2013 and Earlier - Audi A6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Share your A6 purchase experience here.


  • dwongswongdwongswong Member Posts: 62
    That is what I paid for my 2003 A6 3.0 quattro. I got it at Gossett Motors in Memphis, Tn. I also got a good trade in value for my car. I got it in February.
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    I paid $42,300 including premium package, cold package, Bose, and xenon.
  • jodarjodar Member Posts: 53
    I don't understand why anyone would pay anything over invoice for a car in today's market. I'm not trying to be critical with the previous posts, but if one is saavy and strong willed enough, you should be able to pay below invoice on most cars, even Audis! Thanks to the information on this site, I have bought every automobile I have owned (except my first VW because I was a nieve 18 y.o. and even helped negotiate deals for friends and relatives) based, in part, on information from this website.

    Edmunds gives you an accurate dealer cost, you factor in your options, then subtract your rebates (consumer and dealer), dealer holdback and negotiate from the rock bottom price! If you are bold, go even lower than that! Also, walk in with a printout to document where you arrive at your price, if possible.

    When I bought my Audi, they had a nice high-speed internet connection where I was able to visually show management where I got my figures from. And I've been smiling ever since. :)
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    That's true, except when you are looking for certain combination. For Audi, if you are looking for an A6 Avant, and if you want it in certain color, equipments, you might not have that much wiggle room as compared to the A6 sedan. Supply and demand are still in effect.
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    I considered buying a used 2000 A6 but lost out when someone else offered the dealer 2K more than me. The dealer told me they had some outstanding lease deals so I put the pencil to the paper. I was surprised to find I could get a new car for less than what i was going to pay for the used. I compared the three year cost to buy versus the three year lease cost. I took into account the used sale price, assumed 4.9% financing, and figured the 2000 would be about 75% depreciated at end of year 7. I would have bought the Audi Assured Warranty with 2 years which would have left me out of warranty during the last year at approx. 75/80 K.

    The lease deal included a 50% residual and .0006 money factor (this works out to about 1.3% finance charge). I got the car for $40,900. (premium, Bose, Cold Weather) The Edmund's invoice showed $40, 747.

    Excluding the tax breaks from business use, I was slightly ahead with the lease. This assumed the sale of the "bought" vehicle and walking away from the lease at end of year 3. With the superior taxbreaks for business use, the cost was over $2000 less when leasing.
  • kccambridgekccambridge Member Posts: 4
    I'm looking at buying a certified pre owned 2001 A6 Avant with 33K miles, premium sound, and xenon headlights for $26,800 from a reputable dealer. Any thoughts?
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    I live in CT, and over the weekend was quoted 40,270 for an A6 3.0 quattro sedan with premium package, cold weather package and alloy wheels. I believe MSRP is 43,090 and invoice is 39,270 - which means this is 1,000 over invoice. Is this a good deal???
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    Is the dealer owner standing in a soup kitchen? The '04's are slowly selling because of the face lift for the '05 - new and improved. Buying a new '04 would cause me to ask for 10% off the final MSRP. I'm already quoted 5% off of a new '05.

    A used A6 with ONLY 33k miles for $26K? This car is already 4 years old, try for much less. Check out blue book value, wholesale - that's what the dealer gives the trade in customer.
  • klauscklausc Member Posts: 6
    Thanks to the internet, we are no longer obligated to look for a car just in our home town. I live in Minneapolis where the cars are expensive because there are only two Audi dealers in a 300 mile radius. But used is a different story compared to CT. In today's paper is a 2003 with 7K miles, premium, xenons, etc for $28,995; which means that $27,500 takes it home! That beats buying an '01 for $23K.
    Shop, shop, shop, and then bargain.
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    I see there is dealer cash to be had on the A6 at the moment. Has anyone bought one recently and what sort of deal did you get? Thanks in advance.
  • jimmersjimmers Member Posts: 4
    Audi is offering a lease deal at $429/month for 42 months. But that assumes MSRP. I'm wondering what kinds of deals people have gotten lately on the purchase price? How close to invoice can I get?
  • ethinkethink Member Posts: 32
    Audi Dealers in Connecticut are willing to sell cars BELOW their invoice price.

    I recently purchased a new 2004 A6 Avant Quattro for $2000 BELOW the Dealer Invoice (including $1000 Audi Loyalty money). There was no trade-in involved and no dealer financing involved.

    The dealer was willing to get me the exact car I wanted from another Audi dealer in the Boston area.

    I used Edmunds to price the car that I wanted and contacted (4) dealers looking for the best price. Two dealers were quite aggressive and that helped me to get a great deal.

    There also appears to many Audi allroads, both 2.7T and 4.2, available in dealer's stock,
  • jodarjodar Member Posts: 53
    Terrific! You paid $34K for your Avant? Thats awesome! Yes, I thank Edmunds for helping make the deals on my prior auto purchases and will continue to use it in the future! :)
  • jimmersjimmers Member Posts: 4
    There are definitely good deals floating around on Audis. In the end, I bought the A6 2.7T S Line for just under $41,000 -- which was $1,900 below invoice. Got the offer over the Internet and they had plenty in stock. Got the exact color and equipment I wanted. No nonsense. Didn't have to put down a dime. Even got .5% financing.

    The dealership was Rockville Porsche/Audi in Maryland. I found them here on Edmunds.

    Oh, most importantly, I love the car. I hardly even miss the BMW I had for 15 years.
  • avantissimoavantissimo Member Posts: 1
    So I just signed the deal on a 2001 Certified Pre-Owned A6 Avant w/ 30,060mi with Cold Weather and Premium Package for $23,000 from a very reputable dealer in NJ. I had it narrowed down to 2 cars but went with the one close to home after the New England dealer let it slip that the 2002 3.0 w/ 21,000mi had been an early lease termination by the customer due to a recurring service issue with the transmission. I had them down to $24,500 and would have loved to go with the newer and more poerful 3.0 but fact that it was black on black and did not have the certified warranty made it a no go.
  • linus66linus66 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the info Jodar- I am in the market now- looking at an A6 2.7T Quattro. My understanding is that dealers are getting more aggressive as the 05 model line is arriving soon. Anyone have thoughts on where one should expect to land when negotiating? I have info on invoice from Edmunds, but little info on holdback, other dealer and audi incentives. Thanks
  • jodarjodar Member Posts: 53
    According to Edmunds, Audi has no holdback, but VW has a 2% holdback based on MSRP. Interesting.

    The only incentives that Edmunds is reporting, on the A6, is a $1K customer loyalty cash for previous Audi owners. For something more current, I would check Automotive News at your local bookstore or library.

    As posted previously, look at the car at invoice and subtract all applicable incentives and work your way up. Don't let the dealer on to what your true likes and dislikes are. If you see your favorite color, go in and say you like the features but not the color and knock off more $$$ to at least let them know you are interested..with reservations. This tactic has worked for me on the last few cars I have purchased for myself and some friends. Timing is important, too. The end of the month is good to deal because monthly/quota bonuses hinge on the number of cars moved, too.
  • ctorreyctorrey Member Posts: 64
    My lease on my A6 4.2 is up next month and I am jumping back in the market. I'd like to get another Audi and I'm considering a 2004 version of one of the above models. I know they are blowing A6's out the door at or below invoice. My question is what they are doing with S4's and A4's.

    If there was any way to get an S4 in a 36/39 month lease with $0 down and 12k miles/year for under $650/mo, I'd jump on it in a second. Similarly, a fully loaded A4 3.0 in the $450 range would be perfect. Does anyone have any insights/experiences leasing these models? Could they be had for 10% off MSRP (yes, MSRP - transalates to about invoice or slightly under)?
  • pepe11pepe11 Member Posts: 41
    Has anyone heard if the AofA incentives are being pulled by a certain date?
  • jodarjodar Member Posts: 53
    Edmunds reports that the $1K loyalty cash for the '04 A6s ends 12/31/04.
  • williamsdadwilliamsdad Member Posts: 4
    Need some advice:

    Prior to purchasing a CPO A6 (2002, 19k miles), I noted that the tailpipe was slightly out of place. Salesman and CPO report showed it was not a problem. Sales told me a simple adjustment upon my next service would fix it. I confirmed in writing, in advance, that the rear end issues were inspected and were not an issue and that there was no material accident or service history that I should be informed of. With this, I purchased the car.

    Upon driving home from the closing, I noticed other problems: broken rear cupholder, broken rear seat belt mechanism, broken trunk release button, missing Owner's manual package, missing First Aid Kit, Parktronic system malfunctioning (constant tone in Reverse).

    Upon checking the Certified Pre Owned report as to if these items were checked on the Inspection, I found that they were, but that the CPO Report was NOT for this VIN#, but a different car.

    This was my third day of ownership. The car went in for Service the following week and took 7 days in the shop. Upon return, the Dealer told me, in writing, that they couldnt fix the tail pipe issue bc of "Rear End Damage" (consistent with parktronic, first aid kit, replaced rear seatbelt mech., tail pipe).

    Problem is, this is what I pointed out - In Advance - and was assured in writing that there was NOT rear end damage.

    In the six weeks that followed - and DOZENS of phone calls to the dealer and to Customer Care, no one could produce my CPO report or explain what the "Rear End Damage" was...Service told me to talk to Sales!?! I wrote the head CPO person at Corporate, but it was the GM of the branch who finally apologized and miraculously found the CPO paperwork last week. It states no damage and all boxes checked.

    So, he brought the car back in the shop for two days and stated that there was no real damage, only a bracket that was bent. They fixed the problems at no cost, apologized, and the car runs fine now.

    Still, I have lost confidence in the CPO process and told the dealer that he still has an issue...why did they certify that these problems were not problems? I wouldnt have purchased the car had I been told the truth upfront...They claim these were honest mistakes, that there is no material damage, and that the car is perfectly up to snuff now.

    Told them they should buy the car back as it was sold under false pretense - they are unwilling.

    What should I do from here? Push it, drop it, somewhere in between?
  • ctorreyctorrey Member Posts: 64
    williamsdad -

    Tough story. Hopefully, this will work out. I would check out audiworld.com and search/post on the A6 board. There are many stories there related to this. The group has great insights.
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,177
    Well - one other thing that occurs to me is that you could print (multiple copies of) your post here - and anywhere else you choose to post your experience - and plunk copies down on the desk of anyone / everyone at the dealer.

    With the explanation that you are documenting the experience and you are not only telling your 3 or 4 closest friends about how it is being handled -
    you are telling all the (potentially thousands) who read these Forums.

    Just a thought.
    - Ray
    Always willing to use the power of the Internet for justice . . .
    2020 BMW M340i
  • jpvwaudijpvwaudi Member Posts: 139
    Did you look at the carfax that is required to be given to you at delivery? Damaged cars don't qualify as Audi CPOs.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    In this case, I'd go one step further than Ray's advice of using internet vigilanteism.

    I cannot tell from your post whether or not you have absolutely confirmed the car wasn't involoved in an accident. If you are uncertain, and given the suspiciously sloppy paperwork of the dealership, I'd take this to an attorney to pursue a fraud claim. I don't advocate frivolous or nuisance lawsuits, but in this case, you should have the option of getting your money back, if that's what you want.
  • williamsdadwilliamsdad Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice, all.

    The carfax shows no damage. I pulled that before purchase. But I only have so much faith in their ability to capture ALL accidents.

    The CPO I just received from them states no damage.

    The explanation from the GM was that it was probably backed up over a curb or otherwise minor damage to parktronic and exhaust - after certification and before I picked it up.

    Plausible, but...

    When combined with the wrong CPO report, the inability to produce the right one, the multiple other problems (most all of which related to rear end accident), it seemed less plausible.

    I have an atty, but am not inclined to fight it. Will take it for another, independent inspection to see what they tell me. If material problems are found, then I'll release my atty on them...until then, it's 'wait and see' what else, if anything, breaks.
  • williamsdadwilliamsdad Member Posts: 4
    Carfax, yes. I did. And I also looked at the CPO Report - which is also required to qualify as CPO...it passed both.

    ...but the CPO Report wasn't for my car. That's the issue.

    So, if a dealer is willing to pass off a fake CPO Report, then my confidence in a Carfax report is not going to outweigh the fake CPO report.

    This sort of kills your argument that Audi will not sell a car that is "Damaged"...
  • nettienettie Member Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 2004 A6 2.7T, they are talking about a price of $40,970. It's got 300 miles on it. I have owned several A4's, but I don't know where I should be looking to end up price-wise. They came off the price appx. $6,000 to arrive at this amount. I should also get the Audi loyalty, shouldn't I? Does anyone know about their extended warranties? This is a new 2004. I saw the 2005 A6 4.2 yesterday for the first time...sweet!!! M.H.
  • williamsdadwilliamsdad Member Posts: 4
    Hear that they're selling below invoice, though. Keep pushing.
  • tedsrtedsr Member Posts: 3
    In early August, I leased a fully loaded A6 2.7T S Line. The lease was calculated with a purchase price of approximately $750.00 under invoice. I imagine you can do even better now, with the 2005s being right around the corner.
  • ctorreyctorrey Member Posts: 64
    My dealer was sold out a few weeks ago.
  • auditorauditor Member Posts: 63
    If so, please share with us whether a 3.2 or 4.2, the
    options you added, the color, HOW MUCH BELOW MSRP you
    got and how much time you expect there'll be between
    when you ordered and when you'll take delivery.
  • auditorauditor Member Posts: 63
    Oops, in the last message, I meant an '05 A6!!!
  • dbaumdbaum Member Posts: 2
    I got $1,250 below MSRP on a 3.2 from Rockville Porsche-Audi in Rockville, MD. I requested a quote on my configuration through their website and they offered $1,250 off as their internet discount. It was the best deal in the DC area that I could find (all others were MSRP) so I went for it. My car is expected to be delivered in December (it's a special order - nothing currently on the way matched what I was looking for).
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,127
    A midwestern newspaper would like to talk with someone who, in the past month, bought a luxury vehicle (other than a Lexus) for which no incentives were available. Please reply to [email protected] by Friday, October 8, 2004 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your purchase decision. Thanks!


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  • revrasrevras Member Posts: 63
    has anyone been quoted lease prices for a standard 12 k mile a year lease w the 3.2 engine? no navigation system please.
  • smith83smith83 Member Posts: 60
    Any news on possible incentives on the new A6 for November or December 04'? My dealer is pushing for me to pre-order. What deals has anyone received so far (finance or lease)?

  • a4drivera4driver Member Posts: 11
    good luck finding a deal.
  • sacguysacguy Member Posts: 27
    Good deal in MD, here in Sacramento, CA they are willing to give an "internet discount" down to the MSRP, rather than tack on their $1,995.00 market adjustment. What a scam!
  • revrasrevras Member Posts: 63
    Just received my first confirmed quote on a 3.2 w premium package and cold weather package. Forty two months, 12 k miles for SEVEN hundred and forty dollars a month... ouch. Time to go back to the drawing board since I need a car relatively soon. Perhaps a G35 AWD or STS with AWD?
  • revrasrevras Member Posts: 63
    ps this was with one thousand dollars down, they did not quote a residual or interest rate to me.
  • katana1katana1 Member Posts: 2
    Just leased a 2005 A6 3.2.

    42 months
    5+% interest
    10k down (was a trade in)

    The dealer came down 1100 from invoice, and dropped the lease money factor twice.
  • coppercopper Member Posts: 94
    So basically you're paying $790/mo for this car.
    I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
  • kzybulewkzybulew Member Posts: 40
    There isn't an "Allroad Prices Paid' so I thought I'd post our leasing experience here:
    2005 Allroad Quattro 2.7T with Auto Tiptronic
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Parktronic Rear Parking Assistance
    XM Premium Audio Package
    36 month, 15K no cap cost reduction, gap insurance included
    Agreed upon selling price: $43,686
    MF: .00085
    Residual: .56
    Great buying experience at DCH Essex Audi.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Member Posts: 1,926
    This is what I scored. From what I can tell, it seems like I'm the first (or at least one of the first) in the country to get a discount on it.

    Brilliant Black w/ Amaretto interior
    Sport Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Voice Recognition
    Bose w/ Sirius
    Rear Shades
    Tire Pressure Monitor
    Advanced Key

    $58,320 MSRP

    I paid $58,291 "out the door." That's including 3% sales tax, title, registration, and pull-'em-down-and-bend-over documentation fee. My research on Edmunds.com for various zip codes in other states across the country show that everybody is paying MSRP. I think I was blessed with this deal. If any of you guys are interested in trying to get a good deal, contact this dealership. Tell 'em you were referred by the guy who ordered the above car on Nov. 30, 2004.

    Audi of Charlotte
    Charlotte, NC
  • safeldersafelder Member Posts: 60
    Congrats on the new car--it looksl ike you've loaded it with everything but parktronic! I'm leaning towards doing the same thing on a 3.2.

    I'm very interested in your experience using Voice Recognition with Navigation and the Tire Pressure Monitor.
  • revrasrevras Member Posts: 63
    any reasonable lease deals come down the pike yet?
  • gold233790gold233790 Member Posts: 183
    You can get discounts....I think the Edmunds numbers are a little delayed. With a new car like the A6 those probably arent' deadly accurate. I trust Edmunds TMV in the middle of model years or when nothing has been changed much from one year to the next, but like all new things the numbers will be all over the place for the near future.

    A relative of mine purchased the new RL for $1500 below MSRP the second week it was out- just have to find the right dealer. More importantly, and this goes for the A6 as well- it has to be on their lot!

    I've been quoted over 1k below MSRP off the bat- no negotiating- for the 3.2 well equipped.
  • safeldersafelder Member Posts: 60
    Similar experience here: $800 off without pushing at all (and while disclosing that I had no intention of buying right then).
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