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Acura TSX vs Acura TL

fserve55fserve55 Posts: 17
edited September 2015 in Acura
I have between 25 and 35K to get rid of. I am very value oriented and want a trouble free ownership. Wait for the new TL and order at MSRP or get the new TSX now at MSRP (for the most part). Any ideas or thoughts about either the TSX or any older version 00', 01', 02', 03' TL's??

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  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    I have a TSX and love it. It is hardly "anemic", doing 0-60 in a little less than 8 seconds. Nor is it related to the Integra in anyway.

    If I were you, I'd probably hold off a month and look at the TL. If you have the extra money, and don't mind a slightly larger car, go for the TL. The TSX is smaller and less powerful, but handles great and is another nice option.

    The Accord is a better buy than either the TSX or the TL (IMO). But, it the sedan is kind of wonky looking and it won't handle nearly as well as the TSX.

    The TSX, TL, and Accord are all fine choices. The Accord for bang for the buck, the TL for the most power and gadgets, and the TSX for a smaller tight handling car.
  • Get the TSX loaded, its a blast to drive and the TL will be fun, but up to 10 g's more. Spend the extra $ on something else.
  • thats what i'm thinking! I was also considering doing the same with the Accord V6 EX though. Save the money from the TSX and get the EX V6. Spend that money on something else as well......haha....i'm indecisive. oh well. maybe i'll bag everything and procrastinate for another few months.....gosh i hope i dont' do that!
  • Unless $$ are tight then go with the v-6 240 hp Accord. The TSX is an anemic Intregra 4-door replacement with Acura luxury, nothing les nothing more. In other words performance was a secondary consideration.
  • If money was tight we wouldn't be having this conversation. If you need transportation buy the Accord, if you want a driving experience buy the TL.
  • Have you driven the 6 speed TSX? Not anemic at all in my opinion. Feels faster to me than my 99 Accord EX V-6. Also, the Integra was built off the civic platform while the TSX is built off the JDM Accord platform. No relationship at all.
  • I was at Acura dealer the past weekend, the TSX at least cost you $26.5K plus tax and other fees, it will run $28K OTD easily. I just don't see why spending that much $$$ for a 4 cylinder car. If you have the money, wait for the 2004 TL comes out.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    How can you complain about $28K OTD for a TSX when folks are dropping up to $10K more for a 4 cylinder Mercedes, Audi, or Saab?
  • I agree about the $$ and the 4 banger...i re-drove the TSX tonite, after everything...i think i'm waiting for the TL. TL is going to be about 5 grand more...(i want the NAVI)...i think it will be worth it....thanx!
  • Estimated pricing 2004 TL with Nav $35,500
    MSRP of TSX with Nav $28,990

    Assuming you can get $500 of TSX MSRP you have a $7k difference
  • but that is easy for me to say, having purchased the TSX. For that 7k, you can a much more poweful, fully featured vehicle.
  • guessing the TL with Nav and dealer add ons will run closer to 37 than 35. If money is no serious consideration, wait and buy the TL. Otherwise get the TSX.
  • The prices have not yet been released. Most sources are claiming that the TL prices will be close to the TL-S last year. That might make the TL-Nav more like $34,000 to $35,000 than $37,000.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    For the money, its the best deal.. about $25,500 plus tax right now.


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  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I'd rather own and drive a TSX. Come to think of it, I also prefer the TSX over the '04 TL.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    If price is taken into consideration? Surely you wouldn't take the TSX straight-up over the '04 TL?
  • in my opinion, and I own a TSX. For five to six grand more, you get a lot more car. I think it is worth the extra money.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    If price isn't a factor, I'd take the TL, sell it, buy a TSX, and pocket the difference. I bought the TSX because it is a nimble, fun, sport sedan with an even measure of luxury and performance. The TL is simply not what I want in a car.

    I liken it to someone giving me free box seat tickets to see John Tesh in concert...thanks, but no thanks.
  • I'd take the TSX over the TL straight up - in fact, that's what we did - sell my wife's TL (2000) and replace with TSX.

    (disclosure - haven't driven the 04 yet, but neither have y' this is all heresay)

    I fully understand that the 04 TL is a new animal (from the y2k one), but the TL's mission is different - it's an entry luxury sedan with a touch of sport, while the TSX is a sporting sedan with some luxury accoutrements. Our TL was a great touring sedan, comfy on the highway, but didn't handle nearly as well as the TSX. I also prefer the small size of TSX, and I'm 6-5, 205lb (I was amazed when I discovered that I could fit under the sunroof comfortably - better than the TL).


  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    TL will probably have the same transmission that has been failing in the current generation TLs. I hope they fixed it as some people want to believe, but what if they didn't? And now all the TLs will have more horsepower than the current TL-S. I hope that tranny can handle it.
  • Talk about paranoia, I mean some people still think that Honda Motor Company will just ignore a known problem, and extend that problem to a brand new design. What do you think, they are suicidal in this highly competitive business. Give me a break. Again there is no perfect car out there, and probably never will be. All models will have lemons in them (you will hear most about), its unfortunate but will happen (to better understand talk to a statistician). It could be me, but what do you do, go out and hand craft a car for myself.
  • I completely agree. Whatever the problem was with the AT in the old TL, it will almost certainly be completely resolved in the new vehicle.

    BTW, tranny problems affected approximately 2% of Acura TL drivers, according to the auto editors at Consumer Reports. That problem was nowhere near as widespread as some people seem to assume.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I think it was more like 2% of TL & CL & Accords, which makes for quite a number of frustrated owners.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The new TL really isn't that much bigger than the TSX. Only about 3" longer, and a couple of inches wider.
  • The Tranny problem was on the CL and TL. I think Honda had an extended waranty for the Tranny on the Prelude as well, but I don't remember what the issues were.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    "What do you think, they are suicidal in this highly competitive business"

    judging by how they addressed the current TL's tranny issue, they are.
  • Gotcha - I should have said smallER. I was trying to get at the different foci of the two cars - TSX to me feels a good bit smaller than TL, even if the quantitative difference isn't much.

    Admittedly, the new manual on TL could help make that car feel sportier. One of the things I hated about the TL was the auto trans with no engine braking [without manually downshifting].

  • jebinc1jebinc1 Posts: 198
    I have driven them all. They are all great cars. Drive 'em all yourself, look into your wallet, make a decision, negotiate your deal, and most of all, have fun. You can go wrong with any of them.

    PS. Resale value on the '03 TL might be a problem if you intended to sell in in a couple/few years. The Navi screen is smallest in the TL and Largest in the TSX (graphics look stretched IMHO) and the EX V6 has an 8" screen. Good luck.
  • Are you leasing your TL or financing?
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