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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    Again here's photo of chromed Limited wheel. Trying now.

    The preview works, but that may not mean anything.


  • Congrats, 3puttmax -- you'v donnit!

    Really nice looking wheels, too!

  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    You did it, beautiful job. Thanks for sharing.
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    Now that I've got photos working, let me show you a couple of things unique about my Limited. The chrome wheels were shown in post 5275.

    The photos below show the WeatherTech trunk cargo liner, purchased from MacNeil Auto Products ($122 with shipping), and the Terk XMICRO small XM antenna. The Terk XMICRO is located inside the car, just under the windshield, at the right end of the defroster vents. The quarter on the dash shows the antenna's size. This has been discussed in earlier posts (4682 & 4718 among others).



  • tunintunin Posts: 5
    I used them to stand up small suit cases instead of laying them down. I don't know if thats what there for.
  • chipmunk47chipmunk47 Posts: 39
    I noticed them after reading about them in the Forum. I have no idea what they are for either.
    I also noticed that NONE of the Toyota dealer ads in the newspapers advertise Avalons. I have only seen 4 others since I got mine on April 25. :)
  • Oh MAN!

    Now I'm drooling again after THAT description. I know the system is good after that test drive, but I didn't try the whole volume range figuring the poor sales guy would flip!

    BTW, those who need two 36" woofers in their trunk just need to get a massage chair! It will do about the same, but save your hearing.

    You wouldn't be interested in loaning me your Avalon for a moment would you avalonbob?


  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Not only that but they also like to take the car for a spin since now they know how the smart key operates!! :blush:
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Well folks, I found out that our salesperson had it wrong. I finally got the spec sheet on the 2005 Avalon XL we've agreed to buy, and there is no JBL stereo present - only the 6-disc CD changer option, as I suspected.

    I'm posting other details about price, etc. in the Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experiences forum to stay on-topic.
  • rodc2rodc2 Posts: 26
    Thanks for the photos. Your XM antenna size, location, and unobtrusive mounting sure beats the heck out of the "approved" Toyota antenna and mounting location. You convinced me that this is the best way to go.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I'm not much of a chrome wheel fan but these look great! Can we see a picture of the whole car with them?
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    I'm not much of a chrome wheel fan but these look great! Can we see a picture of the whole car with them?

    Ask and ye shall receive.


  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Beautiful car, Max!
  • ryandseryandse Posts: 51
    just me:

    I have to agree this is a very striking comparison. But, let's face it: the GS 430 is a sports car and the Avalon, as agile as it is: is not. As I have seen both in person, this is quite clear. So, while this is a valid comparison: a more meaningful comparison would be between the Avalon 2005 Limited and the LS 430 (Lexus' flagship sedan).

    Now, it turns out that the LS does have quite a few perks that the Avalon Limited doesn't have. That being said I recommend doing a comparison check on the two, because I found that the Avalon Limited won in a number of categories (including dimensions, MPG, and weight).

    Whether the Avalon gives the LS a run for its money is debatable, but the fact that Avalon and LS are as comparable as they are, speaks volumes of how much the Avalon Limited is a true luxury automobile. Frankly, I find it pretty funny that Toyota has managed to build a car so good that it leap-frogs over nearly the entire product line of their luxury division.
  • ryandseryandse Posts: 51
    Wow, that does look great. Same here ... I am not a huge fan of chrome myself. Honestly though, I will probably stick with getting the non-chrome wheels.

    By the way: I have to point out that I really do think that the Phantom Grey color is the best for the Avalon. It is just a natural fit. Of course, this is arguably in the eye of the beholder ... but, I'm definitely getting mine in this color!
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Do I understand correctly that Service Tire bought Avalon LTD wheels, chromed them, and swapped for yours? Wouldn't tie up your car that way. they do look very nice. I bought different factory wheels for my 95 Nissan when I bought it, as I didn't like the spiral effect on the originals. Cost $600, but if you keep the car long enough, as I have, upgrading the wheels, like you have done, is definitely worth it.
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Others have posted a fix for the rattling belt, but I'll repeat it.
    make sure the belt is not twisted, then adjust the anchor mounting point on the pillar next to the passenger seat to its highest point, and voilla! Problem solved.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Ok Ryandse, here is the comparison this time The Avalon Limited to the LS 2005 Lexus. Now you see a difference of about $23,000 bucks. The Avalon is still larger in the interior, and much better MPG. Some standard items with the Limited and an option for the Lexus meaning more money. So again, I will keep the $23 thousand and can still buy a Prius as a second car for that or bank it and let it earn some money. Name plate ain't for me, no show or flaunting, yet same reliability from the same Toyota company, and as I said you can keep the V8, you can legally only go so fast, and who needs the extra 300 lbs to carry around. Cost more to maintain in the service department. So once again we have a great car and and I believe a better deal money wise. Thanks Ryandse.
    MSRP Avalon-$33,540 Lexus-$56,225

    Driver Seat Heated Avalon-Standard Lexus-Optional
    Driver Seat Ventilated Avalon-Standard Lexus-Not Available
    Passenger Seat Heated Avalon-Standard Lexus-Optional
    Passenger Seat Ventilated Avalon-Standard Lexus-Not Available

    Cargo Nets- Avalon-Standard Lexus-Optional
    Total Number of Speakers Avalon-12 Lexus- 7
    Watts Avalon-360 Lexus-178

    City Avalon-22 mpg. Lexus-18 mpg.
    Highway Avalon-31 mpg. Lexus-25 mpg.

    Range in Miles Toyota
    City Avalon-407 mi. Lexus400 mi.
    Highway Avalon-574 mi. Lexus- 555 mi.

    Front Headroom Avalon-38.8 in. Lexus-38.1 in.
    Front Shoulder Room Avalon-59.4 in. Lexus-58.3 in.
    Rear Leg Room Avalon-40.9 in. Lexus-37.6 in.

    Width Avalon- 72.8 in. Lexus-72 in.
    Weight Avalon-3600 lbs. Lexus-3990 lbs.
  • avalonbobavalonbob Posts: 35
    You can borrow my car anytime as long as you don't turn the stereo up as loud as I might damage your ears or, more importantly, my speakers. :)

    Although I do like to crank it up a little bit from time to time, the stereo sounds excellent even at low to moderate volumes. You don't have to push it very hard to get good sound and reasonable bass. You don't realize how loud the stereo is until you have other people in the car with you. I rarely turn it up above 8 or 10 when other people are in the car (63 being the max as I found out during my little demonstration) and you can still hear all of the details of the music. When I'm by myself I usually have it in the 30 to 45 range depending on the source music and my mood.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    The comparison to message 5294 is the Toyota Avalon Limited to the Lexus LS430
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    "Do I understand correctly that Service Tire bought Avalon LTD wheels, chromed them, and swapped for yours?"

    pmcb48 -

    I think they get the first set of factory rims from a customer that buys new wheels. From then on each chrome job is a swap out. In other words, I gave them my stock wheels, they gave me chromed ones. I didn't wait while my wheels were chromed.

  • mmg1mmg1 Posts: 29

    The" light grey" color is almost the same color as the" aluminum"on the dash board. When getting the Lt.Grey, the color above the wood trim is about graphite color. When getting the Graphite color,the darker color color above the wood trim on top is Charcoal. Dash always seems to be one degee darker.

    Hope that helps a little. I agonized a long time on my color choice because I wanted the darker wood trim , so I had to go Graphite to get it . Lt. grey comes with the light wood trim. Very happy with my choice.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    Hmmmmm..... Maybe I'd better shop around for the gold pkg. They are charging me $260 + tax. I do know that company does good work though. The gold on my other cars stayed shiny and bright as long as I owned the cars. It includes the wheel emblems, the Toyota emblem on the front and back and the lettering on the back- Toyota and Limited. I kept my gold license plate frames from my other car. I paid about $40 just for one frame!
  • ryandseryandse Posts: 51
    here is the comparison this time The Avalon Limited to the LS 2005 Lexus.

    Actually, I saw these numbers earlier and almost posted a comparison but then when I checked Lexus' website I saw a number items where the LS 2005 actually wins (for example, the Lexus LS has a tighter turning radius, it comes standard with VSC, and has optional adaptable suspension). That being said, I can't disagree with your analysis: I'm simply pointing out that the LS 430 is perhaps the only true challenger of the new Avalon (within the class of "full-size luxury sedans". So, Its not that clear cut of a victory on our part :)

    At any rate, It is remarkable how the Avalon is a larger car, yet it is lighter and has a much better mileage. As far as my decision making goes, aside from the price, there is one single factor that make the LS 430 completely out-of-the-question for me: The City MPG is less than 20.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Just me, for 30 minutes after you make a post you have an Edit link just to the right of the date and time in the message title. You can make whatever changes you want as long as you see that link.
  • cafpafcafpaf Posts: 65
    Has anyone had any problem with getting these things to work. I have had the car a week now and once I went into the dark garage to test them and they came on. Since then I can not get them to go on. The manual says that if the key fob is too close they may not work, but then neither should the doors unlock etc. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I don't know what it could be. I am looking for suggestions from other Limited owners. Thanks!
  • brian17brian17 Posts: 2
    I recently bought an XLS and I find it does'nt take the bumps as well as the one I drove on my test drive. I reduced the air pressure to 32PSI and it did not solve the problem. I don't know if the problem is the coil springs or the gas filled shocks. Has any one ever experienced this?
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    I know you guys love your new Avy but comparing a 35K FWD car to a 70K RWD is a bit of a stretch. Obviously the Avalon is the better car in terms of bang for the buck. But in other categories the LS will probably come on top of the Avalon. It is a bit surprising that the bigger engine in the LS with its two extra cylinder only produces 10 more Hp. But then again the LS doesn't have the latest in engine technology like dual VVTi. The Lexus does give you some exclusive stuff that just isn't available on any Avalon trim. One of those is the great Mark Levinson sound system. IMHO that great sound system alone puts the Lexy on top.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Thanks Max! Your car looks great!
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