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    Orangelebaron, go to That's the Korean website. At the bottom right, there's a picture of the Tucson with the word "click." It will open up quite a cool presentation of the car. It takes awhile to load. Then it's like being a kid in a candy store--which episode to click on next? It's quite fun and very informative--lots of pictures of the inside. And there are some English subtitles. Unless the Java settings for your browser are goofed up, you should be able to get into it.
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    Great! What's next on the menu? Hybrids?
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    All the other manufacturer's should be ashamed of themselves for making side airbags an option or making you have to get the high end model before you can get them. You can't get side bags or disk brakes on a Tribute/Escape unless you get a 6 cylinder. Try to find side airbags on a RAV4 without AWD...not gonna happen. You can spend over 25 thou for a Vue or an Equinox...but your'e still stuck with drums. Want heated mirrors? Most don't even offer 'em. Don't want a tire stuck on the back of your ute'? Forget about RAV4 and CRV.

    So a big pat on the back to Hyundai for making these things standard across the board. I've been disappointed by so many cars out there one way or another. Hopefully this Tucson will do it.
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    toss in a good looking interior, and you have one winner.
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    "You can spend over 25 thou for a Vue or an Equinox...but your'e still stuck with drums."

    Im pretty sure you get discs on the Honda V6 equipped Vue.

    Is the Tuscon going to have seat mounted chest and head protection side airbags or the more desirable seat mounted chest bag and curtain setup?

    The only things that turn me off about the Tuscon:
    same old, fairly high tech but low output and inefficienct V6 (sorry, but with the auto and AWD -probably going to be outrun by the signficantly lighter yet 4 cylinder AWD RAV4 and CRVs), and where is stability control? Toyota scores big points in my book for ABS and VSC standard. I dont see it as much of an issue in cars (though stability control is still HUGELY beneficial, theres a much lower threat of rolling inherent in passenger cars), but short wheelbase vehicles w/ high centers of gravity.....

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    the Koreans typically have lower fuel economy than the Japanese.
  • shado4shado4 Member Posts: 287's officially summer! Where are you hiding all the Tucsons? No web updates of your Tucson micro site since February...nothing to tease us. I've actually had to go to your Korean website to get my "fix" of information.

    Anybody know when Hyundai really plans to release the Tucson?

    Impatient in Pittsburgh...
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    they're taking a Honda approach and hide everything until the last minute.
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    Since there hasn't been much info at all in the last few months on the new Tucson, I decided to go down to a local hyundai dealer and find out what and if they new anything ( what a concept, huh?). I was told all dealers will have it July 15 to show and test drive. I am looking forward to it......... and as of now it looks like this will be my new car. I also like the ford escape a great deal, but fully loaded an escape will be out of price range, and the ford warranty sucks.....
    So even though an Escape will have more power and probably be a little more fun to drive. overall the hyundai will be a better value with price, features and warranty....
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    One thing to factor in is that the fuel economy of Hyundai/Kia is often significantly less than the competition. Where its comparable, for example, theres usually a pronounced power deficeit, ex. the 203 hp Ford/Mazda 3.0L engine and the 171hp 2.7L Hyundai motor. Theres more just value than just up-front cost, dont forget.

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    I agree to a point...... Hyundai/kia's usually do have lower fuel economy..... But the Escapes are not great in the top of the line, fully loaded, the sticker for an Escape is pushing $28,000. Tucson most likely will top out at about $22,000. Thats a big difference.....
    The Escape was originally what i wanted, until I heard about and saw the tucson. I still Love the escapes, but the extra $ in my pocket that I will save might be worth giving up a few hp.
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    I heard the Tucson won't start production in Korea until Aug 1st... US dealers should receive by mid-Sept.
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    SUV's and passenger cars is nullified by what I have come to expect as very solid ride and performance capabilities. No, I'm not talking about power performance but I am talking about a reliable ride with a smooth, solid feel to it, and a quiet cabin to enjoy as well. My 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 is not only built like a solid tank but is running like a top at 75,300 miles and I sure appreciated sitting up higher for a better view of the road during a bad storm through St.Louis last night. Visibility was very poor and I was passing multitudes of cars who couldn't see the road as well down lower to the ground.

    It's heartening to see that both the 2005 Kia Sportage and 2005 Hyundai Tucson are both getting closer to hitting American shores. I want to start peering in at what could be my next purchase!

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    Is it just me, or does it seem like the re-designed Kia Sportage (yet to be "seen") and the New small SUV offering from Hyundai are one and the same vehicle? See the "spy photo" of the Sportage and the photo spread of the Hyundai Tucson at Edmunds. Since Kia and Hyundai are essentially two divisions of the same company, can we expect that within a few years they'll share every platform? The Sonata and the Optima are the same car with diferent trim and a few different sheet metal crimps. I've heard that the Kia Sorento and the Hyundai Santa Fe share the same engine and transmission. This is beginning to stink a bit like all the Ford-Mercury twins of the 1970s and 1980s....I hope the quality and design won't take after Detroit too.
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    The new Tucson left Car and Driver fairly lukewarm in their Preview drive. Seems underpowered, softly sprung, and thirsty, but C/D always takes an enthusiast slant, so we'll see how it fares in the hands of consumers.

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    C&D likes the leather interior and Mercedes shape to the body or they think it's "cheap" and slushy in handling performance, etc. I would trust and gather up consumer information(and not Clodsumer Retorts, either)from actual buyers of new Sportage and Tucson a lot more than C&D reports. Then again, fuel mileage with the new Kia and Hyundai small SUV's will be lower than RAV4 or CRV. Look at that when you're shopping and determine if it really bothers you or not. The plusses of my small Kia SUV outweigh the gas mileage issue. I get a consistent 25 mpg from the Sportage. It's RWD-it's possible the new Tucson and Sportage with their FWD will offer averages closer to 30 mpg.

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    I don't know if that is the American version, but I'm currently in Korea and the Tucson has been in production and on sale here for about 3-4 months. I've seen many on the road and they look rather nice (not as bulbous as the Santa Fe). I'm waiting fro one to come to the showroom close to where I'm staying. They offer a 2.0 liter diesel here, as standard. All of the mini-vans, SUVs and trucks have diesels. I drove a Hyundai mini-van upto Seoul, Korea from Pusan and got about 40 miles per gallon. And this van was not one of the US mini-vans. The "mini-vans" here can carry upto 10 or more people. And, for being fairly small engines by American standards, the 2.0 liter engines have fairly good acceleration. When I can, if anyone is interested, I'll take some photos and post them.
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    from the local dealer on when this is coming out. Hyundai's really keeping this quiet.

    Here's a new review of the Tucson from The Independent in London: =542679

    It says that the Tucson is rated at 39 mpg... Imperial gallons, I'm supposing, but still that's like 35 mpg in the US. If my math is correct that's pretty impressive!
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    Greetings from Greece

    I'd like to inform you that the Greek dealer already started to sell Tucson. It is available in 4 editions:

    2.0 GLS Turbo Diesel
    2.0 GLS (27000 Euro)
    2.o GLS Full (29000 Euro)
    2.7 GLS Full
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    We were in Vancouver on June 26th. While out seeing the sights we came upon a production company filming a commercial for the new Tucson. There was a very large stuffed animal on the roof. When we passed the same spot a few hours later the Tucson was being driven away as production had wrapped. It reminded me of a Santa Fe with a flat rear.
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    Does anyone know what the ground clearance will be on the 4WD version of the Tucson? It doesn't list that spec on the Hyundai website.
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    Just heard some interesting facts about Tucson:
    1. Every dealer in US should have one by Oct 1st... good inventory levels by Oct 31st
    2. Every Tucson will be equipped with ABS and stability control... two features not found on another SUV in it's class
    3. People who sign up on are entitled to special deals
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    Oops - link won't work as spelled. It's


    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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    Looking under specs, the stereo plays MP3s and you get 3 power outlets.

    Base engine has CVVT but still an iron block (partially explains the weight on the high side - 3240-3548 lbs). The V6 has an alloy block.

    Auto has 4 ratios but it does have Shiftronic.

    4 wheel discs are nice and 16" rims, but a donut on an SUV? C'mon guys....

    The V6's gas tank is bigger. They should use the same tank on the 4 for better range.

    It lacks a full-size spare, stability control, and perhaps a 5th ratio. CR-V will have all 3 next year. RAV4 does too, IIRC.

    BTW, the Subaru Forester has had ABS standard since 1998. Side air bags were an option back in 2001 and standard in 2003. Subaru was way ahead of the pack.

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    This Tucson don't look much different than the Santa Fe I now own (which in my opinion is not saying a whole lot). Now if Hyandai would build one more like the Infinity FX-35 at about $30k with same great warranty package -- boy what a hit they would have ???
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    and in their case it's a big 'ole but, with Subaru's one sacrifices good looks, which Hyundai's have built in from the factory. Why are the Japanese rigs all so homely looking? Yikes! The South Koreans have it down accurately, this car body building. What's cool is that both Kia and Hyundai quality is improving to the point that they caught and are in the process of beating the Japanese as I type this and as Gary Payton fumes over being traded to the hapless Celtics. The new Hyundai Tucson rocks the house nicely, just like Lonesome George Thorogood does. This SUV will steal business from Subaru and Honda and Toyota. Kia's new Sportage will have a full-size spare, right? Somebody find out if it does and post it back here for us, OK? Pretty sure it does, only Kia will build it to store in the back cargo area, not on the back like the original Sportage.

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    is purely subjective. The new Subies are far more attractive, IMO, than the Hyundais. The Forester is leaner looking (and in actuality) than the overweight Tuscon, whose 173 horses are really going to struggle against those 3500+ lbs. This vehicle is going to compete in a crowded market, and it has its work cut out for it. Also, Hyundai's initial quality as measured by JD Power is the only area in which it has surpassed Toyota. In Long Term and in CR's ratings, Hyundai still trails Toyota/Honda, and Kia doesnt come close in any of the reports...

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    I have seen reports saying the next-gen Santa Fe will be up-sized now that the Tuscon, with more space inside than the Santa Fe, is out.

    I saw an ad in today's paper (Minneapolis) from a dealer inviting people to a special unveiling of the Tuscon on August 25 (my birthday, but I'll be out of town). That must mean the new Tuscon is just around the corner (literally)...
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    I've seen one of these driving around on post here in South Korea... It looks great. The side profile, especially from the rear, had just a hint of (dare I say it?) Porche Cayenne in it. I didn't even think they were going to sell these in the U.S. until I checked Hyundai's website today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that HyundaiUSA will offer the Korean model's Diesel engine option. I know I'm dreaming, but with gas prices the way they are, a cheaper fuel that gets better mileage makes plenty of sense to me.
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    Don't expect to see a diesel option until the 2007 MY. ULSD will be required in all states by June 2006.
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    What are those special deals if I sign to

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    I have seen several Tucson in Hyundai show rooms in the UK. Proper sells are going to be at the beginning of October this year.

    It is a good looking car 4x4 but the dealer did not want I test drive the car off-road.

    I like the rear seats collapse flat on the floor. The engine compartment looks modern. The inside is not bad.

    I would like bigger tires, e.g. 17" 0r 18" as an option. Equally a by-xenon front lights as a option.

    I do not like sunroof on a SUV or sport spoiler.

    Ground clearance is not impressive.

    Could somebody gives some comparison clues of this tucson with the Tuoareg, Nissan Murano other that the prices. I think the Tucson has many of the stuff that these named above cars have, at much less price. For example why should a pay another $10,000 to buy a Tuoareg or a Murano?

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    More power, more style, better fuel efficiency, better handling, estabilished reliability record as per JD and name a few.

    I am a huge fan of the next Sonata, so its not that I dont like Hyundais. It just seems that this is a paltry effort. A better question would be... why not just spend $1000 more and get the Santa Fe?

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    Because the Santa Fe is ugly, has less interior room than the Tuscon while being bigger and heavier, doesn't have the safety features of the Tuscon, and has lower fuel economy than the Tuscon?

    As for the Tuscon vs. Touareg and Murano... the Touareg doesn't have an established reliability record in CR as it is too new. The Murano's predicted reliability by CR is above average--the same as the Elantra on which the Tuscon is based. As for better fuel efficiency, the Murano's mpg is 19 on premium fuel per CR, the Touareg 15 on diesel or premium. CR hasn't tested the Tuscon yet, but the larger Santa Fe got 18 with the 2.7L V6, so the lighter Tuscon V6 should at least match the Murano and top it with the 4-banger.
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    I dont feel the Santa Fe is ugly. Which safety features does the Tucson have that the Santa Fe doesnt? If you contend side curtains, yes, but..has Hyundai announced the 2005 Santa Fe yet? Are we sure it will not have Side Curtains? That said, the Santa Fe does well all round from NHTSA to IIHS. How much better are the EPA ratings for the Tucson over the Santa Fe, I dont see the ratings for the Tucson on Hyundai's site.

    And you're right- the Tuscon is a whopping 1.9 cubic feet larger in passenger usable volume against the Santa Fe. And it only gives up 7.8 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up, and but 12.2 with the seats down! The trade off seems unimpressive to me.

  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course.'s review of the Santa Fe noted that it's a good SUV, if you can get past the styling. Me, I can't get past the styling. It's one of the few vehicles I would not buy based on looks alone.

    No, I am not sure the '05 Santa Fe won't have side curtains. If Hyundai does that, then I'll give up the safety point.

    On mpg, I made it clear I was using the fuel economy ratings that CR experienced in their tests, which I think are more real-world than the EPA ratings. If you don't think the considerably lighter Tuscon will get better mpg than the Santa Fe with the same engine, that's fine; I'm willing to bet the Tuscon will have an advantage on the V6 and that the 4-cylinder will do better than the V6. We'll soon see.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    One of your Tucson advantages is subjective, as you realize and state, two are pending (side curtains and MPG), and one is a big tradeoff between less than an extra foot of passenger room, but a loss of up tot 12.2 cu. ft. of cargo space.

    (Of course the 4 cylinder will do better than the V6, but do you really expect a 140hp 4 to be able to move 3400lbs? Hyundai needs to get serious.)

  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Styling is subjective, yes. But it's not just me that thinks styling is a turn-off for the Santa Fe. Obviously, many people aren't bothered by it since Hyundai has sold a lot of Santa Fes. But Pontiac has sold a fair number of Aztecs also. Not to me, though.

    You asked, why wouldn't someone just spend $1000 more and get a Santa Fe? I gave you a few reasons. If you want to quibble about which are "pending" or not, go ahead. Anyway, the 4-banger will definitely move the Tuscon. How quickly it moves the Tuscon is another thing.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    you think, or, in the real world, fast enough for those who love it's styling better than Santa Fe. It looks great IMO.

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    for the Tucson which ran on Monday Night Football? I got all excited and yelled "There it is!" I was hoping it would give a specific date of availability, but it showed the same old thing at the end of the commercial--available Fall 2004.
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    Other manufacturers, e.g. Lexus, Nissan, etc announce theirs future cars day of delivery, why Hyundai doesn't do the same?

    'Fall 2004' means anything. For example in the UK Tucsons were in the show room from August but nobody could order any car until October 2005. What is this? In Australia Tucson are already sold.

    Why there is not an official note from Hyundai USA for USA customers? Can somebody give me a rational explanation?

    Why I am interested on this is because I am planning to be in the USA at the end of October and buy a 4x4 for an adventure if the Tucson is not there I will have to buy other car, e.g. RAV4 or the Honda.

  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    I just called my Hyundai dealer (Chicago area). The salesperson I talked to said the word is now late October availability. He said he didn't know there had been a commercial run, although he said the inquiries about the car are increasing.
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    Maybe you should go for the RAV4 or CRV-- both will have stability control standard for the 2005 model year, both are quicker and more fuel efficient than the Tucson will be... and the RAV4 with side curtain airbags was recently announced as the first vehicle to achieve the IIHS's double "Best Pick" rating.

  • mpgmanmpgman Member Posts: 723
    I suspect some of the more desirable options like head curtains and leather (at least to some of us) might require buying the 6. Anyone know any different? Is the Tuscon's side cladding simply a different color paint or is it the real thing? Anyone who lives and parks in a city knows that painted bumpers stop looking good when the car leaves the showroom and anyone who parks in a lot where cars are side by sides knows how few cars have decent door ding protection.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    of making side impact protection standard. I applaud this, and would expect the Head Curtain airbags to be standard on all Tucsons.

  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    RAV4 and CRV 2005? where could I have more information about this announcement. say nothing about this.

  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    Kia/Hyundai has unveiled in Korea (August 17th) the new Sportage. It has traction control and electronic stability technology.

    Kia expects to sell more than 60,000 car in the USA.

    The first day of sales in Korea was 7,000 for the Sportage and 4,000 for the Tucson.

    Does sombeody know about this is the USA?

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    This info was just announced officially:
    Side curtain airbags standard
    ABS standard
    Traction control standard
    Stability control standard
    Full power equip standard
    Cruise control standard
    Alloy wheels standard
    Gls model adds windshield wiper deicer standard
    optional sunroof and in dash 6-disc changer
    LX model has leather heated seats standard
    only option being the sunroof.
    Pricing 4cyl 5sp fwd 17,499 + dest
    4 cyl auto fwd 18,299 + dest
    4 cyl auto 4wd 18,999 + dest
    6 cyl auto fwd 19,999 + dest
    6 cyl auto 4wd 21,499 + dest
    6 cyl Lx auto fwd 21,249 + dest
    6 cyl Lx auto 4wd 22,749 + dest
    availability is still not announced but expect within 30 days.
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    the new Sportage or the new Tucson? Or both?

    I especially apppreciated the 4cyl, 5-speed manual price of $17,499. That's only $400 more than I paid for my '01 Kia Sportage 4x4 in 2001. It is for FWD, though, not rear and no 4WD on that unit as well.

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  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    It is for the Tuscon.
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