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GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Good job! Thats a great deal...what color did you get and what options are on the truck?....Im looking at buying the 2008 Denali in the new color Dark Slate Mettalic but haven't seen one yet.
  • I got the gold Mist Metallic. I really like the subtle look of this color. It is not so in your face. I did get to see the Dark Slate Metallic in the small size Denali. It's hot.

    As for options, there are too many to list so I'll state what I didn't get - no sunroof, no 20" chrome wheels, and no nav. I probably would have gone with a model with Nav if the system were GPS based. But, the system is DVD based. I didn't feel it was worth it.
  • I bought my wife a 06 Yukon XL Denali in Dec. of 06. It was a "executive" car with 900 miles on it. "new" sticker price was something like $55K - the dealer was asking $49K. I ended up getting it for $39K out the door with a 100K mile bumper to bumper warranty. So far I am very pleased with it.
  • go8go8 Posts: 58
    Here is my deal:

    Denali XL
    Black exterior
    Ebony interior
    MSRP 59,010
    Sun, Ent, Dest package
    20" Chrome wheels
    Heated steering wheel
    Price before tax, title, reg 51,988
    Above includes 3,000 GM rebates, but before GM card cash.

    Financed it with a 63 month loan at 5.9%

    Looks great! Rides great!
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    there are a number of dealers on ebay selling denali xl's for more than $10k off sticker. prior to today i suspect that it only included the $2000 GM cash. However, chevy/GMC just announed today that yukons/suburbans get $6,000 cash back - including GM loyalty and cash back - does anyone know what the breakout is on the $6k between loyalty and straight cash back? Also i know that GM did conquest cash recently...i m wondering if they will extend the conquest program to apply up to the $6k...

    i am also still waiting patiently for GM to increase the earnings redemption limits on SUVs to spark sales.....$1500 on yukon/suburban is not enough....
  • donahuesdonahues Posts: 36
    Any recent purchases that someone can share prices on. Interested in an 08 Denali XL
  • hipercohiperco Posts: 9
    Just bought an 08 Yukon White Diamond Edition, Loaded, MSRP $54600, was priced at $48,491 (discount of $6109). Further reducing the price was -$5000 (loyalty) -$2000 (rebate), -$2600 in GM Card Earnings. Whether there is such thing as a good deal on a 6000lb gas guzzling SUV when gas is heading to $5+/gallon I'm not sure, but this seemed like at least not a bad deal ;)
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    hiperco: do you have the old GM card that only allows you to earn $700 per year but there are no redemption allowances?? or did they raise the redemption allowance up from $1500??

    did ytou finance through GMAC?? what term and rate?

  • hipercohiperco Posts: 9
    Have the old GM card, $500/yr max, $3000 cap (or maybe $3500, not sure).

    Didn't finance through GMAC.
  • asylum575asylum575 Posts: 72
    The redemption allowance are defined once a year, around Sept. Every so often they offer bonus GM card dollars. I'm waiting on pulling the trigger on a silverado/sierra. I guess I'll wait till September. Depending on the redemption allowances and rebates, I may consider an avalanche/yukon/tahoe.
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    i have no basis to disagree but it seems strange that they only adjust it 1x per year when the dealer incentives are sometimes changed as often as several times per month....particularly in recent weeks/months when they are desparate to spur sales....

    i cant wait til sept....
  • cottingercottinger Posts: 6
    Is there any loyalty cash on GM products right now in the southeast??
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    there is no loyalty. just straight bonus cash. $2k base customer cash and $4k purchase bonus cash. check the suburban board post for the interest rate/bonus cash combos that you can choose.
  • asylum575asylum575 Posts: 72
    Interesting point about the captive audience. You're right, I have bought 5 GM products in the last 10 years because of the GMCard points. GM should do a survey to see how much unused point are out there. If they lefted the limits, they would have a flood of buyers. Ford tried a rewards card a few years ago that just didn' make it. GM is the only game in town. They could really clear some inventory with a change on the redemption allowances.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Good point about being locked in with the GM points. I have about $11k stored up now, but have the new card with the redemption limits. I'd buy an SUV next week if they would let me spend my points all in one shot...In fact, if they upped it to $5k I might buy a Sierra and a Yukon.
  • I'm currently making a deal with a local dealership for an 08 Denali XL for $51900. MSRP is $59010. That doesn't include the $6k rebate. Didn't even step one foot in the dealership. I basically emailed about 10 dealerships what vehicle I was interested in and what options I wanted and asked them for their best offer. You also have to convey to them that you're serious in buying within the month. I was surprised they all replied. Most of them offered around the $54k (not including rebate). You can go with either the rebate or the 72 mo 0% offer.
  • Made the deal before August 19th.

    08 Yukon Denali XL
    MSRP $59010
    Got it for $51989

    No rebates used but went with the 72 months 0% financing.
  • Anyone bought since August? I'm going to pull the trigger on a Yukon XL Denali in late October. MSRP ~60k, sounds like I can get at least 52 from the above experiences, anyone go lower now that we're later in the year?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Give a dealer $52k for a Denali XL stickered at $60k and he should wash your cars, shine your shoes, and pick up your dry cleaning every week for as long as you own it. My local dealer has "$12,000 off" written on the windows of every Denali and Escalade. That seems great, but he had some for $13k off before the bogus "employee pricing" promotion started. Hang in a little longer and they'll throw in a Pontiac G5 with every Yukon sold...
  • What is a good deal now? Edmunds says 4500 + another 6k in incentives. Yet over on the Chevy side people are saying they are dropping 15k or more off of sticker on fully loaded Tahoes. I am looking at a 2008 Denali with 20" wheels, REARVIEW CAMERA SYSTEM, moonroof, nav. Local dealer here has about 20 still in stock.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    With 20 left on your dealer's lot, I'd wait a little longer. Sales were off 30% across GM and the SUV numbers are even worse.
  • Yeah with the sales off by that much you can make a great deal. Generally you can get a better deal with Chevy because there are more Chevy dealers than GMC.
  • I'm in the market for a Yukon as well still trying to decide between the Denali or just the upgraded Yukon but either way. With the potential GM bail out and the other car companies and from what i have been reading i believe they will make these companies liquidate or sell off alot of their inventory as a requirement for the money. So you can bet your shoes they will be selling these cars real cheap it so i would suggest to anyone in the market for a car from these auto makers to wait another week or so see where this deal goes cause you may save enough money to go buy a boat and haul it with your new Yukon or Tahoe!
  • I really could use some advice please.
    Im going tomorrow to look at a 08 yukon denali xl, gold/tan, and pretty darn loaded.
    MSRP is 59,010.00. With bonus cash and yada yada yada the price right now is a firm 43,388.00.
    Is that a good deal?
    Ive been through so many (rude!) dealers who wont even negotiate a penny more off whats listed in the window. Ive had replies like 'no way' and 'good luck'.
    Dont dealers bargain anymore at all or is this straight up that what we see in the window is what we should pay?
    Thank you. Any advice right now would be so greatly appreciated.
  • Its basically a mind game you have to walk in there and mean business from the beginning tell them what you want and dont give them any hint as to money you want to put down or anything otherwise they know your hearts set on the car and they can take advantage. You need to be stern if you think the deal is garbage you say its garbage you need to show them with body language you mean business or they will try to walk on you that's the bottom line. Now with GM they need money really bad they are dieing and are on edge of chapter 11 they want the governments help, listen to news see what happens with the bail out. Either way they are gonna need to dump alot of cars and you will get a good deal because of their situation. Im waiting to get a Yukon Denali so im sorta in the same boat as you. So my suggestion wait and see what happens with the bail out and when you do go in dont be nice and show no weakness and you can get a great deal. If you have anything else you wanna know or have question for me email me good luck!
  • Hi Tony, thanks for the reply.
    I tried to negotiate with local dealers, doing just what you said, and they were so rude I couldnt believe it. One guy said 'no way' and wouldnt even take my name and number. Another one said 'good luck and if you find one for that price let me know and Ill go buy a hundred of them'. :(
    No one is negotiating at all. They say the price on the tag is the bottom line. Im actually driving to another state tomorrow to check out this rig.
    I figured with the economy crisis and the end of the year approaching that someone might be willing to dicker a little, but no one is budging.
    As for waiting, the tranny in my current rig is ready to go and from everything Ive read about the bailout it will probably come in the form of a 3k credit. If thats offered by the government I dont see GMC continuing the 6k discount thats running now.
    So Im thinking, but wanted opinions, on whether 43 is a good price or not.
    Thank you!
  • Absolutely that is a good deal based on other recent posts and the market. The reason they are not dealing right now is the "Red Tag" sale. Just make sure they don't screw you on the financing. Do your homework on what new car rates are at this time. Good luck!
  • Thank you so much John. I finally purchased an 08 Yukon Denali XL last Wednesday. The deal that evening went quite well and I talked them down below the red tag sale by almost 3k and up on my trade in by 1k. The MRSP was 59,010.00 which included the Sun/Nav/Entertainment package, 20" chrome wheels, 2nd row captain chairs, and a heated steering wheel. So including everything I got it down to 40k.
    I financed with my own credit union at 4.75%.
    Hopefully I did my homework right. Does this sound like a good deal to you?
    So far Im loving the rig!
    Thanks again. ;)
  • Aquaria,

    40k...Is that the cost of the truck and then you tack on your trade in?
  • Antonio, I was just rounding out. The actual vehicle cost was 42something, and my trade in was 4k.
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