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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I also heard rumor that the 2005 GX470 will have a new engine with variable timing, better gas mileage and 285 horsepowers.
  • bondmombondmom Posts: 7
    Just took delivery of a 2004 Blizzard Pearl w/Nav/ML, 3rd Row, mats, wheel locks, cargo net, spoiler, etc. for $46K flat. Was happy with price we got. Local dealer wasn't looking to negotiate and didn't have our color preferences so sent e-mails to 5 dealers in neighboring states. Some said our price was too low but found a few willing to talk. It being the end of the month seemed to help as well.
    Thanks everyone for all your advice. Thanks nbfc260 - Took your advice and test drove thae car we took home before signing the contract - took it up to 70 mph on highway and had no vibration problem let's hope it stays that way. :)
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    That's a very good price, one of the best I've seen. I paid $46700 for the same 2004 setup about 2 months ago. Enjoy.
  • kbmrkbmr Posts: 1
    Hi folks, anyone knows of good deals for Lexus GX 470 w/ ML + 3rd row seat in New Jersey. The MSRP I believe is $51,900. The best I got is 48K which I think is too high. since this is 2004 year end, the final price should be much better
    also let me know the dealership I can go to
    thanks in advance
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Have you tried Ray Catena in Oakhurst, NJ? They usually have the best deals in all of New Jersey. I have helped several relatives purchase Lexi in New Jersey and Ray Catena always wins, by a rather large margin. I have compared their prices each time to Lawrence Lexus, Cherry Hill Lexus, Difeo Lexus.
  • Have anyone able to locate a good deal in SoCal. I am Looking for a 04 GX470 Nav w/ 3rd row + Rear Ent. I think MSRP ~53.7K. So far the best quote is 48.5K same as I think it can be much better. Any recommendation, thank in advances
  • We looked at many suvs out there and I must say for the money the GX 470 was the best. It cam down to the GX, Landcruiser or Acura MDX. The Acura just looked cheap inside to me. We went with the GX after the dealer told us they had demo with 6000 miles on it and was loaded (owner's wife drove it). We got it for $45,900. The lowest we could get for a loaded one w/o being a demo was $48,500 so we took the demo. We love it so far, it drives like a dream and with this being our second Lexus (1995 ES300) we know we are getting a quality product. We have not have one single problem with our ES and it has 114,000 miles, wow!
  • I am looking to purchase the GX470 before the end of the year. I would prefer to wait for the '05 to come out, but I was told that the new GX won't be at the dealers until December. Does anyone know this to be true??
    Also what changes are in store for the '05?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I don't know when the '05's are coming out, but sometimes dealers will stretch the ETA for the new models to try to convince you to buy something on the lot.


    Steve, Host
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    this has been discussed before. The strong rumor is the 4.7L V8 will be getting VVTi heads and therefore horsepower will be boosted up from the current 230 to about 280 and torque will increase slightly without a sacrifice to gas mileage. Actually gas mileage may increase.
  • jim10jim10 Posts: 6
    I just spoke with a local Lexus dealer in Detroit who will be going to a seminar put on by Lexus on August 17th. I will find out and post what they tell me.

    Question for the group:
    1. Is there a way to hook up my iPod to the lexus that doesn't involve a cassette tape or FM radio transmission? I want to have a direct connection so that the input is cleaner while keeping all controls of the iPod on the iPod itself.
    2. Is XM or Sirrius (sp?) sat radio available from Lexus, or do I have to go aftermarket?
    3. Has anyone compared the Infiniti QX 56 to the GX 470? I know that it is a bit of apples and oranges, but they both would fit in my garage.

    Many thanks!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I was told the same thing by Lexus of Rockville.

    In my opinion, the improved engine that will be in the 2005 is worth waiting for. However, if the price on the 2005 is non-negotiable as the "end of tax year" buyers flood the market (as was the case in the DC area last December), it may be very tough to get a good deal.

    Let me know if you find out anything different. I'm tempted to get an order in early at an out of town dealership that will give a decent discount on a 2005 in advance. For whatever reason, Florida and California dealers appear to be discounting the GX470 by as much $5,000. Hopwefully I can find something a little closer, assuming I go with the GX.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Might want to try the Owners Club- Lexus board. They should have lots of info on those questions. Goodluck
  • jim10jim10 Posts: 6

    Where is this owner's board? Is it here on Edmunds?

  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Look on the left of screen, Browse by board, select Owners clubs. Goodluck
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It looks like my earlier reply to you got zapped in our software upgrade.

    Presently, our Lexus Owners Clubs only has discussions related to the RX300 and LS.

    tidester, host
  • gina6gina6 Posts: 4
    Hello, very interested in the GX as well. Appears many are purchasing from states other than their primary residence. What are the sales tax implications and/or rules and regulations? And particularly if there are any that may have purchased in CA or OR and live in WA. Thanks.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I just purchased a car out of state. In my neck of the woods (Washington DC) many people who live in Maryland buy in Virginai and vice-versa. Living in DC, we had no choice to buy out of state, since there aren't many auto dealers in DC proper. In the local region, the dealer takes care of collecting the sales tax of the state the car will be permanantly registered in and files for your taxes and tags.

    Since we bought outside the local area (Pennsylvania) the dealership did not collect any sales tax. We got a 60 day temporary PA tag and had to pay sales tax when we permanantly registered the car in DC. A little more paperwork, but quite easy and no double taxation, if that's what you are worried about.
  • todd2004todd2004 Posts: 18
    Hey Gina6----I live in Indianapolis and have purchased both new and used vehicles out of state in the last year. I bought a year old Lexus LS430 Ultra from a Lexus dealer in Utica, Michigan and a new VW Touareg from MAG in Dublin,Ohio. each was a little different,but both were simple and easy. In Ohio.the dealer did not collect sales tax,so I paid it in Indiana when I titled the vehicle. However, in Michigan, the dealer collected the sales tax so I did not have to pay any when I titled the car. Hope this helps!
  • Am about to pick up GX470 with NAV/ML, 3rd Row Seat, Cargo Mats, Wheel Lock for $45,900 plus tax, title, etc... Having checked with 12 dealers in my area (NY/NJ/CT), this was the best I could find. Anyone find a better deal?
  • suzhousuzhou Posts: 2
    Your purchase price is really good. Would you c are to let me know where you got your car? Your email address is marked private. Can you send me an email? My email is
    Best regard,
    Samuel Chen
  • suzhousuzhou Posts: 2
    Would you care to share where you found your deal? I believe your deal is extremely good.

    Best wishes,
    Samuel Chen
  • wli28wli28 Posts: 3
    I just purchase a GX470 this weekend w Nav/ML, 3rd Row Seat, Cargo Mats and Net, spoiler, wheel lock for $46, you confirmed I did just as well (the difference between your price and mine is the spoiler for $450, right?)

    Can you let me know which dealership you bought yours, and i am happy to share the same w you, reason being I also got quotes from 5 dealerships in CT, NY and NJ...and ended up with one with the most reasonable pricing. I was always told this is a good time to buy a car as dealers will discount $5,000 off earlier prices, but i am really not sure if they did or not...what do you think? When I asked the salesman what my car's invoice price is, he could not tell how do i know what i paid over invoice?? I was not sure if I did well until i saw your email...thanks.
  • Hi, I actually ended up paying $45,500 + tx, lic...
    What I found is that it's less the dealer and more how and when you approach them. End of month is definitely good. Also when you call them, tell them : 1) you are ready to buy 2) know exactly which are you want 3) you got a deal from another dealer for $xx,xxx. Keep calling the dealers until you get the price you are comfortable with. The GX470 had invoice of $45,294 so I guess the dealer only made about $200. Prestige Lexus was willing to do $45,500, but I could have also gotten the same deal at Ray Catena Lexus. It looked like these are were really open to making deals. Good luck.
  • griz77griz77 Posts: 2
    Just bought one for $43k+tax 3rd row, spoiler, trailer hitch & receiver, cargo mats, rear net, wheel locks & lojack.

    I do notice a very subtle vibration between 55-60 mph, has anyone had this if so what fixed the problem?
  • griz77griz77 Posts: 2
    Just bought one for $43k+tax 3rd row, spoiler, trailer hitch & receiver, cargo mats, rear net, wheel locks & lojack.

    I do notice a very subtle vibration between 55-60 mph, has anyone had this if so what fixed the problem?
  • jim10jim10 Posts: 6
    Just leased one from Lexus of Ann Arbor.

    Invoice $52,300
    Paid $47,100

    Has everything except KDSS and rear seat entertainment

    Good deals ending today... at least that is what they want me to think.

    They dealt fairly with me.

  • sychansychan Posts: 12
    Grizz77, your price of $43k+tax is very good. Mind sharing which dealer/state you got this nice deal from. Thanks.

    Also, you may want to check on the vibration situation ASAP - many other owners have had this problem and had to replace the driveshaft. I was hoping the models coming out now would not have this vibration. Was looking to purchase now, but this is making me want to wait for a couple months until the '05 models come out.
  • I am very interested in a loaded GX or LX ... could you please email the contacts at each of the above mentioned dealers.. Ray Catena & Prestige... I will contact them tonight... could have a new car tomorrow!!! Thanks for your help!
  • You price sounds very very good, does it include navigation system? I paid $46,350 just this past weekend with similar options. I wonder if the $3,350 diff is the navigation system with the reverse backup screen viewing.

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