Cadillac CTS Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Share your CTS purchase experience here.


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    I believe this question could be answered in the "regular " CTS forum . Wouldnt to many forums get messy and cause redundancy ?
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    Heh, well, there are lots of folks who want to share and read about the specific purchase experience and the price paid for any given model so we felt like those conversations deserve their own venues.

    We have recently introduced a What Did You Pay? board to host discussions focused on that subject. Those discussions are also linked to the other relevant boards to make them easy to find.

    Everyone should feel free to contribute what you paid for your CTS and how the buying experience developed for you, if you'd like to do so.

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    I am in the market for a 2004 CTS and planning to take advantage of the $1,500 Offer* for non-GM owners.
    But apart from that, what would be a good price?
    Any good/bad experiences with Moore / Coleman / Lindsay / Capitol / other dealers in this area? Do they offer the 24 hours test drive with a 2004 CTS?
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    Did anybody get it close to invoice price?
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    I'm interested in this as well. Also, if you could please indicate if incentives were involved, specials/rebates, etc. - Thanks
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    Yes, we got our 04 CTS at a little below invoice and also got the non-GM owner $1500 off. We ordered the car when it was on restriction for invoice and then there was a price increase is how we went below. We LOVE the car it is such a fun car to drive. It handles extremely well.
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    so you got the car at about $1500 below invoice? Very nice indeed
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    Actually it was more than $1500 blow invoice. They honored the original ordered invoice price minus the $1500. They also gave me vinyl floormats when I asked to order them. I figure that to be an additional $100. I know they don't look as nice, but winters in the midwest can be wet and sloppy!
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    Thank you for your feedback jmh4, what dealer was that?
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    Originally I had an order placed with a local dealer, but that CTS just wasn't getting made due to an lack of xenon headlights at the time. I needed a vehicle soon, and decided to "settle" for one without the xenon headlights (i.e. buy off the lot).

    Every single Cadillac dealer at the time wanted MSRP for the CTS. Fortunatly, my father knew a Cadillac dealer in a nearby state, and he offered us $3,000 off any Caddy. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that he would honor the deal for the CTS as well, so I got mine $3,000 off MSRP (plus another ~$3,700 if you count GM card points which my Dad had been accumulating ever since he came to this country). It was a hell of a deal at the time, given how short CTS's were in supply.

    MSRP (undiscounted) was about $37,500 for my CTS.
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    Just came from the Cadillac dealer and the offer was "GM Supplier Price", less $1,500 foreign car owner, less $1,500 GM Card (where GM added $1,000 to the card credit). The bottom line is $32,400 MSRP down to $26,500 plus tax. This is a model with just the $1,700 auto trans package. I think it is a good deal.
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    '04 CTS, Auto Trans, "GM Supplier", Conquest, Emp Bonus, Tax, Doc fee, Transf Tag $29,843
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    My base price was $300 over invoice before $1500 rebate and $1800 GM card discount.

    I was very pleased with the deal and my Dealer (covert Cadillac in Austin, TX) was very easy to do business with.

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  • daphod74daphod74 Member Posts: 6
    It would be helpful for me to hear some of your prices/buying experiences based on the equipment. I'm interested in an '04 with 1SC (lux sports pkg) probably w/o the nav. Anyone order the same package?
  • logic1logic1 Member Posts: 2,433
    GM has been working hard to bring Cadillac sales people up to speed with the new product which is far different from the large and heavy FWD Cadillacs.

    Is the effort paying off? Did the sales people push performance and handling to the buyers?

    Do the younger buyers feel the sales people were able to communicate to them effectively?
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    Stopped into my local caddy dealer to play the win a GM car game. Priced a '04 CTS in Silver, no NAV, luxsport option, sunroof, Bose , for $36,295. I didn't even attempt to negotiate, still in the 'tire kicking' stage. They took $2k off the listed MSRP of $38k on their own. I'd like to get it at about $34k.

    Anyone buy one in this range?
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    I paid 33K for my 42K CTS one year ago . The fully loaded car had 7K miles on it (GM car). The buying experience was great, very professional . The service department .... thats a different story there are mostly very incompetent employees there
  • etcarrolletcarroll Member Posts: 87
    How does one go about getting a GM car?
    i assume these are cars driven by employees, or loaners to events like golf competitions.
  • shadowjackshadowjack Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone bought a CTS recently near New York City? What kind of deals are local dealers offering? How was your experience with service after the sale? Thanks very much.
  • sawyerjonsawyerjon Member Posts: 15
    I just received a quote from a dealer in Bergen County NJ for a 2004 Luxury edition CTS for a $0 out of pocket, 48 month, for 425 per month for 48 months this price includes NJ state tax of 6%. Hope this info helps shadowjack. Has anyone had any better deals in the NY/NJ area? Also, has anyone seen the Silver Smoke color in person? It looks nice on the Cadillac website, but haven't seen it in the flesh.
  • shadowjackshadowjack Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info. I looked at a Silver Smoke and a Light Platinum CTS side by side at a dealer on an overcast day last weekend. The Light Platinum looked pretty good, but the Silver Smoke looked kinda murky, more Smoke than Silver. I'd sooner go with Black Raven or Light Platinum.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    I have a friend who is interested in purchasing a CTS. What type of deals are people getting here in the D.C. area?
  • sawyerjonsawyerjon Member Posts: 15
    Anyone hear of any new incentives from GM for next month?
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    I did the research and ordered an 04 cts from Russ Darrow Cadillac in Waukesha, WI on 1/24/04.
     Mine was ordered with the Sport/luxury package and the DVD navigation blue chip with the light gray/ebony interior.

     I was at the dealership yesterday and saw the exact car I had orderd on the showroom floor..with 10,000 dollars worth of dealer installed add on crap on it. It turns out this was in fact my car..someone screwed up and didn't realize that when it came in..over two weeks ago. I have been checking with them regularly during those two weeks to see if it had come in too. Not a good way to start a dealer relationship.

      They were apologetic about the screw up...and after inspecting the car..I agreed to accept it for my originally negotiated price, if they took off the "Vogue wheels and tires" and put the original equipment Mirror polished alloys and Goodyear Eagle all seasons back on. They will leave the other dealer installed stuff on, at no charge. This consists of a "wood Kit", that adds fake wood to the dash, at a cost of..are you ready for this...$1,995.00!! (If I wanted a dash full of fake wood..I would have bought a Buick)
      They also have a "Gold Package", that gold plates the cadillac insignia on the front grill, and the CTS emblem on the trunk lid. They sell that one for $995.00. They also have some pin striping on the sides and the trunk lid...that actually looks nice on the car...that sells for $995.00.
      Bottom line...the factory sticker on the car is $43,045. I bought the car for 39,965.00, and was also able to use the GM Conquest rebate of 1,500. My final price is $38,465.00.
      I pick the car up tomorrow long as they have the correct tires and wheels back on..and I will check very closely.
      How does this deal compare to what others are getting?
  • drewhat1999drewhat1999 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Scott1

    Was the 38465.00 price before or after taxes, tags etc.?

    Thanks. I am in the market for a 2004 CTS with 1SC and DVD and want to do what I can to get a good price. Thanks,

  • scott1scott1 Member Posts: 50
    Hi Drew,
       The $38465.00 price was after all rebates, but before taxes and title fee. I had a $23,000 allowance for my trade in, so only paid sales tax on the difference. The sales tax in Waukesha County , Wisconsin is 5.1%. Since I am transfering the plates from my trade in, that cost is minimal.
      They let me drive the car for an hour this morning, and even take it home for a bit..and I was impressed with how it rode and handled. The engine was incredibly responsive and smooth, and the 5 speed automatic transmission is the smoothest I have ever encountered.
       The DVD navigation system wasn't initialized yet..and the DVD that contains all of the map info was not loaded, so I couldn't play around with that yet. I'll post my impressions of the car after I've driven it for a few days and had a chance to play with all of the toys.

  • drewhat1999drewhat1999 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the info. I think you received a very good price. I would be happy to get your price here in the DC metro area (northern Va.).Enjoy the car and post your impressions again after you've had some more driving time.

  • cardrcardr Member Posts: 1
    What did you trade? I test drove a CTS 4/14. Nice ride.
  • blockislandguyblockislandguy Member Posts: 336
    If the Caddy dealers don't stop this crap with the gold package etc. they are going to ruin a great thing. Do they really want to go back to where they were three years ago? I looked closely and seriously at some CTSs last night and I was impressed by the lack of chrome, dealer installed pin stripes, and other low rent crap like the "gold package". If they want to go after a more affluent, younger customer base, they should look to the Germans for the styling cues.
  • scott1scott1 Member Posts: 50
    I traded in my 1999 navy blue Corvette coupe with 13,000 miles on it. I bought the corvette new and had a blast with it, but my needs have changed and a 4 door car that I can drive in the winter was needed. My CTS still gives me the sports car feel that I love, while being more practical.

      I agree with blockislandguy about all of the dealer installed junk that some cadillac dealers are slapping on their stock cars. The gold package, fake wood kits and pin striping are things that the elderly crowd looked for.

      I took a walk around the lot and showroom at Russ darrow cadillac where I bought my car . last weekend. They have one of those "dealer added accessories" stickers on lots of their stock, both new and used cars. Wheels, tires, gold and wood kits, and pin striping adding up to 8 or 9 thousand dollars or more. Who ever is making those decisions at the dealership, needs a wake up call.
  • auburn94auburn94 Member Posts: 9
    Hi Board,
      Just saw an add last night for a $361/mo lease with $1500 down for 39 months. Did not catch all the fine print so I'm sure there are some details that may not make this as attractive as it sounds. If I could find a dealer to get me out of the last 10 months of my Accord lease I'd be interested. By the way, I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Auburn94, why don't you check out our Finance, Warranty & Insurance board - I think you'll find several discussions there that will be helpful both in terms of getting out of your lease and in working through the details of a new lease.

    Good luck!
  • 1optimist1optimist Member Posts: 6
    After using the Honda Accord section of Edmund's Town Hall successfully several times, I have now been asked to research the CTS. With the Accords I merely start from the invoice price + dealer profit + processing fee + taxes. I read MANY postings in the Accord section to find out about the current incentives to dealers as well as special financing from the manufacturer. Is it similar in the GM world? Just last weekend I assisted in the negotiation of a 2004 Accord for $700 BELOW dealer invoice. Obviously this is a bit of an anomaly as I have never even done this well for the (2) Hondas I drive. And then sadly when I came to this site I only see (2) pages of discussions about how to buy a CTS aggressively. I look forward to feedback from current or soon-to-be CTS owners. Mike
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    CTS buying info is easy to come by.
    You can get invoice here or kbb as you probably know.
    CTS has been selling very well and has had almost no major incentives since it was introduced 28 months ago.
    As a result resale has held up very well for a Cadillac.
    March was CTS's best selling month, but "Sign and Drive" was in effect.
    There were also Instant value Certificates available on certain models. This program was not advertised.
    The Conquest program has also been in effect for some time. This is for non GM owners and is/was $1500 off.
    I would think that you could go to most Cadillac dealerships and get pricing at or very close to invoice.
    Especially in light of the fact that sales were down 17% in April.
    When I bought my SRX in March I got it for Invoice, minus the conquest cash, minus the $1,000 instant value certificates for a total of about $4400 discount.
    There was an advertising fee in there and Cadillacs invoice and edmunds invoice price were not the same.
    I didn't care because I got the vehicle I wanted and the discount I wanted.
    Good Luck.
  • skuuterskuuter Member Posts: 144
    The CTS is selling very well without incentives, which is very good for future re-sale, but...if your dealer is willing to bend over backwards for the sale, you can get at least $3000 off MSRP with the conquest bonus (if you own a non GM vehicle), instant value bonus(es)and some dickering. Without the conquest bonus, I think $2000 off sticker is a very do-able.

    I was able to go from a $32,720 sticker to $28,971 for a total of $3,749 off MSRP (or $1000 under invoice), but it took a week of wrangling with three local dealers.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Member Posts: 489
    I purchased my Cadillac from Frank Kent Cadillac in Ft. Worth. It was an '03 program certified Deville and the certification process was awesome. The car looked brand new and had four new Michelin tires on it. This is an outstanding dealership. They also have a great web site and illustrate all of their used cars and provide a price. It was well worth the 400 mile drive! Their service area is impressive as well. You could eat off the floor.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Member Posts: 341
    looking into leasing a new vehicle and currently the 04 TL is the one I like the best but as of yet the dealors near me haven't been willing to match prices... (went to PA and was quoted 30250 on a non nav TL)... anyways I discoverd that the CTS now has the new engine with 255 HP and I do like the CTS... anyone know if they're willing to haggle prices or deal with leases... looking to go into either a 36 month or 39 month lease max.. was hoping to pay bout 430 after taxes a month.. anyone know if the dealors are hagling prices at all... I did the edmunds pricing guide but with the 1SB package it comes to be 34K+ and thats a alot higher than the TL... I've come down to the last two weeks to do this as too we need to get a new car because the other lease is ending... please help... any ideas as to what I should try and do?
  • skuuterskuuter Member Posts: 144
    Look here, Craig: .html?vdp=off&tid=edmunds.n.incentives.incentives.4.3.Cadilla- c*&setzip=44241

    Looks like a conquest bonus of $1500 is still available through May. You can probably get at least another grand knocked off.
  • tetedepierretetedepierre Member Posts: 62
    Loved the CTS at first sight back in 2002. Our 95 Saab was showing signs of old age with 115,000 miles so began serious shopping. After getting Consumers Reports printout of invoice pricing shopped Florida Dealers on the web and finally went to local dealer Vero Beach Cadillac to try and buy. He had a White dimond with the 1SC equipment group and the XM radio on the lot. His final price was a 3615 off of list and 2677 for the Saab. Of course I also got the 2000 loyalty and 1000 from my GM credit card.

    Really didn't want the white diamond or the XM radio but now I am pleased to have them both.

    Buying experience was very pleasent. Happy to have a local dealer.
  • silviosilvio Member Posts: 1
    I just leased a '05 CTS base MSRp 33595 for 36 Months with 12k miles
     per year
    Cap cost 30512
    Rate 4.5%
    Residual 55%
    Payment $429 + tax
    with 1282 due at inception
    Got the conquest bonus!
    Love the car!! Hope this helps Im in Miami
  • hankersorehankersore Member Posts: 7
    Our local Cadillac dealer has offered us an excecutive owned 2004 CTS, FULLY load...everything for $33,850. It's black outside and in, looks VERY clean & HOT, and has 6000 miles on it.
    He needs a reply by noon today. Any suggestions?

  • hankersorehankersore Member Posts: 7
    Our local Cadillac dealer has offered us an excecutive owned 2004 CTS, FULLY load...everything for $33,850. It's black outside and in, looks VERY clean & HOT, and has 6000 miles on it. Original price would be $43,045.00
    He needs a reply by noon today. Any suggestions?

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,332
    ...... "excecutive owned" ..... is it a Demo, lease vehicle, rental, factory driver.?

             Give me the vin# .........

  • hankersorehankersore Member Posts: 7
    Sorry but I don't have the vin# with me at work.
    It was excecutive owned. Hope that helps a little.
    I know my wife researched it on the web at carfax and they didn't show any owners, if that's possible.

    Thanks again
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,332
    .... It very well "could" be an executive vehicle ... I have a funny feelin' with 6k it was bought at the auction, which is fine, it's the warranty and price thats effected ..... get me the vin# ...

  • hankersorehankersore Member Posts: 7
    You're right, the dealer did say he picked it up at a auction yesterday or day before.
    VIN 1G6DM577640181572

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,332
    Report Run Date: 10/27/2004
    VIN: 1G6DM577640181572 2004 Cadillac CTS

    Event Date Event Location Odometer Reading Data Source Event Detail
    10/25/2004 EASTERN REGION 6,250 Auto Auction


               History "looks" fine ... I'm trying to figure out which auction he bought it at, black on black, right.? .. whats the options and where do you live.?

  • hankersorehankersore Member Posts: 7
    We live in Connecticut. I beleive it was purchased in Fairfield or somewhere in the SW corner.
    Black on Black FULLY equiped.

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,332
    ..... "Black on Black FULLY equipped" .... whatever that means .l.o.l....

                 What it means too me is: auto, slider, Bozo sound, split seat, luxo/sport/cold pack, about $43ish on the MSRP ... if so, then the dealer probably paid in and around the mid/tall $27ish figure, maybe the low low $28ish figure .. by the time he gets it home with the auction fee and transport, it probably hits the table at the mid/tall $28ish figure - CPO .? .... $31,9/$32,5 would just about kill it, and $32,9 if you just can't live or breath without it .... $33,8 is all the cookies in the cookie jar ....

                          Good luck and let me know ....

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