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2001 Dodge Ram



  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    The estimated build date was this week. Cann't back out now. In case some of you are wondering, I did ask the dealer (Don Schmit Dodge) to search for a similar vehicle back in December. They couldn't find one. I didn't trust that so I went to another dealer (Davis Mooore Dodge) Told them what I wanted and didn't want to order so they searched, no luck. I conplained to my dealer. They appologized but said it was completely out of there hands and nothing they could do (I doubt that) and offered my money back. 12 weeks had went by by then and it didn't make sense to start over. Course if I had known it would be this long maybe I would have made a different decission then. All I can say so far is I would not reccomend Don Schmit to anyone else. But other than that jumping up and down screaming and yelling will not get my truck here any sooner at this point. The dealer will just give me my money back and sell my truck to someone else as soon as they get it for a bigger profit. It would be different if these truck were a slow moving item. The customer service center thought the system would be updated by this Friday(tomorrow). ... Rich
  • jerryg5jerryg5 Posts: 29
    I have been reading with interest your unbelieveable saga with your new truck. They are really jerking you around. Your situation concerns me. I ordered essentially the same truck (except mine is a 4x2 and a 3.54) on 29 Jan and the dealer told me to expect delivery in about 4- 6 weeks. Now, after reading your posts, I don't have much faith in that prediction. My wife would kill me if we have to wait as long as you have.

    My problem is that the dealer already has my trade (98 Ram 1500). I signed it over to him when I placed the order. My rational was that I thought it would be worth less if I waited until the new one came in (more miles,etc). Besides, my wife had knee surgery and couldn't drive so we could get along with one car for awhile. Also, I thought I could save a little on insurance. Now I am getting wife is almost ready to drive and no wheels.

    I wanted to ask you....I see you ordered the 4.10 rather than the 3.54. Do you have a strong opinion on that choice? I seleced the 3.54 for the expected better fuel economy and, according to Dodge, they will tow the same load. I currently have a 7000# TT that I towed with my '98 Ram 1500 with the 5.9. It did an OK job but didn't set any records on hills. I plan to order a 10000# max loaded weight fith wheel (29' Sunnybrook) very soon and thought the v10/3.54 combo would work because of the 3000#+ cushion between the max tow rating of the truck (13000#)and the actual (10000#) weight of the trailer. Now I wonder if I shouldn't try and change to the 4.10. I only plan on towing about 25% of the time. The balance would be normal empty driving (The truck would be our #1 vehicle).
    Any thoughts on that?

    Good luck on your truck. I'll keep following your posts.
  • tmigueltmiguel Posts: 33
    I am guessing, but maybe the problem is really that someone has it in against your sales guy, and you are caught in between them without your knowledge (like owner will not sell at the agreed price unless all other customers disappear)

    As it turns out, my sales guy is John Melendez, Fleet Director at Downey Dodge/Dodge Fleet in Cal. He can be reached at [email protected] Maybe he can help you out. This guy has been square and fair with me. He has phone me on a weekly basis. I do think he has friends in high places, given my attempts to get info out of Dodge customer service you plan to build a V-10 in the month of Feb.

    Maybe he can drop ship a Ram at your place or something.

    Any how, I'm happy that my Ram is on a railroad car clicking-clacking to its new home in my garage. I can hear it right now! I've got the railroad map from to follow it right to my driveway.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I do have a real interest in the 4.10 rearend. They did find two trucks similar to what I wanted except they were 3.54. First, I have the SLT+ package ordered. Its hard to find a truck with that and then if you have 3.54 on top of that it will have terrinble performance in my opinion. The SLT plus comes with LT265 tires which would give an awfully high rearend equivelency. Compared to the 3.54 LT245 it would be about 3.3 or there abouts. With the larger tires and 4.10 I'll be equivilent to a LT245 with 3.73 or so. I test drove two V10's with 3.54 and LT245 and was not impressed. As far as Dodge's rating them the same I don't believe it. Ford and Chevy don't. There's more to pulling a heavy load than how much it will hold before the axle breaks. What about acceleration up a freeway on ramp pulling a heavy load? The lower axle (4.10) should perform better. And secondly, I have put up with a 3.42 on my current Chevy for three years. It doesn't get any better mileage than a 3.73 and its a dog. I'm ready for a little more get up and go. Yea I realize its a truck and its heavy. Not going to perform like a sports car, but still it should perform better than the 3.54 or my current 3.42 350. Right or wrong thats what I want and for the money I'm spending I don't want to take less and always be dissatisfied. I cann't recommend you get the 4.10 cause I never drove one and am guessing it will perform better. Maybe it won't accelerate any better than the 3.54. Just my guess. ... Rich
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I didnt mean to upset you ,you can wait another 25 weeks for all i care . I guess we cant complain when corporate America knows Americans will wait in line and keep there mouths shut.Think about that the next time you are waiting in a supermarket or department store checkout line and three quarters of the checkouts are not staffed. If I was in your situation I would have walked.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113

    I've learned a little from your unfortunate waiting period. After I told the salesperson the options I wanted, worked out a price, I then asked about their allocations. I didn't even know what they were until I read your posts. I wonder how many people ask a salesperson how many allocations do you get a month/year. As for keeping your mouth shut, it seems to me that the 1-800 folks must be on a first name basis with you. Oh, BTW, my allocation question was answered with "we're a 5-star dealership, it's not a problem. We can get it" Was your ordering dealership a 5-star?

  • y2kramy2kram Posts: 5
    Dear JerryG,

    I just got a Ram 2500, 4wd, cummins ETH with the 4.1-0 axle and lt265 x 75 tires with the 6 speet tranny. With that combination, the axle is just right. It DOES drive like a sports car. At 1650 rpm, I am doing 50 mph. 2150 gives me 70 and at 2600 (the top of the torque curve), I don't want to tell the highway patrol how fast I am going. I have pulled a load of about 6,000 lbs, and the truck simply didn't know it was there.

    There is an associated health issue with this truck. Since I got it, I have been grinning so much that my gums are getting a bad sunburn.

  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Yes, my dealer is a 5 star. And the two other in town are also. I'm begining to belive a dealership has to be pretty bad not to be a 5 star. But I've never seen any details on how they go about getting a 5 star rating. ... At the time I ordered mine I knew Chevy dealerships were having problems with allocations. But I was unaware Dodge works the same way. Don't know about Ford. But most Chevy dealers are honest about there allocations. I don't know about Dodge. I do know about this dealership. ... Rich
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    It's my understanding that allocation has nothing to do with a dealer's 5-star rating. That rating is based on the service department (training, satisfaction ratings, etc.) only. Anybody know any different?
  • miked555miked555 Posts: 27
    These trucks are not a high damand item, look on the roads how many 3500's do you see, how many diesels compared to gas do you see. How many people want to spend $3400 on a diesel with the prices of fuel where there at. Were a very small group I'm not having trouble with DC they were on the money with the time it would take to build. My problem is with transit. I'ts been on a train for 21 days and knowbody knows where it is all I know is its between Salem IL and Ridgefield NJ for 2 weeks and as close as it is. I told the dealer if it's not here by next week they can keep it. My money is good anywear and I'm tired of the bullxxxx They told me 6 to 8 week no longer, it's going on 12 thats breech of contract and I want my money back.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Your right the allocations have nothing to do with being 5 star. They are based on the dealers sales of the year before I believe. But being honest about their allocations and keeping the customer updated on the customers order status should reflect on the 5 star. ... When and if my truck comes in I don't feel to enthused now. Some of the luster is gone. Maybe that will change if I ever see it. ... I have a web site and am thinking of creating another page. The Don Schmid customer site. I'll post stories from myself and other customers. Humm, at least makes me feel a little better thinking about it. ... Rich
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    I don't think the 4.10 is going to turn the low-revving 8.0 into a hot rod. Mine has 3.54s and 285s and I can assure you that it is no dog. I won't argue that the 4.10 will be a decided advantage if towing heavy loads often. But, if you don't tow often (like myself) I think the 3.54 is fine, especially considering the torque this thing makes. As a plus, I'm well under 2000 rpm at 70 mph. Continued best wishes, we're all pulling for you.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    Allocations not a factor in a 5 star rating? I'ts kind of linked a little isn't it? My dealer led me to believe that there will be some sort of questionare/survey to fill out to be sent to DC. In that survey I'm sure there will be something about customer satisfaction, which I'm sure all 5 stars have to excel in. Rich, how much customer satisfacton are you feeling right now?
  • jerryg5jerryg5 Posts: 29
    I need some help from somebody in the know. I ordered a 2001 Ram 2500, v10, auto,4x2,SB, 3.54 with the posi. I posted a couple of days ago asking opinions on the 3.54 VS the 4.10. Most of the replys indicated that the 4.10 was a better choice considering the larger tires on the 2001's.
    I called my dealer asking about the change. He told me the 4.10 is not available with the SB. Can anyone tell me if that is a fact? It doesn't sound right to me. Keep in mind that my truck is a 4x2 rather than a 4x4. I would appreciate any comments ASAP because mine is just about ready to be built and I have to act fast.
  • comptimecomptime Posts: 19
    Rich I'm sorry to here your truck isn't in yet... Hang in there it's worth the wait. As far as the 4.10 not available for the sb lets just say there is alot of uneducated sales people out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mark what kind of milage are u getting with those bigger tires I also have the 3.5 rear with the 265's and so far 8.5 city and 12.5 on the Highway.(only 800 miles so far so I expect better as she gets broken in) I'm also turning close to 2000 at 70?
  • I've enjoyed reading all of the posts on this site the past several weeks. It's been very helpful with my order. I just registered today so I could see if someone can help me out.
    I ordered my 2001 2500, SLT, LWB, QC, Cummins, Auto, 3.54, Tow, Camper, Forest Green on 2/17/00. I have 2 questions for anyone out there.
    1. Can the limited slip be ordered with 3.54 gears? Both my dealer and the Dodge 800 number say the 4.10 is required with the limited slip for 2001, but I keep seeing some people talk about how they have the limited slip with 3.54. What's the deal? I'd like the limited slip, but I'm not sure about the 4.10s.
    2. If the 4.10 is required with the limited slip, is it too low for the Cummins? I see a lot of opinions both ways. My truck will have the 265 tires. I don't plan on doing a lot of heavy towing for awhile, (my current camper is only 2000 lbs) but a heavier camper is in the plans down the road (which is why I'm buying this truck to begin with). I like the idea of the 4.10, but I wonder if the rpms will be too high when towing with Overdrive off.
    Any help will be appreciated. My truck still isn't scheduled, so I can still change my diff., but I can't seem to decide which ratio would be best. Does anyone think the limited slip isn't that important anyway?
  • tmigueltmiguel Posts: 33
    The reason I chose the 3.54 over the 4.1 rear end was that I wanted the extra efficiency you can get from the V-10 with a 5 sp manuel trans. Look at the torque potentional between 1000 and 3000 rpm. Compare the 10% loss between the auto and the manual. The five speed spread allows for much more selectivity in choosing torque or hp to meet your driving needs. Note that torque at some rpm is what enables you to accelerate/deaccelerate and hp is what you need to overcome drag. Hence in my case I want to maximize milage on thwe flat, and be choosy with respect to applying torque inhilly situations. I will be towing a 6300 # boat with a surge brake (not a distributive load hitch), and therefore I want maximum engine braking that goes with the manual. In Calif. the speed limit for boat trailers is 55 mph. Hopefully the above info is of some value to someone.

    I think richink should get a lawyer to write a letter to the dealer. There appears to be a contract in the wind.
  • tmigueltmiguel Posts: 33
    I ordered my 2500 4x4 V-10 5 spd 3.54 with the limited slip. As far as I know my Ram on the railroad coming my way is equipped as ordered.
  • Thanks for the info. Is your Ram a 2000 or a 2001? One thing I heard about this limited slip/4.10 requirement thing is it might be a change for 2001 models. By the way, I forgot to mention that mine is a 4x4 too.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    I basically ordered your same truck except for the auto, and got the limited slip 3.54. The first dealer I went to said I had to get the 4.10's with the posi. The dealer I purchased through said no such thing. Mine will be a 2001 truck. The way I understand it, if your going to get the LS Diff. and you order it with a V10 powerplant, then you have to get the 4.10's. I don't think it matters with the Cummins.
  • kbutcher1kbutcher1 Posts: 27
    I picked up my new 2001 Dodge Ram, 4X4, Sport, SLT+, Long bed with the Cummins and Auto. I had to fly to Kenai Alaska to pick it up (I live in Anchorage about 180 miles away). The truck looked fantistic. We drove away from the dealer and stoped for a cup coffee about 30 miles down the road. When we tried to start the truck at first it wouldn't start and when it did (15 minutes later) I put it into drive and it stalls. Same thing if you put it into Reverse. I finally got it going by giving it a little throttle and once going it was fine (in fact tons of power. 4:10 Diff too) I returned to the dealer and the mechanic told me that they can not do anything about it. DC has not sent them the "reflash card" for the 2001's. I just paid $36K for a truck that won't start reliably or stalls when you put it into gear. What's wrong with this picture???.

    I am now told that it will be at least a week before DC can come up with a fix. Anyone have this problem with their 2001 Auto??? I am disgusted and you can be will be on the phone to DC tomorrow.

  • Thanks for your input. I'd be interested to know what convinced you to go with the 3.54 over the 4.10 (I think you indicated you have the Cummins too).
    By the way, I read your profile - I used to own a '70 six pack GTX.
  • redram25redram25 Posts: 1
  • My understanding is that the Cummins is now rated as the same HP for either the auto or manual. One difference is the manual is rated higher for towing capacity than the automatic. Gear ratio also affects tow rating.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Posts: 202
    Anybody here that has a 2000 cummins diesel 4x4 auto, noticing when shifting into reverse after truck is warm, shifts kinda hard. Doesn't in fwd but when shifting in rev, it goes in with a thud, is this normal with the diesel, because my 94 4x4 dogdge 5.9l gas is almost seamless shifting gears.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    I decided on the 3.54 after I drove one. I had driven a 4.10 truck and to me, the Cummins seemed to be sceaming @ 70. I figure I'll get a little edge on the 4.10 boys in the m.p.g. area too. I believe the difference in r.p.m. between the two is less than 500 though. Also, most of the time the truck will be empty. I'm not buying this truck to accelerate quickly; as you know from what you used to have, I already have something to pin my rear end deep in the driver's seat.
    Go here to see info on the 6-speed.
    Click on 'Design & Features' to see pictures of it.
    You're right, the Cummins has the same rating with either the automatic or the manual, however be advised that's the 5-speed manual (DDX I think) and not the 6-speed (DEE). The 6-speed is a much larger tranny, and therefore can take a heavier beating from the Cummins.
    You give me the Hemi Daytona, and I'll give you the Hemi Superbird---*beep, beep*

  • indyff83indyff83 Posts: 13
    Hey I ordered almost the same truck as you did except mine is red with the sport package. I looked at it the same way that nascar6 did in hopefully saving some fuel mileage and also so the engine isn't screeming with my heavy pedal. I ordered mine with the 3.54 and the limited slip diff and it was built that way because it was in paint on Thurs and I have not heard any different. You may want to go deal with the dealers commercial truck sales manager and he may be able to give you better answers. If not I bought mine through the manager up here in Indy and he likes to deal with us firefighters! Good luck. Kevin
  • miked555miked555 Posts: 27
    I ordered mine with the anti- spin and 3.54's and that's the way it better come. 3500, cummins, 4X4, auto etc, ets,
    The 2001 Auto and the 5 speed are rated the same 460 tork the 6 speed is up to 505.
    As far as 3.54 or 410 you have to decide, if your towing heavey loads all the time and have alot of mountains,if so go with the 4.10's. I have a slide in and tow a couple of Harleys behind it 3 to 4 months out of the year so the 3.54s will be plenty and I'll get better fuel milage and better top. end,THAT'S IF IT COMES IN NEXT WEEK. you have to decide if you need the 4.10s.
  • Thanks for all of the info, guys. I called the Dodge 800 number again today to try to get answers. This guy says the 3.54 should be available with the anti-spin. It's funny, though - whenever I've asked these people technical questions they leave me wondering if they really know what they're talking about. They give answers, but they don't seem to come across as very confident in their own answers - like they're maybe just agreeing with what I say without much actual experience on the topic. To be fair, I know they have a lot of vehicle models and details that they're supposed to know about.
    After much hashing over and many calculations, I'm 98% sure I'll stick with the 3.54. I'm going to contact my dealer on Monday to try to get the anti-spin added to my order. It should't be a problem, since it's not scheduled yet. I just have to get him to agree that the 4.10 isn't required to get the posi.
    Thanks again for all the info. I'll let you know what my dealer says.
  • tmigueltmiguel Posts: 33
    Although I ordered my Ram on Dec. 17, 1999, my Ram on the train is a 2001 per its VIN#. I,m not sure if that is good news or bad news.

    I checked this morning and my Ram left San Antonio at 5:05 a.m. this morning. It is schedueled to arrive at Mira Loma (Los Angeles) at11:00 a.m. on thursday. Hopefully I will be driving it on Saturday.

    I feel better and better in chosing the V-10 over the Cummins because:
    * I don't have to deal with $ and problems with
    an exhaust brake.
    * Torque range and magnitude conpetes well for
    towing a 6300# boat.
    * The cost of the diesel+ exhaust brake+ maintenance
    * A V-anything is ease to fix and a manual trans is as reliable as it gets
    * V-anythings have no problems starting up or being choosy about gas octaine.
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