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Infiniti M35/M45 2006+



  • I agree with everything you say except it still doesn't mean the car is ugly. There are many reasons people buy and don't buy automobiles. I have had more positive comments about this car than any other I've owned - including the E39. Even so, if looks were the only factor how do you explain the popularity of the SUV's? Most of them are hideous to my eye. I am happy with my M45 and I like the fact that it is an exclusive car. I also like the fact it will run with the fastest cars out there. If you're looking for rear wheel drive, speed, quality, comfort, service, and price - you can't go wrong with this car.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    While it is true that the M hasn't received much universal praise for its looks (based on what I've read), this may not be the only reason for its abyssmal sales. One other reason might be its cramped back seat. Although space probably isn't a primary concern for buyers in this class, most buyers of the 40k - 50k category have families, and 74.6 inches of combined legroom probably turns a lot of people off. Many people probably figure why get a M45 when you can get a G35 that is just as fast, handles better, has more room, and is $8000 less?

    But this will all change once they introduce the next M in a year or so. I really like the Fuga's looks, and if they keep the interior of the car at the Tokyo auto show, it'll be a winner.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    "most buyers of the 40k - 50k category have families"

    I would dis-agree with that. The kids cost so much money that they're all down at the Kia and Hyundai stores!
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    Actually, many families these days have luxury cars. Almost everyone I know has a family of 2 or more kids with either an Acura, Infiniti, or Volvo. :)
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    "Almost everyone I know has a family of 2 or more kids with either an Acura, Infiniti, or Volvo. :)

    No college for those kids then :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    I have kids, and yes, I'll be shopper in the 40K-50K range - just not until they're grown and gone!


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  • Does anyone have any idea when 2005 M45 will be on the market? Please let me know. Thanks
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    It is due in March 2005 although this may change down the road.
  • Thanks
    Since 2004 M45 is not available yet, I thought 2005 M45 may come earlier
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    The 2004 M45's will be turning up in February and March. There was a rumor that Infiniti were just going to skip on the 2004 M45 but that's turned out to be untrue.
  • c3po33c3po33 Posts: 67
    From what I've read the M35 will be out this summer with the M45 out in the winter. I will be looking at these cars (M35 especially) as a possible replacement for my G35 about a year and a half from now.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I'm thinking the 2005 M45 may replace my FX.
  • After a recent desultory tour of Germania (2004 BMW5, MB-E320, Audi6 - mostly low value, high attitude, over-priced ) the news that an Infiniti-branded Fuga is going to take out the (non-selling, overhang-ugly) M as a 2006 model was great to hear from the local dealer network this week.

    It saves me from having to buy the lower-lux G35x immediately. (I'm told the Attesa system is going to be available in the Fuga-car from the start, when it hits North America in about 18 months).

    The 2005/6 Lexus GS replacement looks pretty phat (in a bad way), so the field now looks clear for Infiniti in this segment. It'll be nice to tell the Teutons 'Fuga you, mate!"
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    "phat (in a bad way), "

    PHAT - pretty, hot, and probably meant it's NOT phat
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    autospies names M45 as the most exciting intro in NY Show. I totally agree of course.

    When's the show BTW? I'll have to make a trip down just to see the beauty.
  • Here's what it will probably look like. The gauges look sweet in that blue hue, hope that makes it into production.

  • Yea, we kind of know that...that is the Fuga you know (the concept basis of the next M35/45
  • and was told the difference between the M35 and the M45 is engine size(kind of figured that, the 35 being the 6 and the 45 being the 8). But he also said starting price for the 35 was going to be mid forties. I guess Infinity really wants to separate it from the Maxima.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    I really doubt that the M35 will start out at mid $40k. That's probably for a fully loaded version.

    The AWD FX45 starts out at $45k!

    The M35 will probably start out at about $35k (like the RWD FX35) and a nicely equipped one will be about $40k.
  • i don't know what people are talking about when they say the outgoing M45 is ugly. I think it's one of the coolest stealth cars you can buy. it has simple old-fashioned styling cues while being very high tech. it's body design is very solid and strong-looking imo. furthermore, i predict the old M45 will gain a stronger and more prestigious second life in the used car market, as they will be so hard to find that collectors seeking rare luxury cars with low production numbers will snatch them up. i've seen only one on the road and remember it's still a current model. remember how seldom you see last gen rx-7s? they're pretty hard to find still. hence the desirability. the replacement car for the M45 is alright, but it looks like all the other cars out there--boring.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    If any dealer tells you they know the pricing, they are talking rubbish. No one at dealer level knows the pricing levels yet. They may guess but they don't know. My educated guess would be that it will be a couple of thousand more than the equivalent G35.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I would say the m45 will have the same price as the current model. discount that 5k and you have the m35. I would guess the 35 would be 38-44k and the 45 would be 44-50k. This almost mirrors the FX35 and 45 prices so I think that should be close.
  • c3po33c3po33 Posts: 67
    Just read that the M35 was pushed back till spring of 2005 as a 2006 model. Hope it's not true but it came from a reliable source at another site. If anybody has any more news please let us know. Thanks.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Might as well change the thread title to 2006 M35/45. Looks like the new M will come out as a 2006 model.
  • ndmdndmd Posts: 27
    I will be buying a new car in the next 6-7 months. I have been set on the 530i for some time, now. I am one that loves the new look. Anyway, now that I have seen the Fuga/M35 I may have changed my mind. The pictures are beautiful and I am confident that the bang for the buck will easily beat the Bimmer.

    A recent article has said that the new M will be released at the New York Auto Show in April. If this is correct, I must think that a Summer to Fall availability is a possibility. Any Thoughts?
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Well, they'll probably announce availability at the NY autos how. Plus, we should have a better idea of the exterior/interior/specs by then.
  • ndmdndmd Posts: 27
    NEW YORK (Apr. 7, 2003) – Coming off a “big” introduction of the QX56 full-size SUV at the NAIAS in Detroit, Infiniti is set for another exciting, sensuous debut - the M45 Concept. Also being introduced at the NYIAS is the revamped 2005 Q45 Performance Luxury Sedan. Join us for the Infiniti press conference on Wednesday, April 7. Detailed information on both vehicles will be available following the press conference at
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    SWEET! I can't wait for the M45 concept! Hopefully, it looks closer to production that the Fuga.

    Q45 updated? Whoa! I hope it can finally sell well! It's an awesome car with an awesome engine and interior, brought down by that hard-to-use navigation system. Go Infiniti!
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    Just checked out the Nissan/Infiniti news bureau and I am so excited for NYIAS! Chevy's got their American Revolution, so should this be called the Import Revolution? LOL Altima SE-R should be a big hit too!

    Hmm..I'm curious. Since the current XTERRA and Frontier are the same car, but the new Pathfinder and Frontier are the same, what will be of the XTERRA?
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