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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tgr99tgr99 Posts: 5
    Thanks kyfdx.

    You have been very helpful.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,870
    Read back over the last three pages of posts here... All posted this month..

    And.. read what lease terms everyone is quoting.... Skip my posts... just read the others.. How long are their leases for?

    Then, you can decide for yourself... ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • shs1shs1 Posts: 2
    I am interested in atuto, navigation, fold-down backseat and premium pacakge. I am lookign for 36 mo lease with 12k a year. Do you knwo who offers good deals around NJ (or PA or NY?) I have one quote for $3,700 down and $612 a month.

    Also, any other options i should get? What exterior and interior color is good? Thanks.
  • shs1shs1 Posts: 2
    sounds good to me but I just started. I am also in NJ - where is your dealer? Thanks.
  • mkerseymkersey Posts: 1
    Hi kyfdx,

    Here's what I'm looking at:

    $67,680 MSRP
    $64,000 purchase price
    $4000 out of pocket (cap cost reduction + 1st pmt and other fees)
    .00115 money factor
    $41,962 residual (62%)
    $693 monthly payment for 39 months at 10K miles (includes CA sales tax)

    I told the salesguy I wanted the standard 4.4i money factor of .00075 but when he called me back after checking he said that this was the best deal they could do. I think it's a good deal on a nice X5, but still believe I could do better on the MF.

    Thoughts? And what difference in the payment would .00075 make vs. .00115?

  • tagstags Posts: 3
    Hi kyfdx and many others,
    Many of your post are advising how to get a good deal from lease, but I am planning to buy a X5 and to be paid in full, would like to have some knowlegde and advices on cash buy and how to negociate with the dealer before I head south. How much above the invoice price should I pay (or below the MRSP) would consider a good deal? Is there any other things to aware when buying with cash?

    I want to purchase this car in Seattle Area, or Oregon, or California where ever is cheaper,
    2005 X5 4.4i / Premium PKG/ Sport PKG / Rear Door Mounted Airbags (possibly Rear Climate PKG / Adjustble Ride Height /Premium Audio)

    Should I ask for some freebies upgrades or a big discount in the end?

    Any advice will be very helpful to me and very much appricated, thank you,
  • Thanks for your insight.

    I was supposed to get back to the dealer Friday but had a surprise hurricane hit our local area.

    Will post to the board if and when deal happens.

    The toughest part of shopping is assessing the dealer honesty, your input helps with that part of it. Too bad there is no hassle free way.


    Dreaming of a real deal.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,870
    On your deal... the difference is about $45/mo.. Base acq.fee is $625.. If they are bumping the money factor, they are likely marking that up by $200 also...

    Nice discount off of MSRP, though... But, you'd be better off if they raised the selling price by $1000 and used the base rates...

    The dealer doesn't get all of the money that goes to the finance company for the bumped-up rates... You might sit down with the finance guy.. tell him you are semi-satisfied, but ask him to figure what selling price would net him the same profit, assuming he uses the base rates... The two of you might be able to figure out a way for them to make the same amount of money, but get you a lower payment...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,870
    Look at post #410, just above yours... We don't have a lot of anecdotal evidence of selling prices on the 4.4 model, but his selling price looks like a pretty good deal, to me...

    As far as freebies.. they are useless, unless you really want them.. If there is any accessory that you really want, let them know upfront, and make sure it is included in any price negotiation... Then, go for the biggest discount possible.

    Know the invoice price, but never mention it... Don't let your negotiations focus on dealer cost... The dealer knows his true cost, and you don't.... discussing it just allows him to take the focus away from your ultimate goal.. to pay the least amount possible for the vehicle you want.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • breterstbreterst Posts: 18
    How much over invoice should I pay for an 05 X5 right now?
  • Looks like BMW has added a significant amount of "marketing support" to the X5 3.0 and 4.4. I'm assuming this also is taking a bite out of their residual values for the month. Kyfdx, have you seen the September lease programs, and do you have residuals and money factors for 24 and 30 months, 15K miles/year?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,870
    Nope... haven't seen the numbers for this month... It is usually the 6th or 7th of the month, before they are widely available on the internet..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi, Mark

    I got a fair deal on August 12 2005, for X5 4.4 lease for 39 month at 15000 miles/year, .20 after.
    $700 a month. with zero down. no up front fee, only the first month and the security fee of $675.00 which you can get it back at the end of lease.
    Here's what's on the paper,
    4.4 v8, GPS Navigation, Cold weather package, 6-CD changer, Heated steering wheel,
    sun roof, its like everything except the sport package.
    That was in August, I went to 2 BMW Dealers in NY, one call Bayside BMW in Bayside, and the other one is Life Quality BMW in Brooklyn. I paid for deposit, and my applications went thru for an approval. but both of dealers wouldnt give me the car. They said all the X5 in the usa are sold out. Can you believe that, then I found out, starts September 1, the rate from BMW went up a lot. that's why they are holding the cars. so, I filed 2 complaints to consumer affair againt those 2. and, 2 days ago, I called the BMW of North America, they said the new program just started, that's why the rate is so high. The man told me to wait till the end of october, then the price will drop down to regular. Yesterday, Someone emailed me an internal memo regarding BMW's changing rates for September and November. I deleted my email already, otherwise I would email it to you.
    remember, out of packet is $1475.00 when pick up a car. nothing down.
    So, that's my story
    Dr. William
  • According to this web site - for the month of September BMW is offering a $5,000 cash to dealer incentive. Will be curious to see the leasing programs for September and do some number crunching.

    How much under invoice should we be paying now?
  • Dear Dr.,

    Please like to find out the name of the dealership that you mentioned-above. It sounds like really a very good deal for no money down.

    Did they give you a lease figure if putting $4K down/how much the month lease is for the same car?

    Many thanks.
  • I have talked with my dealer;he said it is better for buying the car than lease at this time since the base rate has gone up to .205 to .250 instead of previous .0011 or .00075 it has double itself. So it is a selling market for dealer to get rid of the old BMW stock. Hope the base rate come down in Oct or Nov instead.
  • Hi Dr. William,

    I have forwarded your info about getting the 4.4i to my BMW dealer;he said the number does not make sense? He said the deal is too good to be true but if you can provide me more info about the dealer so I can contact them. I don't care where I get the car but as long as it is a good deal. Please advise.

  • Tried again and got the following on an 05 4.4 with premium and sports pkg and 19" wheels.

    649 mo with at cap cost of 57000 msrp (59895) plus 825 bank fee that they are bumping the 200.
    they lowered the payment by dropping 1985 off msrp and using a MF of .0011. Also provided me with 12k miles instead of the former 10k on a 39 mo lease.

    given the new MF despite the incentives it seems like it may be my best deal now.

    waddaya think? without your previous input, I wouldn't have gotten to where I am.

    thanks again
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,870
    They must be using the August program... maybe, they were able to lock you in, since you were in there negotiating last month...

    I think, that even with the new dealer cash incentives, that it would cost more to lease this car under the September program..

    $1400 due at inception, right? You better grab this.. $650/mo for a $59K car is pretty good.... It might be $100/mo. higher under the September program..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I went ot the bmwusa web site and tried to calculate the details of their lease special (why don't they ever publish the money factor?). Here's how I derived the $459 figure:

    MSRP = $43,670
    Sales price = $39,770 (you pay $2,500 upfront plus they discount the car $1,400)
    Residual = 57% ($43,670 X 0.57 = $24,892)
    Money factor = 0.0012 (came from the X5 leasing forum)

    Payment is $459.08 plus tax

    The residual value is given in the ad (36 mos 10K miles) - I don't know what the money factor is for September but it was 0.00075 in August. Of course BMW dealers are known for bumping up their money factors so I would wait until I know what the official money factor is.

    Now for the same car MSRP of $43,670 has an invoice of $40,030 less the $5,000 cash incentive or $35,030. So I might pay $36-36.5K.
  • Correction:

    The sales price should be $38,670 (you pay $2,500 up front plus they discount the car $2,500)

    Payment is exactly $459
  • kyfdx-Thank You once again. I will take delivery this weekend and hope for no surprises. Some time ago, you also provided invaluable assistance on an X3 pursuit. Keep up your interest and contributions!!!

    Below are the latest published rates that I came across for September to be applied by BMWFS.

    X5 3.0i Wagon

    24 mo/15k mi – 64% Residual Value – Money Factor .00280 Base Rate
    36 mo/15k mi – 54% Residual Value – Money Factor .00280 Base Rate
    48 mo/15k mi – 44% Residual Value – Money Factor .00280 Base Rate
    60 mo/15k mi – 36% Residual Value – Money Factor .00280 Base Rate
  • Hello,
    I have the sales orders in my hand, remember I told earier that I went to 2 different BMW dealer. Because they promise they had instock, then turned none for me neither those 2 dealers, 1 in Bayside NY 11362, and the other 1 in Brooklyn NY 11214. I just don't know how to show them to you. This web site wouldnt allow me to post any email address.
    Just wait til end of September and October. Price will come down. You will be suprised
  • Here's a deal advertised in the LA Times (Century West BMW)

    2005 X5 3.0 - lease for $396 + tax 36mo/30K

    MSRP of $45,020, selling price of $37,532 ($7,488 off MSRP or $1,272 above invoice after $5,000 cash back), cap reduction of $3,000 so total cap cost is $34,532

    Using 57% residual and 0.0028 money factor I come up with a payment of $414.95. Not sure how they calculated the $396. Total drive off is $5,168 whcih includes $3,000 cap reduction, $450 security deposit, $625 acquistion, $396 first month payment and $697 of something else - maybe additional cap reduction?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,870
    I'm pretty sure the money factor on that lease is .0025

    And, using that factor, the numbers add up....



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi, my local dealer in Ca. also thinks the prices will come down in 30-60 days on the lease. Do you REALLY think so? Will this be a 05 or 06 in your opinion that drops in price? What is a "DEAL" for downpayment on a lease for the 4.4i and monthly payment? My dealer was talking about 5-6K down and a monthly under 600 back in August.
  • Yes, the price will come down back to the August price in October for 2006 BWM X5 4.4, And, the prices will be under $600 if tax upfront, 15k per yr.
    The new rate for October is came from internal memo of BMW Usa. Hopefully every one will have what they want.
  • Hi, THANK YOU so much for the information. What do you think the downpayment will be for that lease in Oct.? Does it vary from Dealer to Dealer? When I was talking to them in August, they were talking about me putting something like 5-7K down. That seemed like a lot, but it is a lot of car....

    Thank you, Mark
  • cartalkcartalk Posts: 145
    Looking at purchasing a new X5. With the new $5,000 marketing support things look pretty good from a timing perspective but obviously want a great deal.

    We are considering two X5's with the same equipment (only difference is the non-metallic color).

    They both have an MSRP of $48,470 (not sure if destination is included) and have the same equipement: Premium Package (W/On-Board Computer/leather), Rear Climate Package, Automatic Transmission, Xenon Adaptive Headlights.

    Looking for a price to offer the dealer on a vehicle.

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