Infiniti G35 vs. Acura TL

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Just wanted to get your opinions about these 2 sedans. Here's what I think so far:

G35 has AWD version coming out and it'll handle in snow better. It has better color selection.

2004 TL is an Acura and has better reliability record. I would buy the car loaded with options and the Acura would be less expensive. Lumbar support is better and there's a bigger trunk. Acura dealer is much closer to my house.

Thanks for your feedback.


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    greg.. There's a lot more you have to consider than what you've mentioned. Funny is while typing this they showed a 04 TL commercial. My take is the TL looks significantly nicer & sportier. I find the rear of the G35 ugly, those tailights look funny. If you're a person who keeps his cars longer than 3 years you might again want to go for the TL. I once had a 96 Pathfinder, the 1st & only car I leased, hated it's quality. It actually was the best overall performer in its segment but it's quality & reliability is terrible. I don't think that has changed much as I've read from Nissan/Infiniti postings, etc. The plus side of the G35 over the TL w/c may be very significant is that G35's are normally RWD so it will definitely be a better handler than the FWD TL. With the hp these cars possess, FWD cars are not a car I myself would like to buy. I'd rather have a 240-250 HP RWD car over a 270-280 HP FWD car. Now if you're concern is the snow & you think that AWD is gonna be better than a FWD vehicle then get the G35 AWD. This will be a tough choice.
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    I think unless you regularly go up to the ski resorts, then FWD will get you through almost any urban condition. I think the G35 is a little roomier. I've never really liked the G35 styling (inside and out), and I think it will look dated in a couple of years. Price-wise, I anticipate the AWD version of the G35 will be significantly more than a fully-loaded TL.
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    I personally prefer the styling both interior and exterior of the TL much more. I've never been a fan of the G35 sedan. The G35 coupe however is hot. After having driven the TL yesterday I've decided that I will likely buy that car. I will test drive a few others but I think I will end up with the TL.
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    From what I can see, Honda/Acura does not have better reliability than Nissan/Infiniti. Aggregate studies and polls suggest that both brands, along with Toyota/Lexus, are at the top of the pack in terms of reliability. Honda certainly has suffered from major problems (transmissions) and rattles seem to be common in recent Accords.

    In any case, I think both the G and the TL are solid choices. Styling is subjective, so that's totally up to you. Interior quality of materials seems to be better in the TL. Interior dimensions are very similar. If you're looking right now, you'll have to pony up the MSRP ($33,200) for the TL. As time passes the TL price will come down. A similarly featured G35 (MSRP $34,100) can be had for about $31,500 right now. Both are good deals.

    I've test driven both. The G35 felt a little more sporty and more fun to drive, the TL felt a little more luxurious.
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    The G35's trunk is bigger than the TL's 14.8 cu. Ft vs 12.5 cu. ft.

    Also, you say that the reliability for the TL is better. I consider transmission failure a major problem....which the TL has had but the G35 has not. Hopefully, this problem has been fixed with the '04.

    The performance of the G35 is better as well but the TL has a nicer interior.
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    The G35 sounds faster but it is not . The TL is a much much better car. The G35 sedan has good space, the G35 coupe is a 2+2 at best. The TLs drive by wire throttle is very deceiving; much faster and smoother than you realize.

    And two other big factors: (1)the Infiniti depreciates faster than a rock sinks to the bottom of the ocean and (2) Acura reliability far outlives the Infiniti 5yr 60 warranty
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    Acura has better reliability than Infiniti?

    Any proof of this midnightcowboy?

    My impression is that the 0-60 times will be very similar, neither has a clear edge. The G35 definitely has an edge in handling though.

    Acuras traditionally have had better resale than Infinitis. But the G35, at least so far, has solid resale values.

    The only things that the TL clearly outshines the G35 in is quality of interior materials and the stereo.

    I personally like the design (both exterior and interior) of the TL over the G35, but that is a purely subjective matter.
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    I'm amazed at how well-informed you folks are about these cars. Thanks for your input.

    I've got brochures on both cars. The G35 trunk is 11.8 cubic feet with a full size spare. The 6 cars on the lot that I saw all came with this. The trunk is 14.8 cubic feet "when" the car comes with a temporary spare. My guess is that this temp spare may be a rare feature since I didn't see a single sedan on the lot with one. The rear wheel drive really cuts into the trunk and the trunk isn't as efficient as the TL because of the wheel wells. A set of golf clubs would have to be layed diagonally or placed through the pass way into the back seat. The TL has an efficient 12.5 feet trunk and a 45" golf club fits "rear wheel to rear wheel".

    I've noticed in the postings that people have reported transmission problems with the Acuras. That disturbs me a bit. Consumer Reports makes no mention of these troubles. It gives the Acura TL one of the highest reliability ratings. I realize that anyone can get a lemon no matter what brand one buys, but certain makes increase the likelihood of this not happening. The TL is one of the "CR Good Bets". I've owned 3 Toyotas and 2 Nissans and they've all been great cars. CR does list some Infinitis and Nissans equally favorable. The G35 is too new to rate for reliability. I realize that CR isn't the only source but I tend to give them more credibility because they don't accept advertising. I've often wondered how influenced "Car and Driver" (and other magazines)writers are by very large advertising dollars the car manufactures are spending with the magazine.
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    I have a co-worker who has a 2001 CL-S & his trans had to be replaced 3 mos. ago. It took Acura 3 weeks to replace it. I was surprised, but thought it's a 1 in a million case where a Honda/Acura tranny failed, but it seems more of an issue now that I'm hearing it from diff. people. Like Greg said this is disturbing. Well you can ask the Acura folks if it's still the same tranny the old TL/CL has. If the new TL has the same block/engine as the old one & this is just a modified version of the old engine, chances are the trans. is still the same as the old one.
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    I don't think the new TL's transmission is the same as the old TL's. And, the transmission was fixed with the 2003 model. It is not like all the transmissions are failing, it is a limited problem that only a minority of cars are experiencing.
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    I don't know why some people still believe Honda/Acura quality is better than Nissan/Infiniti. I read a week ago, Acura slid all the way down to 10th in a JD Power survey. Infiniti is entrenched at No. 2, behind you know who!

    A couple days ago, I saw the first TL on the road, going the other way. At first I thought it was the TSX, until the rear end showed up in the mirror. Didn't Acura think of giving the two cars distinguishable front ends?
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    Have you seen all the new Nissan models? They all have the same front end AND similar-looking interiors. Or Mercedes. Or BMW. Or Cadillac. Or Volvo. Or Toyota. etc, etc, etc, etc, It's the industry trend. They call it brand recognition. Like it or not.
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    The new transmission is not the same as the old model.

    I think the G35 is the sportier of the two, but the TL will probably be sporty enough for all but the most daring drivers. The added weight of an AWD system may hinder the G35's acceleration and fuel economy. On the other hand, it should give the G an advantage in foul weather.

    If you are looking for a mostly practical car, I'd go with the TL. If you're looking for a toy, the G35 is probably the better choice.
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    There's a difference between similar (desirable) & indistinguishable (not so).

    BTW, is there a story behind Acura changing its nonenclature (dropping the 3.2), yet again? I'd appreciate a link if you do.
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    Commenting on an Earlier Message...#14 of 17 Didn't" Acura think of giving the two cars distinguishable front ends? " by bodble2 Oct 20, 2003 (12:54 pm)

    Yes...I have noticed that all cars for a particular make/brand do appear to have the same or "VERY" similar front end (grill).

    I do not like this industry trend. Each car should have its own "grill". Yes I realize there are some most cases...not many. A similarity would be alright...but what I have seen goes way beyond being similar...

    Commenting on an Earlier Message...shown below:

    Have you seen all the new Nissan models? They all have the same front end AND similar-looking interiors. Or Mercedes. Or BMW. Or Cadillac. Or Volvo. Or Toyota. etc, etc, etc, etc, It's the industry trend. They call it brand recognition. Like it or not.
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    I would classify the front ends of the TSX and TL as similar, and not indistinquishable.
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    Trunk Size: The Trunk size of 14.8 on the G35 is without the full size spare. The full size spare comes only with the winter package. Infiniti does not ship a lot of those vehicles to some sectionso f the country (like where I live, California).

    The trunks of the G35 is much bigger than the trunk of the TL when neither has a full size spare. The G35's trunk may not have that much more useable space, given the shape.

    Reliablity: I drive and Acura and have been driving Honda products for years. All of my vehicles have been ultra reliable. So, I do trust Honda/Acura. But, the data don't lie with regard to the Infiniti. The G35 is likely to be hyper-reliable too.

    Handling: I'm not sure the G35 will handle better. That is just an assumption based on layout (RWD vs. FWD). But, Consumer Reports complained that the G35 suffers from excessive oversteer which makes handling tricky at the limit.

    Last issue - ride quality: Honda has never been able to negotiate ride handling compromises. They have vehicles that ride well,and vehicles that handle well. But, they haven't produced many vehicles that do both. I think that drivers are going to find that the base version of the G35 (without the sport package) rides a lot better than the TL, but handles about as well.
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    I have driven both cars and G-35 drives and rides like a smaller car. I thought the ride was harsh, bumpy and rough. I thought the 04 TL felt like a much larger car (than it is ) and has a better ride than the G-35, although the G35 may handle better at high speeds b/c of the RWD. Just one man's opinion
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    At first, I had a hard time differentiating between the A4 and A6 from the front. Same with the Jetta and Passat. After a while, my eyes began to pick up the differences.

    Right now, it's fairly easy for me to see differences between the TL and TSX. Probably because I've seen so many pics and gone over some of them with a fine tooth comb.
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    I still have trouble occasional differentiating between the various MB C, CLK, SL, CL-Classes. Ditto for the A4 & 6 and Jetta and Passat (especially the wagon). I expect the new BMW 5-series to pose similar problems in relation to the 7-series. And not to pick on Nissan, but they could probably graft the nose of the Quest onto the Maxima and most people wouldn't notice the difference.

    So by comparison, Honda models are pretty darn distinquishable.
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    I test drove all three and ended up getting the G35. I did like all three cars. The G35 had a sportier ride and clutch (others i read describe it as rough). In a nutshell, the G35 was sportier to me, the TSX/TL was more comfortable. Plus, I absolutely love the look of the G35. As far as interior, the G comes in only two, willow and graphite. I could not stand the graphite (yes it looked cheap), but the willow is very nice (obviously that's what i got). Just my 2cents..
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    I looked at and drove the TL-loved it! I looked at the G35, I thought the interior looked low-end for a $35k car. The seats were manual recline, there was no memory function and the nav. screen popped up like an afterthought. There was a lot of ford-like plastic. the exterior of the G35 series IMO is beautiful, especially the front.
    I did not have a chance to drive the G, the dealer was closing for the evening (6:00 p.m. on a Friday). I doubt I will go back for a test drive based on the interior of the car.
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    Though the TL interior appears to be more luxurious, at least in the pix, I have spent a good deal of time in the G35 and do not find much of an issue. The G's seats are very comfortable, I don't have the problem that some do with the placement of the controls, and the rear accomodations are nothing short of fantastic (especially with the cool reclining seats). Overall, the look of the G (at least with the graphite seats) is a good combination of sporty/luxurious. I do prefer the modern look of the nav screen on the TL though, as well as the higher quality aluminum/metal trim down the dash.

    As for exteriors, my personal feeling is that the G is quite a bit nicer. A full year after its debut, the look still appears modern and fresh, especially from the front and side. As for the TL, there's not much that sticks out and says..."look at that cool car".
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    While I do feel that the overall quality of interior materials in the TL is better than the G35, I found that the quality of the leather seat in the G is at least equal to or even slightly better than the quality of the leather seat in the TL. Seat comfort was about equal. Both are comfy.
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    but I have never found the sedan to be an attractive style. It's not offensive, but overall it just doesn't grab my attention. It's got some nice isolated features, such as the headlights, and the taillights after they changed the back. But I actually find the overall shape kind of...homely. The G coupe, however, is a different story.
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    I think a lot of people are bigger fans of the coupe than the sedan. I'm one of them.

    I think the TL is proportioned better, though the lines of the G35 sedan are more daring. Therefore I think the TL will weather better as the car grows older. The G will attract more attention today. The conservative in me would pick the TL, but I can still appreciate the G.
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    Ive owned a g35 for over a year now, and everytime I look it from a side or front profile view, I think it looks sharper and sharper. Exterior nod to the g for sure and I have no complaints about hte interior either. As someone else mentioned the rear reclining seats are money -- everyone that's been in my car loves that... plus the drive/handling is great... however, I do have some general comfort issues with the G. It seems to expel hot air into the cabin when the A/C isn't running which causes me to be quite uncomfortable.

    The 04tls has a beautiful interior and alot more toys. I havent driven one yet, but I plan on stopping by and checking it out for the fun of it. I'm not sure how much that great handling on the g does for me in my day to day commute -- but if I'm ever on a twisty and can open it up, its sheer smiles the whole way.

    Seeing as I'm a tech gadget freak, I'd probably go for a tls as the toys I could use more the superior handling -- since i'm just stuck in traffic most of the time anyway.

    Either way -- enjoy.
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    Does anybody know 0-60 MPH for 2004TL?

    Normaly RWD handles better than FWD, but we are talking about two different cars. I don't think there is enough reviews to tell that G35 is a better handling car that TL.
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    0-60 in the 04 TL 6-Speed has been reported at 6 seconds flat. The automatic option will take a few tics off that.
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    "I don't think there is enough reviews to tell that G35 is a better handling car that TL. "

    No review needed. The kind of balance that is achieved in a RWD is not available in a FWD. When you leave the apex of a turn, only RWDers benefit from the front to rear weight transfer as the driven wheels of course get better traction...the opposite of FWD.

    TL is gorgeous and handles just fine but if you are REALLY into handling, there is no point of comparing these 2. Great handling can mean the car is not rolling or diving. To others it means great precision and speed with which one can blast out of that apex with the rear sliding out just enought to point the car in the intended exit angle.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Member Posts: 309
    I find it interesting that so much discussion centers on the handling of one car vs. the other. How many people on this board are going to take normal everyday traffic turns doing 50mph? Does it really matter? If you can’t see the obvious difference perhaps its not significant! Buy the car you like and stop splitting hairs...
  • chrisbothchrisboth Member Posts: 493
    This is a discussion about the merits of one concept vs another. We all agree that you should buy what you want...many come here to figure out what they want. It prob does not matter to many what wheels drive thier cars. IF you are in the entry lux class i'd say chances are you are aware of it tho and may have a preference. These cars handle much differntly and the balance of one vs the other CAN be identified and "felt" in everyday driving by me and many many others. None is better than another...but these 2 cars are miles apart different. You should try a RWD car...that apex thing can be experienced many times a week if you drive it. Again it's not better but different and those lurking to learn about the merits of each should note the differences.

    And the TL just hit the radar screen for car #2...still behind the more functional murano (not my decision).
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    "No review needed. The kind of balance that is achieved in a RWD is not available in a FWD. When you leave the apex of a turn, only RWDers benefit from the front to rear weight transfer as the driven wheels of course get better traction...the opposite of FWD. "

    - If that is the case, then the Ford Crown Vic. should out-handle an Acura RSX any day of the week!
        We can get into this debate, but there is much more to handling like overal weight, wheel and suspension set-up, stiffness of the car, wheel-base, etc.

        With this being said, I would not jump to the conclusion that the G35 outhandles a TL sedan. Heck, in Grassroots Magazine, they compared a Subi WRX, a BMW 330i, and an Acura RSX-S with the same exact tires, and the RSX-S outhandled the 330i.
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    The 0-60 second time of the 6-speed.

    "0-60 in the 04 TL 6-Speed has been reported at 6 seconds flat. The automatic option will take a few tics off that."

    Automatics are typically about a 1/2 second or so slower.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Member Posts: 1,978
    Sometimes we tend to think a louder car is actually faster. I have a IS300 and I thought it was pretty slow until I started comparing it to the new cars. It is just quiet.

    I drove both the manual G35 sedan and an auto TL and the TL seemed more refined and quiet, not slower.

    I think a measured objective comaprion would show the TL to be equal to the G35 in handling ang that is the auto. I think the manual 6-spped TL will outhandle the G35.
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    A crown vic is the choice for cops...why? RWD!!! High speed manuevering is better handled by a RWD platform - this is not new stuff and has been debated. If I were on the track I'd take a miata or an rsx..Why it handles better. Why - it's light and small. These things can outweigh the benefits of RWD by huge amounts.

    Now back to the program...we are comparing 2 similarly weighted (g is lighter I think) vehicles with similar power and similar suspension stiffness and rigidity. The G is not a crown vic or a 330 so I think it will outhandle the TL. A 330i with run flats should lose to a rsx at least in curves - It's at least 600# lighter. Crown vic doesn't have the same level of sophistication in the suspension that G or TL have..All else equal, RWD will outperfrom FWD. If the acura has something on the G is will have to come from the powerplant as the suspension would have to be quite surperior to G's which is all aluminum and very advanced - just like the TL.

    There must be some mag comparo that will put these two throught the paces together on same track..lets see what happens....
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514

    It's big, roomy, cheap to maintain and Chevy is willing to outfit a version for cop fleets.
  • mdhaukemdhauke Member Posts: 202
    adds a few tics, not takes away. Little dyslexia there :(
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    Have had my G35 sedan from March of 2002 and now have 23,500 miles on her. My last two cars were a 1986 Nissan Maxima that I drove for 200,000 reliable miles, the next was a reliable 1999 Maxima.

    Those two cars were wonderful but the G35 has superior handling being that it is rear wheel drive. The G drives in a way that no front wheel drive will. I will never go back to front wheel drive again. The G drives like a sports car and the handling is so positive and sure, this makes for a more enjoyable trip. It is nice to have the drive wheels divorced from the steering. Front wheel drive is always a comprimise.

    Am 73 years old and have owned many cars. The G35 is by far the best car I have ever owned. Am so satisfied that I can think of no car that I would rather have, expect to keep the car for a very long time. My G also has every option including xenon lights and navigation gps, wouldn't do without these functions. Am sure the Accura is also a good reliable car but I wouldn't think of having one instead of the G.

  • kevin111kevin111 Member Posts: 991
    "There must be some mag comparo that will put these two throught the paces together on same track..lets see what happens.... "

    - Car and Driver, Motortrend, and Road and Track, compared the old TL-S with the G35 sedan. In all three, the TL-S was very close to the G35 sedan.

    Picked TL-S over G35:
    Car and Driver

    Picked G35 over TL-S:
    Road and Track.

    The TL-S and the '04 TL both have LSD in the front which helps compensate for that - "huge RWD advantage" (paraphrasing). Heck, C&D even said the TL-S "felt like a RWD vehicle" with the added Limited Slip Differential!

    In other words, just because one car is FWD and the other is RWD, even in the same class, this does not mean that the RWD is superior in handling to the RWD (case in point, the base CTS vs. the TL-S, both with Manual since you want an in-class example)
  • varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    "Heck, C&D even said the TL-S "felt like a RWD vehicle" with the added Limited Slip Differential!"

    Did you mean the '04 TL? The TL-S didn't have an LSD. Only the CL-S came with that.
  • chrisbothchrisboth Member Posts: 493
    It's a much lighter vehicle...look i like new TL. I love acura (owned 4 H/A products in past)and I may buy the TL for GF (hated the purple lights in my passat and it turns me off on TL tho) and clearly honda has overcome some issues with front drive cars that had many skeptics won over..still, my prediction is acura will develop a rear driver if they are going to continue to compete. This is the trend...even chrysler is going to have mostly RWD sedans....maybe german home office has something to do with that.

    Honda helped create the mainstream acceptance of FWD so I'd expect them to stick by it for a while longer than most and since 80% could care less it may never matter to the lurking consumer. But as the wise 70 something man above me said "It is nice to have the drive wheels divorced from the steering. Front wheel drive is always a comprimise." It's simply an axiom of physics.
  • varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    As I recall, C&D stated that the CL-S was the best handling FWDer they'd tested. So I expect the quote belonged to that car.

    Chrisboth - By the same token, RWD is always a compromise. As a design, FWD tends to be lighter, more fuel efficient, cheaper, and better in foul weather.

    On the whole, I expect that the G will prove the more adept at at-the-limits-driving. But the '04 TL sounds more than capable.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    I think the TL-S and CL-S are fairly similar in curb weight, are they not? Also, you would BUY A CAR for your girlfriend? She must look like Jessica Biel! :)
  • chrisbothchrisboth Member Posts: 493
    Hey that right - you have to decide. Do I want performance or functionality. You should decide that before you pick a car class or model.

    Lighter - what is the acura weight. The sedan I drive is weights in at 3400 or so. I got the coupe beat on weight. It's actually unsprung weight that matters to the suspension (most directly) and the aluminum design and weight reduction from other area are one reason the G.
    rocks. THis car has a wheelbase longer than a 5 series and weighs less than a 3. Weight is not an issue with G.

    Fuel effeicent - get a prius if your worried about spening dough on gas..we have the cheapest gas in the non arab world. not a good argument for a sport sedan forum.

    Cheaper - the G is cheaper

    better in foul weather - hey one out 4 in this comparison aint bad. I drove it in 4 inches last winter and had no problems but it's no quattro or FWD for sure.

    As far the GF car - i owe her since she bought the house and she's more than juat a GF - I call her my statutory wife.
  • chrisbothchrisboth Member Posts: 493
    On the CTS comment - the CTS is becoming my favorite car since the V is coming out. If acura was ever going to go with 400 hp it would be RWD for sure. That kinda power is amazing and demands RWD but that car is in another class...the m3/GTR class.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    let's see. Lotsa shared properties....No marriage certificate.....I can see your lawyers rubbing their hands already :)
  • varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    That's why I wrote, "as a design FWD is...". In reality, the TL does not have many of these advantages. But by forsaking them outright, Acura is able to offer more in other areas. For example, the weight saved by using a FWD may allow Acura to use more sound insulation, more steel to keep the frame rigid, offer more content, etc. In other words, it gives them greater flexibility.

    As for the weight...

    '03 CL-S auto = 3510 lbs
    '03 CL-S manual = 3446

    '04 TL auto = 3582
    '04 TL Manual = 3489
  • chrisbothchrisboth Member Posts: 493
    The cls is almost as heavy - isn't that on the accord platform? Pretty heavy - in fact I suppose it's no smaller looking than the TL.
  • jrock65jrock65 Member Posts: 1,371
    I've test driven both the TL (auto) and the G (auto, no sport package), and the G was decidedly more fun to drive.

    The TL is a fine handling vehicle. Probably one of the best handling fwd sedans I've driven. But limited by fwd nonetheless. I'm not knocking the TL. I prefer the design of the TL over the G. In fact, if I were in the market, I'd choose the TL over the G. But as far as handling goes, I'm just calling it like I see it.
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