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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • tcapr01tcapr01 Posts: 2
    Great response, I had mine around 130mph on the highway with plenty of room left-bravo for driving this car as it should be driven.. Let me know the top end if you would.
  • bakeroidbakeroid Posts: 39

    At least there will be two in the US (Hope they're not the same one. Mine was ordered in early Mar.) . Am getting the Ivory interior with the Nav system, laser cruise, stability control, and floor/trunk mats. Hopefully also color keyed mud flaps but my dealer is handling that.

    Hopefully someone will post a picture. The color swatch on the Toyota website is useless.

    Jim Baker
  • bakeroidbakeroid Posts: 39
    Thank you for the encouragement. Am interested in the striping. Were they OEM or after-market? Which color looked best?
  • dcalliesdcallies Posts: 33
    I think the black little box is the re-coil for the rear seat belts. If you look closer, there are three of them that match the location of the seat belts.

    I don't know what the L-shaped thing is but I'm hanging my jumper cables on it. Keeps things off the trunk floor.

    You may be right about them being part of the reclining seats but it still makes a great hanger...

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    mexcar, I just pulled an invoice on an XL to see if the JBL system is listed, It is not, the standard system is the am/fm/cd cassette combo with 9 speakers. The optional system adds the in dash 6 cd changer. I would venture to say it's probably made by JBL since the stereo systems in all trim levels of the Avalon share the same faceplate. Usually the stereo that Toyota uses in their vehicles are made by Fujitsu Ten unless they are equipped with JBL or Pioneer systems.
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    Bear with me as I try again to post this photo, hosted on my personal account with SBC/Yahoo.

    Attached photo shows underside of upper trunk area, right side. What is the L-shaped black thing? There is a matching one on the left side. Also, what is the big black box? My 2000 Avalon has the same big black box, but not the 2 L-shaped things.

    I have a Limited. Does this thing exist on the other models?


  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I have the Cassis Pearl. It's gorgeous. Sparkles brilliantly in the sunlight. If I knew how to post a picture I would, but I don't know how. I love it - until I put it up next to a black car then I kind of wish I had bought black. But I had a 2000 black Avalon and my husband and son thought I should get another color. It is very pretty, though, and I am about to get the gold package put on it. I had a 98 that color with gold pkg and it looked very nice. Gold package is aftermarket - Toyota doesn't have it yet. You'll love the color, though, unless you are hung up on black like I am.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    The shifting of gears and revving of engine annoy me after having such a quiet engine and smooth shifting in my old Avalon. I guess it is the drive by wire throttle and we'll just have to live with it. My son said it made it sound more sporty - but I don't like that kind of sportiness. I don't like feeling and hearing every time it shifts gears - makes me think I'm driving a manuel transmission vehicle!
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    I have the same tiny faint (very faint) squeak coming from the area where the base of the windshield and the dashboard meet. I live in Rockville, Maryland, and bought the car in early April, and the temps have been fluctuating 20-30 degrees recently (30's-40's in the AM and 60's-70's in teh PM).

    Though it may be temperature related, it'll get worse over time as time and temp fluctuations and vehicle flex do their work, unless the source of the squeak is found and fixed - unlikely. I'd never let mechanics open up the dash to merely fix a tiny squeak and open up a new can of worms (more possible squeaks) should the dash not be screwed together as well as when done by the factory.

  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    Hi Int...Now I remember that you got the Cassis Pearl too! That makes 3 of us. Is gold pin striping included in the gold package you are getting?

    Cafpaf...Which pin striping looked best to you?
  • pricecutterpricecutter Posts: 49
    Thanks, fin, very much. Being a non-mechanical type, I appreciate your lucid explanation. Makes good sense that that more gears result in more shifiting.
    Looks like havalongavalon can scratch this "problem" from his list.

    Best wishes,

  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I don't know about this wire throttle stuff, but I can absolutely tell you I don't hear any shifting of gears on my XLS, I don't even know the car is shifting, it's so quiet. So maybe you ought to bring it in and have it checked. The only time I hear my engine is when I stomp down on the accelerator for the fun of it and hear that Beautiful soft controlled whine that sounds like quality pushing all the rods and firing all the cylinders like a putty cat.
  • jcu1963jcu1963 Posts: 22
    I have received a quote from a dealer via the internet on an '05 Limited that includes XM Satellite radio. The price quoted by him for the vehicle is more than fair, but he has indicated that the satellite radio price "includes the satellite ready receiver, but not the special antenna or the the monthly service fee."

    I am wondering if others who have purchased the satellite radio have encountered anything like this.


  • pricecutterpricecutter Posts: 49
    Hi Havalongavalon,

    As you can see, some of us experience hesitation; others do not (see recent responses by Fin Several explanations have been given--throttle wire and more speeds/shifting than in previous Avalons.

    Probably a good topic to include since, like other problems, some experience them, others don't.

    I appreciate your good work and timely responses.

  • pricecutterpricecutter Posts: 49
    I am interested in how people handle parking the 2005 Ltd in Parking Facilities and Valet Parking. I have seen only one explanation: tell the guy who parks your car how to use the Start Button. Is this the only solution?

  • Hi Pricecutter,

    I agree that opinions have differed on whether or not the transmission shifts smoothly. There may be various reasons for this:

    1. some drivers are less aware or less sensitive to the sound of shifting gears;
    2. some drivers may be aware of shifting gears, but don't mind it or even prefer it;
    3. some cars shift smoothly, but other cars don't.

    I think we should add this item to the list to cover some reported incidents of the 3rd type.

    There appear to be some vehicles that at least sometimes, for some conditions, may shift less smoothly than we think they should (shift when not needed, or skip a speed) or shift at inappropriate times (too early or too late).

    I believe we had two reports of the following type: after having just driven down a hill and reducing speed to nearly stop at the bottom, an inappropriate gear is sometimes engaged for starting uphill with the intended acceleration; and in making a correction the engine may surge at higher than expected RPM.


    What is normal shifting behavior and what is not?

    In case of an abnormal shifting behavior, is it dangerous? Fixable?

    Answers welcome!

  • barclay3barclay3 Posts: 90
    Pricecutter...Forget about valet parking in Atlantic City casinos. They lost my key once. I saw a blizzard white Avalon about 3 weeks ago (1st and only new Avalon I have seen on the road). Was that you on a residential street in Southampton (near LA Fitness)?
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    Mine already had a gold pin stripe when I bought it. The gold pkg includes front Toyota Emblem, back emblem and the words Limited and Toyota plus the wheel emblems. I still have the gold license plate frames from my 2000 Avalon. I am kind of scared to get it. I am waiting until May 18 hoping I will see it on another one.
  • yurikyurik Posts: 18
    Thanks havalongavalon for this useful website on parking sensors. They sell grey sensor for my Phantom Grey. I wonder what made you select AW-20E0 opposed to other models. Does it have LED indicator? Number 0 in the end means there is no spacer.What did they mean by spacer ? They also have stick on sensors. Did anyone hear if they are reliable?
  • Do a search for the word "blasphemy" (without the quotes). I believe this will take you to the posts to which you are referring. Unfortunately, no way to hide the "I Agree" screen was stated. I certainly would like to know also.
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119

    You should be very careful about this quote. A receiver without the antenna makes absolutely no sense. The Toyota XM radio kit includes the receiver, the antenna and a substantial wiring harness. Obviously it will not function without the antenna.

    Some people have gotten as much as 1-year free XM service, but at what price for the XM hardware I'm not sure. I bought the Toyota XM kit, and had it installed by a stereo shop with considerable experience in that stuff, at a total cost of around $500 for kit plus installation. I got no free XM service. I did have the stereo shop install a smaller XM antenna (not the Toyota one), mounted inside the car under the windshield near the front defroster vents. The standard Toyota installation includes a large black antenna mounted externally on the trunk lid, which many feel is rather ugly.

    If you search for XM on this forum, you can review what others have done. The owner of the stereo shop told me that by this time next year, the electronics manufacturers will come out with generic XM tuners that can be used in virtually all cars, and interface with their head units, for around $100. He thought that XM radio would subsidize the installation, and provide incentives to sign up. That's just his opinion, I have no inside knowledge.

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I think you guys are talking about the hooks that are used for the cargo net. I looked in the trunk of one XLS in the showroom and that's the only "L" shaped things I saw.
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Posts: 134
    Great Info! Looking forward to your results.
  • avalonbobavalonbob Posts: 35
    after having just driven down a hill and reducing speed to nearly stop at the bottom, an inappropriate gear is sometimes engaged for starting uphill with the intended acceleration; and in making a correction the engine may surge at higher than expected RPM.

    I have an XLS with around 2200 miles on it. I had noticed this in the past and I almost asked about it on this forum at one time. The bottom of my street has a slight downhill grade and then ends at a "T" with another street that is flat (no stop sign at this intersection). I end up braking to a very slow speed and, if no cars are coming, I take my foot off the brake and press the gas pedal as I make a right turn at this intersection. Bear in mind that I barely press the pedal since there is a stop sign about 200 feet from this intersection and I have to stop there anyway. When I press the pedal making this turn, I notice that the transmission sometimes drops to too low of a gear for a second and there is a slight surge and then it shifts to the proper gear. I used to notice this every time I made that turn but now I really don't notice it anymore so I guess one of the following is true:

    a) The car has adjusted to me
    b) I have adjusted to the car
    c) I have the stereo too loud to really notice anymore :)

    I haven't really noticed any other shifting "issues" and, like I said, I really don't notice this anymore. Overall the shifts are extremely smooth.

    Overall, I couldn't be happier with the car!

  • yurik, you are welcome. I actually learned about this source from a post by johni; johni selected the same sensors for a titanium Avalon, I followed his lead. Neither of us got the LED indicator, just the buzzer. The LED is just $10 more I believe, but it is more of a problem to mount with concealed wiring, and gives redundant information.

    We chose "no spacer" sensors that are mounted on a region of the bumper that is vertical (about 20" above the ground). Spacers come with different angles and would be needed for mounting sensors on bumpers with different slopes from vertical, because the sensor surface has to be vertical.

    The sensors we have are embedded, flush with the bumper, and the wiring is not visible. This requires drilling a hole through the bumper with a drill that is provided in a kit.

    Stick-on sensors are just what the name implies, may be easier to mount (no drilling) but the wiring will show, and frankly I think that they would look tacky on the Avalon. It is easy to drill holes and mount sensors in the Avalon bumper. You just have to be careful to accurately mark the spots where to drill, so the four sensors are symmetric and at the same level.

    Best wishes,

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    This subject was covered extensively in several prior posts by myself and *3puttmax*. It is not necessary to actually drive the car to determine a real world top speed.

    Working with two different approachs, we reached essentially the same answer. Top speed is about 140 mph. There is not enough engine to achieve anything much past that. Maybe 142 on a good day. And you will find whatever the top speed is in gear IV, not gear V.

    Because of the liability factor, you must assume Toyota would never market a car that could exceed the speed rating of the tires that come on it when new. The V rated tires should not exceed 149 mph. That is the limit, with a safety margin, just in case somebody tries the max going down a Colorado ski slope. There appears to be no rev/speed limiter either, so the max is really possible.

    Drive safely, enjoy the 2005 Avalon...........
  • avalonbob, I'm glad to hear you confirm the finding that "the transmission sometimes drops to too low of a gear for a second and there is a slight surge and then it shifts to the proper gear." A great way to describe what I have noticed, as well.

    Of the 3 choices you mentioned, both a) and b) are likely to be true. Avalon is supposed to "read" your driving patterns and adjust accordingly, and so will you. About c), the volume of your stereo, I suggest that if the digital readout on the screen shows a volume setting of 50 or higher, your can be sure to be right about that one, too! :)

    I share your general pleasure with this car, of course.

  • ryandseryandse Posts: 51
    It is easy to drill holes and mount sensors in the Avalon bumper.

    Would this void any warranty on the car?

    Frankily, the idea of drilling holes into a $40k investment (yeah, I'm looking at a fully loaded Limited) just gives me stomach pains. Granted, it might be silly for me to feel this way, given I wouldn't have the same problem if we were talking about a house. :confuse:

    Well, since I also don't like the idea of having wires hanging out the back, I guess my only recourse would be to just be careful when backing up :)
  • So we now have several reports of (faint?) squeaks coming from the front of the dash. Some were localized to the right side, some to the left, I believe.

    A couple of weeks ago, I heard for a few days a noise that seemed to come from the rear-left of the cabin and sounded like a bird chirp -- 3 or 4 chirps in a row, lasting 1 or 2 seconds, every once in a while. I think these noises happened after going over speed bumps, sometimes. Haven't heard this again for some days now. (No bird droppings found anywhere inside the car, fortunately! ;) ).

    Does anybody know -- with all the air bags that are packed up and tucked inside cavities around the cabin, could this be a potential source of rattles or squeaks or other noises?

  • ryandse, both the sensor system and the method of installation are essentially identical to what the Toyota dealer routinely installs in Siennas and their business manager offered to install in my Avalon when I picked it up. The only difference was the price -- 3.5x higher if they had done it. And, I trust my eyes at placing the holes accurately, more than I might trust theirs!

    There are no visible wires anywhere on the outside of the car, they run inside the bumper and into the trunk, and inside the trunk the wires are concealed behind the liners, where they meet the rest of the car wiring. Actually the external look is very classy. Have a good look at the rear bumpers of expensive late-model cars as you drive around tomorrow and you will start to notice these dime-sized little sensors. At least they seem to be quite popular in my area.

    Anyway, I'm starting to sound like a infommercial...

    Best wishes,

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