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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    There is about a $4K spread between invoice and MSRP at that level...

    I'd ask for $8500 off MSRP, and settle for $8K off.... $1000 is plenty of profit on an '05 model.... that they are obviously trying hard to move...



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  • cartalkcartalk Posts: 145


    Here's the deal now. The dealer faxed over his invoice that totaled $44,700 including the MACO of $300 and Training Service Fee of $180. The same invoice reveals an MSRP of $48,470 including destination.

    So now what should I offer. I offered $40K and he replied that it was unreasonable. How far off am I. BTW, it's Jet Black which is not a preferred color in the desert but it's the only one of the 5 left that doesn't MSRP for over $50K.

    BTW, I haven't been on here for a while and noticed the HOST title - congrats!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724

    I think you are within $500-$700 of a fair price...

    Rather than offer a higher price, ask him what he thinks is reasonable, considering the $5K incentive....



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  • Hi, I was just wondering if someone could answer my question I wrote on #436.....I would like to be prepared when the time comes. Also, after finding this site and reading so many Q&A, I want to say THANK YOU to the HOSTS and all those who answer or ask all of these very good questions. I hate to say this almost, but, someone could take all these and put it into a book form and I really think it would sell......Thanks again, Mark
  • I was just in talking with a dealer in Colorado and they said the most they had ever given off 3.0 X5's was 1775 plus the 5k Bmw incentive for a total off MSRP of $6775. They, like most Colo. dealers have less than ten '05 - X5's in stock and in his words, "are not worried about getting rid of them". I don't think anyone around here would touch $8k off MSRP, don't know about where your at. Maybe compitition is better in other places.

    Since I'm going to lease one and they jacked the rate so high, I am going to wait until Oct. and see if things get better.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Downpayments aren't requirements for leases... Advertised leases and dealers like to quote lease payments with large amounts of upfront money, because it makes the payments lower, and makes it seem like a better deal...

    In fact, you should strive to have your upfront costs be as low as possible.. That way, you know exactly how much you are paying to rent the car...



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  • I agree with this. I just completed my X5 3.0 lease with a total of $755 paid at signing (1st month, title, doc. fee). Being a new BMW customer, I paid the extra .00015 to get rid of the security deposit, bringing my monthly cost to 608 per month plus tax on a 49720 MSRP or a total of 7500 off. There may have been a couple hundred dollars left on the table, but in reality each 100 is about $1 in payment.
  • cartalkcartalk Posts: 145

    I was offered from one dealer (with the $5K incentive) invoice less $2,100. Not a good deal in my book as that's $2,900 for the dealer. Didn't get close with the other dealer either.

    I'm very likely going to pass at this time since all the available X5's are black and that doen't suit me here in the desert.

    I'm hoping they do what they did with the incentives earlier this year with the 3 series when the new one was coming out. Incentives were better in the early months on the '05 3's in Jan/Feb than they were in September of '04 (when I bought my 3). The only drawback to this is that there are no guarantees and the '07 X5 will be introduced later in the year than the '06 3 series was.

    kyfdx, any opinions/insight on this strategy?
  • Hi,

    I'm shopping for a 2005 X5 with automatic transmission, premium package, xenon light, and navigation.

    Any color except red/black/green would work.

    How much off MSRP in the Los Angeles area should I expect? I've got a quote that's $6K off already.

    When will the $5k incentive expire? I think it's a great time to find a bargain.

  • Hello,
    I have a 2004 530 premium pkg. xenon, rear shades, auto, ready to trade in or sell privately if possible. Dealer in Maryland offered around $36,000 for the trade. The 2005 X5 3.0 has premium pkg., cold weather, leather, heated steering wheel,etc.
    List is $49,720.00
    Offer is $45,200.00
    1. Is this a good deal?
    2. Should I renegotiate and how much more?

    Thank you for your reply.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    There is a $5K dealer incentive on the X5 3.0... Taking this into account, the price you were quoted for the X5 is effectively over MSRP...

    I'd say the price should be $3K-$4K less, at least.... though, I have no idea what your trade-in is worth...



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  • I'm looking for this car in LA too.
    How much did you pay for it finally?
  • A maryland dealer offered me $42,500.00 for a X5 with prem, xenon, CW, rear climate, self dimming mirrors, with auto. Is this a good deal? Should I counter offer $42,000.00? They offer $36,000.00 (530i) for my trade in. It has 15,600 miles garage kept.
  • Was that their 1st offer?

    I just offered a dealer $8k off an X5 with the same options + nav. over the internet. I will have to ship it though so add $500-700 for that. That will put me only a few hundred under your offer for total price, but they have not accepted yet. I doubt it would hurt to go for the extra $500, just depends on whether you are willing to walk away or if you really want that one.
  • I did get them down to 42,100.00 of course without nav. It seems that no dealers in Maryland has the Nav. option available with the 3.0
    Thanks for the info.
  • suv800suv800 Posts: 41

    The BMW X5 lease problem is back for the 2006 models. Just around $700.
    Here's the details,
    X5 4.4 with Navigation, CD Changer, Cold Weather Pkg, Premium Pkg, 36months.
    15000 miles/year, no money down. only the first month and security deposit of $650.00.
    Total out of packet $760 + $650+$110 mv fees = $1520.00.
    I think this is good for most of us, just like I told every one in the begining of September.
    Good luck every one.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    The BMW X5 lease problem is back for the 2006 models.

    Lease problem or lease program?
  • suv800suv800 Posts: 41
    sorry for the confuse, everyone.
    wrong typo.
  • Is this program already in effect? Has anyone been able to take advantage of this yet? We were in a dealership today and he didn't mention any of this (in fact he said that the 3.0 had a money factor of .00155 with a MSRP of $52,520...and we were shopping for a 4.4). Any advice?
  • The figures at the bottom are suppose to be the official numbers from BMWFS.

    The .00155 is marked up by the dealer. The base rate of .001 equates to 2.4% interest, the .00155 equates to 3.72%. BMWFS allows dealers a .0004 markup of the base rate and you can pay an additional .00015 to have the $625 aquisition fee waived. If you don't want to pay the aquisition fee up front then the .00015 is manditory I believe, but you certainly should be able to talk to them about the .0004 markup since it is all dealer profit.

    The MSRP is always used to find the residual value in dollars. You still have to deal over the actual sales price of the vehicle. In a lease you are basically paying for the difference between the residual and the sales price, plus a rental fee (the money factor) for the use of it. Therefore, the sales price can make a lot of difference in your payment.

    BMWFS Lease Programs – Effective 10/6//2005

    2006 MODELS

    Add 2% to Residual Value for 12k mi/yr and 3% for 10k mi/yr on all terms

    X5 3.0i Wagon

    24 mo/15k mi – 64% Residual Value – Money Factor .00100 Base Rate
    36 mo/15k mi – 57% Residual Value – Money Factor .00100 Base Rate
    48 mo/15k mi – 44% Residual Value – Money Factor .00280 Base Rate
    60 mo/15k mi – 36% Residual Value – Money Factor .00280 Base Rate

    X5 4.4i Wagon

    24 mo/15k mi – 61% Residual Value – Money Factor .00100 Base Rate
    36 mo/15k mi – 57% Residual Value – Money Factor .00100 Base Rate
    48 mo/15k mi – 40% Residual Value – Money Factor .00280 Base Rate
    60 mo/15k mi – 32% Residual Value – Money Factor .00280 Base Rate
  • Bought my new 2005 X5 3.0 on the last day of September. MSRP $48,920 + $400 for IPOD = $49,320. Cold, Premium, Rear Climate, Auto, Heated Steering Wheel, Self Dimming Mirrors, IPOD. Paid $41,500 -- about $7,800 under MSRP and about $1,200 dealer profit.
  • suv800suv800 Posts: 41

    The dealer must lied to you. BMW F/S money factor is 0.00100 started October 1,2005.
    I think you better look for another dealer, just fire the one asked.
  • jjm2jjm2 Posts: 3
    How were you able to get 2005 X5 3.0 Cold, Premium, Rear Climate, Auto, Heated Steering Wheel, Self Dimming Mirrors for 42+? Can this still be done? What can I expect to pay? I'm interested in same package.
  • Anyone have any idea on how long the current $5,000 dealer incentive on X5's might last. Obviously it's dependent on how many they sell, but is the popular opinion that the incentive might last a couple of weeks or a couple of months?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Generally, once BMW puts cash incentives on a specific model, they never go away.. Especially at the end of the model year..

    Now, BMW may end the incentive, but in that case, almost every dealer will report their cars as sold on the last day of the program, and collect the incentive..

    This isn't the case with lease and finance incentives... they can come and go monthly, depending on sales and inventory figures...

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  • Brand new to this forum - great resource!

    I am ordering an X5 4.4i this week and have been searching for a decent deal. We currently own an '03 X5 3.0 that we pay $635/month on lease (36mo/10K/$2500 drive-off).

    My local dealer was willing to discount a new X5 4.4i by $2000 off MSRP. I think that is pretty weak... especially after reading dealers have $5000 coming back. Now, I don't think the consumer is entitled to that money (maybe a bit of it), but I do think I should be able to get much closer to invoice!

    Are there better incentives offered to cars that are ordered / traded / on the lot? My configuration (White/Truffle) may have to be ordered.
  • Is it an 05 or 06? Only 05 X5's have the $5k incentive. I just got off the phone and am struggling to get 2k out of a local dealer. They offered 1500, I countered with 2k and they came back at 1800. I thought 2k was reasonable considering what they want to give me on my trade, about 1k under what I want. Besides that they are adding something to the lease, about $600 to the cap cost + charging an extra $100 on the aquisition fee.

    I am leaning toward selling our MDX and then going back. Have an extra car so it won't hurt to try. Figure that will put 2-3k in my pocket. Why is buying a car such a pain. :mad:
  • jjm2jjm2 Posts: 3
    Is there a web site to perform a new BMW search across multiple dealers or within a given range? I hate having to go to each bmw web site and search.
  • mlock6mlock6 Posts: 22
    Got a good deal in Maryland on this X5. Prem and sport pkg, rear climate, auto, self dimming mirrors, MSRP 50,700.00 including mats and 2 tanks of gas. Paid 42,700.00 plus tax and tags.
  • jjm2jjm2 Posts: 3
    What dealer in MD?
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