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Cadillac CTS Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fenwahfenwah Posts: 58
    They are just making the pot that much tempting.
  • Wow... Ohio is a long way away (Texas). I wouldn't buy an automatic CTS anyway, but it makes you wonder if resale value drops through the floor for 6-speeds.
  • Sticker is $51k and change. They have it marked down to $45k. I'm thinking that for a 2005 auto...even though it's new, should be marked down to at least $40k since they have about 20 2007 CTSs. From what I learned, it's been on the dealer's lot for several months. I wonder what kind of financing I could get through GMAC. What a sharp car,
  • I currently have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (2 door). It has about 105k miles on it and running well (fairly new tires and breaks). My wife and I discussed keeping it for one more year and get a 2007 CTS after the 2008 CTSs are already on the lot...probably will be able to get a decent price on one with the new design CTS already there (i.e. see discounts on 2006 Avalanche and Escalade).
  • 2004 CTS, 17k miles. 3.6 engine. Wood steering and shifter.


    Is that too high a price? Smells new. Very clean.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    The wood means it has the luxury package, at least. Sounds like a good deal. The car is just about broken in with 17k miles. The price is about 60 percent of minimum MSRP for the year. You would be getting an almost new car that's not substantially different than a 2007. Hell of a car for $21k. After a year, I smile every time I get in mine. It has soul. The 3.6 engine is part of it.
  • Does the 2004 have the semi-autmatic gear shifting? In other words, can you shift gears on the automatic for the 2004 version? The dealership down the road from me still has a couple 2005s on his lot and the automatic is a straight automatic (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, 3rd, 2nd).
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Steptronic came out with the 2006's. I miss it only a very little bit on my 2005 CTS. I have it on my VW and never use it. The CTS transmission is the same as used on the BMW 5 series (when they used a 5 speed) and is plenty smart as an automatic only. The engine has so much torque, it does not need to be revved much to scoot.
  • figuwxfiguwx Posts: 1
    Minnesota here

    2007 CTS 3.6L Blue Chip

    with the following options

    1SB Equipment group(standard on 3.6L v)
    FE9 Federal Emissions
    Y41 3.6L V^ Luxury package w/o Wheels
    Y42 17 inch Sport Package
    MX0 5 speed automatic
    UAV DVD Nav
    AM9 Split folding Rear Seat
    K05 Engine Block Heater
    VK3 Front License Plate Bracket

    "MSRP" $41600,
    Purchase Price $38,634

    this includes the $725 destination charge. This is before the new $2145 cash bonus offer. :shades:
  • fenwahfenwah Posts: 58
    I talked to a dealership in the Dayton Ohio area for a silver with black interior 2006 CTS...almost fully loaded...didn't have the navigation. MSRP was $40,640 (including destination). It was a demo car...has 2659 miles on it. He offered it to me for $32,925...and wouldn't budge on the price. I checked...and it looks like I could use my GM Credit Card (original plan) money on it (have about $3200 right now...will max out at $3500). So that would knock it down to about $29,700 + TTL. The warranty would start once I took possesion of the I would get the full warranty. Not too happy that they won't budge on the price of $32,925...and there really isn't a great financing deal on it either.

    I think I'm going to wait until next Labor Day when the redesigned 08s are on the lot and they are trying to get rid of the 07s.

    I don't know...what's your opinion on this?
  • Tell the dealer, "call me if you change your mind". If the car sits on his lot for a while, he/she might just call. Personally, I'd wait for the 2008 CTS to arrive....however, I'd buy the '08 model. The spy shots look good and an upgraded interior is rumored. After seeing the upgraded dash of the SRX, I have high hopes for the same in the 08 CTS. If 2008 CTS doesn't meet my expectations, the 2007's will be available for a good price.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    2006 blkberry/ebony GM certified

    full leather
    lux pkg


    asking $29 for it......
  • fenwahfenwah Posts: 58
    I was quoted around $31k for an 06 CTS (MSRP was right around $40,500). It was a demo car and had about 2700 miles on it.
  • sarahhsarahh Posts: 3
    I just got 06 CTS 2.8 with 27k for $21,000 out the door is $23,000 bkbrry/black leathers very good condition with nice wood trims all auto 50,000 or 4 years b to b ,but no sun/moon roof/ no nav/

    is it a good deal or not?

    thanks for all answers

    sarah h. :)
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    07 CTS, 3.6L with luxury package, express sun roof, auto...MSRP $37,590 asking $33,000...will see if they will give it to me driving it off the lot..Tax, title and tags for that price.....Comments??
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    Check out the invoice for the vehicle on Edmunds. You should be able to buy it for invoice minus any GM incentives (also available from Edmunds). At this time of year (2008 coming out soon) you might be able to negotiate a little below invoice.
  • fenwahfenwah Posts: 58
    Just window shopping...but someone on the Edmunds forum suggested the following web site. They are based out of D.C. and will ship the car (which is included in the price).

    Their prices on 07 CTSs are coming in around $1500 below invoice (which translates into the $1500 marketing that is being given by GM to the dealer.

    If you are searching locally for a might want to try $2000 below invoice and then work your way from there. Or, if you're will probably be able to get even better deals once the 08s come out...but you will get less to choose from.
  • bobputbobput Posts: 22
    2008 CTS SHOULD be improved- but isn't GM known for letting 1st year buyers do their Beta testing of new model's defects ???? I'm trying to do the Bose ED 39 special- $2200 GM support !-- but dealers tells me I can't get 1 with must-have Stabilitrak (17" or 18" wheel pkg) without a lot of other options, including NAV (I have a $300 portable GPS that does that!!!)-- can anyone find/have what I need ??? BOB in TAMPA
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Has anyone seen a price list for the new 2008 CTS?
  • puckspucks Posts: 47
    Not yet. Heard by early June. But they still have not announced 2008 STS prices and that is in production well before the CTS
  • ortegaortega NJPosts: 70
    Here you go: - eleased.html

    You might want to also follow the coversation going at the 2008 Cadillac CTS forum here on CarSpace for more info.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Thank you ortega. I now know what my new CTS is going to cost me. :)
  • '08 CTS, DI engine, AWD, ebony exterior and interior, all options except spare tire, $44.8k, which I'm told is about $1k over invoice.
  • I shopped for an '08 CTS at Cadillac of Norwood (Norwood, MA) and at Frost Motors (Newton, MA). The experiences could not have been more different.

    Cadillac of Norwood - The salesman did not realize that the new CTS has 2 engine options (not an exaggeration!) and my references to the FE1, FE2 and FE3 packages meant nothing to him. I noticed that the online inventory listed a CTS with my preferred color, but no reference to the particular FE package - so over the phone I asked the salesperson to check as to whether that particular (in stock) car had FE2 - the response I got back was a faxed handscribbled list of all of the options that the car had (sunroof, etc.), but no reference to the FE package!

    Frost Cadillac - Salesperson was knowledgeable about the new model, very professional in the price negotiations and the dealership arranged financing that was .25% better than the best I could find after obtaining my own quotes online. A great buying experience.
  • letsgomets.. you said you leased your unit? What was the sticker and final price on which you based your lease payments? Thanks.
  • I live north of Boston...thank you for sharing your experience with different Cadillac dealers. Although I have not purchased a vehicle from Frost Cadillac, I have always been treated well when I was looking. How much over invoice did you pay? I am interested in the CTS4 with the Premium luxury collection package. Did you lease it?
  • news update: supply down, price up. thanks UAW
  • wardmwardm Posts: 23
    UAW will eventually kill the US automakers.
  • In case you are in the market for a CTS, there is one way to get a great deal considering the popularity of these new cars. Find a friend or family member who has a GM discount. I just shared my GM supplier (not as good as GM employee, but better than MSRP) with my neighbor last night. He said the salesman was just about to print the final paperwork when I text messaged him that I discovered that I could share my discount with "friends and family". He says it saved him around $4000! He was one happy neighbor! I just stumbled upon it when checking my supplier discount online. I've heard of people using the "friends and family" discount before, but I thought it was only for GM employees (which I'm not). Seems that occassionally GM allows suppliers to also share their discount like that. The program is called "GM Supplier Discount Plus" and is in effect now. The program allows an eligible gm supplier discount to be shared with up to 2 "friends and family" through October 31, 2007 with up to 6 months from getting the authorization to purchase. I'm not going to go through all the details here, but it seems this is a great opportunity for some to save a lot on a vehicle that otherwise could not be had for that price. Happy car shopping!!! :D
  • I purchased the '08 CTS, at approx $1k over invoice (3.6DI, AWD all options except spare tire). Frost arranged 36 month financing at 5.75% (the best I could find online was 5.99%).

    I now have approx 500 miles on the car and am loving it. Excellent speech recognition for the audio and nav, great handling, looks sharp, I could go on and on.....
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