disc changer but according to the T&C manual, the headphones work with the single disc system as well. The headphones are Innovatek 838s (or 839s) with the scan button. How do I make them work? I also have the remote. Thanks for any help.
  • I am looking for a 2005 Signature T& C. I am in Cleve , ohio. A dealer has one for about 19000. I look at what the trade in value is and then add about 1500 to that. That SHOULD be what they paid for the vehicle. If they over paid I am not going to take a hit for that. The one thing about buying a car to remember is that you can't fall in love with the vehicle.

    Once they see that you REALLY like the car it puts pressure on you to buy.

    I have walked out of several dealerships after they rejected my offer. I even had a Chrysler dealer tell me to my face that I didn't know what I was talking about when I made him an offer on a minivan. The funny things is that HE called me back , within a few days to ask if I would be interested in his van at a more agreeable price. I guess no one else was interested in it. By then I had found a van that was cheaper and more layed out than his.

    The van I am intesrested in will be at the dealership this week Thursday.
  • I am currently in negotiation with a dealer in San Diego for a base 2006 Town and Country. He said he could give it to me for 15.9k not including tax and license. I have seen advertisements for 2006 as low as $15.0 K, but they usually have dealer markups. Based on current rebates and invoice price, it seems I can negotiate the price to around $15.3K.
    Is this reasonable or am I asking them to go down to much?
    Thanks advance for your comments and Merry Christmas everyone! :shades:
  • FYI, I was able to negotiate with the internet manager for a total out the door price (includes tax, title, license) of $16,800. He told me the dealership is loosing about $285.00 from this deal. I am not sure if I necessarily believe him, but he really wanted my business and he wanted to get the 2006 vans off the lot. Overall, I am very happy with the transaction and I will be purchasing a (5) year + 100,000 warranty with the van. This will be my first Chrysler product so I hope that it's a good experience. Wish everyone a Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year.
  • I have a dealer in Texas offering me a T&C touring edition for $19800 before title,tax and registration OTD will be $21,500.
    Does this sound like a good deal for year end clearance on this type ofvehicle.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,017
    A national news magazine is looking to talk to a consumer that has purchased the Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Please contact by December 30 and provide a daytime number that the reporter can contact you back at.


    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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  • I bought a console on ebay for about $150 - dealership wants $350 to install! Instructions aren't very clear - if you could get for $400 I would do it. I have to find someone to install now. Wiring shouldn't be difficult but holes have to be drilled into the floor underneath console - too intimidating for my husband. Trying to find better instructions on 'net but haven't been able to.
  • I told several dealers that I wanted their OTD price, no haggling, let me know what it will roll for and be done. I told them there was no financing or trades and what very few conditions they had to meet (color, pkgs). The sticker on the avg seemed to be in the 32K-36K range. The one we ended up with was tagged at 33+K. The out the door price was $28,500 and we were told they lost money on it. To show you how bad customer service is AFTER they get the money, one of the conditions was a "tow package", well that is supposed to be a trans cooler, larger radiator, hitch and etc. They did put a hitch on it but nothing else, literally. When asked if they were going to at least put a ball on it, wouldn't even tell me, just told the installer no and hung up. Left it up to a third party to tell me no (how chicken is that?). When asked about an accessory for the van, the salesman quoted me $50 OVER msrp for it. When questioned, he recanted and reduced it just for me to the msrp price (center console). This is the SECOND time I feel like a Chrysler dealer has bent me over and called me Alice. I will no longer buy Chrysler or their veh. We had been a three generation Chrysler family but the experience is soo bad that I just can not, and will not be treated in such a manor. I do think they have (or did have) a good product for the most part, but if the dealer want to alienate the buyer, well, you see where it's going, 13,000 layoffs, with more to come. :mad:
    OK, enough of my soapbox, if you wnat to know what packages the T&C has, drop a line and put T&C in subject line. Hope I have helped in some small way. :confuse:
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    This is the SECOND time I feel like a Chrysler dealer has bent me over and called me Alice. I will no longer buy Chrysler or their veh. We had been a three generation Chrysler family but the experience is soo bad that I just can not, and will not be treated in such a manor.

    Is this really Chrysler's fault or the dealership's?? Find a new dealer!
  • I agree, find a new dealer. Who the h#%% is Alice anyway :confuse:
  • In all your figuring of 06 vs 07 if my memory serves 07 is a short model year with the 08s due this spring. The longer you wait the less choice you have and the less your car is worth.
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