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    Does anyone know what year Ford started offering the 3rd seat option on the Explorer?
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    They started offering the seat with the redesign of the body style in '02. Before, they couldn't because the floor was too high. When they redesigned the Explorer, they redesigned the rear suspension setup which allowed for dropping the floor of the SUV.
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    I'm looking to buy a Ford Explorer XLT 2004 with running boards, V-6, safety canopy, rear DVD entertainment, power adj pedals, leather interior, tow package, moonroof, CD-radio-tape deck (80 watts). I am in Brooklyn Ny and I went to Premier Ford and the salesman came up with a price of 33,000 after a 6,000 rebate and still owing 2,000 on my car. This is also with no down payment. Also we have a family member that works for Ford so we are trying to get the A plan which may knock an additional 4,000 off that asking price. I want to know if that asking price is a good deal.
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    Does anyone have any thoughts on the X-plan pricing? I went to the dealer today and told them I have the x-plan.

    Ford Describes the x-plan as: "This price is 4% over the Ford Employee (A-Plan) price, plus $150. Generally this price is below the dealer invoice price, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on new Ford Division products."

    I researched the x-plan pricing and went to the dealer. I am looking for: XLT, 3rd row (should be free), moonroof, running boards, and cross-bars. Pricing on the x-plan pricing online showed very similar to what the dealer quoted me, about $31k.

    My question is: Would I get a better price by using the x-plan or negotiating off the MSRP / sticker?

    When I told the dealer that I had the x-plan, they were adamant that the x-plan is non-negotiable pricing. This is fine with me. But from what I've seen on and the forums, it seems that I may be able to get a better price negotiating it myself.

    When I asked the dealer that question point blank, he claimed that the x-plan price was under invoice, so there would be no way to negotiate to a better price. I'm a little suspect of this statement.

    Also, edmunds TMV says others are paying $30k, and that includes the 3rd row at $650. Something isn't adding up.

    Any thoughts, examples of prices paid, etc for a similar '04 XLT would be greatly appreciated. I'm in Chicago. Thanks in advance! Andy
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    The X-Plan "sometimes is lower than invoice {but not all the time, but very close}. Sometimes it pays to negotiate a better price without the have to realize....that...with the X-Plan, the dealer "Can Not" add any additional charges, such as extra advertising fees, extra MV fees, extra doc fees, etc.
       Check the invoice price as listed here on Edmunds [then take the invoice price of the other extras on the MSRP sticker} and add them onto the invoice price of the edmunds invoice and compare them against the MSRP sticker total (don't forget that the delivery charge is part of the sticker and should be also added {this is the same amount on both the MSRP and invoice price} usually around four to six hundred depending on what make vehicle. After comparing all of this, you should get a very close idea of weather or not the X-Plan is higher or lower than invoice. Just don't forget to check with the dealer to see if there are in fact "extra charges" that are not on the sticker (excluding of course, Tax,tags and license fees.}
      I know this is a long post, but I tried to explain it in the best way that I know.
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    A continuation of "andyp1's" question around X-Plan. I have not bought a car yet, but the dealer did say the X-Plan price is non-negotiable. My take is this...the X-Plan is just another rebate from Ford Corp and any decrease from MSRP due to the X-Plan does not at all reduce the dealer's take. If the dealer wants to give you further discounts (off of the X-Plan), they can do it and it will come out of their profit.

    I have no facts to back that up, but intuitively I feel the X-Plan just locks in the dealer profits (or attempts to). Anyone have details around this thought (that either support/prove it wrong)?

    Additionally, how can I easily find the factory-to-dealer incentives and dealer hold-backs?

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Hey Explorer buyers,

    I know it is not a good idea to roll negative equity into a new car purchase, so please don't answer this question with that advice. I currently drive a Kia Sportage and I am about $6k upside down. I want to know if it will be possible to bury this with the $5K rebates that are currently being offered on Explorer's. I can afford a $35K note. I want a new Explorer and roll negative equity in and the total figure to come to around $35K.
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    Hello-I have the option to purchase my company vehicle from the leasing/fleet mgmt. company, Wheels Inc. It's a 2004 Explorer XLT (4 WD, 3rd row, CD player, front/rear air, V6, power driver's seat).I received this vehicle brand new in October 2003, it has 9000 miles and is in great condition-I know the complete history of the vehicle since I'm the only driver of it. They are offering it to me for 20K-I've done some research and it seems like a fair price, I'm going to try for 18 or 19K though. Has anyone had experience purchasing a company vehicle-do they tend to negotiate price? Is 20K fair? What's the best financing company to use since I have to obtain my own? Thanks!
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    Kate5: Here is my experience, pick up tommorow!!! I found a white '03 Explorer XLT, 20K, running boards, 4 WD, 3rd row, CD player, front/rear ait, V6, power driver seat, put into service in Florida August '03, great condition, Sticker price of $20,988, but trading in my '94 Taurus Wagon 119K miles (which every dealership would only give me $500 for) negotiated down to $17,700, You are looking at a 2004 with 9K, so I am saying that's a great deal! I did try to negotiate an '04 with 19K on it, same options, best they would go was $19,900, so I would say you have a decent deal there, offer them a little under, what the heck have you got to lose?? Good luck
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    If the 33k includes your tradein, how much are they allowing you for the car.
  • harrisczharriscz Member Posts: 2
    How much was your trade-in worth?
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    Just wanted to report my dealings in the Kansas City metro area.

    Short Version:
    Purchased a 2004 4x4 V6 Eddie Baurer w/ 3rd row seat and Auxiliary Air for $33,330 less $6787 in rebates ($4500 Ford, $1500 Ford Credit, & $787 customer loyalty) for a net of $26,543 + tax.

    Long Version:
    I narrowed my search to Explorers and Honda Pilots in September. I quickly figured out that area Honda dealers were not willing to negotiate much on their limited stock. While I considered dealing with a few of the out of state dealers mentioned in the Pilot forum, I decided to work on the local Ford dealers first.
    I composed an email with my desired specifications and sent it to every area Ford dealer (about 34 total). Of those, I received about 8 solid leads and quickly figured out who would and would not deal below invoice. One internet sales manager replied that he would give up 1/3 of his holdback for anything on the lot. With the $6,000 in rebates the 2004 selection was getting thinned in a hurry, so I used dealer search feature to search each metro dealership for the low end E.B. model that I wanted.
    I found a really easy to deal with internet salesman at Extreme Ford in OP who was VERY open with his pricing (even faxed their invoice on a couple models to me). Unfortunately, they're E.B. had too many extras, so even after offering around 1/2 their holdback, it was a bit high.
    I ended up calling Bonner Springs Ford. They were not one of the ones who reponded to my initial email but had a low end E.B. in stock (right vehicle at the right time). Anyway, I offered them invoice - $350 with no fees, etc. and they took it. (See short version above for final price.)
    I learned a lot about the buying process this time around and just wanted to share a bit of my experience.
    Good luck to everyone else!
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    I have had similar experince. I was able to bury $4500 into our 2002 Explorer and still leave the dealer with final price at invoice (rebates, model year discounts etc.). So I'm not one to criticze negative equity situations.

    However, my only word of caution is that the rebates offered now will probably continue and will effect trade in value later. Trade In value on our 02 is pretty low currently thanks to the rebates offered etc. If I had bought the 02 at 4 grand under invoice I'd be fine, but I'm not. Unfortunately, gotta pay it sometime. We are trying to get into a Toyota to get out of the terrible depriciation on domestics.
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    javner- you are right

    from NY times

    Differences in resale values can add up. For instance, a four-wheel-drive 2005 Ford Explorer Limited selling for $40,480 is projected to lose 64 percent of its value in four years, meaning that it would fall to $14,525, according to the Automotive Lease Guide, another company that tracks used car values. By comparison, a 2005 Toyota 4Runner Limited with four-wheel drive, selling for $38,500, is expected to retain 47 percent of its value and resell for about $20,000.
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    Dealer advertised $21,700 plus tax and tag no delivery for a $32,000 msrp 04 xlt sport and I couldn't pass. 11/13/04 They were showing $6500 rebate. Vehicle had 39 miles on it.
  • hollyw00dhollyw00d Member Posts: 1

    Where was this located? I am currently researching an '03 Eddie Bauer edition with 10k miles for 26588. I'd love to know what anyone recommends esp. if you are talking about an '04 for less. Thanks in advance!
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    say you get the explorer for 500 over invoice, that's about 37,500. then subtract the 2k rebate, now it's 35,500. now do the math. 14,500 + 3000 + 2000. basically, it's 18,500 depreciation on the toyota, 21,000 on the explorer. the toyota is better, but the difference is not as wide as it seems, at first glance. if you get a discount on the msrp of the 4 runner, the difference gets larger. each vehicle has features the other doesn't.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
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    I'm looking at a 98 Explorer EB. (60k miles)
    what should I be concered about/looking out for?
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    Been looking to purchase something bigger than my 3 door hatchback for months, finally pulled the trigger.

    What did I get?
    2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Pkg, 4x4, V8, 38000 miles for $18,700.

    I felt like I did ok. I found out that when the dealer got this in a local trade-in they had it for 21,988. That was in August or before. When I went in 2 weeks ago they had 18,988 on it. I think they really wanted to move it, but didn't want to go too low. They wouldn't accept offers of 18k or 18,500. Finally they lowered to 18750, and we agreed on 18700. Not too bad i guess for my first car buying experience.

    I love it so far. Great ride, looks really nice. Still getting used to all the features.

    Also, I (for the time being) added the extended service plan for 3/36k for 1780. Does this seem worth it??
  • chuck1chuck1 Member Posts: 1,405
    Did you run a car fax on it?
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    Set to purchase an 04 XLT Sport, 4x2, 4.0 liter. BLK with gry interior. Options are: 3rd row, Auxilary air, cd/cassette combo and roof rail bars. I will be getting a 1.9% APR despite my not so good credit. I am also getting a $2000 rebate. I know the 04's are currently advertising a 4000 rebate, but the dealer told me the only way I can get that is if my APR% goes up. SO I guess I'm sacrificing 2 grand for a better APR. Is that reasonable?


    Anyways I'm also going to be putting down about $3000 down. I can't recall what net cost was, but I know we tentatively agreed that the monthly payment would be $459 / month for 60 months. Does this add up? If I can get a better deal, please tell me how. This is my first time negotiating and purchasing a vehicle by myself, so I'm kind of skeptical and nervous, so any help is appreciated.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 18,469
    just saw this post. did you make the deal yet? my first thought is that at 1.9% keep the cash(put in a cd)/make higher payment.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
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    Received a quote of $26,166.25 on an '04 Mountaineer, silver, v6, leather, 2wd, Add $500 if I don't finance w/ Ford Credit, or add $4,500 w/ 0%. MSRP is $34,390. Opinions??
  • attykevinattykevin Member Posts: 5
    As to my previous post, the 0% option is not the way to go, obviously, but what I'm looking for is opinions on the quoted price. The price is a drive-out price; taxes, title, etc. are all included in the $26,166.25.
  • jhartmann2jhartmann2 Member Posts: 13
    I would think you might be able to do a little better since this is an '04 model.


    At the end of November I bought a New 2004 4X4 Explorer XLT for $25,500 out the door. MSRP was $35275. I got the $4500 rebate and took the $1000 rebate by financing through Ford Credit which meant my price was $24200 before tax,tags, and the rest of the things they add on (Virginia purchase). I have since repaid the Ford note and have it financed through someone else at a much lower interest rate so I've saved even more. Good luck.
  • attykevinattykevin Member Posts: 5


    Thanks for your input!!


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    Received a quote today from a dealer on a 04 Mountaineer v8 awd. Leather interior, moonroof, trailer package, premier package, rear air conditioning, adjustable pedals, cross bars, 3rd row seating, 10k miles. MSRP 38 Dealer asked $26,200 before taxes. From the last few posts I think I can do better. Any thoughts?
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    Just got an '02 Explorer 4x4 Eddie Bauer too. I got the V-6. Only had 24400 miles. Paid $17,800 out the door including T&L/fees.


    Didn't get the extended warranty. The '02 has a pretty good reliability history according to CR, so passed on the extented warranty.
  • 02xls02xls Member Posts: 40
    April 2004 CR auto issue, Used Cars to Avoid

    2002 Ford Explorer made the list. Good Luck! May want to rethink that ESP.
  • GutsyGutsy Member Posts: 13
    Just Purchased a new 2004 Mountaineer AWD Deluxe V6 Mineral grey metallic with 20 miles on it at Lawrence Lincolin Mercury here in Trenton New Jersey.


    Sticker was $38,815, -$4,500 rebate, -$4,816 dealer discount, -$500 Ford Credit, -$500 deducted from a coupon I got at the Mercury desk at the Philadelphia car show this weekend. Saved $10,316 total ... got it for $28,499 + tax, tags & registration. I think I did pretty well!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 18,469
    there are so many gadgets on the eb, i would rather have it(and do) than not. sounds like you got a good deal.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
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    i bought it for 15,500 here in upstate ny.i was kinda surprised even though it has 44k miles i didnt expect it to be so cheap.i looked in newspapers like the ny post and saw they were going for 16k down in nyc with V6's but usually up here it goes for higher...i think i made a decent deal...the only unfortunate thing was the fact that i bought a extracare warranty from ford but who knows...i may need far this ride has been excellent..2 months i've had it i've racked up 3k only thing i changed so far on this was the fluids...i went all synthetic if i could and i have gotten great results...going from a 97 taurus gl to this is so sweeet..later all..
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    Just purchased and EB Explorer v6, tow pkg, convenience group, auxiliary air, 3rd row seat and other options for $28,500 in central eastern Florida. Invoice was $28,200 after $5,000 rebate. It is red with tan trim. For $28,500 they threw in a bug deflector with installation. Per edmunds - this is a good deal. The rebate really helped! I did have a 98 eddie bauer also - they have made many improvements since then at almost the same price after the rebate. I'm not crazy about the changes they are making to the '06 so I was motivated to use the rebate and get an '05. Hopefully I will get many years out of the explorer. I did not get the extended warranty - a lot of money. I plan to look into - I learned about this from one of the forum postings here on edmunds.

    Happy Explorering! :shades:
  • rollin59rollin59 Member Posts: 4
    I just bought a loaded 2003 Eddie Bauer Explorer in near-mint condition with 24,000 miles for $20,000 even, including extended drivetrain warranty to 2009 and remainder of factory warranty. Northeastern Wisconsin. Leather, 6 CD, dual power heated leather seats, climate control etc. Does not have rear air and no 3rd row seating. Bargain hard and pay no more than Edmunds dealer price. If they won't take it, walk away. This is a buyer's market for SUVs and don't believe any sad tales to the contrary. (This SUV was on the dealer's lot since February and about to go to auction.) :P

    Dealers in my area have dozens of new leftover 2004 Explorer XLT's with cloth, 6CD, towing package and 3rd row seating asking $23,000 (without negotiation).
  • chuck1chuck1 Member Posts: 1,405
    You did great!

    It is INDEED A BUYERS MARKET FOR SUV's right now!!
  • creeperscreepers Member Posts: 2
    Ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a 2004 Mecury Mountaineer Premier AWD for $22800. It has 30xxx miles. The only option it does NOT have is DVD. Think I am getting a good deal. Does anyone have any concerns they can share?
  • midas72midas72 Member Posts: 18
    Creepers, someone might tell you to just spend the extra $6k or so and buy a 2005. Me, I bought a 2003 explorer XLT with 26k miles for $19,800 (right in line with Edmunds certified used price).

    I think the miles are a bit high -- are you getting a discount for that?
  • creeperscreepers Member Posts: 2
    If so, it is already in the price. One thing I did not add, which may or may not be assummed, the Mountaineer is a V8 with tow package. Think this is standard for the Premier model.

    I do not think I can get a 2005 Premier for 22800 + 6000 = 28800. Premiers list for 38-40K. Please advise....
  • midas72midas72 Member Posts: 18
    My sarcasm came through, I really don't have much to add other than get a discount for the mileage.
  • bpwrightwvbpwrightwv Member Posts: 17
    I'm guessing you don't have 4 wheel drive since you're in Florida? Anyway, I just got the 2005 EB V6, 4X4 w/ ultimate conv group, moonroof, reverse sensing system, cargo cover and roof rack for $29 + T,T,L. I was working the phone for about 2 days with 4-5 dealers and on 6/30 the deals really heated up, seems they all want to sell cars for end of month quotas. I had one dealer call me today, not knowing I had got one last night,and told me Ford is coming out with a better program on 7/6, He didn't say what after I told him I already got one........I didn't get the extended warranty either. Since it's black, I may get the paint protectant but I'll have to see how much that is. Incidentally, for those of you still looking, don't forget the dealer holdback when negotiating these cars. I know Edmunds says they include that in their pricing, but I got mine under TMV, by about a grand
  • chuck1chuck1 Member Posts: 1,405
    You will want an extended warranty on this vehicle. I got one as well!
  • sphere99sphere99 Member Posts: 36
    How much is the extended warranty?
  • chuck1chuck1 Member Posts: 1,405
    It depends on the amount of coverage you seek.
    Go to

    Speaking of this, they are in the process of processing a refund to me. It's about $500.00. I got rid of the Explorer on July 1st. They have been very good to deal with. :shades:
  • rollin59rollin59 Member Posts: 4
    The miles are a little high for the year. Price is not bad, if in good condition, although you might get it a thous or two lower if you really bargain and if they really want to sell it. If you plan to do any serious towing, 4WD is considered better than AWD (if you even need 4WD...2WD is rated for higher towing capacity because it's lighter, and less parts to break). The Eddie Bauer Explorer is basically the same vehicle but with 4WD instead of AWD. 4WD should get a little better mileage than AWD too. Options like rear air and 3rd row seating add a LOT of weight (and reduce towing capacity) so only get them if you need them. Rear air alone cuts towing by 500 pounds. There are two towing packages, class II and class III. Get Class III if you plan any serious towing, gets you bigger wheels, better springs & other towing features.
  • cory25cory25 Member Posts: 1
    Picked up an XLS Sport during the June deals. It's pretty basic, but I am student and 20G is about all I can afford right now.. Spent $20,215 + tax and tags. I think I did pretty well. Most importantly, I am super happy with it -- well, except for gas mileage.. Then again, I didn't buy an SUV because it was economical. All you recent college grads don't forget about Fords $500 rebate. Just dont mention it till the deal is done!

    Happy Exploring!

    What is everyone getting in mileage? At 2k miles, I am getting about 21-hway and between 13.5 and 16 for mixed driving.
  • flava1flava1 Member Posts: 4
    anyone know where i can find a V6 Ford Exlporer Limited 4x4 with all options (3rd row seat, Moonroof, etc.) and exterior colors... Silver, White or Black... interior Dark Gray.... i'm in the Southeast Market...

    i found one that had everything i wanted, but then it didn't have a third row seat! arggh...

    i don't want an XLT..
  • 2k5mm2k5mm Member Posts: 1
    Oct 3rd Purchase:
    2005 Mountaineer AWD
    4.0 Convenience Package w/3rd Row, Leather and Suede, Moonroof, 17" Chrome Wheels, Class III, Towing Upgrade: $27,700 Out-the-Door...

    Excellent buying experience, no trade, no financing, cash sale:
    Central Ford / Plainfield, CT
  • jstarjstar Member Posts: 1
    Hello All. I am about to buy an 04 Limited. Here's how the deal breaks down:

    04 LTD with 34,200 miles
    V8 AWD
    Canopy Airbags, 3rd Row, DVD, Moon, Reverse Sensors 3/4 Hitch.
    White with graphite leather, 17" chrome wheels, step bars, and roof rack.

    They are giving me 4K on a 96 Explorer Ltd V8 AWD with 130K miles, so I'm at $18,990 out the door.

    Is this a good deal?
  • chuck1chuck1 Member Posts: 1,405
    Make sure you buy a FORD BACKED ESP warranty. Shop the net for prices. If you need sites let me know.
  • chuck1chuck1 Member Posts: 1,405
    Depnds on how much coverage..check out the following:


    I purchase mine a few months ago, and then got rid of it (the Explorer) and got back a $500.00 refund for the unused portion. I got the one through Lombard Ford, which I believe is
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