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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • koketokoketo Posts: 8
    hello! azhu i`ll like to see some pictures if u please post some, i bout Eagle F1 GS-D3 Goodyear 225/55/17 for my ltd , a lots a hole on the street around here so i don`t want to get it to low, and what is your tire size,your car gonna look great, i think if all have wider tires the car look better! enjoy your car like i do with my! no problem so far yet.
  • my gas milage is just like yours on long trips and I average between 70 and 80
    its odd that "just me" gets that kind of miles, I go as far as saying--- prove it with a picture "just me" because I find that harrrrrd to believe.

    if you can take a picture of your car you can take a picture of the blue screen
    and the famous 34......or even 33

    But i do notice one thing though if you do alot of jack rabbit starts and you tend to speed and slow frequently the gas milage sucks and thats a fact jack.

    I hate to say it but I think that its a powerful engine but you have to drive like a slow 55 old man to get good gas milage---thats why I believe nobody is going to answer that question about what there driving habits are or even give speed statistics
    or for that matter a picture of the famous 34 or 33 :P
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    On a 300 mile trip from Rockville, MD to upper Westchester County in New York, I spent almost two hours in bumper-to-bumper 5-20mph traffic on northbound 95 that started in Columbia, MD and continued until some point north of Baltimore before speed picked up to 75-85mph for the remaining 3 hours of the trip. The entire trip was made with myself and four passengers, the AC on the whole time, and the trunk loaded to the hilt. On this trip I got 25.3 mpg - incredible considering the conditions.

    On the return trip to Rockville with the same passenger/trunk load and the AC on the whole time, I had only 20-30 min. bumper to bumper traffic (5-10 mph) with the vast majority of the rest of the trip spent at 70-80 mph, but a total of 10-15 minutes spent at 80-85 mph to manouver through a few stretches of traffic held up by ridiculously bad drivers exercising really poor judgement in camping out in the left lane on 95 doing 60-70 mph with only light to moderate traffic. I also spent about five minutes doing 90 mph when I was on lonely stretches of hwy. Overall this return trip netted me an incredibly high 28.3 mpg! If I had been alone and driving w/o the AC on, I would certainly have broken 30 mpg.

    In town, with routine traffic lights/stop signs/bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, I get between 18-20 mpg which is great. Optimal hwy speed for best mpg with or without the AC on is in the 60-65 mph range (you'll get 30 mpg every time), though maintaining such low speeds on major hwys without impeding traffic flow is difficult unless one drives during off-peak hours/days. I've found that hwy driving at 70-75 w/the AC on yields 27-29 mpg (28-30 mpg w/AC off) depending on hilliness/flatness of the terrain.

    All these trips were made with 91-93 octane gas. I've tested the accuracy of the computer mpg reading by dividing miles driven by gallons used between fill-ups on two fill-ups and found the computer to be accurate to within about 5% above or below computer readings.

    Learning to operate the gas pedal with a "featherlight touch" in accelerating up to speed from a stop, and while manouvering through traffic/going up hills improves mileage. And if people chose their hwy driving lanes more appropriately we could all get better mileage, and have less traffic too.

    Reading posts of others getting 31-34 mpg on the highway seems optimistic (are they using AC and getting that kind of mileage :confuse: ?) unless they're rarely deviating from 55-65 mph, or perhaps they're only counting the downhill portions of their trips :P .
    Deanie ;)
  • maddokemaddoke Posts: 12
    I just sold my 03 Black Avalon XLS with 28k back to the dealer I bought it at 2 1/2 yrs ago to get an 05 Avalon. I liked the bench seat with all the extra room upfront it seemed to give. Just liked the new 05 styling better. I can give you dealers name/# in St Louis if you need. Just let me know.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I only get 18-19 in stop and go around town driving, but mine is REALLY stop and go - short distances - 2 to 3 miles with red lights every block!
  • now thats more realistic of what the car Does
    the in town i would say 17-18 with air on
    60-65 without ac maybe 30, I agree but we tend to wish. :blush:
    anyway who drives with the ac off in summer days---nobody!

    but the fantasies i have been reading about 34- 33 mmmmmmmm
    take that picture of blue screen ;)

    sorry "just me" but just cannot be convince of your statements
  • topazdantopazdan Posts: 9
    Today I can answer my own question. The '05 Avalon JBL audio system has no input ports and thus is not compatable with and IPOD harness. (and no plans to change in '06) Therefore the alternatives for the IPOD are the FM modulator (analog) or the tape deck adaptor (one reason for the tape deck).
  • I'm new to this stuff, what does those 2 things mean?

    a. steering column
    b. TSB
  • 3puttmax3puttmax Posts: 119
    My mileage was 26 mpg on first tank, with lots of highway miles. Then it has been 20.3 , 19.3 and 18.9 mpg. All these have been true city driving, with lots of stoplights and very short trips, usually less than 5 miles. I've been using premium.

    I don't doubt that I can get into the high 20's under steady highway driving, but in true city driving forget about over 20 mpg.

  • I can confirm that just me's gas mileage in the mid-30's is realistic. My best so far was 6.5 liters/100 km which equals 36.1 mpg, maintained over several km of level highway driving at around 80 km/h (50 mph). I don't have a photo of the screen to prove this, but my wife saw it, too.

    Over 5,000 km driven in March-May, consisting of more than 80% city driving mostly on hilly terrain, overall fuel use (mostly 89 octane) was 13.5 liters/100 km or 17.5 mpg.

    Since the steering column weld inspection tool has not arrived yet, this past weekend our dealer loaned us the use of a demo Avalon for our 1,000 km mountain trip. We averaged 25.5 mpg with a full load, mostly at 60-70 mph. On the return ("downhill") trip we averaged 28.7 mpg. Friends who drove alongside in an expensive European SUV carrying a similar load, averaged 15.2 mpg for the exact same trip (and in much more cramped quarters).

  • y_althaniy_althani Posts: 19
    Hi bro sh5bar? joof ilprofile coz the forum rules states that I cant post it here :shades:
    I might get my Black Beauty next week inshalla :confuse: u can have a closer look at it :p ;)
    there is a light green 1 parks oppiste Bahrain islamic bank tower next to traffic light in diplomatic area in the morrining

    Yousif :D
  • jackstacker,

    a. steering column = connects the steering wheel to the mechanism that steers the front wheels

    b. TSB = technical service bulletin (manufacturer advises dealers of a potential problem, a need for repair or an upgrade).

    This is not called a "recall", there have been no reported accidents so far, but there is a clear safety concern. A weld may be missing in some of the first 4900 Avalons and if so, the steering system could suddenly snap apart without warning, and you would lose control of the car.

  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    When I had my car for only 2 weeks I drove to Miami. I varied the speed often since the car had only 300 miles on it when I started. I did not use cruise control. I used 93 gas with speeds of 55 to 80. I averaged between 30-31 throughout the trip. On the way home to Maryland, I drove more between 75 and 85 also using 93 octane gas. I did not notice any change in milage always above 30 for the highway driving. I now have 3400 miles on the car and for combinaiton driving but mostly in the suberbs, I am getting around 24 MPG. I am very pleased with this milage and it is slightly better than my 98 Avalon.
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "The windshield made a loud cracking sound (like the sound of a rock hitting your windshield). .. Suggestions?"


  • benkaybenkay Posts: 8
    Anybody ever tried this film "bra" to cover up the front-end of your Avalon? Is it really 'invisible' or does it make it look cheesy? Is it worth it? Any particular recommended products?

    I live in Midwest where bugs pretty much rule the night. The last couple nights that I drove back from work, the bugs were hitting my windshield in such enormous rate that I thought that it was raining. The front bumper had hundreds of splattered little flying insects, and it only took 15 minutes of driving. I washed my car at the gas station's touchless car wash. After $7, pretty much everything came off, but by the time I got home, I already had a big splat on my bumper and I drove less than a mile!

    Anyway, I'm concerned of my Avalon's well being. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  • thanks for the replay
    sure i would be glad to see it in person but ive already loved the white more but i may change my mind after i see urs tho :D

    i'll send my phone number or msn messenger to ur yahoo mail .

  • cafpafcafpaf Posts: 65
    Even though I am having my cassette player replaced, books on tape is exactly the reason that Toyota states for including the cassette player in the first place.
  • azhuyckazhuyck Posts: 25
    soulmaster: I purchased Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 235/45/R18. They are the exact rolling diameter of the Michelin OEM tires 215/55/R17 that were on the Avalon. The trick is to find a rim that has the correct off set.
  • soulmastersoulmaster Posts: 12
    Greetings Koketo and Azhuyck:
    I am currently running 245/40/19 with Kyowa Design wheels on my black Touring. This combination looks great and rides very smoothly. If you would like to see this set up go to me what you think.I am curious to see the factory 18" wheels?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Just had 3M Paint Protection Film installed on my 05 Blizzard Pearl - it really looks good and is hard to see - is not cheesy looking at all. Dealers are supposed to be certified by 3M before they can get the material. My dealer installed in on the complete front end and about 8" up onto the hood, as well as on the back of each of the door mirrors. Guaranteed not to fade the paint since there is no UV protection in the film which would cause fading. Go for it.
  • avalonbobavalonbob Posts: 35
    Has anyone installed this paint protection film on a black car? I was wondering if it would be more visible or if the edges would be more apparent.

    If so, let me know how it looks.

  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "Just had 3M Paint Protection Film installed on my 05 Blizzard Pearl - it really looks good and is hard to see - is not cheesy looking at all. "

    Zekemeister: Having been reared in a traditional Polish family, you don't have to justify clear plastic coverings as "not cheesy looking" to me. I grew up with clear plastic coverings over sofas, tabletops, arm chairs, whatever. To me it's haute couture. I was thinking, if it could be applied to the Av interior - what do you think - can the 3M Film can be wrapped over seats, steering wheel, console?

  • koketokoketo Posts: 8
    thanks for you post and pictures ,your car looks great ,though i have to say, i`m not too sporty like you but the same look very nice, i know you should be very happy with the power we have in the car,right?i`m scare sometimes with to many horses,jejeje, and thanks Azhuyck for replay, i have 500 miles no problem ,zero, i guess i`m lukie too. well all my friends and family are crazy about the car ,really ,Let me tell you ,the other day a i let my friend drive my car because his cousin have a CLS 500 mercedes and his drive it all the time you know,the new one,and he toldme that mine feel heviest than the mercedes and better look inside ,that he felt de mercedes like a chieper car than the avalon and this guy don`t like to talk bull... he really got impresive whith the car,image i`m very happy whith the car i told you my other car is bmw x5..... so i know a litlle bit what i`m talking about....
  • canefirecanefire Posts: 12
    hey benkay!

    We installed Clear Shield 4ml thick clear urethane film at a reputable tint firm for $350 discounted for fire fighters. It is invisible but you can see the line rumning on top of the hood when viewing from close quarters. We had it installed over the entire front end, 2/3rds up the front hood, on both sides of the front side panels (1/2 of panel) and on both side view mirrors. It is invisible on all body parts except as noted above.
    After suffering multiple front end and mirror dings on our pearl white 95 XLS and 95 SC400, we decided to invest in this protection. The touchup paint we were using was inadequate in our opinion. Our warranty is lifetime - a good bargain.

    Have fun with your Avalon!
    canefire :D
  • vicmvicm Posts: 18
    Have a Avy Ltd, no key start, when I push the start button there is a buzz then the engine kicks over. Is that sound normal? It also does it when I shut down except if my foot is off the brake. Other than loose fog lights it been a gem. Over 500 miles and no problems, 26 mpg around town, as high as 32 on the highway doing 65-70 mph. Great vehicle..
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    avalonturing05, I would not lie about such a thing. That's why I said it's even hard for me to believe and in fact I told my wife to remember this so if any of my friends don't believe me I have a witness. I have no reason to lie about such a thing. Anyway, I did forget to post the speed I was traveling at. The average for when I was in a 55 mile speed zone was 63 and when in a 70 mile zone I was at 68, so if we want to average between the two we can use 66 MPH, although most of the second part of the fill up was done from MD to NJ, so closer to 63 would be more accurate. I kept my A/C on the lowest blower set at 72. I slowly accelerated and no fast stops, I let the cars fly by me like never before. The 34.3 MPG was reached going downhill in MD, it happened about 3 times than would fall back to 34.2 and eventually settle anywhere between 33.6 to 33.9, but it seemed like for long periods it was at 33.8. WHAT BLOWS ME AWAY IS THAT THIS MPG IS BASED ON THE SECOND FILL UP OF 89 OCTANE FROM BP, NOT THE 93 OCTANE. Also I forgot to mention, usually when I fill up the blue screen shows something like 355 miles, but this time I noticed on the second refill the blue screen showed 375 miles, the first time I noticed that 20 mile difference. Like Deann, when checking the miles to gas the computer does seem accurate. Anyway, believe what you want, I just stated the facts as I saw them on the blue screen.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    dcallies, see my post 6467
  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    my Limited makes the same noise just before you start it and stop it after pushing the button. when i had it in for service, it did not do it (just like when you go to the doctor the pain has gone away). has any other Limited owners experienced this buzz and what could it be. I have been told it is the anti-lock brakes adjusting, the fuel pump????????or computer, but still do not have a good answer. Any thoughts out there?
  • rewoprewop Posts: 35
    vicm writes: Have a Avy Ltd, no key start, when I push the start button there is a buzz then the engine kicks over. Is that sound normal? It also does it when I shut down except if my foot is off the brake.

    It's the steering wheel lock being turned off and then set upon start-up and shut-down. This is covered in the manual.

  • Anybody out there heard of a fix on the new Avalons concerning the problem of not being able to read the odometer during normal daylight because of dim lighting?? This happens even with the lighting control fully clockwise.
    If you have this problem, please E-Mail Toyota.
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