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Toyota Prius



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    A caution about posting your email address on these pages--it can be stripped off and used for spamming. It's safer to put your email address into your Town Hall profile, mark the address public, and then just refer people to that.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    One sure way to get a Prius before Christmas is to buy it on eBay for the "buy it now" price. That means you'll likely pay over MSRP. Another option is, do you live near a rural area? One theory is that Priuses are not as popular in rural areas as in cities, and you might find a dealer with a Prius they want to unload. I've heard that every Toyota dealer got at least one Prius. You could call all the small-town dealers around you--depends on how far you're willing to travel to get the car.

    As for discounts... given that you want a Prius in the next three weeks, I think you will be very lucky to pay just MSRP for it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    There's no law about using one's spare time to contribute a lot to particular Town Hall boards. If you want to see some people with a lot of time on their hands, check out the Mazda3 board--or practically any Mazda board for that matter. has to buy entire disk farms just for those folks. ;-)

    But of course, you can use the handy "page down" key to move through any posts that aren't worth your time.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    I bought a bluetooth enabled phone just yesterday (a Sony Ericsson T610). It isn't even activated yet. But once I get it up & running, I'll be able to help out.

    Here's the short & sweet instructions for that particular phone:

    1) Select "Add Phone" button in the "Settings" menu on the Multi-Display.

    2) Select "Connectivity", then "Bluetooth", then "My Devices", then "New Device" on the phone.

    3) Enter the passcode when prompted. (On T610, the default is "1212").

    4) Select "My Devices", then "Hands Free" on the phone.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    I've done that TWICE!

    Both with my 2001 Prius (44/42 PSI & 5W-30 Castrol Syntec) and with my 2004 Prius (44/42 PSI & 5W-30 Mobil 1).

    The gain of several MPG is pretty obvious. With the 2001, I maintained 50 MPG all throughout last summer. That was pretty sweet! And the tires weren't even LRR, they were just oridinary Goodyears.

  • Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for reliable dealerships with inventory? I live in central VA but I'm willing to drive north if needed. Are all of the Prius colors and packages on back order? Any suggestions re. inventory, pricing and options would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I did find a Tideland Pearl Prius on eBay apparently with no "Buy it Now" price. I'm considering..... But I better think fast as the auction ends in 2 days. I may just pass it and find a rural dealer maybe 40 miles away and try to locate a Prius.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The Prius is probably going to go to my friend, who wants a Prius before Christmas, whereas I can wait it out till April or May when prices fall slightly.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    ok folks - if you aren't fond of someone's posts, don't respond to them and just carry on. What may be worthless to you may be exactly the answer someone else is looking for.

    This is an extremely popular topic with many view points. Agree to disagree, be civil, etc.
  • Now have over 2000 miles and my overall average mpg is 52.1, including many miles at 65 miles per hour. My high for a tank was 56, my low was about 48 ( all stop and go real city mileage.) You cannot drive this car like any other car and expect to get that mileage. You need to learn when to let the car coast, how to go up hills and not burn gas to the extreme, etc. It is already instinctive to me and I do not have to look at the bars for reinforcement.
  • Do you read all the posts in all forums? Just curious, as it would seem to be almost overwhelming if it is just you. Which is your favorite forum?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    If you want a Prius in April or May, you might want to order it soon. In my area at least, the backlog at all the dealers I checked was running 4-6 months. As for prices falling in April or May--I think that's anybody's guess. The way things are going now with orders, it's possible the entire 2004 model run will be sold out by early next year, unless Toyota increases production.
  • The only two squawks I have are an occasional base vibration from the speaker in the driver's side door. And, on two occassions, it would not go into drive when I first started it but I think I moved the handle too quickly. Waited a couple of seconds, tried again and it worked. Otherwise, seems trouble free. I did not have the check engine light, any apparent allignment problems, or any other issues I have read on other boards. What are your findings?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    How are you finding the cargo cover holding up? It seemed a little flimsy when I looked at it during test drives. Do you use it?
  • Could anyone comment on the safety of a Prius v. that of a Mini Cooper? I have narrowed my buying choice down to these two cars. All I read about is the great gas mileage. Nowhere do I see anything about safety, especially as compared with other cars.
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Greyscale:

    ___The Mini Cooper tested well in NHTSA’s crash tests w/ 4 Star ratings across the board other then the Side Impact - Rear seat with the testing body saying it was too small? Under the IIHS ratings, a (G) – Good rating was given across the board other then an (A) – Average rating for Restraints/Dummy Kinematics … whatever that means?

    ___In the case of the 04 Prius, nothing has been tested although I thought I remember reading somewhere that Toyota expected to receive 4 to 5 Stars across the board in the NHTSA tests.

    ___Good Luck

    ___Wayne R. Gerdes
  • Ordered 11/7 from Newbold Toyota in Fairview Heights, IL Driftwood Pearl / #9. Got a call today that the vehicle is built and schedule to go to port today! Woohoo! Possible delivery before Christmas.

    ___Prius vs. Mini Cooper I would suggest that you also review the Consumer Reports evaluations on vehicle reliability. I was interested in the Mini Cooper but their evaluation, plus a friends experience with British vehicles, turned me away.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    I looked at the Prius but have a Mini Cooper S on order. Both cars have a full array of safety equipment and the Cooper has crash-tested well. I'm sure the Prius will also. While you can always find differences in safety scores, I don't think it is a significant differentiator between these two cars.

    As talleyid said, the Mini is doing poorly in reliability ratings and I expect the 04 Prius (like most Toyotas) to do well, although there is always some risk down the road of there being some serious flaw in the hybrid design. Any car can develop serious problems, but overall, I'd consider the Prius a very good bet.

    Much of the Mini's problems are probably attributable to early teething of a new German design, but we need more miles on the newer models to know if things have improved much. I doubt it has much to do with it being assembled in the UK - it's basically a German car. If you decide on the Cooper, go in with your eyes wide open. The fun-to-drive nature of the car was so overwhelming to me that I decided to accept some risk.

    - Mark
  • Has anybody rented an 04 Prius through the TRAC program? I'm in the Twin Cities area (south burbs)and am interested in an extended test drive, so TRAC seems like a nice option. However the closest I can find around here is St Cloud. They do have cars available (for about $35/day).

    Do any of you other MN people know of a closer in Toyota dealer that has TRAC rentals?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    and test our Prius right now and if it sacrifices braking HP during severe/panic braking in favor of battery charging it's gonna get TORCHED, immediately.

    But truthfully I suspect long stopping distances are more the result of smallist contact patches, and maybe some contribution from ABS, rather than regeneration.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > if it sacrifices braking HP during severe/panic braking in
    > favor of battery charging it's gonna get TORCHED, immediately

    Recharging DOESN'T EVER GET USED when you hit the brakes hard. The entire regen system is completely bypassed, allowing you to use traditional braking instead. It's all automatic. Just slam the pedal to the floor like you would in an actual emergency.

  • Thanks to all who helped me. I wound up ordering a silver Prius with package # 7 from a dealer in PA today. They said 8 weeks....we'll see ! It is so strange how dealers in New York, and the New England Region can't get certain packages, yet they are common in other areas. I really didn't want to give up the stability control and HID headlights offered with package #7 and these 2 features are unavailable with package #6 even as add ons.
  • I rented a TRAC Prius from Friday to Monday and had a great time with it. I am in Texas so I would'nt know of dealers in your area. I highly recommend renting one for a few days to get a feel for the car. My total bill was a little over $90 and it is well worth it if you are going to end up buying a $20,000+ car. With the rental, I got to really see how fast the car really is off the line. Punched it a few times and was very happy with the accelerations. I am now a Prius owner and happy to have had the chance for an "extended" test drive with a TRAC car.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 551
    Not a standard car rental, it sounds like.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    The USA Prius has only auto-off lights. Maybe the Canadian version has auto-on lights, but the USA version does not. There as been quite a bit of confusion and misinformation about this subject.

    Maybe it's the definition of "auto-on" that is the confusion here. When I test-drove the Prius (U.S. version), the headlights not only turned on automatically when I started the car (meaning I had to do nothing to make them turn on, they just did), they also shut off automatically when I stopped the car and shut it off. To me, that is both "auto-on" and "auto-off".

    As for DRLs, I guess I fail to see a major difference in utility between a "DRL" and the Prius' auto lights feature. Well, maybe there is one big difference: there's no chance with the Prius that you will try to drive at night with only the DRLs on--instead you'll have the full lighting on whenever the car is on.

    Re braking, how about the 60-0 in 125 feet that MT recorded? That's pretty darn good for a family sedan! It compares well to cars like the Civic Si (128), Protege5 (124), Camry SE (126), Golf GLS 1.8T (126), and even the BMW 330i (127). (All per MT tests)
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Backy:

    > Well, maybe there is one big difference: there's no chance with the Prius that you will try to drive at night with only the DRL’s on--instead you'll have the full lighting on whenever the car is on.

    ___With DRL’s, you don’t turn anything on or off. They are on all the time. Except for the High beams of course. That feature you do have to turn on and off with a pull back of the stalk in most vehicles.

    ___As for wanting DRL’s or not, many MDX’ers have attempted to wire up their lights for pure DRL operation given they are simply auto on/off with the light sensor now. One moderator even had a small fire flare up a few months after the mod was performed :( The reason why is safety of course. The Canadian purchased MDX’s have DRL’s hard wired due to the countries local laws but it is not a simple bypass and dump the relay unfortunately.

    ___As for the 04 Prius’ 60 to 0 braking performance …

    ___Heavier vehicle, same tires, same suspension and braking HW.

    ___Good Luck

    ___Wayne R. Gerdes
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Sat in a new 04 Prius over the weekend. Could not believe that there is no driver lumbar support and no driver's side seat height adjuster. Come on Toyota! What does that cost and how little does it weigh? This is ridiculous in a plus $20K car. Also, the high load deck under the rear hatch severely constricts what you can fit back there unless you don't need the rear seats. For those who are wondering, there is no leather option. I was told that it weighs too much! I suspect it might have something to do with being a "green" car.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I'm sure the lines are less in my area, as everybody likes and wants the Sienna and Prius, and the dealers are BUSY BUSY BUSY!. I may be able to order one up in Feb and get it in June, for a late delivery and possibly a slight discount. I haven't done much shopping yet, but after Christmas I possibly will.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > Could not believe that there is no driver lumbar support
    > and no driver's side seat height adjuster. Come on Toyota!

    That is quite intentional. Toyota did exactly the same thing with the previous generation. They limit features so only the die-hard consumers will purchase the initial allotment. And not only did that work before, it is also working now.

    Toyota did announcement that more features would be available as time goes on.

    This approach helps to keep misconceptions in check. You'll also find it interesting to learn that this is how they were able to create a used market; otherwise, some would be unwilling to part with such a well built vehicle that is fairly new still.

  • I have no real opinion on it because I do not use it much. Seems adequate but I reserve comment if I ever use it.....
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