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Hyundai Tucson



  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    Danf1,is the pricing available for the sunroof and 6 disc cd changer options? Just trying to figure out the bottom line. Thanks.
  • mpgmanmpgman Member Posts: 723
    Can you get leather in the 4 fwd?
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    The sunroof msrp is 795
    The cd changer msrp is 395
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    No leather in the 4
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    Sunroof msrp is 750 not 795. Sorry, I was at home going from memory
  • dovid2dovid2 Member Posts: 90
    Actually, I rather liked the Santa Fe's
    sculptured look, it separated it from the
    slab-sided SUV's I see, Tribute, Escape, etc.
    I first thought the Tucson was bland, but
    after going through the virtual catalog
    on the Korea site, it looks a little like the BMW X3. Not bad. (Why can't the USA site do that?)

    I think Hyundai doesn't announce release dates because they want to sell as many current models as they can. I saw the '02 Sonata on the
    road long before the web site was updated.
  • redsantaferedsantafe Member Posts: 6
    My dealer in TN told me every dealer in the US has been allocated one Tucson which will arive by Oct 7th. This date coincides with a big dealer meeting in Las Vegas. He thinks he'll get to see the new NF Sonata, '06 XG replacement vehicle as well as the new '06 Santa Fe.

    We spoke about Tucson vs. Santa Fe and it's my understanding the '05 Santa Fe will only come in V6. There will be a $3-4k difference in price between the two vehicles.
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    Hyundai stopped producing 4 cyl Santa Fe in may 2004. It will not return.
  • mpgmanmpgman Member Posts: 723
    already shows 3 on the lot so the above may not be accurate for all areas. Does anyone know if you can add after market leather from the dealer without ruining the side air bags or voiding the warranty? Some dealers will do it on some cars and others like VW, won't.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Adding leather can be tricky, not just because of the SABs but because of the Occupant Classification System (OCS) sensor in the passenger seat. If the Tuscon uses the same system as does the Elantra, the sensors are located in the seat cushion. I read an article recently from a auto seat cover trade mag about this issue. The work has to be done carefully.
  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    There is a dealer sponsored website in Chicago that shows inventories. There are 4 dealers showing 1 in stock. There is little detail: three are $21,344, and one is $22,844--this one does say 4x4. Two of the colors listed are ebony black and frost, both with gray interiors, and the 3rd color was mesa red with no mention of interior.
  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    My Hyundai dealer has a black on black GLS 4wd which I test drove today. (BTW, the fuel economy is 19/24.)The only option was a sunroof. This model is not for sale--for test drives only. The dealer still doesn't know when stock will arrive, or even what colors will be available.

    I was very impressed with the car. The car looks great--has a beefy look to it for a small SUV. The transmission was very peppy. The car was very quiet! I was able to adjust the seat to fit me comfortably, and I felt the vision was good. I thought the interior was nice and the dash was logical. The seats were a lighter pebble color material--with a subtle pattern. I felt I was riding higher, but it was very easy getting in and out. The rear hatch opens upward, and just the back window can be opened. There is a deeply grooved rubber mat in the rear area which can be taken out and hosed off, and under that is a "secret" compartment area.

    Keep in mind that I've owned two Hyundais--my current 02 Elantra GT hatchback, and a Sonata before that, so I'm rather partial to the brand. I never drove or even rode in a CRV or Rav4, so I can't compare the cars. I'll be interested in hearing what you folks who have driven other small SUV's think. But I know I haven't been this thrilled by an automobile in quite a while!
  • crhcrh Member Posts: 29
    I didn't get to drive one, but I did sit in one today. It really is nice. I liked the brushed chrome around the instrument panel. The interior seemed very streamlined. This one was silver with the light gray interior. The sticker was over $22K, even though it didn't have leather seats. That surprised me. I was really expecting a few thousand below the Ravs, but I'm not sure that's what we'll see. The dealer I spoke with was telling me that there is such hype, they don't really expect the need to offer any incentives to get them out on the roads. The big negative in my mind is that nobody knows when they will have stock. I've been hearing "a couple weeks" now since mid August. We are in no rush to least I wasnt' until I saw it yesterday. : ) Does anyone know if Hyundai offers incentives on new models to help push them along? I'm hopint this dealer was wrong. I'd love to be able to get a V-6 for under $19K.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    I was in the Paris motor show yesterday. I was able to sit on both cars, e.g. Kia sportage/Hyundai Tucson. It appears that the warranty range is different for both cars. I like both cars and I expect to buy the Tucson only because the J.D. Power reliability index. I could not have catalogues on details for both cars. I was not impressed with the Nissan Murano. It has b-xenon lights, 3.5 lt engine, and 18" tyres sizes. It has also huge storage space with rear seats operation similar to the tucson.

    Kia stand has a V6 2.7 model Sportage. Hyundai did not have any V6 to show.

    My first question is: Can I buy a b-xenon set of lights (kit) and ask by dealer to assemble it in my tucson?. Do someone know about this?

    Second question; Can I ask my dealer to install 18" sized tyres without upsetting the drivebility of the car?

    Third question; Can I change the exhaust tips from circle to small square like the Kia exhaust tips or Toureg?

    Four question; Can I change the korean tyres with customer preferable tyres (S/M) without affecting the price of the car. By the way what type and model of tyres are going to be on the USA Tucson. The Kia on show has Bridgestone and the Tuscos has Hankook make.

    Thank, B
  • nornenorne Member Posts: 136
    I think it will depend on the initial demand. If demand is there and product is moving at a good paste than forget any incentive or special financing for a while.
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    The tucson currently has a $500 owner loyalty rebate through october. I wouldn't expect to see any other incentives for some time as availability is low and demand seems to be high, but that will all depend upon sales. As far as availability, I have 14 allocated, so within a few weeks there should be a decent selection out there.
  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    Dan, do you know what colors besides black, silver, and mesa red will be available?
  • nornenorne Member Posts: 136
    Are you getting lot of inquiries from customers on the new tucson?
  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    complete with Build Your Own, where you can see the colors. For those of you who loved the blue at the auto shows, it's there--Nautical Blue it's called.

    Kirstie H, I trust Edmunds will soon post the invoice pricing?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
    Yes, though it usually takes us a month or so after sales begin. We have to wait for data to arrive from dealerships, which also provides us with the True Market Value numbers. Can't have numbers on what others are paying without actual sales!


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  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    Take adils advice for colors. I could tell you what they are but who knows what the actually look like? There seems to be a good bit of inquiries on the vehicle, but we only have one now and aren't selling it until more come in. As far as pricing, there is very little markup in these which is why we're sitting on this one. We can make an 800 profit selling an Elantra, so we figure it is nice to be able to see a Tucson if you want to.
  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    Looks good. I was surprised it costs more than a Santa Fe.
    There are no interior pics on the Hyundai website and the price seems to step over established reliable Honda CR-Vs and Toyota RAV4s. I think they will need rebates after a short period of time where it will be a new novelty.
    We'll have to see how the 4 cylinder Tucson prices out.
  • iameliotiameliot Member Posts: 14
    I drove one only had one in so far...v6 gls model....I really like so many things about this car....nice styling, great safety features, lots of standard major problem in the one I drove though.....when I accelerated, particularly on an upward incline, there was a very nasty hesitiation....put the pedal to the floor and the car did not even react for 2-4 seconds, then finally jerked and lurched......even happened at low speed when I just accelerated normally...maybe this was just a fluke for this one car, but it was serious enough that I would not dare buy one.....would love to hear from others (not dealers) who have test driven.....if they fix this problem, count me in.....if they don't and this is how all the tucsons accelerate, I think they are going to have a major problem on their hands......
  • mpgmanmpgman Member Posts: 723
    Impressed with the interior room, the fold flat rear with hard plastic seat backs and the rear window that opens separately. The AWD 6 I sat in also had a neat center arm rest on the top of the console that can pop up and forward for good elbow position depending upon where you place the seat. I couldn't be sure if the side cladding was unpainted or painted or if that differs by trim lines. Anyone know? All in all, given the content and especially the full range of safety features, it looks like a nice vehicle.
  • delta4delta4 Member Posts: 138
    Jameliot - I understand your concerns regarding the hesitation. This maybe corrected by Hyundai or it maybe a fluke? If this does become an issue Hyundai must take care of this as quickly as possible.

    My wife and I had an opportunity to demo a Tucson (GLS) yesterday. First thing we noticed is the very good exterior fit and finish. The functional and flexible rear tailgate with its separate tailgate and rear window releases are nice surprises and a departure from the RAV and CRV with their dreaded and ugly exterior rear mounted spare. The rear interior also is well done with a removable durable rear cargo cover liner, rear power accessories, front and rear fold-flat seats, 10 airbags, 4 wheel disk, abs, a/c, 4 spd auto, am/fm cd/cassette. We were really impressed with the easy to use HVAC controls.

    Now for the critique: There are three that stand out: The interior center arm rest is made from some type of felt material. I'm not sure how this will wear over time but I'm curious as to why Hyundai did not chose to go with a soft vinyl rather than this felt thing. The other thing my wife thought would've been a nice-to-have feature is auto-locking doors. Although this might be nit picking since it can be added after market. We also weren't crazy about the hard plastic dash but considering that the Toyota Highlander, costing thousands more uses the same hard plastics, which maybe a cost cutting move, but Hyundai shouldn't be following their lead. The under-hood engine layout of the 2.7L 6 looks great tucked in as one neat package. All the usual maintenance items are well marked.

    The one-touch sliding moon roof is a nice and welcome feature. So too is the added convenience of having a tilt feature incorporated. Now for the test drive: Since we don't have hills in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I can't make any comments on the hesitation issue although I have read comments on Autoweek and C&D about their testers experiencing this on inclines. The Tucson performed quite well on the straight away, as the 6 pulled with enough power and grunt to get up to speed. The wife hammered the Tucson and I white-knuckled in the passenger seat as she put the Tuckie through it's paces.

    Turns were nice and tight especially U-turns. On either even or uneven pavement the Tucson was always well mannered in its ability to smoothly, and surprisingly quietly perform in stellar fashion. No squeaks, rattles or unusual sounds were observed by either of us on the test drive. The highway ride was especially smooth and quiet. Lane changes felt secure and solid on the 16" Goodrichs, so too do did the confidence inspiring 4-wheel disc ABS which gave us even and mostly short stops throughout our road test.

    If the dealer had an LX available we would've loved to test drive that one and were actually wrestling with the thought of leaving a deposit for one. In spite of the minor criticisms the Tucson definitely impressed with its quality, fit and finish, well equipped list of standard safety and creature comfort features quite and well-balanced ride.
  • crhcrh Member Posts: 29
    We went to a local dealer this afternoon and test drove a nautical blue GLS model. It had a sunroof, but that was the only added option. I was floored when I saw a $2,505 adjusted market value added to the MSRP bringing the car up to close to $24K. It was nice, but not THAT nice. After reading previous posts, I was paying special attention to the acceleration on inclines. I'm happy to report that there was no problem at all. Actually, we were really surprised at the amount of pickup the car had. It cornered really well, the brakes felt good and like I said, the pickup was excellent. The salesman said they should have at least 10 by November 15th, and maybe sooner. We really liked this car, but if they want to mark it up that high, then we'll just either wait it out or find something else. For that price, we can get an 05 Rav4 with lots of extras and a great service record. We'll have to wait it out and see what happens to the pricing once the cars get on the lots, I suppose.
  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    Holy smokes! What area of the country do you live in? Look around--your dealer may just be greedy!

    My dealer called me today and told me they now have a total of five in stock, ready to sell. Two black, a blue, a gold and a beige...though I see no beige on the Build your own site. Has anyone seen any color other than black, blue, or silver at their dealer? I'm curious what the alpine frost looks like a light green. And the mesa red--is it a darker red like the name implies?

    Also I was able to find out the following pricing for my state (IL):
    gls 4wd invoice 20,761.00, sticker 22,094.00
    gls 2wd invoice 19,354.00, sticker 20,594.00
    lx 4wd invoice 21,911.00, sticker 23,344.00
    lx 2wd invoice 20,505.00, sticker 21,844.00
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606

    State IL, Does the sticker value of $23,344 include taxes, licence, etc?

    Sunnyvale in CA quote me the follwing:

    Car price $23,039 + $2,110 (taxes and licence)

    Making a gran total of $25,149. What is the sticker value in this example?

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    Sticker price is the price you see on the window of the car. It normally includes destination charges, but not tax, tag, and other fees. I don't know which model you are looking at, but that price doesn't look like a good deal.
  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    Price excludes any taxes, license fees, or whatever else your state or county decides to tack on. Was your price on the LX 4wd? I don't think there will be much dealing at first. I'm used to paying around invoice price, but then I usually buy cars in the summer when the model year is coming to a close. Being a current Hyundai owner, I've been anticipating the Tucson since info. was first released almost a year ago, and my husband is tired of hearing me talk about it! I like the GLX 4wd with a sunroof (which I've had on every car since my '76 Audi Fox that had a crank-open roof!) Of course if I could get a good deal on an LX, I wouldn't pass it by. I haven't decided on a color yet because I'm haven't seen all of them. There's a Hyundai loyalty rebate of $500 currently, but that is only good until the end of this month.

    I imagine we'll hear shortly on this board from someone who just bought a Tucson and we'll find out if any real dealing is going on.
  • crhcrh Member Posts: 29
    We live in the Washington DC area, in Northern Virginia. I was really thinking the Tucson would be around 19k without leather, but I don't think that's going to happen, at least not for a while. I think I was also expecting it to be a few thousand lower than the Rav4, but that doesn't really look to be the case either. Like I said earlier, I like the car, but not THAT much. My husband hates the tire on the back of the Rav, and my daughter, who will be driving it most of the time really likes the Tucson better. I think we are going to take a look at the Equinox as well.
  • nornenorne Member Posts: 136
    were you looking at the 4 cyl or 6 cylinder model? I bet the basic GL model (4 cyl) would be cheaper than the rav4 or cr-v.

    I don't think the equinox is cheaper than the rav 4.

    I can relate to having spare in the back of the vehicle. I drive a 02 cr-v and its real pain the butt anytime I have to wash and wax the vehicle.
  • crhcrh Member Posts: 29
    After reading about the car, I think we'll look at the 6 cyl. I read that since it is heavier than the Rav, it really needs the 6 cyls. As for the equinox, I think they are having trouble moving them. If you don't have to have leather, you can get one for right around 20k at one of the local dealers here. Most of the dealers around here have about 15 of them at any given time. The Ravs are harder to come by and, of course, the Tucsons are non existent...yet.
  • shado4shado4 Member Posts: 287
    Picked up my 02 Elantra from its 30,000 mile service today and decided to take the dealership's one and only Tucson for a test drive. It was a dark blue front wheel drive GLS model with the V6 engine and a gray interior.

    Initial random observations...this is one helluva well-built car. Everything was tight and rattle free. Loved the under floor cargo tray in the rear, and the spare tire mounted below the tray in its own well inside the vehicle (no ugly rear mounted spare or having the spare mounted underneath the vehicle on the outside). Instrument panel laid out nicely, and I actually liked the brushed metal trim surrounding the center console. Wish they included a trip computer like in my Elantra GT, though. The tachometer is tiny! Stereo sounded OK (might be better with the optional subwoofer). Seats were a patterned cloth and very comfortable. Rear door windows go down about 90%...not all the way, but close enough. Loved the fold down rear seats. Not sure about the plastic on the back of those seats (loose items might slip and slide around while driving). The remote has buttons to lock, unlock and panic mode, but no way to automatically pop the back hatch glass. You have to push one of two buttons located in the license plate frame to open the glass or the entire hatch.

    Driving impressions...there was no, I repeat, NO hesitation in driving this Tucson. Touch the throttle and this thing moved forward quickly and without reservation. Great pickup for this size vehicle. And VERY quiet, too. I was amazed at the absence of road and wind noise compared to my Elantra. The suspension absorbed the bumps really well, although taking corners at speed produced a bit more lean than what I am used to. I played around with the Shiftronic...nice for managing gears on hilly terrain when you need to have more control over the standard automatic down and upshifts. Salesperson let me take it on the highway where the Tucson had no problem keeping up with traffic doing 70+ MPH. Again, the engine noise coming from the V6 was very subdued compared to the 4 cylinder in my Elantra. The Tucson was eager to drop down a gear or two when pressed for extra speed.

    Overall...well done Hyundai! There is always room for improvement, but I think the Tucson as it stands now will be a big hit, as long as the dealers can keep the prices in line. The salesperson told me they expected another 10 Tucsons to come in within the next 2 weeks, so I will probably go back and test a fully loaded 4 wheel drive model before making a decision.
  • crhcrh Member Posts: 29
    I also think the alpine frost color looks interesting...different at least. My husband and daughter liked the nautical blue one that we test drove, but I want something that won't show too much dirt. I didn't know they were offering a beige one, but one dealer I spoke with said he had just heard of a "pearl" color that they have just added to the list. I haven't seen anything like that on any official sites though. Maybe this is the beige that you heard about.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    Sticker price:

    State: IL Tucson 2005
    $23,344 XL V6 4WD with standard Options + roof rack. No sunroof.(include destination charges)

    State CA Tucson 2005 (CA94025)
    $23,039 XL V6 4WD with standard Options + roof rack. No sunroof. (include destination charges)
    Plus $2,110 (taxes, licence,etc)

    Grand total of $25,149

    Will somebody tell me that this is a reasonable price? Should be less or should be more?

  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    I had recieved a voucher in email for a $50 AmEx Gift Check to test drive a Sonata, so I headed down to the local Hyundai purveyor this evening. Not having any interest in the lame-duck Sonata, I asked instead to drive a Tucson. What a pleasant surprise! My car was a GLS 2WD V6 with the requisite automatic.

    I stand corrected. Given the many standard safety features and excellent pricing over the Santa Fe, this vehicle is the better buy if you dont need the cargo space on a routine basis.

    I was impressed by the airy cabin, the fairly absorbent suspension, and the quality of materials. Standard stability control is a big plus as well. Stab the accelerator, and the 2.7L responds with authority, though again, the Tucson I drove was bereft of the extra mass of the 4WD system. Overall, the vehicle had good power, certainly adequate for every day use. And happily, this Tucson did not have that horrid new Hyundai stink that every other Hyundai I've driven has had.

    What didnt I like?

    The guage cluster is very attractive...until you switch on the lights. Swamp green back-lighting is sooooo mid 90s Toyota, and spoils an otherwise appealing setup. And why is the steering wheel so plasticky feeling? Most cars today also have some type of jazzy emblem on the wheel, Hyundai has left us hanging in the Santa Fe with a raised-edge logo "H". Puzzling. Korean Handling seems to be going the way of the 70s Detriot iron, and the Tucson doesnt feel particularly nimble or confidence inspiring, but the turning radius didnt seem too bad.

    Overall, a very nice package. This small ute seems to duke it out for one of the top 3 spots, with the Forester, RAV4, and CRV, IMO. I'd probably displace the Forester (save the turbo version), if someone asked which were my three practical favorites in this segment.

    Best value, IMO: GLS $WD V6 Pkg 4

  • andil1andil1 Member Posts: 97
    I would start negotiating at the invoice price of $21,911 and work up. I think you should be able to get it under $23K plus tax and license, even if it is a new model. You may have to shop more than 1 dealer, though.

    Of the six Tucsons that were in stock at my dealer as of Monday, none are sold yet. I've had two calls from two different people at the dealer letting me know what they have in stock. I told them I still want to see all the colors before I make up my mind. I took a ride past the dealer today to see what the gold looks like. It's different--it's not the butterscotch gold of the Santa Fe, or the washed out gold that Subaru Forester has; it is a real 14k look. Very hard to describe. The beige I was told about the other day was an error. They have 4 black, 1 blue, and 1 gold. The only other colors they are expecting in their next shipments are silver and white.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
    We'll be shifting this topic over to the SUVs board in a few days, since this vehicle is now available. If you're subscribed to the discussion, nothing will change for you, and you can always find it using the make/model search tool at the left.


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  • medic4txmedic4tx Member Posts: 18
    Hello to all,

    Hopefully I can get a little insight on this:

    I am on the East Coast and just picked up a GLS, 2WD, Artic White Tucson. It is solid and looks great to top it off.
    I was looking at the sticker and it said it came with ABS, ESP, and TCS standard. One quick question to you all. I only see a ESP button and light on the dash. Does this mean I do not have TCS?
    Much help appreciated, thanks in advance.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    all that means is you can disable the ESP, but not the TCS. (And even then, Im pretty sure that you cant disable ESP entirely. Check with your owners manual. In my opinion, you should always leave ESP on in normal conditions.

  • dmick1dmick1 Member Posts: 1
    Sounds like the same problem, that the Santy 04, 3.5 V6 with the drive by wire acceleration has. Alot of people are complaining about it, including me, there is a fix but mine did not seem to work. Going back to complain some more. The switch is to sensitive.
  • medic4txmedic4tx Member Posts: 18
    So that would mean even if I do not have a TCS light but only a ESP light, then Traction control should be there? In the manual it does not show both together. I looked at the gauge cluster and there is not even a place where a TCS light could be only ESP.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    Bottom Line:

    You have a Tucson. ALL Tucsons have stability and traction control. Stability control can be partially disabled by using the button on the dash, which I believe is to the lower left of the steering wheel.

  • medic4txmedic4tx Member Posts: 18
    The only reason I question it is in the manual it separates the two. If TCS is installed there will be a switch and a light....If ESP is installed you will see a switch and light. I have a ESP light and shitch.....So that has me wondering. There no precise info that says that if ESP is installed than you will have TCS?
  • fgaydos2fgaydos2 Member Posts: 4
    I recently received a 'SPECIAL TEST MARKET' coupon offer from Hyundai for $1000.00!

    They claim they are in 'desperate need of pre-owned 2003 Elantras'.

    I have till the 25th of Oct. to decide.

    "We would like to exchange your 2003 Elantra for any new 2004 or 2005 Hyundai car, van or sport ute."

    Anyone else get this offer/
    I'm in the Philly area.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
    Frank, this is a well-known dealership marketing strategy. It's designed to get you in the door looking at a new vehicle and hopefully, BUYING a new vehicle!

    I consistently get these ads for vehicles I've long since traded in :)

    Roving Host & Future Vehicles Host


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  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    of your 2003 Elantra. They'll turn around and try to get top dollar for your 2003 Elantra on their lot or traded to another dealer, etc. The whole thing just keeps on moving in circles, sort of! As long as someone pulls the trigger always and keeps on purchasing. Demand is strong, therefore price should go up, right? Humm...wait a minute are car prices really rising, in terms of real-value as compared to Lee Iacooca's days of saving poor Chrysler? They're being sold with rebates, like they were in the early 80's, in some cases. Ya gotta hand it to Lee Iacocca the salesman, he worked his butt off to keep #3 afloat.

    Back to the coupon, it's not such a bad deal, it's an incentive, and that's all some people need to pull the trigger and go get one of those monster wheels.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    If you want to test the dealer, go there, work out a deal without mentioning the coupon. After that see if the coupon has any value. Chances are there is a stipulation in the fine print that it must be presented before numbers are presented. If they will honor it on a Tucson you are getting an unbelievable deal so long as there aren't any mysterious dealer markups above sticker.
  • lakecrestlakecrest Member Posts: 4
    I have spent the last 2 months researching, test driving, kicking tires etc. I formerly sold cars so know the business from the inside. Keep in mind I always look for genuine quality first and value second. The following are my impressions:

    The Tucson marks a real and significant change in build quality that surpasses what Toyota and Honda (long benchmarks) offer in this class. You can see that by looking at the list of standard items offered. It is impressive. What is more impressive is actually seeing and feeling the quality. I can't see where they spared anything or took any shortcuts.

    The vehicle is actually for my wife, so I made sure it was pleasing for her to drive in every way. Women will LOVE this car. It is small enough and everything just fits and works so well together.

    A few of the items that particularly impressed me are:
    1) The cruise control is straight from the Lexus, including placement execution. Great!
    2) 10 air bags, 4 wheel disc brakes, vehicle stability and traction control, P235x60x16 tires, rear window opens separately from tailgate, de-icer, QUIET, really smooth switchgear including v-6. Keep in mind this is all standard on the GLS.

    I paid just over invoice (under $22K out the door), and would be shocked to see them have to offer rebates or other special incentives in the near future. My guess is that once the public gets wind of the incredible value and quality this vehicle offers there could be a shortage.

    By the way this has been targeted to be the fastest growing segment of the car business over the next 5 years. At 20-26 mpg I can see why.
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