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GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That sounds pretty good to me also, I dont know all the tricks of the trade nor do I have the time to play them. I have an update since my 1st post. I have been talking to 2 or 3 dealerships, I have one willing to sell to me a fully loaded ($59K MSRP) Denali for 2% over invoice (approx $53,868), then I get $2500 in rebates, sound like a deal. I have one more thing to check. My father has a salesman he has purchases vehicles from the last few years. I am pretty sure he will be the 2% over invoice and rebates. So after I give my old man time to work his magic I will pull the trigger on one. Oh did I feel to mention that these will be special ordered to get what I want, not what the deal has available.

    Lastly, if you can pass some of your knowledge on trade-in negoitation I would appreicated it. I have '99 Chevy Suburban I will be trading in KBB $6200. Thank for all the info.
  • I'm not sure there are any tricks other than patient negotiation and knowing the values of Black Book/KBB/Edmunds TMV cold. I actually sat at the dealer's and went through the TMV while waiting for the salesperson to check on things. I also had the ability to walk out the door without pause. We had gone back and forth for about an hour and I finally said "thanks, I'll come back in 6 months" and went out to my car to leave. The sales manager came running out and made the offer I got...seems like they were interested in closing a deal and he was willing to use most, if not all, of his dealer hold back. Your car sounds REALLY loaded...I don't know what I'm missing. I have Black, 20" chrome rims, Nav, DVD entertainment, back-up camera, sunroof, heated wiper fluid, back up sensors...the only option I think I don't have is the heated steering wheel. What all are you getting on yours? I wouldn't settle for anything over invoice as the dealer should be able to get to within $100 of invoice BEFORE rebates.

    Best of's a great SUV!

  • The vehicle has all your options plus, the auto step assist ($995), heated steering wheel and the Blue-Green Crystal paint job ($350-$385). The information about within $100 of invoice is useful. With my current offer I am paying 2% or about $1K. But I will use this info to go back to the table. Thanks for the help.

  • Sounds like a great deal to me. I bought an `06 in June with just under 12,000 miles for $39,000. It was loaded with Nav, DVD, ETC. GMAC financed, but not 0%!
    I love this truck!
  • Remember, even 'Invoice' is a game these days. I bought my '05 Denali XL 7/05 in Greensboro NC, MSRP was 53+, paid 41k!!! (less than 'Invoice'). Now have 19K miles, only problem is roof light out and font and rear tire pressure sensors reversed(!), oh, and the black paint doesnt wear well. My buddy bought an '07, already been in shop x3, for battery, blown radio. I like the vehicle but will never buy american again... I'm replacing my blown up intrepid (68k miles) with a new Lexus...
  • jim53jim53 Posts: 115
    What would be considered a good deal right now. The one I am looking at is pretty loaded with an MSRP of 59,115 and an invoice of 53486. GM is currently offering 2K of customer cash. How much off MSRP should be considered a good deal (I'm not necessarily looking to steal the car)?

  • I got my '07 during thanksgiving weekend in Orlando, FL. I had a '99 Suburban as a trade-in and was given a good price for it. After that we word on the out the door price. The MSRP was $59,300 I believe. I got my truck for $53,574 (including $300 SC taxes). I had two dealerships offering to sale or special order the same Denali (fully loaded, Blue-Green Crystal) for $52,828. i went with the one I did because it was on the lot, not ordering need. So thats the price I would shot for if I was you, do concern yourself with rebate this and rebate that, just the them you want the out the door price to be under $53,500 and the will step up to the plate or back pedal. If you would like so supporting documents feel free to email me @ Hope this helps, and I love the ride its for my wife but I am test driving it for her until she returns from overseas. Its a sure head turn. Their is not another 07 XL Denali in my area for the moment so I have the new hottness.
  • Black w/black interior

    20" Wheels
    DVD entertainment
    Rear Camera

    Out the door $52K

  • jim53jim53 Posts: 115
    Thanks for the info. Just to clarify, the 52,828 you got was after the customer cash right?
  • jim53jim53 Posts: 115
    Thanks Kevin. Do you know off hand what the MSRP was?
  • Yes, this was only a quote I got from one dealer. I decided to go with another one because it was on the lot. $52,828 (plus TT&L) was with Manf Rebate ($2K), Military Discount ($500) and GM Cash ($500). Hope this helps.

  • My MSRP was $54,975

  • jim53jim53 Posts: 115
    Does anyone know if the 2K dealer cash currently available can be used if you lease the car? I've gotten mixed messages on this. I am currently deciding between leasing the Denali XL and the Escalade ESV. I was leaning towards the Denali assuming I could use the dealer cash but if not, the much smaller difference in payment may make me reconsider (the current incentive on the Escalade can apparently be used for a lease).
  • Hello, Marc Sparks here,

    That sounds like a good deal to me.


    Marc Sparks
  • Hello all,

    It looks like the going sticker for an '07 (non-xl) Denali is around 55K. If you use an employee discount, don't you lose your braganing power?

    That is, the price is pre-set by GM. Please educate me before going to the dealer. I'll be using an emp. discount with NO trade-in.

    Thanks for your help!
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Not knowing where you live, if in Northern California, Sierra Motors (GMC,Chev,Caddy) sells everything just above invoice (without having to bargain), and I believe that GM still has the $2000 cash incentive.
  • kimdvm1kimdvm1 Posts: 37
    I've spent a few months looking before deciding how to replace my 2000 Denali. I tried looking at CUVs with lower price and better MPG, but I just loved the new Denalis. Got an XL this time for better family trips.

    I am happy sticking with GM. My Denali with 185,000 miles is still doing well and hopefully I can sell it quickly. My 1991 S10 is a rustbucket but still our work truck... it has 360,000 miles on it and just won't quit running.

    I contacted my local dealer first via the Costco buying, which goes for $500 over invoice. However, they agreed to sell to me at invoice if I took something on their lot or even ordered. However, I wanted the blue-green crystal paint and, as of May 1, GM isn't painting any more blues or reds, because they are replacing those colors when the 2008s come out.

    At first they couldn't locate what I wanted within 500 mi, but finally did when I agreed to be flexible on interior color. I agreed to take this car at $500 over invoice. They had to go pick it up and supposedly the other dealer wouldn't trade with them; they claim they had to pay invoice and the other guy got the dealer holdback.

    Anyway, still a reasonable deal. The rebate went up to $2500 May 1, I had $2900 in GM Card earnings, plus a $1500 GM personal coupon, so the purchase price was $46,000 plus tax for a loaded Denali XL with an MSRP of $56,000 (all but the 20" wheels, they are beautiful but decided there were other things I'd rather do with the money). :D

    I could have probably pushed someone else for a couple hundred less... but this is my local dealer who will pick my car up for service. I also test drove a LOT there, including an overnight with an XL that I put 100 miles on. I certainly would be a jerk if I went somewhere else for a few bucks.

    Moral of the story:
    Yes, you can get these at invoice (maybe better with this weeks surge in gas prices!)
    If you want blue-green crystal or red, buy soon. In 2008, the sticker price will be higher and the rebates may be gone for a while. (new slate blue coming though, might be neat).
    If you have a GM Card, fill out your online profile including "GM Preferences". I think this is how I got the $1500 coupon.

    I declined the extra $1800 that extends the bumper-to-bumper to 100,000 mi for 2 reasons
    1) companies are making money on extended warranties. The odds are in your favor of not buying them
    2) Car problems seem to either come when they vehicle is new or after high mileage. I'll put 100,000 on in about 3 yrs, so I hope I won't see many problems in that time.
    Wondering about this decision, though. It doesn't take much to get $1800 in repairs these days. :confuse:

    IT'S BEAUTIFUL; I LOVE IT. WE TOOK A ROAD TRIP FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT JUST TO CHECK IT OUT AND LET THE KIDS WATCH THE DVD. Took me a few min to figure out how to get the nav lady voice to quit nagging my husband to turn. Now he has 2 women back-seat driving him! :P
  • elbeto77elbeto77 Posts: 7
    $1500 GM personal coupon how do you gain access to a coupon like that ?
  • I am looking to lease a new Denali XL and have gotten prices that seem high. I am looking at a truck that is fully loaded at $59k sticker and I qualify for the GMS discount which prices the truck at $51k. I am getting 36 month lease prices of $800 per month for 12k miles per year. Is it true that the dealer can still negotiate the lease prices even when the GMS discount is involved? What is the residual on a truck like this? Also to make matters more confusing, on the GM family discount web page they offer a Denali lease (not an XL) for $650 per month with 15K miles per year MSRP $55k(loaded). I figured the XL should be about $50 per month more. Which puts me according to my calculations $750 per month including tax not the $800 I am getting quoted. Are the residuals better on the escalades that will allow me to get more truck for the same lease payment?
  • dozemandozeman Posts: 1
    Just bought a new loaded 2007 Yukon Denali. Includes retractable running boards, nav, 20" wheels, flip-down dvd plus 2 headrest dvd's, heated steering wheel, etc. MSRP was $58,810; I paid $51,057 after negotiated discount ($4,753) and $3,000 in GM incentives.

    Sharp Black exterior/Tan interior. I think the Denali is the best-looking suv on the market today. Happy so far except passenger side window squeaks when it goes up/down. Will take that in for them to adjust.

    Very happy with the purchase. Took the cash rebate instead of the GM financing deal because I plan to pay off the loan amount early. Dealership beat the rate I was pre-approved for from the bank (suggest you get pre-approved and let the dealership know your rate; that way they can try to beat it for you. They want that financing!)

    Did all price negotiation via email. Contacted several lenders in the area and asked for their best price on the exact model & options I wanted. Then let them know the other dealership's prices they were competing against. Best hassle-free way to negotiate a car that I've found.

    Could I have gotten a better deal? Interested in your responses. I think this was about the best I could do within 200+ miles of my area.
  • footwoodfootwood Posts: 16
    looking to lease a new Denali 2007 Gold mist tan interior CD/ DVD no navigation, rear entertainment, regular wheels

    purchase price of $47160. GM supplier price which should come out to about 200 below invoice. They told me that the cash back incentive or 2k does not apply to leases. Aslo the $1000 Marketing support only applies to old cars brought to the lot before 1/10/2007 or something.

    no money out 39 months 15k a year. $778 a month including tax for NJ.

    Good Deal?
  • uvamackuvamack Posts: 2
    I don't think that is the best deal. I just purchased 07 Denali last week using supplier pricing. If you log on to the GM Supplier discount page and up at the top, select lease offers. My price out the door (Gross capitalized cost) was $50,893. It was fully loaded except the retractable running boards. I did a 36 month lease with 15k/year for a monthly of $757. Just make sure and print out the page that shows the lease price and the cost of the vehicle. They tried to say they couldn't go that low and that deal expired, I showed them the print out and pulled it up on their computer. They started at $804, I told them I was leaving and to call when they got it to $757. They did it. So it is possible, they can't argue with the supplier listing.
  • brewboybrewboy Posts: 36
    I paid $47,550 cash for my 07 Denali, Stealth Gray, exterior/ Ebony date of 03/07 from GMC Dealership in Phoenix AZ. MSRP was $55,355. GMAC offered $2000 Program cash along with $1500 bonus cash.It has Power Sliding sunroof, P41 20" wheels, Navigation with DVD/CD/MP3 and Rear Seat Entertainment DVD, reverse camera. Dealership even added tint to front side windows. :)
  • martinr77martinr77 Posts: 4
    Brewboy: What dealer did you purchase from in Phoenix? I am in Scottsdale and ready to buy.......may order a 08, but that is a heck of a deal you got for a 07.

    Thanks, Ron
  • brewboybrewboy Posts: 36
    email me at and I will fill you in with specifics
  • martinr77martinr77 Posts: 4
    Thanks, email sent!
  • Martinr77

    Did you end up getting an 07 Denali?....I was looking at Showcase GMC on E Camelback Rd Phoenix last week and saw 07 full load for $47,900.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • Found a remaining '07 Denali XL.

    MSRP: $54,620.00
    Invoice: $50,827.00
    Price: $49,827.00 ($1000 below invoice)

    Took the 0% for 5 years, nothing down = $902/mo.

    Had I taken the rebate and bonus cash totaling $4750 and financed through a secondary lender, payments would have been about $75 higher.

    Looks like the regional ad fee (at least in socal) is up between 1.5% - 1.75% of the total MSRP now (minus destination). Still got a smokin' deal though!

    Just thought I'd share.
  • This forum helped me set my goal in structuring a lease deal. So, I thought I would post the result of my deal,

    I just got home with my 2008 Yukon Denali XL. I couldn't be happier with the terms. The dealership did it through GMAC.

    MSRP: $52,075
    Invoice: $48,695

    Sell Price: $48,530

    I used my $1,500 from the GM Mastercard rebate and left a drive off of $2,500. The end result is a monthly payment of $671 for 39 months at 12,000 miles/year. I am pleased with this deal as many of the dealerships I visited in the Los Angeles area told me I was looking at paying a minimum of $800/month for 39 months on a lease.

    Good luck!
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