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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair



  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "I drove off the didn't work properly... turns out it was then we took it back...they replaced the defective radio...but they failed to attach the wires to the steering wheel so I can adjust stations/volume from the wheel. Had to go back again."

    OK- Did you check everything BEFORE YOU DROVE OFF THE LOT? And the second trip was caused by HUMAN ERROR nothing wrong with the car.

    "The alarm had installed...went haywire after a would go off every 10 minutes (I thought our neighbors were going to kill us after about an hour)...they replaced a defective alarm."

    This was a aftermarket alarm installed by the dealer. How can you blame Toyota?

    "Our dome light in the trunk also broken when we bought it...they had to replace that as well."

    Again- when I buy a new or used car-I do not drive it off the lot until everything meets my expectations.

    "So to top it all master cylinder was replaced."

    This goes back to my original post-even in a new car you can get a "new defective part". You probably could not have spotted this in your pre-delivery inspection YOU SHOULD HAVE PERFORMED.

    I am sorry about your frustrations.
  • yes we checked everything before we left the lot....we informed them of the dome light...which they would have to fix on a different day....the radio WORKED....but later the buttons controlling the mode & preset functions didn't work. so it's not like we didn't check it...there are some things you don't expect from a new vehicle. perhaps you're a seasoned veteran...but there are some of us out there that go to a good dealership because...because as you can see...i don't know that much about cars...i'm paying a reputable dealer to make sure i don't run into these minor & major problems. i accept human error...but i don't accept human error when i bring my car in about a problem with my car...and they tell me they simply "couldn't duplicate the problem" and let me drive off...only to have 2 weeks later the car break down on me. if that's human error.....then all i have to say is...i won't accept human error to waste my time and jeopardize my life. so I DID SPOT THINGS IN MY PRE-_DELIVERY INSPECTION!!!! there were hidden problems we couldn't have spotted that came up.
  • Im having a problem with my '92 runnner. After driving sever miles, when i slow down i hear a clicking noise comeing from my front end. I also have a feeling that my front diferential is not properly engaging. Can anyone tell me what is going on?
  • Thanks Biglatka for the tips.
    That's my next step, bring to a different shop to check for leak.

  • Hi there,
    Had the same problem with my 87 Supra. The radiator itself was the problem. The tubes had become clogged over time, due to some minerals in the water that had plated out into the system. The radiator needs to be disassembled and cleaned by a pro. They run a thin rod through the tubes with a cleaner and clean out the deposits. You're just not getting enough flow through the radiator to cool the engine. I went through the same process, fan clutch, thermostat, etc...but finally found the problem.
    Good luck.
  • The starter in my mom's 1995 4runner has gone out...the mechanic said it would take longer than expected to fix it, because he has to take the engine out to replace it. I have never heard of anyone having to remove an engine to replace a bad it just me or is she getting screwed?? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • Can the fog lights be adjusted on a 2005?
    I prev. owned a 2000 and I was able to adjust them up and out a bit.
    The setup on the 2005, at least to my eyeball, looks like the assembly just clips into the housing slots...I didn't see any adjustment screw(s) like the 2000 had.
  • aurnaurn Posts: 1
    hey, do you have a 2005 4runner? I cant stand the steering wheel shaking when it gets to about 58 mph...its pretty bad but the dealership says nothing is wrong even after they r/b wheels,etc. Did u find out what's wrong? 2005/2wd/sport/V6
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    or out of round issue. Take the truck to a tire shop with a hunter balance machine.
  • Hello there (bmello00)
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I believe it’s more likely the problem. Because it’s not overheating when the weather is cool and some parts of the radiator are clogged, it’s less room for the water to cool or just enough room to cool on the cool weather.
    I am going to take the car to a different shop and ask for a 2nd opinion. Might as well have the radiator poke.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    My father is expericing the same problem during light braking to moderate braking, driving in reverse and using the brakes. His 4runner is a 1995 1/2.(the mid year renewal) The dealer sent a paper offering a recall for the 3rd time :mad: 1 After the first recall, it was ok for about a month but it became worse. Does yours sound like a loud thudding sound more like the entire vehicle shakes (not the brake pads or tires, all have been replaced)? Does anyone have any solutions?
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    It happed 2wice in our 19951/2 th 1st time was on the fl turnpike. we turned off the a.c.and turned it back on. no spray. we just went on as if it was a fluke. the second time was a month later when we were going to lunch on a hot 95º day we just canceld all plans and rushed to the toyota dealer and a block b4 the turn in it suddenly stopped :surprise: besides that, the service department was closed. Has ne1 else experienced this or heard of this?

    ps we suspect this as coolent but the a.c. is frigid cold and we've never experenced anything like this. no one was harmed. :D
  • ng199ng199 Posts: 2
    I recently got a used 1999 Toyota 4 Runner and I am having trouble with my radiator. The meter on the dashboard keeps rising up to "H" when I get stuck in traffic, but its fine when there is normal flow of traffic. It happens regardless of whether or not the A/C is on. I can't figure out whats causing it. i replaced the thermostat and bled the system but the meter is still rising. I have checked for leakage but couldn't find any. I had a friend check it out and he couldn't find anything wrong. Can anyone else tell me what I can do?
  • Anyone know if the 2001 V6 has a bleed bolt for coolant flushing/refill ? If so where is it ?
  • There has been plenty of discussion on this topic. Do a search on Iwangs04 posts. You can get an idea what has been been tried. Maybe he'll post when he gets it solved.
  • hey Autobiy16. I found out what the problem is. Its actually a valve in the REAR of the truck. the valve is for the brakes. I forgot what the name of the valve is called, but when one wheel is sliping is sends braking to the other one? something or another like that. Its only really needed if you are in to rock climbing. I for one am not. The part is about $100- $200 and the labor is about the same due to the bleading procedure. I wonder if it is posible to just do away with the valve entirely.

    If anyone has any info on the possibilities of this please tell me. thankyou
  • :( Did you ever hear anything back on your question? I just bought an 05 4WD Limited and have started to notice persistent resonance in the steering wheel.
  • Hi ng199,
    Look like we're in the same boat here Budd. I was told by the Toyota dealer that mine has a head gasket problem but my car has not been overheating last few weeks 'cause the weather is so cool. It's very strange.
    Anyhow, my car is at the shop now, as we speak, to have the head gsket check and will go from there.

    good luck w/ yours
  • I know this is old, but we just bought a 2003 4Runner LTD. It had 32k miles on it. I noticed the gasket around the sunroof buckling at the corners and the rubber strips coming up from the windshield up along side the sunroof doing teh same. I took it in and they replaced the 2 strips and they DID have to replace the glass to cure the sunroof rubber problem. I suggest that if it is under warranty, get those replaced ASAP! :-)

    Also, is the rear hatch supposed to open on its own when unlatched? Or do you lift it like any other? Also read some mention about the hatch closing on its own if not closed all the way? Just trying to understand how the hatch is supposed to operate.

    Thanks in advance!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Check the manual. I believe it describes this.

    No, the rear hatch does not open on its own. When you open the hatch, you have to physically pull it up until the gas struts take over. When you close the hatch, you have to close it enough for the latch to engage. Then an electric motor engages and pulls the hatch tightly against the truck. You'll hear it and feel the hatch move slightly.
  • Find another mechanic. I believe the '95 model year is the same as the ''90 and I have replaced the starter myself in the driveway and also had it done 5 years later at Toyota. (another story as to why it went to a dealer). To replace the starter jack up the right front, put on jack stand and remove the front tire. There is an access panel you will need to remove to get access to the starter. The only tricky part is the upper bolt. You need about a 24 inch extension on your socket wrench to reach it as you need to go into it from the front. I don't remember but you may also need to drop the front skid pan.
  • Have a similar problem with a 1990 4-runner. It will start the first time in the day but after you turn it off and then go to restart after 15 to 20 min it won't turn over. I'll wait for a few minutes try again and it will start. The starter was insatlled by the dealer a little over a year ago, I've checked the connections and the battery and all looks good.
  • About every 15 min my speedometer starts making a loud noise and the needle jumps up about 30 MPH higher than actual speed. Also the cruise works very erratic. Is there something I should lube or replace? Thanks Kirk
  • Had that problem from a bad battery once, would not start when hot but let it cool down and BINGO it would turn over and start.
  • Try greasing your speedometer cable shaft. Pull it out of it's sheathing, either from the transmission end or where it goes into the back of the speedometer..
  • Thanks, will try, does the dash have to come apart or can I get the cable out from behind the speedometer.
  • I've never had to do it on a 4Runner. On one car I did it to, I was able to snake my hand in back of the speedometer and unscrew the cable housing then pull out the shaft. On another, I got to the shaft by getting it out the end that went into the transmission (probably the best and easiest method). In either case, you grease the shaft and push it back into the housing. I'm not sure what grease I used, probably lubriplate(sp?) or something like it. Ask in an auto parts store or a Toyota dealer. Hope this helps. It cured my speedometer needle jumping around.
    Good luck
  • ng199ng199 Posts: 2
    Let me know how it goes!

  • Folks,

    I have a 2004 V6 4wd 4Runner that eats front brakes. The originals were down to the metal at 14k. I then had premium pads installed and the rotors turned and they lasted 11k. Toyota only covers brakes for 10k and they are calling this normal wear. I haven't towed anything yet and the wife drives it mostly to run the kids around but 11k? That can't be normal. My friend has the 2003 model and still hasn't had to do brakes at 38k, which is what I would expect. Anyone else seen this issue? Please point me to the right discussion group if this isn't it. Thanx.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I've got a 2003 V8 4WD 4Runner with about 40,000 miles. I'm still on my original brake pads. Dealer says they're at 50%.

    Does your wife ride the brakes (i.e., left foot brake while right foot on accelerator)?
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