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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was told my a local dealer in Southern CA that BMW released new rates. According to dealer for an X5 4.8.. MSRP of 60k., Residual at 61%, Money factor at .00210, Dowpayment including 1st month's payment at 5k... dealer said for 36 month lease with 10k miles per yr., lease would be approx. $740 per month plus tax.
  • daryll44daryll44 Posts: 307
    I am thinking of trading in my 2004 Lexus LS430 (rear wheel drive) for an X5 to go in the Pittsburgh snow. I am worried about quality. The Lexus is flawless. Will I get the same "don't even have to think about it" experience with a Bimmer? From what I read of the quality reports BMW is not anywhere near the Japanese.

    I am not bashing BMW, but am wondering about this legitmate concern.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    While I can't speak for the current (new) X5, I can tell you that my Dad currently leases an '04 X5 3.0iA. He's had it for a little over 3 years and his lease is up in August. With over 63,000 miles It has only been to the dealer 4 times: 18,000 miles for the first oil change(included in full maintenance), 37,000 miles for Inspection I (major service...included in full maintenance), 50,000 for 3rd oil change, replace front brake pads & rotors, (included in full maintenance) and a rear hatch latch that wouldn't close properly, 60,000 miles for new rear brake rotors & a half a quart of oil... He's due for Inspection II (major service) in about a month. It has been a flawless vehicle and lots of fun to drive.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • got it also around $2600 off in southern california. If you're in southern cali and need my dealer's info, let me know.
  • I'm in southern cali and would like to know your dealer's info. Check my profile and get my email address.
  • I'm advised by my dealership the trailer hitch kit for the 2007 BMW X5 has some "technical issues" left to be resolved and no release date has been announced despite the fact over a thousand people have ordered them across the country. I'm not sure what you do if you want to pull your boat with this vehicle.
  • atsoundatsound Posts: 1
    Hi krburrell,

    Could you tell me which dealership gave you $2600 off MSRP? That is such a awesome deal.
    Any information could be helpful.
  • Did any dealers near NJ offer $2000 off or near that...I'm looking to get a black/black 3.0si with sport pkg, premium pkg, cold weather pkg, rear climate pkg, parktronic, and running boards with MSRP $56xxx and they're only willing to give a $1200 discount on it.

    But on a black/black 3.0si with only premium, cold weather and running boards...MSRP 51xxx they're willing to go $1800 off MSRP...

    How can I get them to give me the $1800 discount on the $56k version ?
  • Hey all,

    Can you tell me if this is a good deal that I got. It's my first BMW.

    I just leased a X5 3.0 with Technology, Premium, Cold weather Rear climate packages MSRP 54,925

    3 yr lease
    15K miles
    $2,500 down (includes first month payment)
    Monthly payments $868

  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    BMW North America told me that the cable to connect and control an iPod will be available in late April this year. If you have the technology package with iDrive, a software update from the dealer will allow you to fully control your iPod using the iDrive entertainment screen.

    Until then, I'll try the 3.5mm cord suggestion. Good suggestion, thanks!
  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    I don't think anyone has mentioned the rebates offered by the BMW Car Club ( ). Car Club members are eligible for rebates on BMW vehicle purchases if you've been a member for 1 year before you buy the car. A $45 membership fee could get you up to $1,500 rebate depending on the model.

    This doesn't help if you're going to buy one tomorrow, but if a BMW is in your future, a car club membership is a cheap way to get a rebate in addition to other incentives and promotions.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046
    Good post!!

    It works... I collected $500 on our last 3-series purchase... :D

    BTW, the money comes from BMW NA..


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  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,260
    you also get ROUNDEL, a great magazine to boot!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • kalbo607kalbo607 Posts: 12
    I am planning to get an X5 very soon, does anyone know of any deals being offered at this time?

  • I was looking for some additional perspectives on this question. My wife and I are leasing an 07 X3 and 05 X5. We are violating all common sense laws regarding cars (not an investment, do not lease new because of high depreciation, do not get emotionally involved, etc.), but this is one emotional indulgence we have (expensive one too!).

    But we are very emtionally tied to these vehicles. We have a passion for them. At the end of the leases we were thinking of financing to buy. From a common sense standpoint we are taking 7-8 years to pay these vehicles off, then what will we have? Another 3-4 years of no payments but costly maintenance? If we release every 3-4 years with little of no money down, we get new car every 3-4 years, no maintenace, but knowing that you will always have car payments with little maintenance outlays.

    Does anyone have any advice from experience that could provide us with more information?

    Thank you!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046
    My advice.. regarding BMWs:

    Lease, then lease again.. Just be flexible on the model you want... There is almost always a BMW model that has great lease deals on it.

    With the included maintenance, you'll never have to pay for anything extra, except tires..

    I'd guess that you'd have to buy and drive your off-lease BMW for 5 more years, at least, to come out ahead of continuing to lease new models, and I'm not sure that would even work..

    Please note.. this advice only applied to BMWs.



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    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • raodenraoden Posts: 14
    Can some people in the NJ Area post what is the best price they have gotten for the BMW X5. Edmunds TMV price is just $500 less than the MSRP. Is this the lowest price that people are getting in the NJ area? I did see some earlier posts from people that they have got 1K off the MSRP. Can people post the latest deals that they are getting. Thx
  • sheikh37sheikh37 Posts: 7
    I paid 1000 over invoice for a car I ordered per my specifications here in Pittsburgh..leased per bmwfs current rates for X-5's..If you need a dealer contact let me know....the guys I dealt with per professional with no games...
  • raodenraoden Posts: 14
    Sheikh37 thanks for your response. Good to know people are getting these numbers. Was this for a X5 3.0 or X5 4.8?
    I have done the test drives and compared it to other vehicles. I have decided on getting X5 3.0. I am going to start talking with dealers, some time next week. Wanted to get some info before I talk with the salesmen. Please let me know which dealer you worked with, If nobody is ready to meet this price in NJ I will drive 5 hours to Pittsburgh.
    Also did you talk to the internet sales dept? or did you talk face to face?
  • golfpro3golfpro3 Posts: 4
    I am looking for 2007 X5 WITH FOLLOWING FEATURES:

    Premium Package
    Comfort Package
    Heated Front/Rear Seats
    Running Board
    IPOD Adaptor

    What should I expect to Pay for the purchase?
  • sheikh37sheikh37 Posts: 7
    I got a 3.0 with premium, cold weather, technology,rear climate, heated rear seats, running boards and third row seats...I actually e mailed all the sales managers in the dealerships in my area...not internet or sales people....only sales managers(got the e mails off their websites) all of them gave me good offers....around 1500 over invoice...this guy I had set up a meeting from before so when I went I said 1000 over and told him about the offers..he didnt argue said I didnt bother calling up the rest to haggle as it was good enough for me....maybe I could have saved a few hundred more on MACO etc.....he did not try to mark up the money factor or the aquisition so everything was very straightfroward from what I can nice guys to deal with....I can let them know if u are was Paul Rahal at Bobby Rahal bmw of south hills....tell him Dr Ali said good things...I was initially willing to drive way more to get a good deal but these guys agreed so I lucked out...5 hours isn't a bad drive....
  • raodenraoden Posts: 14
    Thanks again for the info. I am going to start by asking the sales managers in the NJ area. I will post the prices that I am getting.
  • kabbalahkabbalah Posts: 41
    I'd like to know your dealer contact. I am in Atlanta but I can order a vehicle & pick it up in SC if the price is right.

  • kabbalahkabbalah Posts: 41
    I am coming off a 39m lease on an X5 4.4 with sport. the list on my current vehicle was approx $64K when leased. A comparable new one lists at approx 10 grand more. My question to all of you is what do you think of the 6cyl X5. If I order the 6 cylinder its about 10 grand less than the 4.8. I would have no hesitation if they offered the 3.5l twin turbo thats in the 335. I'm also going to look at the new Cayenne. I didn't like the Q7.
  • sheikh37sheikh37 Posts: 7
    please see my reply in message # 618
  • kabbalahkabbalah Posts: 41
    Thank you. I will give them a call.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    The April issue of Roundel (BMWCCA club magazine) has comparison between X5 3.0 and Acura MDX, and X3 and RDX. It also has one on X5 4.8 and Q7. In X5 3.0 vs MDX article, the writer leaned towards MDX for handling, stereo and navigation. The article points out that MDX also costs 16k less, comparably equipped.

    While the same author (I think) the extra 10k for X3 (against RDX) is worth every penny, MDX is the winner when compared to X5.
  • wooboswoobos Posts: 2
    Need to purchase an X5 4.8 in Florida. (sports pkg, Premium pkg, tech pkg). Pls. advice on what kind of discount I can expect and also which dealers to approach.

  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    The cable to connect an iPod to the new X5 is now available at dealers. But there's a problem with it if you have an X5 that was built before March/April 2007.

    BMW's cable uses a 3.5mm connector for sound and a USB connector to control the iPod with the car's entertainment functions (and it charges the iPod too.) If you have iDrive, you can get a software update to control the iPod through the iDrive. But if your X5 was an early production model, you probably don't have the USB port and therefore you can't control the iPod from the car. So look in the compartment under the armrest to see if you have both the USB port and the auxiliary input before you make a trip to the dealer.

    You can use BMW's cable to get sound from the iPod using the 3.5 mm connector, but why pay $50 for BMW's cable when you can do the same thing with a $10 cable from any store like BestBuy? Then just use the iPod's controls for volume and music. It sounds just fine and you save $40 and a trip to the dealer.
  • I'm looking to buy my first car here and am wondering what a good price in this area is and if anyone has any suggestions. I want the premium pkg, tech pkg, heated front and rear seats and maybe sirius sat. radio. MSRP is 54,770 and invoice is 50,365. Thanks!
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