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    Yeah, that one looked pretty plush. Pretty amazing though, that out of all those trucks there was only one V10. I take it you didn't find that 6 spd. HO Cummins that you were looking for?
    I'll tell you one thing about white, it sure makes a truck look very large. Lately at work there has been a guy parking his white reg. cab 2500 (a 2000) next to my green QC 2500 (also a 2000). They both have the camper special and snowplow packages and up close look the same size.
    But if you look out the window about 150 feet away that white one almost makes mine look small. Almost!
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    I don't know why the dealers in So. Cal. refuse to stock V-10's. I never found the rig I ordered on any lot to test drive. (2500, Ram reg cab, 4x4, V-10, RED, 5 spd, and other toys). I'm as happy as a clam at high tide with the rig, as I put more toys on it. But back to the V-10.

    Maybe the V-10 is a loss leader. It costs money to done grade the Viper engines. Advertizing a V-10 can't hurt bringing in customers. Maybe the V-10 with an automatic is not a long term good deal. I suspect any idiot could easily punch put an automatic, looking at the broad torque curve. The Diesel is the responsibility of Cummins. The smaller v-8's are readily understood high production items. I would not be surprised if Dodge makes a hell of a larger profit with v-8s. I don't see Dodge developing a diesel of their own. I bet the V-10 got into the trucks due to pressure from DC sales and people trying to keep the viper in production.

    I really do not understand why the don't want to make Rams with V-10s, especially with all the advertizement space in the Dodge brochures. In any event, I feel good about my specially built, rare Ram V-10 with 5spd stick. I don't care if they never make another one. Hey, I got my Viper truck for the price of a Ram. Time to go for a spin at 12.8mpg.
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    From what I have read, the V-10 is not only a good seller but they are also makeing a few changes to it when they do the redesign in 2002 actually to be released in 2001. they are redoing the 5.9 to a 5.2 and they are also considering adding a Mercedes diesel and tranny.

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    Back home. Had an emergency trip to Illinois Wed and got back home a few hours ago. I stopped at a large Dodge dealer in Olathe Ks (near Kansas City) on my way home. They had no V10's and only had long beds diesel SLT+. The salemanager said that was because people want the 2500 for towing a fifth wheel. Well I tow a fifth wheel with a short bed. Many 5th wheels have an extended hitch so they will work with a short bed truck. Anyhow a longbed quad cab won't fit in my garage. But we did get to sit in a SLT+. I had not seen one before and we had ordered just on the brochere. It was nice. I live in Wichita Ks and we have 3 5-star dealers (They have not had one SLT+). I am going to call me dealer in the morning and see if he has gotten any word on my trucks status since I talked to him on Tuesday. Along with the restriction on the V10, the truck had went from "D1" to "D" which is definatly backwards. White - I hate it. But I am by myself. It is the most popular color sold in cars and trucks for nearly 20 years. That is why so many are on lots. V10 vs Diesel. Again I'm in the minority. The diesel is very popular. Yes the diesel gets much better mileage. So instead of paying my money up front for a diesel I realize I am paying it weekly at the pump. At the time I ordered my truck, the v10 was rated (in the Dodge brochere) as max 450 fpt. Again according to the chart in the brochere it reaches 400 fpt at about 800 rpm and stays above 400 to near 4000 rpm. The diesel (420 fpt max) with auto hits 400 at around 1200 rpm and stays above 400 to about 2750. So I didn't think I was losing any power to the diesel. Of course for 2001 the diesel has been upgraded. But as I said in an earlier post noise was my biggest concern. Have you ever been in a bank or fast food drive thru trying to talk on the speaker with an unconsiderite diesel driver behind you who doesn't turn the engine off? And when it is their turn to talk on the speaker they have to turn the engine off but they cann't understand how it bothers others. How do you drive a diesel with a window down and lisen to the radio or talk to your passenger? Nevertheless, if the dealer has a truck like I want tomorrow except for diesel I will probably try to deal for it. Now figure me out. ... Rich
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    Rich, i ordered the 2500
    quad,v10,5spd,slt,sport,lb,cd,tow,or tires,alarm,etc
    .its 8 weeks today and
    they told me that the
    restriction is on the
    5spd, not the v10.anyway,i
    looked today for another
    truck at 6 different
    dealers and no v10s.i
    asked why,and the one
    dealer said that they
    cannot keep v10s on the
    lot,same with anything
    yellow.I looked at a
    diesel 3500 white,quad
    today,but they would not
    drop under 35000 out the
    door.i got my order for
    29600 out the door,how did
    you do on yours?by the
    way,i saw a ton of diesels
    out my way today,but not 1
    v10.coggdill,i see you got your truck in record time,was it a standard or auto? Dave.O
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    Last Tuesday when I called the 800 number I was told the V10 and 6 speed were on restriction. No mention of the 5 speed. Mine is an auto so the manual makes no difference. Hopefully this is a short restriction. Like I said in the last post, I plan to call my dealer in the morning. He claims he gets a report three times aweek showing the status of their orders. So maybe mine is off restriction. ... I am doing a trade-in on mine so the only number I have is the difference. Which allowing for my current trucks wholesale value, invoice of my new truck plus a small profit I think I did ok. ... Rich
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    I went back and forth on the V-10/Cummins thing too. I finally decided I would be better off long term with the Cummins, because it's likely I'll keep this truck for upwards of 10 years. Also, the more I researched it, the more impressed I was with the reliability and durability of it. Besides, I had to finally admit I just love that noise!
    Seriously, though, I've been very impressed with the insulation of the hood and cab. I think it's quieter than the ones I test drove a couple of years ago. I can still hear the engine (which I enjoy), but it doesn't get in the way of conversing or listening to music in the cab - it's really not very loud inside. (In fact, sometimes I turn the radio down to hear the engine.) It's really not much noisier inside than my minivan. Even with the windows open it's not bad. Now, standing outside next to it is a loud experience, and opening the hood makes it very loud. I figure I'll just avoid drive-thrus to be considerate. (Usually it's just as fast to go inside instead of sitting in line anyway.)

    Rich and Mike: I continue to be amazed that I'm the only one driving my truck when all 3 of ours went D-1 at the same plant on the same day (3/23). I wonder if the 6 speed (Mike), and the V-10 (Rich) options are the hang-ups for you guys. (Remember, I have the Cummins with auto.) Could there be new restrictions on those two items?

    Question for anyone: At the risk of sounding ignorant (which I am, actually), I wonder if anyone can enlighten me on how I should expect my truck to handle. This is my first pick-up, so I have no real reference point beyond my minivan and cars I've owned. Today was my first extended highway trip with it. At speeds of 60 and 70mph, it seemed like more driving was required to keep it straight (more steering wheel adjustment than I'm used to with a car). Also, the steering wheel seems to have more play in it than my minivan. My assumption is that this is probably normal considering: it's a 3/4 ton truck, the heavy engine, the big tires, and the 4X4 front end, etc..., but I just want to know if I should be concerned about anything being out of whack.

    Does anyone have longer posts than me? Sorry.
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    I doubt that I will keep mine more than 3 years. So durability wasn't that big an issue for me. But in your case I agree durability would probably sway me. Like you, If I end up with a diesel I will probably just go in side to do my business. Simpler than turning the engine on and off so much. ... Also my wife is thinking of getting rid of her Camero so maybe she will get something more appropriete for very short trips. .. Rich
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    I'll take this opportunity to chime in here. I too did the V-10 to Diesel dance/shuffle. I came to the same conclusion as you Dave only more of it. I really plan to have this truck a good 20 years. Think about it, 1980 doesn't seem that long ago, even though I was in high school then. I can see having this truck that long(whenever they decide to send it here). The diesel was a longevity issue for me, and it seems to be sort of like a fraternity thing too. To a lot of people, that clatter is noise, but to me it's a nice sound. Just like a big 426 Hemi at a dragstrip, it's another sound that sounds good. This will be the first vehicle I'll have that is exactly the way I want it. None of the "I wish I would've got this or that" thoughts. If my order is hung up because of restrictions, then that's news to me. They're not telling me anything about any restriction delays.
    Dave, I only wish that I could tell you how my truck handled so you could compare. Right now it handles like a "dream".
    Rich, tell your wife to get rid of the Camaro and get a real car! :)

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    Hey Rich, if you replace the Camaro, check into the PT Cruiser. It's a pretty neat little machine and affordable (Under $20K Loaded). Beware, though, my dealer says it's about a year wait at this point. (I guess that doesn't sound that long to you, now.) Of course if you're like me, this truck purchase probably doesn't leave room for another new auto purchase in the forseeable future.
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    yes I understand that sound. I had several muscle cars in my mid 20's and my sencond childhood (early 30's). I'm about ready for my 5th now. But after driving a car (or truck )with a good sound for a while I came to the point I want some peace and quiet. Now it would be nice if a person could turn the sound on and off when the wim hits. ... As far as ordering a PT cruiser, I been thinking of ordering the replacment for my new truck later this year. Maybe it will be here by the time I'm ready for it. ... Time for the shower and then call the dealer. I'm ready for something good to happen. I'm still checking the carriers just incase none of them knows whats going on. ... Rich
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    I also have a daily ritual of vehicle tracking sites that I visit, just in case...

    *probably starting my 3rd childhood by now*
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    Driving my 2001 Ram 2500 4x4 V-10 camper special,reg cab long bed 5 spd 265 tires on Los Angeles Freeways, I experienced the following Ride chacteristics.

    If cracks on freeway: ride noise+ seat bumps
    If smooth: ride smooth like fancy car, steering closer to sports car than regular car, can take hand off wheel at 65mph. No wander.
    Average ride is comparable to my Ford Festiva: O.K. to dam good.

    I am impressed with the ride because the trucks I tested on the lots were what I expected from a truck. Maybe the ride with my rig is better because its closer to the base line design:(reg cab,V-10) also maybe the suspension in the front of the 4x4 makes the difference?
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    My salesperson called me this morning and basically confirmed all the info that 1-800 has been reporting. Sucks! Ship date (estimated of course) of 5/5. Said the truck should've been built, but they must have had some kind of scheduling error. 9 weeks on the 27th.........
  • firemandavefiremandave Member Posts: 58
    Filled up for the first time on Saturday. 415 miles @ 24. gallons = 17mpg. Not bad for the first run. I paid $1.62/gal. just north of Madison. 10 miles down the road (after I filled up) they were getting $1.43/gal. #*$@%!!!!
    Almost 600 miles on it already. By the way, the Cummins rumbles along at about 1800rpm at 70mph with the 3.54.

    Kevin: How's it going? How's yours handle at 70mph? (See post #285)

    Hang in there Mike and Rich.
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    Does anyone know the specifics of what is included in the off-road package? The info on-line states 4.10 limited-slip diff, 17" wheels, skid plates, bigger tires, etc. - but it's obvious there's more to it... even the TV ad refers to a heavier-duty axle and suspension.

    I have a 2000 QC 4x4 with this package on it, and am wondering what the specifics are for repair purposes.

    Also, if anyone knows, how does it compare to the upgrades made to bring a Ram up to 2500 status?
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    I called the Customer Assistance Center this morning and found I have a new ship date as of last Thursday. 5/15. Was told I could have it as soon as 5/19 because of my closeness to the plant. It will come directly by truck. I asked if Dodge gives any kind of priority based on length of order and he said yes. first ordered of a configuration is first built. Whatever. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. ... Rich
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    I ordered the quad cab 3500 SLT with V10 about 4 weeks ago. The dealer told me today that there is a parts restriction? Does anybody know which part(s) is problematic? I've seen references on this board for an 800 number you can call to check status of your order... Can someone tell me what the number is?
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    http://www.dodgeram.com/buying_info/Order_status.htm This web page gives everything you need, phone number, codes etc. You will need to get your VON (vehicle order number ) from your dealer. As the order progresses to "D" status they will be able to give you the VIN. Food luck. The V10 and 6 speed were on restriction but last week the v10 was lifted for me. ... Rich
  • qhlisaqhlisa Member Posts: 9
    Rich - Thanks for the order status info! The DC rep told me my truck was on "BG" status - restriction on V10 engine. He said that they hadn't switched the production line over to V10 yet - maybe within a couple of weeks. Our dealer told us delivery 10 weeks (worst case), it sure doesn't look good for beating the worst case! When did you order your truck?
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    The first two months were due to dealer not having an allocation (and not telling me). Several restrictions in December. And since the first of the year 3 times for the V10 with one of those a long restriction. I was scheduled to ship 4/11 but ended with another restriction on the V10. Kind of bothers me that my V10 restriction was lifted last Thursday and yet your still on restriction. What does that say to my confidence. I guess I'll find out about 5/15
  • qhlisaqhlisa Member Posts: 9
    Rich, I spoke with the dealer today - they had contacted a DC rep to get the status on our 3500. The story they got was that the V10 is on restriction (a material supply issue). DC could not provide a date when the engine would be off restriction. My hopes for seeing this truck in the next 2 months are rapidly fading. Maybe we'll switch to diesel.
  • dekingkdekingk Member Posts: 44
    I've been told by the 800 number people that my truck was released for shipping on 4/13, on the train to Buffalo from Ill. on 4/21 and that it would be trucked the last 90 miles to the dealer. No further word and the dealer knows less than I do. I wonder why it should take a week to go 800 miles.
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    Another week in waiting gone by. Nothing except D1 w/ est. ship of 5/5. Next week I guess the sh** hits the fan, because they either have to build it or push back the dates (again). I figure it will get built tues., wed., or thurs. Ship time is 2-5 working days. 9 weeks yesterday. Rich, do you feel confident that yours will get built with mine, or are you ready for another set back?

  • ynotyellow1ynotyellow1 Member Posts: 4
    I stoped at my dealer
    saturday for answers.its
    now 10 weeks and nothing.i
    did not believe them on
    the restriction,so the guy
    in charge of orders
    offered to print up a
    restriction list.this list
    was huge! if you ordered a
    2500 this is whats on
    4 spd.seems to cover
    everything.i ordered my
    truck on 2/26 from a big 5
    star dealer and he said to
    expect my truck sometime
    in aug. or sept,im pissed!
    im thinking about a truck
    on their lot that has
    everything on it (like the
    one i ordered) except the
    v10,it has a 360,not to
    happy about it but i cant
    stand the wait. the dealer
    told me that all the
    restrictions are due to a
    low inventory of parts
    because of the new model
    being so close,im probably
    going to test drive the
    360 on monday. if anyone
    has a 2500 quad,4x4 5 spd
    with a 360 please share
    any comments with me.
    Dave o
  • tmigueltmiguel Member Posts: 33
    I waited from 12-17-99 to 3-29-00 for my V-10 5 spd 4x4 Red etc. It was well worth the wait! If you hang in there you will get a HD transmission and power you cannot believe for a stock truck. I can engine brake without hardly using the brakes. There is the great feeling on master of the road.
    The warranty is longer by law for the V-10 and diesel because they are in a different class. My ride characteristics are better than what I remember using the dealer test drives. The gas milage you save with the smaller V-8 will not show up when trailering. My V-10 is smooooth and quiiiiet.

    Just some food for thought.

    Just some thoughts
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Still "D1" with est ship date of 5/15. Called the dealer and told him if he had or could get a 2500 4x4, quad cab, short bed, SLT plus, auto we would look at it. He told me they have been searching the neiboring states for vehicles like this with no luck for other customers. Aparently diesels aren't that plentiful either in my configuration. He could get me a long bed but that won't fit in my garage. So I'm still hoping my current order holds. But getting it and getting a hitch installed for memorial day is not looking promising. ... Rich
  • tmigueltmiguel Member Posts: 33
    I was not to sure about my ordering a reg cab with the long bed. My getting in and out of the Quad rear was tight. The back seat is definitely NOT comfortable and placing groceries in the back floor or seat was poor. Then if you are concerned with visibility out the rear to each side, that further back rear window creates dead visibility spots. Furthermore, it is much more dificult to adjust the opening of the rear window while driving. Anyhow, these were some of the things that were bugging me in the beginning.

    Since I too wanted to be able to store the Ram in the garage, in my trade-off thinking, I preferred an 8 ft bed for a 2500 truck to an added small unconfortable back seat. So I took my chances and ordered a regular cab, which may be the only one in the USA.

    I am glad I chose the reg cab. There is much room behind the back seat for junk, even a small ice chest.
    That back window is at my neck and circulates air with the side power windows up. Great visibility of the traffic on my rear sides. The 8 foot bed is nice. And the whole thing fits in my garage.

    Just food for thought.
  • mictromictro Member Posts: 29
    Post #309 - I forgot to include the most important piece of my puzzle. My truck has the 360 V-8. I'm sure most would have figured that out!

    Sorry for not including all of the details.
  • dekingkdekingk Member Posts: 44
    My dealer called today to tell me the truck I ordered on 3/21 is at his lot. Only took it 19 days to get here from St Louis. Too bad they can't get the haulers to move as fast as the builders. Of course the last 80 miles from Buffalo took the longest time, those trucks must move slow.
  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113
    Mine took a week to travel 50 miles! I guess when the train unloads your vehicle needs to get on a truck fast or it will get buried in a sea of vehicles when the next train pulls in. Then you wait for all those vehicles to get out of the way before they can get to yours. Talk about frustrating! Good luck with your new Ram.
  • qhlisaqhlisa Member Posts: 9
    Seriously thinking about switching my V10 order to diesel... What is the difference between the two Cummins diesel packages on the 3500 SLT Quad Cab, LB? One is described as 24V, the other as HO? I pull a four horse trailer - is one more suitable than the other?
  • dekingkdekingk Member Posts: 44
    The last word I got was that there is no longer a difference in the diesels. If you order an automatic, 6 speed or 5 speed you will get the HO engine.
    If you are expecting to get a $500.00 discount for Farm Bureau membership, forget it. My dealer has it all written up but just called to tell me the discount does not apply to 2001 Dodge trucks.
    If anyone knows for sure this is not true I'd love to know it. The Farm Bureau will still take your money for a membership, however, and not tell you it is worthless to you.
  • eric16eric16 Member Posts: 38
    I used the rebate on my 2001, in Jan of this year.

  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    Just talked to Rudy @ 1-800, and told me that my ship date is still scheduled for this Friday, 5/5.
    I've never been this close to a ship date before. It's been as close as 2 weeks before, then they changed it on me. Rudy seemed like he knew what he was talking about. He's been there a while. He was able to tell me exactly why the wait has been as long as it has. One delay was the rear end (3.54 LSD). The last delay was the leather. Not enough cattle I guess. He said that they schedule to build trucks with what they have, and when supplies run out; delay. He sounded confident that it was in the next batch to get assembled, so if something runs out, then someone else gets delayed, but not me. Said to call Friday, and it'll probably be J status or better. Hubba-Hubba!

    --looking for May 5th!
  • dekingkdekingk Member Posts: 44
    This my second post on this same subject but for some reason I think it went elsewhere. Anyway, a call to the DC help desk got me a number for the Dodge Farm Bureau office and they confirmed that the discount still applys. It seems the dealer's information only went as far as 2000. I wouldn't have taken a genius at the dealership to check this out, but at least they know better than to jerk me around next time.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    I havent found a 2001 Eth yet and it looks like I may have to wait a long long time ....Well that may be a good thing cause once GM comes online with the duramax diesel I think we will see some deep discounting !!!! But I will still have to make a take a trip to Central just to gaze at the long lines of Cummins
  • qhlisaqhlisa Member Posts: 9
    What's the deal with the discount? I am a Farm Bureau Member - but hadn't heard about this...
    If I've already placed my order (for a 2001 Dodge 3500 SLT V10 QuadCab) is it too late?
  • qhlisaqhlisa Member Posts: 9
    The DC folks told me yesterday my truck is still "BG" (Restriction on V10). They indicated that the V10's are coming off the line - the issue appears to be capacity (demand greater than supply). They said the restriction might come off by the end of next week. Should I believe it?
  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113
    I'll keep my eyes peeled. I agree - it is kinda nice to stand there and look at that long line of trucks. Did you notice that there are practically no 2wd?
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    Yes i did notice the lack of 2wd. They should have a few of them on hand they are the best for heavy duty towing. They also lack Qcabs with 8foot bed plenty of 6.5 beds
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Member Posts: 535
    I have also thought that just with the shear amount of rams on their lot one could test drive one everyday and it would be months before you would see the same truck again LOL
  • markcordmarkcord Member Posts: 113
    This is true! I just went by the lot last night actually. Didn't stop though, as I prefer to browse in the morning (before the vultures are fully awake!)
  • nascar6nascar6 Member Posts: 113
    Called 1-800 yesterday (thurs) and was told that truck was still D1. Told me that it could be getting assembled on that day and they wouldn't know it until the next update. Called them today and found out they were right. *gasp* They actually were right. I was told that my order has FINALLY moved on out of D1 status into it's latest status of "F" (paint). And when you think about it, F status was more than likely yesterday's status. I'll be checking Cassens, BNSF RR, and even UPRR to try to find it. Hopefully it won't get yanked to the side for a random emissions check. I feel like I'm getting close now!

  • dekingkdekingk Member Posts: 44
    I brought home my 2001 Quad diesel yesterday and have almost 200 miles on it today. I can't believe the torque this thing puts out. After putting I don't know how many thousands of miles on our local Ambulances with power strokes, this engine is just too sweet to believe. No goofy sounding rattles when you let off on the accelerator and just that feeling of raw power that is always there.
    It took one day less than six weeks to get to the dealers lot, and it was over two weeks in transit.
  • dekingkdekingk Member Posts: 44
    Anyone out there who is about to order a Dodge truck, don't forget about the Farm Bureau discount. $500.00 of the bottom line after you have made your deal is worth the $60.00 or so to join FB. You are supposed to be a member for at least 4 weeks when you take delivery. This discount comes from DC, and your dealer gets all his percentage.
  • nascarnutnascarnut Member Posts: 1
    My parents are Farm Bureau members. Can I use their membership to get the discount?
  • dekingkdekingk Member Posts: 44
    but it wouldn't hurt to ask your FB agent.
  • jrstojrsto Member Posts: 2
    Rich..Hang in there, I ordered my Ram, 2500 Quadcab, 4x4, V10, 410re w/positraction, on Apr. 5th, '99(got a '98 price quote), took delivery on Oct.12th, '99 (a year newer model at the same price). It's my first Ram and I think its the greatest, Good Luck!

    Indyff83..I have a series MX top w/walk-in door, I'm convinced ARE makes a quality product with a good warranty. Can't begin to count how many people have commented on the looks of the MX unit. I even was stopped by a cop..who just wanted to know where I got the Topper.

    Comptime...I've towed my boat from Orlando, Fl. to Key West (and back); to Crystal River (Gulf Shore) or Cape Canaveral (Atlantic shore) for a week-end. The V10 provides more power out of the water, acceleration and road ability than anything I ever driven. Mileage @ 10.5-11.2 is as good as or better than the Pathfinder V6 (under load) I used to own. I just hope the government doesn't put enough restrictions on these gas guzzlers to make new ones obsolete. If so, I keep mine forever.
  • jrstojrsto Member Posts: 2
    My boat is a 26' mid cabin cruiser weighing about 10000#. With my Ram V10, I hardly know its there even @ highway speeds of 70 mph.
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