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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • >>Not sure what WFR stands for?

    Wholesale Financial Reserve. It may be itemized on your invoice. It's essentially an amount Toyota pays to the dealership for showroom floor space. Basically it's profit for a dealer, along with the the holdback and at least part of the advertising fees (TDA) which can be big. That's how they can sell vehicles at invoice and still make a profit.
  • oh yea...that's part of the "holdback" that the dealer gets (1% of base MSRP). I haven't seen the dealers actual invoice price yet. I'll try to get a copy from the dealer tomorrow when I go to pay and drive away the new rav4.

    I wanted to restate a part of the last paragraph in my previous response:

    edit: ... He had the car on his lot and most of the other dealers did not. None of the other dealer wanted to beat that price (one did by about $20, but his didn't have the RBA nor cargo net and he would have had to get it from another dealer in nautical blue), but only match it. I actually had a couple dealers that I informed of where they stood congratulate me on the good deal that I got. :D
  • Congratulations, torodiesel!
    To borrow a line from Borat, that deal was NIIIIIICE! ;)
    Let us know if the dealership (F&I Dept. in particular) tries to play any games with you when you go in to wrap up the deal, ok?
  • Homerfan,
    Just verify your document prep fees upfront. Sometimes the F&I manager will pull one form (around $75) if you're buying something from him. If you don't he pulls out another form with dealer prep fees of $350. Watch out for that. And yes, they don't appreciate when you say - I have made up my mind, I am going with my Credit Union on this one. "What if I told you that I can get you lower interest rates"? What do you reply to that?
  • Congratulations wolf. We are expecting a full report on delievery, how it all went and how you were treated.
    And don't forget on your way home - no sudden accelerations in the first 1,000 miles...
  • Lafortus,
    I am glad you like your V4. I am a family man too and it is actually my wife that decided we should go with V6, not me (although the daddy didn't mind it either). She has had this Suzuki Esteem '98 since, well - '98 and she's always been complaining how slow that thing was, she had problems merging in trafic on the freeway etc. And I had a 96 Jetta too! (How much $$$$ per month did it cost you to keep that money sucker on the road?) I was smiling when I was handing the keys over to the dealer...
    Anyway, my wife took the RAV4 from me (she has the baby with her all the time so "I don't need it"). Now I am stuck with Suzuki Esteem and all of its 89 hp...
  • Congratulations phillip.
    I don't know much about that as I plan to have it serviced at the dealer (no matter the cost) if that'll keep me from having so many problems like I had with that damn Jetta.
    A question for you - after you lowered the pressure did the ride become any smoother? I haven't checked tire pressure in mine (my wife's to be exact) as I get to drive it only on weekends when I go to pick up some groceries.
  • Since I lowered my tire pressures to the correct 32 lbs. the ride is noticeably not as bouncy & rough as it was. The 38 & 39 lbs. when it came off the dealer's lot was just too much. I took a 150 mile round trip in it today and fueled up for the very first time. 322 miles on the odometer ( about 250 miles of 75 mph interstate driving and 75 miles of 2-lane hwy. at 55 mph. Very little city stop & go.) Used 12.25 gallons or 26.3 mpg. I was very pleased with that. I'm now shopping for some body side moldings (Pacific Blue). I have found 3 sources: Sportwing-$139, McGeorge-$115, and Lawnmaster7-$169. Have any of you installed body side moldings? If yes, which do you recommend? Is the PB color match closely, if anyone has bought them in that color? Thanks.
  • anyone in here recently bought a RAV4 2WD Limited V6 (Daytime Running lights and carpet mats)? if so would you share what prices you paid?

    the couple of responses ive received recently from email quotes, the dealers must think im on a different planet because our numbers are way off :( i went thru edmunds invoice pricing, kbb and other online sources. im working from invoice up and asked for an OTD based on invoice and 2 of the dealers questioned my math and another said i was in la la i havent heard from the other 10 or so and wonder if i will even hear from them based on those 4 or 5 responses...:( did my email scare them off? did they laugh at it and then pressed delete? lol

    i know there is a dealer holdback of 2% and wholesale finacial reserve too plus they love to tack on unnecessary markups just to beef up their bottom line. they always win even when you think youve beaten them.

    can anyone throw me a rope and lead me to solid evidence to stay firm with my numbers and not stray too far from there? $26,000 OTD a good price or too good to be true? thanks for your replies. will keep in touch hopefully have a RAV4 before presidents day! lolol
  • Hi, all!
    I am getting ready to purchase a pearl white Limited V6 4x4 with the moonroof, tow prep, auto dimming mirror, JBL 6 disc stereo, and preferred accessories package. The dealer invoice price for this is $27161 (includes delivery fee of $645), and they are going to sell it to me for that price. They also have a $500 processing fee. Is that a common fee for most dealerships to have, and is it usually that much? The first Toyota dealership that we worked with did not have that fee. I think I am getting a good deal (??). Thanks! I'm glad I found this forum!!!
  • Janer:
    They aren't actually selling it to you at Invoice + Processing fee, but you are getting a good deal anyway.
    Here are the numbers I used to determine that:
    V6 4x4 $23,337
    Options $1,910
    Dest. $645
    TDA $500
    Gas $10
    Holdback $529
    WFR $264
    Fees $100
    Markup $366
    TOTAL $27,661
    At this price, the dealership is making a true profit of around $1,400 so they aren't being as generous as they want you to think. But you are getting a good deal - Congrats!
  • So you think this is pretty good anyway???? On the invoice, the price listed for the Limited 4x4 V6 is 24,041, but you have $23,337 (the total MSRP is 29,592). Are they being honest with me? ALSO, I HATE the $500 fee that they are charging!!! This didn't happen the last time I bought a vehicle( okay, that was 5 1/2 years ago!), so is this just another way to increase profit? I understand that these people need to make a living, but I also don't want to be ripped off! Thanks for your help!
  • Yes, I think you're still doing fine on the deal. The variance on my invoice and yours could be due to geographic price differences, or (less likely, but certainly possible) they forged an invoice to get you to think they were actually selling the vehicle to you at cost. Don't get too hung up on the allocation of the dollars though; it's really just the bottom line that counts.

    If I were you, I'd try to get them to knock off half of that $500 fee. Hey, it can't hurt to try! ;)
  • An update to my buying experience:

    Today, the wife and I picked-up our new vehicle. I got a look at the dealer invoice, which was $20,939. So, we paid $350 UNDER dealer invoice. The TDA for our region is $373, Gasoline $10, Holdback (2% of base MSRP) $417, and WFR (1% of base MSRP) $208. We bought our vehicle from Bruce Smith (Internet Sales Manager) at Toyota City in MN. We were very happy with our experience and Bruce was very professional and made it all worthwhile. My wife drove the vehicle home and she couldn't be happier! :)
  • Janer - that $27,661 also include the Sales Tax in your state? is that an OTD price? im having a hard time with my pricing too. there are so many fees and markups you wonder about the disparity among deals.
  • Toro:
    Congratulations on a great deal, and thank you for sharing the information! I was wondering what the true base price of the 2WD 4cyl was.
  • firewire....The Edmunds invoice does not include the TDA fee which is between $300-$500 depending on where you live. Edmunds would have to publish an invoice price for every city if they included it and that wouldn't be reasonable. The Toyota invoice, therefore, is Edmunds plus whatever the TDA is for your city. That is the invoice Toyota dealers refer to when they negoitiate from invoice price. Fitmall in Maryland sells the RAV4 for Toyota invoice + $200. It is rare you will find a better deal than that but it is possible. In some cities, the Costco deal is Toyota invoice + $500 and that ain't bad either unless you live close to Fitzmall. I suggest you price out your RAV on Edmunds, determine the MSRP, then go to and find a vehicle in their inventory with a similar MSRP and check their internet price. If you can get close to that, you've got a good deal.
  • Janer....The $23,337 figure homerfan used is the basic cost of the vehicle to the dealer. The Toyota invoices I have seen have always showed this figure as the first item under the Dealer column. If you add the Dealer Holdback and WFR, you get the Edmunds invoice for that vehicle. If you further add for gasoline and advertising you end up with the Toyota invoice. Of course you have to add the destination charge in there somewhere, too, as well as the invoice price of the options to give you the total Toyota invoice price. Anything added to that is additional profit. Fitmall adds $200 plus a processing fee of $99. Their processing fee is to handle the paperwork with the DMV. If you buy from them and are out of state, they will waive the processing fee if you want to deal with the DMV yourself. If your dealer is asking invoice plus $500 (regardless of what they call it), that's not a bad deal if it is reasonably close (400 miles or less) to your home.

    Good Luck.
  • rav7rav7 Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a Limited 4WD/4 cyl/moonroof? MSRP is $25,600. Invoice is $23,755 - what is a realistic price to pay?
  • Congratulations! You got a good deal. I'm about to buy the same exact model (same colors, same everything), and my base price is $24,700, plus $300 finder's fee. I'm buying it at A1 Toyota in New Haven, CT. I guess I'm getting ripped off because I wanted such a particular color, and it was hard to get. I wish I had seen this forum before I had started my car search.
  • $200-$500 over invoice would be reasonable targets, depending on where you live. East coast prices seem to be a little lower than West coast prices.
  • I just bought one this week.... am disappointed that no-one on this forum replied to my two posts (see previous page) asking if deal sounded good. I bought a 2006, with 8,000 miles, sport model 6 cylinder, v6, moon roof, 6 cd/jbl sound system for 23,000 even which includes all tax, liscence, etc. LOVE the car, power, handling fantastic (and so is sound system), firm ride, but I like the suspension, am very happy for the few days I've had it. I still wish someone would answer me as to how I did on negotiated price (not a scratch on it, you'd swear it hadn't been driven at all).
  • Anybody have an success stories buying a RAV4 in Canada for less than MSRP? As of right now there is a minimum 6 week wait for any V6 RAV4's in Alberta and the dealers aren't budging on their prices. They tell me they can save me a few $ on accessories, but the MSRP is what I'll have to pay to drive off the lot.

    Anybody have any recent success buying in Canada (especially Alberta)? I keep reading how many in the US are paying $300-500 above invoice, but it looks like I might have to pay $2500 above invoice to get one :( . Any suggestions?
  • I would have *grabbed* that car, for what it's worth. You don't say where you are, so I don't know what percentage tax you have, here in CT it's 6%, I know it's higher in some states, I would have liked to buy a 2006 but it's hard to get one, esp. with only 8,000 miles, but in my opinion you got a great deal. I did see one 2006 with about 16,000 miles for $19k and change at a Lexus dealer, but I got there too late. Hope that helps.
  • I just purchased my RAV4 this past Wed. evening, and I love it! Peppy pick-up, great handling, comfy ride! At first my daughter was so mad at me for getting the pearl white, but now she loves it - all of it (especially the moonroof and the mp3 capabilities). It snowed the night that I drove it home, so I was able to use the 4x4 immediately. I'm still a little unsure about how that all works - does it just kick in whenever needed or is it always in 4x4? I haven't needed to use the 4x4 lock, yet. This site is great! Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous post!
  • Hi Chili3 -- Sorry I missed your original post! Yes, you got a great deal, and should be as proud of yourself. It's nice to get a fantastic vehicle on which someone ELSE has taken the initial depreciation hit! ;) Congratulations!!
  • Thanks for the update, Janer91!
    I'm would have been amazed if your daughter DIDN'T like the pearl white; most people love it once they see it in person.
    Glad to hear that the stock tires too well in snow too!
  • seesee Posts: 2
    Hello - Just wanted to get some opinions on the deal I'm being offered.

    2007 RAV4 Limited 4cyl 2WD
    Pacific Blue
    Option pkg C(I think)
    Ash Leather
    Heated Seats
    Daytime Running Lights
    Floor mats
    JBL 6-disc system
    Cargo tray
    Security system

    $27,500 Out-the-door

  • see....

    MSRP for the following:
    RAV Limited 4cyl 2WD 23,205
    Moonroof 900
    Leather Seats 1,050
    Heated Seats 440
    Daytime Running Lights 40
    JBL 640
    Floor Mats 199
    Cargo Tray 109
    Security System 359
    Destination Charge 645

    Total MSRP 27,587

    If you are paying 27,500, you are geting ripped off. Fitzmall's price on this vehicle is around 25,500. You had better get another opinion.
  • seesee Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response, evergreen. It's $27,500 out-the-door, including all fees and taxes (we live in CA, so that's about 10%). Do you still think it's a terrible offer?
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