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Lincoln Town Car Maintenance & Repair



  • mhelselmhelsel Posts: 11
    I have a 93 town car, not have any problem with the cluster,mine has started to smoke at idling,what is causing this,thank for any help
  • mhelselmhelsel Posts: 11
    Hi I have a 93 town car it has begun to smoke at idle.the car runs great,no problems other than smoking at idle,running it dont smoke,help :sick: ">
  • that is how my oil leaks started the smoke at idle came from a small oil leak leaking onto the engine. eventually it turned into everything leaking.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    What color is the smoke coming out the exhaust? White or light gray is good, but dark smoke indicates a rich fuel mixture. Often replacing the Barametric Manifold Air Pressure Sensor will correct the rich fuel problem.

    Your engine is completely changed from the power plant in the 90 Lincoln.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    The 302 c.i. engine has an oil pressure sending unit easy to get to. Usually the neoprene seal cracks with age and enables oil to escape. An easy fix & not expensive. :)
  • garkevgarkev Posts: 1
    hi, i am trying to replace my wiper motor on my lincoln town car but having a problem removing the wiper arm, any advice? thanks
  • On my 92 92 Lincoln Town Car, my drivers side window had stopped working altogether.
    I recently had a new window motor installed.
    Now my problem is, that it works just fine at times, while at other times, either works very slowly in up or down, or not at all.
    When it is working at times, the window will stop working in attempting to roll it up.
    Then if I wait awhile, it will start to roll up again.
    Someone mentioned, that Relay maybe Bad.
    My question is, does anyone know the location of the window relay?
    Thank you
  • I have a 1990 Lincoln TC and I have a short somewhere that I cannot locate. I pulled into an unfamiliar drive way yesterday and bottomed out pretty hard. Nothing was damaged, however, when I tried to use my turn signal just minutes later it would not flash; it would just turn on... Also, when I turned on the signal the radio would turn off. When I hit the brakes the radio would turn off. Last night it rained very hard and I was again reminded of my electrical short by how rough my car was running. This morning is was still raining and she didn't start very smooth, but I figured she would be fine. Well, on my way to work I turned on my interior light, which was already dim, and the entire cluster went black. I pulled over because I wasn't even sure if my brake lights were working. When I pulled over I realized that my car wasn't running. Any idea where my short could be located??? :confuse:
  • I am really really frustrated! I replaced the motor on my 1995 TC 2 months ago and haven't driven it very much as we were on holiday for 6 weeks. When I picked the car up from the shop and drove it home it just didn't feel right. The gear change lever was sooooo tight and difficult to move and when driving it was a hard change from first to second and second to third. Also there was hesitation when accelerating. I went back to the mechanic and told him about this. He told me the cable from the shifter probably needed to be replaced as sometimes that happens and it was just coincidence it happened now. However we returned from holidays and yesterday on my way home there was this awful noise accompanied by clouds of smoke from the back of the car! Needless to say I stopped pretty quick called the mechanic and had the car towed. He now tells me that there was a leak in the transmission and all the oil leaked out and I probably need to replace the pump and a bunch of other stuff. I have a bit of a problem with this as a month before the motor was replaced I had the yearly tranny check done and everything was all good. My question here is... when the motor was replaced is it possible that the tranny was not fitted properly which has caused the oil to leak out? Am I being given a snow job to hide a mistake? I have no problems with the transmission prior to this. HELP!!!! :cry:
  • Do you see an oil slick in your garage?

    I suspect they took off your torque convertor, lost the oil and then put it back together without refilling it.
  • Nope no oil slick. after I replaced the motor we power washed the concrete and no more oil slick!
  • Hi, on my 99 TC Executive, I have two problems that I think are related. First the courtesy light won't shut off unless fuse is removed. Also dash light don't work at all when the headlights are on or off. Appear to be related problems. What should I Do?
  • lmj1lmj1 Posts: 1
    It could also be the regulator causing your problem. Does it stick in a certain spot, if it does, you probably need to grease the regulator. The regulator is the device attached to the window motor, that looks like it has to bike brake lines coming out of it.

    The relay is located under the hood, one of the square boxes, like where your fuses are located. If it's not labled, ask a dealer for a diagram or the numbers to identify it.
  • This my question that got no replies.
    I took the airbag light on solid problem to the dealer.
    My research (from this forum) told me that if the horn and cruise control do not work, it is most likely the clockspring. They replaced it at the tune of $260.
    A $65 part and $195 labor. My radio stations were the same,
    so I guess they did not touch the battery.
    Problem solved.
  • Lately, when it rains, water is getting into the backseat passenger side of my 98 Lincoln Towncar. I have a sunroof but don't know if it's leaking, I can't see any obvious signs. There is about an inch or more on the floor after it rains.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    When the rain trough above the trunk is clogged, dirty, or otherwise blocking drainage or if the car is parked facing downhill on a slope - could be the source of entering water.

    If the floor of your trunk area is not wet, that's a good sign it is coming from another source.
  • Thank you. I'll look and see if that area is clogged. I just hop it's not the sunroof.
  • Could be a coil needs to be replaced or maybe the torque converter.
  • sometimes when i start my car it shuts right back off within maybe 2 seconds, and the only way to keep it running is to keep my foot on the gas, now this problem only happens maybe once every 2-3 weeks but it is very annoying. it is usually ok after i drive the car for about 10 minutes, but tonight it did it all the way home(about a 30 minute drive) the check engine light does not come on, and taking it to a shop is probably useless because like i said it does it at randon. anybody else had this problem or know what it could be
  • ok this is kinda making me mad now, right after i posted i went outside jus to see would it stay running, and it did. i dont know what to do about it. im almost scared to drive it i may get somewhere and get stuck. oh yea and i forgot to mention in my first post im running about 1500 watts of memphis car audio stereo equipment. would this have anything to do with it
  • I had the same problem with the Driver's side window on my 92 TC.
    My mechanic replaced the window motor.
    Now my problem is, that the window works as normal some of the time.
    At other times, it will either go partially down or up.
    If I wait a couple of minutes or so, then it will work again.
    My mechanic said it seems to need a window Relay switch.
    I bought the switch for $10.00 at an auto store.
    Now my problem is finding out where it goes.
    There is no place for it to go in the fuse box under the dash or the one under the hood.
    Any ideas?
    Also both of my rear windows have also stopped working.
  • fcpkcfcpkc Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Town car signature.
    Starting about 2 weeks, suddenly, I haven't heard any chirping sound when I lock the door with a remote button.
    I checked the manual and have done reprograming several times for an automatic door lock but still no chirping sound.
    Does anybody know how to make a chirping sound back ?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Due to old age, "Tweety Bird" died. ;)
  • Help transmission down shifts “check trac” light comes on and temp. gauge drops to cold.
    Transmission seems OK but doesn’t want to shift properly. It’s a real pain and I have the feeling the dealer will have a field day!!!
    Turn off engine and restart every thing OK for a while then it happens allover again.
  • Not sure how to phrase this problem When the engine is cold it doesn't accelerate, it doesn't die it just won't speed up. Now it has started the same thing after it is warm. This doesn't happen all the time. Still when I'm going down the freeway at 70mph and suddenly it starts dropping speed to under 50 with my foot on the accelarater I get a little nervous. We have replaced all the plugs, wires, fuel filters and the fuel pump. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Replace the Mass Air Sensor.
  • Thanks. Will try that.
  • The driver side window just stuck down anyone have any ideas to get it up with out a new switch
  • peachpie5254peachpie5254 FloridaPosts: 15
    If it's just the switch, why not remove and cross wires with ignition switch on until it gets up and then tape ends to prevent shorting?
  • i now think it is the motor is there any way i could get the window up temporarily until i can get a new motor in?
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