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Cadillac CTS Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    my auto purchase service through my bank lets me purchase the CTS...regardless of options for $950 over invoice..which includes the $745 destination charge....meaning not added on after the sale price of the car.......cant seem to beat that deal anywhere....since I dont have GM family discounts......amounts to about a $2900 savings on the CTS and options Im looking at...
  • If you're curious how your bank auto purchase discount compares to actual GM supplier or GM employee, you can find out from the GM websites without actually being eligible for these discounts.

    For GM Supplier, go to
    For GM Employee, go to

    In either case, select "Build your own" from the "Vehicle Shopping" drop down menu at the top of the page. Build your own vehicle and see the gm employee or supplier discount price.

    On the CTS my neighbor bought, the GM employee discount is another $1800! Turns out that I did the math and the discounts break down like this:

    GM Supplier: 5% discount on base MSRP (excl. destination), 16.4% on options

    GM Employee: 9% discount on base MSRP (excl. destination), 20% on options

    Basically, GM supplier is GM employee plus about 4.5%

    GM employee seems to be about invoice minus 3%, which is what I believe dealer cost is after the holdback (3% for cadillac).

    In case anyone was wondering... ;)
  • puckspucks Posts: 47
    Good post. Seems accurate based on what I found. The issue now on a hot car like the 08 CTS, many dealers won't do a Supplier or GMS deal.
  • maryjmaryj Posts: 53
    I just traded for a used 07 CTS Luxury Sport(so I was told) and it is loaded and honestly looks new. The interior smells new. Anyhow, is there anyway to download the equipment on this car from the net. Sticker price was $42K, and I am constantly finding new gadgets. Love the fold-down rear seat. Just got rid of my 05 Avalon.
  • We tested a new 2007 CTS that is rear wheel drive only. Does anyone have any experiences driving one in the winter? We are very unsure if we should make this new car purchase, since we live in the midwest and know nothing of how this car will drive in snow. Wish it had all wheel drive, but of course that wasn't available for 2007. Thanks in advance! Please hurry with your experiences, so we know whether to tell the dealer yes or no!
  • For chillinphil and others concerned about winter driving:

    I had same concerns in St. Louis, MO re snow driving with my Lincoln Mk VII. I bought quality winter snow and ice tires, and that Mk VII acted like it was a snowmobile.

    Different cars and PU trucks used Blizzaks, Michelin and Bridgestone winter specific tires and I never had reason to wonder about winter driving. We have a Winter Park, CO ski week timeshare - second week in January each year and specifically played in the snow with different vehicles. NO Problems.

    Buy the car you want - Put quality WINTER tires on it - and GO MAN GO.

  • lvvlvv Posts: 1
    I can find on line to get the discount, such as a link to Duke HR - Employee Discounts. But actually I am not working in Duke. Then Can I use it? :blush:

    I have no friends who own a GM car. I really appreciate anyone who can refer me to get the discount.
    my email is

  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I can give you my experiences as a 2005 CTS owner and resident of Colorado. If you expect to drive in snow or ice, get dedicated snow tires. I spent about $800 at Tire Rack and got 16in wheels and Dunlop Winter Sport M3's, delivered to my door, mounted balanced and ready to install. Takes me about an hour to change tires. If you have 17's (sport pkg) as I do, do not get 17in snow tires, they are more expensive and you are better off with the thicker (from ground to rim) tire in the snow that you get with the 16 inch size. The stock all-season tires are ok on dry and rain, but they won't keep you happy in the snow.

    The car will not be like AWD, but because it is so well balanced, it will behave as well as any RWD car you've ever driven in the snow. I'm 54 years old and grew up in New England. There was no such thing as AWD, and I managed to live through it. Our family has a 4wd Explorer to get up skiing, but my wife drives the CTS to work every day in Denver when it snows, and only complains a little. I think it runs great in the snow with the winter Dunlops. I think the dunlops are actually quieter than the stock all-season tires. The Stabilitrak (if you have it) is excellent in the snow. We saw a bunch of snow last winter.
  • Hello everyone-

    I just took delivery of my brand new 08 CTS! :) (8(o) woo-hoo! I love it!

    It is black raven, with ebony interior, with the premium luxury package, and 18" all season tiree performance package, and the upgraded polished aluminum wheels. I think the only thing it doesn't have is AWD, which I didn't want.

    My purchase method was done mostly via the Internet, and pretty much matched the one recommended in the Car Buyer Guide I bought on After informing the dealers that I was aware of their invoice price, knew the amount of the dealer holdback, and manufacture to dealer marketing support, I asked multiple dealers for their best price. (I never said anything about my trade-in.)

    Some refused to budge from MSRP. but most responded with a price somewhere between invoice and MSRP. I finally went with a Jennings Cadillac in Chambersburg, PA,who offered me 2k under MSRP, and the standard $500 Active duty discount.

    While not a GREAT deal, it was the best offer I had received, and they had the exact car I wanted on the lot, which in itself was a rarity. After accepting the offer over the phone, I drove to the dealership for the paperwork, and negotiate a price for my trade-in, a 1999 BMW 528i with 180k miles on it. Much to my surprise, my salesman informed me that GM was running another incentive, called "Luxury Conquest", where if you were trading in a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc, on your new CTS, you got an additional $1000 off the price!

    So- Bottom Line: $42,295, 5k for my trade, to $37,295 and out the door for $39,649. My salesman was a no B.S., very knowledgeable and helpful guy who had been with the dealership about 8 years. At no time did I feel like I was being rushed or bullied, or anything. Of course, I really attribute a lot of that to the fact that I had REALLY done my homework on the car, and conducted the hard negotiating via e-mail, which renders most tricky sales tactics ineffective. Plus, I had arranged a GREAT financing package (5.29%, Pentagon Fed Credit Union) beforehand, which left the dealer with no way to make more profit on me that way.

    I am taking my new wheels on a long business trip next week, (2-500 mile legs) and will let you all know how it works out. Hope this helps you in your purchase!
  • I have two supplier discount forms to offer anyone interested. They must be activated by 10/31 and are good for six months from the date of activation. I will need your last four digits of your SSN and date of birth to get started. I have never used this process, so I don't know what else is necessary once I begin the process.

    If you do not have to buy now, maybe more dealers will allow supplier discount purchases before the end of the six month period.

    First two to email me at are welcome to have them.
  • lw, do you still need a referral?
  • I recently bought a 2008 CTS last week at Baker Caddilac in Leominister Ma. It was a great buying experience. It's what I remember the way car dealers used to be.It wasn't a brandnew flashy dealer where they let you sit and wait while they talk to the "manager". You sit down with your sales person and the manager and work out the deal. My final bottom line beat the other dealer I had seen by a good bit. The whole thing took about 1/2 hour. The papers were written up and signed and they didn't even take a deposit("why would we take a deposit to just give it back if you didn't want the car"). Picked up the car the next day with a thorough explanation of it's workings from my salesperson,Jason. So if you live anywhere Leominister Ma. Give Baker Cadillac a try. Tell them Len Broverman sent you. By the way, I love my car.
  • Has anyone heard of an upcoming lease buyout promotion for the CTS? I am loving my 06, but thinking of trading up...

  • holewholew Posts: 71
    Could you share your buying experience with the rest of us to include

    OPTION packages included on your car. Listing them by dealer code would be nice for all of us

    Listed sticker price

    Actual price paid before any trade-in was deducted (if indeed you had a trade-in vehicle)

    In other words the reason for this message board is to give all of us an idea of what bottom line price dealers are willing to sell the new CST Caddie. So please share your pricing with all of us. I am thinking of buying one of these terrific Caddies and would like to know if dealers are wiling to discount them at all and by how much.

    A few years ago, I think 2001 or 2002 a dealer here in Maryland was selling the DeVille for $600 under invoice, which at the time was an excellent price. It is my impression that Caddie dealers price or discount their cars according to the perceived affluence in the area of their location. Dealers in rural areas perhaps give higher discounts since they need to draw customers from the city which might require going 25 miles or more to get to the rural dealer. Dealers in the city have a larger number of customers at their door step.

    I like to buy from a dealer which is in an area where there are 3 or more dealers for the same car. Competition always bring on lower pricing.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    CTS is a hot car at the moment....unless you have a GM will probably not get the car for much under MSRP....the best deal I have I have been shopping around is for a DI, with prem lux package, Y42 performance, prem paint, and P63 wheels.....46740 price I have seen in MD is 43,900 plus tax.....but you would have to order the car.....I have found the same deal in Northern VA as well..but again would have to order the car...Frankel is the dealership in MD (Ownings Mills)....
  • tr3atr3a Posts: 3
    I'm working on a new car and have GM Supplier discount. My dealer is telling me that no other discounts can be used in conjunction with it. Is this true? I was hoping to get the luxury conquest as well.
  • My dealer just informed me that the GMAC lease rate for the 08 CTS is currently 7.1%, a new rate for December. That seems just outrageous and I am looking for any confirmation.

  • tr3atr3a Posts: 3
    I was quoted 6.35% and thought that was ridiculous. I am not comfortable paying over 6% for money. Somebody probably has the real numbers out there.

    BTW, is there $500 cash back available for Supplier Discount? I thought I saw that on the GM website.
  • tr3a -- Were you quoted that rate recently? I heard numbers changed in the beginning of December.
  • tr3atr3a Posts: 3
    I was quoted 6.35% on Thursday, Dec 6th. I heard the real number is less than 6.35%, but I don't know for sure. Dealers have the latitude to move the rate up to add some cushion to their profit. I don't think the number is too much lower than 6.35%.
  • tr3A -- what state are you in? I am wondering if there are regional differences? I am in Florida.
  • rem506rem506 Posts: 13
    I just spoke to the finance guy at my dealership and he said the lease rate was 7.7%
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I ordered my car to lease for 39 months in October and was given a quote of $533 per month . The car just came in . I am told that the monthly payment is now $560 because the rate went from 5.95 to 6.35 . This is my sixth GM lease , and I have never had a price quote increase on me from the order date to the receiving date . Does this seem honest ?
  • i think their buy rate is closer to 6.1 so they like to pad it a bit to get their finance guys some profit. i'd think you could do better. what's i'd do is basically tell them you want the deal you had when the car was ordered and they can get to that whichever way they like.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    Thanks . I will try it .
  • I'm getting ready to purchase a 2008 CTS DI. I would like to purchase before 1/02/08 to take advantage of the 1.9% financing. Anybody know how much off MSRP I should expect to get? From reading this forum, it looks like between $2,000 to $3,000 off MSRP would be a good deal. However, I wonder if dealers are looking to bargain even more as it gets closer to the New Year. I bought an Acura last year and got a great deal on December 31 because the dealer was competing to be the #1 dealer in the area for 2006. They were really trying to move cars.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    depends on the size of the dealership and their ability to move cars....most of the larger dealerships around northern va....have 10-15 CTSs on the lot..but are having no problem moving no need to bargain down...most here will not deal on stock but will give the break on ordering the vehicle...usually about 2% over invoice....I would say...2-3k is a good ball park...but again depends on your area and dealership...
  • I'm in Northern Virginia. That's interesting about getting a better deal from ordering than from what they have on stock. I always thought buyers had more negotiating power when trying to buy a car from the lot.
  • I'm not sure if this topic was already discussed. Is it possible to combine the $1000 Luxury Conquest offer with the $2000 Pull ahead offer?
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