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GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
edited May 2015 in GMC
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  • Denali sales have been extremely slow!?! Or maybe all those happy recent buyers are too busy to post here? All those gadgets to learn and all.... ;-)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It has been a long dry spell in here. Maybe the flurry of posts with attract some recent buyers :-)

    Steve, Host
  • bcnetbcnet Posts: 14
    Looking into purchasing a 2003 still on dealer's lot. One dealer through is offering invoice price less the rebates.

    Any other recent price quotes?
  • What's invoice and what is your market? I would contemplate a trade up from my 00 Denali if I heard a decent deal.
  • Invoice minus rebates sounds like a good deal, but you may be able to do even better. I am from the NJ/NYC area and purchased a 2003 Denali back in July. Edmunds lists the invoice as $44,821 and after pitting a couple of dealerships against one another I was able to get the vehicle for $43,300. The only rebate I was entitled to was $1000 because I opted for the 0% financing. Otherwise I could have knocked another $3000 off the price. Keep in mind that this was in July before the 2004 came out. Now that the dealers have the new model, although there don't seem to be many changes, they should be willing to give you an even better deal in order to get rid of the leftover 2003s. If you can go back and forth between two or more dealerships, I am sure they will give you a great deal in order to be the one who gets rid of the leftover!
  • bcnetbcnet Posts: 14

    The invoice is $45,400 with msrp of $51,800. I'll get $3,500 of the $45,400 price.

    I'm in Texas; this dealer was in Austin.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Giveaway Time (Forbes)

    Steve, Host
  • I am looking at a 2003 Garnet Red Denali with 299 miles, new on lot, with sunroof,nav,captains chairs, and heated block. Sticker is $53545, they will sell for $42900. But more impressively they are willing to give me $19500 for my 2002 Olds Bravada AWD with 5-6 good size dings in it. They trade in value is the part that seems amazing.
  • Sticker price $53,120. Invoice price. $46,945.74 minus $3500 rebate - MC rebate - trade in of $6750 = $36374.16 + tax and license.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    What are people paying for an '04 DXL as far as over invoice is concerned, and is it more or less firm regardless of additional options (e.g., navi, DVD, captain's chairs)--i.e., is it fair and reasonable to pay a bit more than say $500 over because of additional add-ons, or should one stick with a fixed amount over invoice regardless of options?

    Example--I'm in Northern California and am looking at an '04 DXL w/ navi, sunroof, and 2nd-row captain's chairs; according to Edmunds, MSRP (incl. destination charge) is $55295, invoice is $48437, TMV is $49782. IS TMV still a fair offer, or should I ask for much closer to invoice and if so, how much above? Note--offer is before any rebates, bonuses, and/or other incentives and discounts.

  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    For those of you who trade in your vehicle at a dealership--how much does the dealer offer, and how much are you willing to accept, as far as KBB trade-in value rating is concerned--Good, Excellent, somewhere in between, or greater than Excellent...assuming that your vehicle is indeed at least in "Good" condition?

    I ask because I'm looking to trade-in my '03 Yukon XL; of course I'd much prefer to sell it private-party but since dealers/manufacturers are offering steep discounts and/or rebates on leftover new '03 models, and great deals on current new '04 ones, there's really not much of an incentive for many people to buy used '03 vehicles...hence my looking to trade-in my '03 instead.

    So...what what should I reasonable expect to get as far as trade-in value for my YXL (AWD, 15K miles, excellent--IMHO--condition except for a scratch on the rear quarter-panel, SLT fully-loaded except for DVD and other non-high-volume accessories such as skid plate and engine heater) is concerned, given that the dealer initially offered only KBB "Good" value ($29195) for my YXL, then upped it to KBB "Excellent" value ($30950)? Should I ask for a higher than excellent trade-in value for my vehicle or am I pushing it?

  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    On many vehicles trade values have been hit/reduced by the rebates and discounts. Typical trade in is $2k - $4k less than KBB or Edmunds. Go private party or if you can find someone to do a consignment(within a reasonable fee) you'll be ahead. I did mine on consignment - $150 fee for prep and detail (set my $$ take and they sold it for what they could get over my price - kept the difference. Going that way, I got $4k - $5k over the trade in's I was offered (and my rig was also excellent condition) and I didn't have to deal with the potential buyers.
  • I just purchased new 2004 denali and thought I had the certificate for $500 off new purchase. Turns out that I only have the direct mail solicitation and won't get the certificate until after I attend. If anyone has one that they wouldn't mind transferring I'll be glad to return the favor. Dealer has given me an extra day to find the certificate and rewrite the contract.
    [email protected]
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    Just picked up my new 2004 Denali XL with sunroof, navigation, and rear captains seats. I traded in my 2002 Denali XL with sunroof, rear captains seats, and dual headrest monitor DVD/TV/video game system. It had been in an accident in 2002 and sustained $14K in damages, which was fixed beautifuly by a GM body shop. Here is how my purchase broke down according to the Edmunds values:

    2004 Denali XL: $55,495 List; $48,612 invoice; $47,100 paid
    2002 Denali XL: $28,643 Trade-in; $30,612 Retail; $30,400 actual trade-in credit

    Note that the 2002 Edmunds values do not reflect an accident history or any entertainment system. Of course the accident was fully disclosed before the deal was started (it was my normal servicing dealership and they know that car's history very well). All in all I was VERY pleased with my deal and love the new 2004!
  • gwfgwf Posts: 3
    Wow - that's timely...I am on the verge of firing off a note trough this GM "BuyPower" connection to see what happens with a similar scenario (my '02 has neither the accident nor the DVD system). Was wondering what, if any, GM rebates are reflected in your purchase price? Seems like a great deal! Thanks.
  • I just signed for a 2004 Yukon XL. List for $48,990, got it for $38000 + doc (SLT, DVD/Sunroof, tow package, 17" alum wheels, + safe & Secure).

    I believe that this was $863 under invoice or $506 over GMS price. The whole deal only took 15 minutes. I was prepared, I knew that everybody was offering supplier discount plus the 4$k rebates.
    I searched dealer inventory over the net & went to the dealer with the one that I wanted. Chicagoland had 25 black XLs and several hundred XLs within a 100 miles. I should have tried the GMS discount price but I didn't know what it was until I saw it at the dealer.

    As many Yukon XLs as there are on the lots, I'm guessing that the cash back will go to $5k in June. Any thoughts?
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    I went ahead and did the 0% for 60 months financing (which I also had on my 2002), so my rebate of $1,000 was included in the purchase price fo $47,100. The car was priced $512 below invoice by itself. Had I paid cash or arranged my own financing they would have sold it to me outright for $44,100 - not bad for a truck that stickered at $55,495!

    We basically bought the '04 to get all the gadgets and replace a truck with a bad history. In our first day of ownership we have been pleasantly surprised with the difference between the two. While they looked identical from the outside (both black DXL's), the interior, features, and ride quality all seem improved over our 2002. Mind you, we now wonder if the accident had an adverse affect on the ride, but it was pretty much body parts and the radiator that got damaged on the 2002 - frame was perfect, engine untouched, airbags didn't deploy, etc. Regardless, we are VERY, very happy with the upgrade to the 2004 and the deal we received!
  • gijoe1gijoe1 Posts: 4
    i'm looking to buy 2004 denali or denali xl. can anyone shared their recent experience in sf bay area..thanks
  • Hi.

    I am buying a 2005 DXL tonight to replace the 2003 that I am giving to my brother.

    I am getting it at invoice, less $2,000 in rebate bucks.

    However, the dealer is screwing me for around $1,200 above invoice for some nonsense advertising costs.

    Oh well.
  • hi guys,

    i just posted this in the Yukon forum also.
    a few weeks ago i purchased an 04 Denali a few
    weeks ago. i got 10000.00 of the sticker.
    love the truck. don't know why i didn't buy
    one sooner.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    denaliinpa--that's because you probably wouldn't have been able to get it for $10K off the sticker if you had bought it "sooner"--relatively speaking, of course.
  • good point :)
  • I have been looking for a 2005 Sub LT with 2nd row bench, Sun/Sound/ Ent Package, Safe & Secure, Nav System, Locking Rear (if possible with Safe/Secure Package)and Wheel Flares in the new Bermuda Blue color. I got prices from 2 dealers of $48,500. I walked into a GMC Dealer saw a Denali XL in the same color and options I want and within 2 minutes gave me a price of $47,500. What would be the best price I could get either one for?
    Pricing given include rebates of $2,500 (Oct Truck Fest) I live in Northern NJ. Any advice will be a great help. Thanks.
  • Purchased 2004 Yukon XL Denali- MSRP $56,790 Absolutely loaded with all options- Moon Roof-NAV- 2nd row Bucket Seats- Rear DVD- has it all- Carbon Metallic color. Price OUT THE DOOR including TAX-Doc Fees -Title Fee was $48,177.64
    Purchased from Bosch Motors Winnemucca NV 89445
  • dwgutwirdwgutwir Posts: 110
    I'm in South Jersey and I'm getting similar #s for '05 Denalis. I think your numbers are in the ballpark.
  • Thanks for the response. So far the best price has been the $47,076 including the $2,500 rebate. I was also looking at the 2005 Suburban but when you order the Nav system they delete the six cd changer. The Denali keeps the cd changer in the lower center portion of the dash. I want all the toys so this is important to me.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Did I read your previous response correctly...that essentially, you can get a fully-loaded '05 DXL for less than what you were quoted for a similarly-equipped '05 Sub LT? If so, then the choice is obvious--go with the DXL!

    Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but why would you even still consider the Sub at that point, especially since you've found out that the external 6-disc CD changer is deleted if you get the nav option on the Sub, whereas such is not the case with the DXL? Or am I missing something here?
  • I was trying to see if anyone was getting any pricing that was better than what I was getting. To make a long story short I picked up my '05 Denali XL in the new Blue Green Crystal color on Friday. Paid $47,065 after $1,500 in GMAC Finance rebate and $1,500 in dealer coupons. I got it with the Sun, Sound, Dest. Package and added a 7 year, 70,000 mile extended GM Warranty. Warranty cost $1,800. Two small issues. 1)Cargo shade does not stay closed. Panels where shade hooks into are off center, 2)Can see double stick tape on moldings on both front doors. Dealer to repair at first oil change.
  • If you look on the GMC web sight and price out the trucks with options the 2005 was actually cheaper than the 2004. This included navigation option sunroof etc.
  • A recent radio ad for a dealer in the Raleigh NC area advertized $15,000 rebates on 04 Denalis. I've been researching the rebates and incentives for Denali and including the supplier discount and current $4000 GM rebate, I can't get to that number. Can someone do the math and show how to get to this discount, or debunk it?

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