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Toyota Tundra vs. Nissan Titan



  • on price. I was thinking too that the buzz on the Titan is going to benefit Tundra DC prices (at least I'm hoping). All the reviews that I've read put the Titan on top, but for reasons that make it less attractive to me, and it would seem to others on this board. I don't want an aggressive in your face truck with a monster sounding engine. I really want an SUV with more utility (an SUT (t-ruck)?), and the Tundra fits the bill. I'm surprised Toyota is marketing it as a workhorse when I think it misses the mark compared to the competition. I see it more as a Sequoia with more utility and a much better price.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    Nissan doesn't use a brand - they do it themselves at the factory. I guess it's advantage is it is warranteed by the factory and it is anti slip too.

    Some people have said they don't like it because it is much thinner than a Rhino or other aftermarket and they figure it might not be as strong against dents. I guess being thinner it wouldn't make the dimensions of the box smaller, although this would be a very small advantage. Also, it is computer sprayed so the consistency would be better than having a person spray it.

    I got it with my Titan but I really didn't have any choice. It comes standard on the SE in Canada (as does the utility system).
  • Applied by a robot at Nissan's new Canton, Miss., plant, the Durabed Liner was developed by PPG with input from Nissan. It is made "from a high performance elastomer coating formed by a two component system that when combined reacts to create a polymer chain that crosslinks with other chains to form a tough, high, light and moisture resistant coating," says Nissan.

    It was developed out of a need for high bed protection but also compatibility with the company's tie-down channel system.

    The bedliner is applied after the truck has been painted and resists gauging by tools, shovels or sharp objects placed in the truck. Since it has a non-skid surface, bed cargo will not move around during transit.

    Because it does not "sit" on top of the bed, rust will not develop beneath it like traditional drop-in bedliners, it also avoids road noise and vibration and dampens sounds unlike drop-in units.

    The weatherproof bedliner is factory applied and therefore warranted by Nissan. The company plans to sell repair kits in the event something does scratch or gouge the bedliner.

    Now dont get me wrong, I have a Toyota DC on order and I love the Toyota over the Titan, I am just posting this for Titan fans benefit
  • I know you will be satisfied with the Tundra DC. As for the engine noise you were referring to, I am planning on adding a custom Dual Stainless Exhaust to mine, for some added HP and a lil sound, now dont get me wrong, the one I ordered is a Limited, but I have heard many 2003 Tundras with Duals and the ones I have heard are not really too loud, but more throaty sounding, especially when you get on it.

    And as far as toyota marketing the DC as a workhorse, It is indeed to the average Joe, sure if you have a hugh travel trailer or load/pull often, then you may want to consider another vehicle for this purpose. Now I am not saying the DC will not perform loads/pulls, but for my needs this foots the bill exactly. I am an avid Hunter/Sportsman I dont own a trailer, boat, or anything that needs to be pulled, so in this case the DC is perfect for me. The Limited/Leather option just adds that extra touch of class.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    If the next Tundra looks anything remotely to the FTX concept truck, Toyota could finally have a winner. That thing is huge
  • is shooting for a 2006 launch of the next Tundra based on that FTX concept with an upgraded engine, which will be a conventional gasoline engine at first,(probably a larger displacement,more powerful version of the Lexus-derived engine now in present Tundras or something totally different). Toyota also says they "intend" to bring a V8 Hybrid to market, but that will come a couple years later. I have no doubt that they will, especially if the V6 in the 2005 Landcruiser proves successful. Ypu can expect the next Tundra to big BIG, although I'm sure it will be scaled down somewhat from the FTX concept.
  • is shooting for a 2006 launch of the next Tundra based on that FTX concept with an upgraded engine, which will be a conventional gasoline engine at first,(probably a larger displacement,more powerful version of the Lexus-derived engine now in present Tundras or something totally different). Toyota also says they "intend" to bring a V8 Hybrid to market, but that will come a couple years later. I have no doubt that they will, especially if the V6 in the 2005 Landcruiser proves successful. You can expect the next Tundra to big BIG, although I'm sure it will be scaled down somewhat from the FTX concept.
  • We'll see how much a heavy-duty Titan will cost (if and when it ever materializes), I bet it will be a little more than what a heavy-duty Tundra that is supposedly coming in a few years will go for.

    But 3/4 ton and up go for more money anyway (vs. a 1/2 ton), regardless of make.

    I would still go with the Toyota because of it's better build quailty and longer lasting engines over the Titan.
  • My father works with this guy who just purchased a new Nissan Titan, he said he was very dissappointed, it has been in and out of the shop for many problems. I will keep you posted on the specifics of the problems.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    and my dad's brother's aunt's uncle told me that his friend's cat's owner's sister was driving next to a titan turning into a dealership. she told her mother's boyfriend's dog about it, and he said that it MUST have been in for repairs.

    i understand that no vehicle is perfect, especially a first year model, but after hearing your rants from before, i dont buy your stories for a second...nothing personal.
  • Does anyone have true gas mileage experience with the 4x4 Tundra Double Cab and Titan Crew Cab? Also, does anyone have insight as to when the Titan off road package will actually start shipping with the electronic differential locker? Trying to decide between these trucks, I like the Titan but am somewhat wary of a first year vehicle, I need Toyota reliability after my 99 F-150 self destructed at just over 50,000 miles.
  • I'm tempted by the Titan too, but reliability is key for me. Been burned by a first year redesign Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm looking at the "problems and solutions" thread on the Titan board, and see 28 posts in a month vs. 28 for 4 months on the Tundra board (which covers all years of Tundras). While some may say Titan owners are more prolific, I think it says something about quality.

    I wouldn't pick one truck over another based on MPG. Both are terrible. Base the choice on your top three vehicle priorities. For me it's reliability, comfort and utility. The best combo of these for me is the Tundra. If MPG is a top priority, then you should not be considering either vehicle.
  • touctouc Posts: 28
    Although the Titan has a superior engine, I also have read of numerous interior, exterior, and electical "situations" showing up on the titan, too. I guess the nissan people may have slapped some of them together to meet production, as did the toyota double cabs. I just hope my double cab was 'slapped' together a little better- ha. (fingers crossed).
  •'s my experience. I had first started out to buy a Tundra double cab(DC), then I found out that the Titan came in a crew cab(CC),(I don't like the suicide doors on the king cab), so I decided to get quotes on both. I wanted the Tundra DC Limited 4x2, with the leather package and tow package. On the Titan I wanted the CC LE 4X2(leather is standard) with the tow package,the side air bag package and the sliding bed divider. I got about a half dozen bids on each. Low quote on the Tundra was $30,257 and on the Titan was $30,665. It was obvious that price was not going to be the determining factor for me, so I started comparing features. The Titan has a bigger engine, more towing capacity, a 5 speed vs. 4 speed trans., disk brakes all around vs. front only, greater interior volume, a better sound system, power and heated bucket seats on both driver and passenger sides, a side air bag system, programmable peddles-mirrors-seat system, a spray in bed liner, a cargo track system with a sliding bed divider, a driver side exterior fender compartment, 18 inch wheels vs. 17 inch wheels, floor mats and splashguards. The pluses for the Tundra were an electrically operated one piece rear window and the Toyota name. I was not convinced that the Toyota quality, as good as it is, outweighed all the extras I get on a Titan. I know Nissan's quality may not be quite at Toyota's level yet, but there's no way it outweighs all the extras I got on the Titan.

    I went to the local auto show and one of the dealers beat the lowest quote on the Titan by about another $300. I'm a happy guy. My new truck arrives in about 6-8 weeks. ..and that's how they stacked up for me.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    glad to hear you compared apples to apples...most people get confused by the big T name. (toyota)
  • You must have test driven both. How come you did not mention anything about your impressions of both on the road?

    I made a similar decision in '99 to go for the options over quality. I chose a Jeep over an Infiniti and still regret it. All those options are nice, as long as they work. Don't underestimate the value of quality. I hope you have better luck than I did. Enjoy your Titan!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    thats not exactly fair, i think...grand cherokee vs. pathfinder, cherokee vs. xterra, etc...
  • Infiniti QX4, which is a nice pathfinder. Fair enough.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    how a grand cherokee could possibly have more options than a qx4...???
  • I picked the Toyota DC this weekend, the Nissan dealers think they have such a hot product they refuse to give a firm price unless your checkbook is in hand....I just could not get over the impression that all the electronic gizmos on the Titan might not have all the bugs worked out. The Toyota seemed smoother with a focus on simplicity and quality rather than on including all the supposedly latest and greatest things. I'm also only using it for personal transport and camping with a shell, so the full 6 foot bed was more important than the monster motor of the Titan.
  • Both of you will enjoy many years of maintenance free use from your DC. Mine will be in in April and I cannot wait. I have test drove every DC my local dealer has gotten in as an excuse to drive it because I cannot wait till mine comes in. About the larger bed, yes it makes it very nice. And the larger Titan engine, well a few add-ons and the Tundra is quite comparable as far as that goes, even if you dont do some mods like filter kit, module chip and dual exhaust from Borla and a TRD header kit, the Tundra DC still performs like a champ. And in response to the Titans interior, I felt it to be cheap as well. But if a Tonka Truck Look is what you want, then the Titan may be better for you. I have heard several complaints about the Titan having problems already, now that does not mean anything, and I am not saying that they always will, but I am not willing to chance it, I have always been a die-hard Toyota fan, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Congrats to finnton and touc for their recent DC purchase, keep me posted on how you like it and let me know about gas mileage you are getting.
  • touctouc Posts: 28
    Again, I find someone who feels the same way I do. You must have gone to the same datsun dealer I did (Far East in NC?). Anyway, I was given the same treatment and I wasn't gonna kiss up to try to deal/haggle with them. Plus, I loved the smooth, quiet ride of the DC, will use the larger bed for camping, etc, and felt the interior of the titan was maybe overdone and seemed cheap.
      Nice choice. Enjoy your Tundra.
  • touctouc Posts: 28
      Did you get all of those features on the Titan for $30,655? How much was nissan going to go under msrp? Did you negotiate Toyota price, or just compare sticker prices? I realize stickers are about the same, but from my experiences, nissan just didn't want to get the price low enough for my business. Toyota did.
      I like both trucks, but because I got a better deal on the Tundra DC, I went with it. Enjoy your titan.
  • of Truck Trend magazine that Toyota is producing A 3/4 ton heavy duty pickup for 2006/2007. It will have a DOHC-aliminum block 360HP engine generating over 400lbs. of torgue- If you're considering a Titan for it's percievd more horsepower, then it might be worth the wait, especially if you don't want to give you Toyota quality!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    do you honestly think a toyota heavy duty truck is even in the pricing ballpark with a titan?!?!
  • If Toyota produces a heavy-duty 360HP truck in the future, don't think for a minute that Nissan will stand around and let them one-up the Titan. The 5.6L has much more potential than a mere 305HP, and a heavy-duty Titan is not out of the question, either.
  • Does Nissan have diesel engineering experience ?

    if they don't, who would they farm that out to, maybe Cat?

    I was thinking that VW's upcoming v10 Turbodiesel in the Touregg would be a good opportunity for Nissan to get an already engineered diesel into their HD truck quickly.
  • I'm sure Sugar Daddy Renault has plenty of "primo quality" French diesels they could slap a Nissan badge on and slip right in that HD dude. Besides, it would'nt take much to best that world famous VW quality. Please!
  • somehow I do not think that a french diesel, however well made, would sell in the American heavy duty work truck market.
  • You make my point. I agree 100%.
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