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Chevrolet Malibu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bhw77bhw77 Posts: 101
    Hi All,

    04 Malibu MAXX LS 1SB option Silver/gray
    Sticker price: $23150
    Sale Price: $14999
    GM Card Points: $3100
    Total: $11900 + TTL + dealer fee
    Out of the door : $12895
    Selling Dealer: QUIRK in Braintree, MA
    Sales person: Roger Landry
    Vehicles have been heavily advertise in "Boston Globe" and "Boston Herald" and they still have some inventory left.
    Purchasing process was completely painless. Sales person was great.
    I guess I did good.....
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    You got more than $8,000 off MSRP? How much bargaining was involved? Did you start from GMS pricing, or was this an 'open-to-the-public' deal? I know it is model year clearance time and nearing calendar year-end, but that seems like more of a discount than I would have expected. How much are the rebates in your area?

    Was any trade-in involved, or just a straight Maxx purchase?
  • bhw77bhw77 Posts: 101
    No bargaining at all. Vehicle has been advertised in local papers: "Boston Globe" and "Boston Herald". I just called - dealership confirmed price and vehicle availability and that is pretty much it.
    They still have it
    You still have to finance at least $10K via GM finance.
    I am planning to pay it off within 3 month
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Car_man "Rebates, Incentives, APRs - Questions & Comments" Dec 7, 2004 1:08pm

    from car_man:
    No details of this promotion, called the "Red Tag Sales Event" are available yet, but it would definitely be in the best interest of anyone who is considering purchasing a GM product to hold off on buying anything for a few days (it is rumored that the new program will begin on the 10th).

    Check our Rebates, Incentives & APRs discussion for updates!

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  • Purchased a new Maxx LT on 12/10. Had the $3500.00 rebate, addl $1500.00 off w/GMAC finance, GM card upped allowance from $875.00 to an even $2000.00, dealer discounted $1700.00, trade of $12000.00. Mistake was $199.00 security etch add-on and $159.00 dealer handling fee. UGH!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    So you were able to apply the full $2,000 GM 'earnings' on this vehicle? I haven't checked, but I thought the limit for Maxx was somewhere less than that. I was wondering if the full $2,000 could be used since GM was boosting it to that amount as a special bonus. Our GM Card earnings are < $500 and we received a letter recently, informing us that GM had bumped this amount up to $2,000 for a certain time period.
  • Local dealer has a 2004 Maxx LT with Onstar has the only option. Sticker is $25,420. Red tag price is between $18,500 and $18,900 (can't remember exactly). Does this sound about right. I have $2,000 in bonus GM earnings I can use. Anything else that I could do to get a lower price?


    Thanks in advance.
  • According to the sales agreement, we received the full $2000. The GM card earnings were increased to this amount. I felt it was time to use the combination together, and really had no problem. You have even a better deal with less earnings than my original card, if they are bumping you up to 2K. Cheers!
  • We wanted one without the onstar, dvd, self adjusting mirror, I believe it was the LS1 package. It was hard to find, as most have the upgrades. Sounds like a good price to me for a car which is loaded.
  • I bought my MAXX back in May 2004 and they e-mailed me something saying that I am eligible for the GM Supplier program. If I traded in my Malibu for an Equinox would they honor the rebates plus give me more of a discount also? Or would just give you the Supplier program price and that would be it?


    Discounts are about $2,000 for an Equinox
  • Rebates are in addition to whatever supplier price you're eligible for. In my case, I got GM supplier pricing, plus $1,000 GMAC financing discount, plus 0% for 72 months. That's what worked out best for my situation. Instead of the 0%, I could have elected an additional $4,000 off the purchase price.


    I should note that some have been able to do BETTER than GM supplier. I did not think that was possible, but some here claim to have purchased for $500-$1000 below employee and supplier pricing.
  • I wrote a short note to the dealer about the $199 etch fee which was added. The business manager called me today to tell me they were crediting the fee. The dealer was Rothrock Chevy, Philadelphia. I really could not ask for more-they deserve an A+ on this one, and the Maxx is a dream.
  • Hi bhw77,


    Did you happen to see any 04 malibu (not maxx) there in that dealership? That was an great deal for maxx, do they offer same great deal on sedan?

    I would love to drive there for a great deal!(live in CT)
  • Bill Kay in Lisle IL, Purchased 8/04. Had the "supplier" friend price. Sat down and negotiated and I was able to get a better deal without. A loaded LT only missing OnStar and DVD, No card rebates or trade. 26,500 list. 19,800 out the door, tax title etc. I even knew the business manager a little bit and as he was new there and I gave him the "referral" he got me 3.49%. After reading the posts, I think it was fair for what I had going in.
  • tim10tim10 Posts: 15
    Malibu base sticker 20,365 after cruise/remote keyless/remote start/floor mats.


    Price started with GM Friends & Family discount (father works for a GM supplier), however the dealer said he would have given me the same price regardless..


    Starting price 18,960 minus 1500 gmac, minus 2000 gm rebate, minus 2x500 GM Value certificates, minus $500 gm dealership discount that was mailed to a prior customer to share with a friend by year end, minus $2000 in earnings from the GM Gold card


    Total financed 11,960 + tax & title. Nailed me with 8.9% but I'll pay off when the first bill comes. The dealership in PA also owes me about $1000 now because they damaged by wife's vehicle when a sales person backed into it when it was locked up last night for 'collateral' on the 24 hour test drive I did.
  • bhw77bhw77 Posts: 101


    Sorry my post get deleted, I guess I cannot post

    dealership name/links. I have checked their inventory on-line and there is no 04' left.

    Send me e-mail and I will send you links to their website. I have good experience with them.

    I also tried to work with GMBuypower but their prices were way to high
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    You are able to post dealership name and location. I am sure other posters will be savvy enough to find a website if they are interested( google, infospace, mapquest.......)
  • Malibu gurus - I am basically offered GMS price + rebates on 2004 Maxx LT with 1SB and XM. This is in Olathe, KS.


    MSRP $25,955

    discounted price: $23,098


    Rebates: 3500 GM + 2000 GMAC + 1000 GMS bonus = 6500


    Subtotal: $16598 (not including tax, title, license)


    Dealer has offered this GM warranty:


    6 year 100,000 $200 deductible - $1995


    From reading through this forum some my impression is this is fair deal on the car and a high price for the extended warranty. What is a good deal on the warranty?


    I had to hunt down the car myself to find an 04 Maxx LT without DVD, OnStar, and 6-CD. There are still some 04 out there - I found 44 total within 300 mile distance.


    Looking forward to joining the club next week if everything works out.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Sounds pretty good to me. At the present time you won't be able to do much better. Plus, you are finding a 2004 model that's equipped basically the way you want it - and that's not always so easy to do this late in the model year.


    Those rebates look awfully juicy. Wish I had timed things a bit better on our 2004 Maxx LT purchase (pulled the trigger in October).


    We paid $1599 for a 5 yr / 90k $0 deductible warranty and I think that was $200-400 above the best price you can find on such a warranty. Your warranty quote is probably at least $500 high, maybe even $800 high. Personally, I'd buy the zero deductible and on the 6 yr / 100k, shoot for about $1500.


    On the car, you are getting about $9500 off MSRP which is a LOT. And thinking about what you will be getting for $16,598 + TTL, you are getting a lot of car for not a lot of money.


    I'd work the dealer down a little on the warranty and go for it.
  • I've been shopping for a Pontiac Vibe, but the incentives were too good to pass up on the 04 Maxx. Here is what I got.


    MSRP - $23,150 (Maxx with 1SB)

    GM in the Driveway price - $21148

    Less $3500 GM rebate

    Less $1500 GMAC rebate

    Less $3661.59 GM card dollars


    Total $12487 + tax
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Subtract 3 from the years, it includes the 3yr-36K, most people don't know that.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Unbelievable deal. I get jealous when I hear people getting this type of deal on a new vehicle.


    Is the $1500 GMAC rebate being advertised somewhere? I haven't seen mention of it.
  • Helped my step-mother purchase an '05 Maxx LS today. Car has no options, but came with floormats and a rear spoiler (but no wiper), neither of which were listed on the sticker. With all rebates, she paid $16035.00 + TTL. Very easy buying experience, and she is very happy with her silver Maxx. It is a nice car for what she paid, but not at MSRP. Amazing discounts right now!
  • Bluedevils:


    I found it on under the current offers section. I'm in the western region. I checked the other regions and all regions are offer a GMAC rebate on the 04 MAXX. Most are $1500, but the southcentral region is $2000 and the southeast is only $1000.
  • I received this quote from Fichtner Chevrolet in Montana. They do a lot of long distance warranty sales. The $100 ded was about $1500.


    72/100K $200 ded $1305
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340

    Capper's $200 deduct for the 6yr/100k is $1,255

    Black's cost is $1,285
  • madmaxxmadmaxx Posts: 44
    I like my '04 Maxx LS so much I traded it for another, identical '04 Maxx LS(same color even).

    I racked up 14,950 miles on my Maxx since purchasing it early last August.

    GM Card sent me $2,000 bonus cash/credit for use against '04 GM ($2,500 for select '05's).

    So.. I took my '04 Maxx to the dealer and told them I would trade my Maxx for it's twin, new brother, plus my $2,000 credit--straight across, no cash.

    They quickly accepted! (Wished I'd asked for an 04 LT or 05 LS.)

    Bottom line: I drove a new car for 5 months and 15,000 miles for nothing other than gas and oil changes.

    The bonus credit expires tomorrow, so I'm out nothing.

    The only downside, is my new Maxx is a March build date, so I'll have to have the service department do all the TSBs.

    I pick up my newest Maxx tomorrow.

    Absolutley Amazing!
  • tim10tim10 Posts: 15
    That's incredible. Good job, most of us would have never even thought to ask them to trade!!! Maybe in 6 months when GM card does another $2000 bump-up, you'll trade for an '05!


    I'm surprised but glad for you that they let you do this with only a $2000 'depreciation' hit. Goes to show they REALLY like the end of the year sales. I think any sales up till Jan 3rd count towards the dealerships 2004 sales.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    That is amazing. What were the particulars of the first deal and of the 2nd deal? Did your first deal include a trade, or was it a straight buy of the Maxx? How great a deal did you get?


    To take only a $2,000 depreciation hit on the first Maxx, you must have gotten a really good price on it.
  • Bought a Maxx LS around Labor Day '04. Window price $23,150....with $3,300 discount, under $750 GM card redemption, and rebates.....paid $13,000.


     Loved the Maxx so much, bought an LT with sunroof on Dec 18, '04......window price $25,450 ....with $1,000 GM card redemption, discount, and rebates.......paid $15,000
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