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Toyota Highlander Hybrid



  • fizbanfizban Posts: 42
    I pointed out to my dealer that the Lexus version comes with an entertainment center option, so it's obviously possible. So, have included it on my HH order. Will see if it's actually included.
    Considering the orders went in on Apr 7 and the vehicles won't be rolling in until Jun at the earliest, I'd think they'd be able to build them to order. I'm not a car manufacturer, but that seems like adequate lead time to me.
    I too am no. 1 on the waiting list (signed up last Oct.), but I'm beginning to believe anyone who asks is no. 1.
    I was also told NO after-factory modifications or add-ons (electrically speaking) or it will void the warrantee. I guess they don't want people messing around in the electronics of this baby.
  • fmvafmva Posts: 5
    Has anyone else been told about add-ons voiding the warranty? I was intending to have a cell phone hands-free system installed (unless all the specs so far have left off that the NAV system is bluetooth enabled like the Prius - but nothing that I've seen so far on the HH says that it is).
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    The Teflon used on cookware is different than the Teflon used in automotive paint protection and other surface protection applications (fabric protection, wallpaper etc.). The surface protection stuff uses Teflon fluorosurfactants, not the original Teflon fluoropolymer used in pots and pans etc. See for example:
  • ssachnoffssachnoff Posts: 33
    Well, maybe it isn't a waste of about $100. But the simoniz website doesn't say what they charge for the product./serviice. Is $100 way off base?
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    As with any other vehicle, add-ons do not automatically have any effect on the warranty. The add-on would have to be responsible for a problem, to make Toyota not cover it under warranty.

    For some reason, the factory installed DVD entertainment system isn't available. But, the port- or dealer-installed system will be available.
  • fmvafmva Posts: 5
    I called Toyota's 1-800 number and the employee who answered said very clearly and without hesitation that any changes made after the sale that had anything even remotely to do with the wiring in the HH would immediately void the warranty (she said this was unlike the warranties on other models)! My understanding from her was that if you make any electrical changes Toyota has the option to not perform ANY warranty repairs after that - caused by what you did or not. :cry:
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    I'm thinking that what she was referring to was a modification related to the hybrid wiring, not the regular 12 volt system. Unless a modification can be shown to have caused the problem, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents them from denying coverage.
  • tpatintpatin Posts: 11
    FYI: I was in Tucson, AZ on April 15 and spotted a Bluestone Highlander Hybrid there. It was a fully-loaded Limited version with regular California plates. No indication of dealership. Any ideas how this guy got his so fast?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    I would imagine it is one of the units used for media demo. I saw an RX400h in Hawaii back in September. They had 6 of them over there for demo purposes. All had CA license plates.
  • That's a media car - they have to plate them. They are given to the magazines to test and then they put a press embargo on the info till THEY (Toyota) says it's OK to talk about their testing. I saw the very same car in CA going down the 405.

    As far as ordering the Highlander hybrids, they are being built specific to folks' needs. If you wish to have a Limited with no NAV, you need to find a different dealership to order from who knows how to do this. The dealership you spoke to about the NAV being on 100% of the cars is either incorrect or a liar. It could be either. Beiong misinformed never makes one a liar... but passing on bad info is one way to get "thought of" as a liar. :> Anyway, HLH cars are order-able in Limited both with and without NAV. That's a fact.

  • pinzabupinzabu Posts: 11
    Does anyone know how soon the HH demo models at the dealerships will be available to test drive?

    Also, does anyone know what the allotment schedule looks like? TIA. L
  • tomslycktomslyck Posts: 70
    I heard the same thing from salesmen in Manhattan Beach and Bakersfield, CA - 100% of HH Limiteds are coming with navigation.
  • nsxwesnsxwes Posts: 84
    That is strange. When I was called by my Toyota dealer to specify my Highlander Hybrid they gave me the choice of exterior color, interior color, 2WD or 4WD, and Nav or no Nav.
    I did order a Limited 4WD with Nav.
  • fizbanfizban Posts: 42
    Who in their right mind would even want to tie into the 600v. system? Yikes!
    Just curious: How does the Magnuson-Moss Act prevent a manufacturer from telling the purchaser they can't tamper with the existing system without affecting their warranty? As an extreme case, for instance, let's say someone rigs up an outlet to power their sump pump during a power outage.
  • tsotsitsotsi Posts: 98
    Toyota makes a 1.5kW DC-AC inverter for their Estima Hybrid. This takes its power from the main battery and would turn the Highlander Hybrid into an excellent emergency generator . . . except Toyota tells me that they will not offer it on the Highlander. Maybe if enough people ask for it they will change their mind. It would be one reason to tap into the high-voltage system.

    I live in an area that was hit by two hurricanes last year and love the idea of having a car that could power my refrigerator and a few lights if we have another exciting year.
  • annemannem Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing the new Hybrid Highlander and wonder whether I should buy extended 7yr/100,000 mile warranty because of the new technology, etc.
  • pcritpcrit Posts: 27
    Probably not, since the hybrid technology components will have an 8yr/100K warranty, on top of the 6yr/60K powertrain warranty (engine/tranny), and 3yr/36K B-B. But it's up to you and if you get a good quote, it might be worth (I paid $550 for an extended B-B warranty on my '05 Limited AWD, 6yr/72K). I normally would not have gotten the warranty, but for $550, why not?
  • I will buy an extended warranty on the Hybrid Highlander IF I can get the same thing as is offered for my Prius:
    I can wait until the end of the third year of service after purchased new (the end of the new car warranty).
    I can buy, at a high discount, the extended warranty from another Toyota dealer which offers this... there are at least two dealerships which do this and are listed in the Prius 2004 Forums. If anyone is not aware of these, I will look them up and post them here.

    btw, my last message was deleted by the Moderator because I mentioned a web site for Toyota which the Moderator considered a violation of my agreement to not post anything for sales. So, I have been hesitant to mention the following but will do so since it should not be a violation of the "agreement" with this Edmunds Forum:
    New info has been posted recently at regarding the 2006 Hybrid Highlander. This appears in several related sections including one which says that the next HH re-design will be in two years and probably use some features of a new concept car of Toyota. This seems to be a design which incorporates a SUV and sedan specs and I think it might have a more powerful engine.
    Personally, I would not want the next generation if it is smaller and with a more powerful engine (should have worse fuel consumption with a more powerful engine)
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    It doesn't, it just means that the warranty would only be affected on the tampered part and any directly related components.

    I agree that making the hybrids capable of power generation would be great (like the GM pickups), but I suppose that Toyota must have a reason.
  • tsotsitsotsi Posts: 98
    The recommended octane for the HH is conspicuously missing in the specs I have seen. There are reports that Lexus recommends using 91octane or higher for the RX400h, saying it will run on 87, but with a slight loss of power. Since I have read that the powerplants for the Toyota and Lexus are identical I assume the same will go for the HH.

    What bothers me is not a slight loss of power, but whether that loss of power results from knock detectors kicking in and retarding the ignition with regular gas. If it is on the verge of knocking, might there be long-term damage done? Since I assume many HH buyers are interested in lowering their fuel bill this seems like an important issue. Why save 20% on mpg and lose half of it back buying more expensive gas? Maybe I should be asking Lexus hybrid owners if they know. But I am first on my dealer's list for a HH.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Electronics being what they are I would think they could compensate for lower octane fuel along with altitude & pressure. I read here on Edmund's that the Toyota Sienna HP was rated with Premium Unleaded yet is sold as a regular unleaded vehicle. I would imagine they share engines. One person has reported getting better mileage with Premium. It may end up a wash. I doubt it would hurt the engine to use regular if that is what they advertise.
  • jpnyjpny Posts: 1
    I live in Manhattan and use my car irregularly -- it often sits garaged for two or three weeks at a time and then I use it for a weekend trip and then it sits for a week, etc.. Will a hybrid work with this kind of usage? Will the batteries run down? Is there a downside to a hybrid in this circumstance? Any thoughts?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Will a hybrid work with this kind of usage?

    I don't think a week would be a problem. They say on the Prius you have to disconnect the battery or it will discharge. I don't think Toyota has got a handle on this situation. That was one of the things that deterred me from the Prius was not being able to just leave the car for 3 to 6 weeks in a parking garage, then just come jump in and take off.
  • fizbanfizban Posts: 42
    Hi jpny,
    In Msg 1064 of the Lexus RX400h forum, tsotsi made the comment that Lexus has issued warnings about the effect of leaving hybrids in storage -- that is without the battery getting a charge -- for more than a few weeks.
    That leaves one to wonder what happens if one does, and what the remedy is. Perhaps get out your 600v battery charger :surprise:
  • dmbfloridadmbflorida Posts: 38
    The Smart Entry system can be turned off at the Dash and this helps keep the 12 v battery from running down. Of course, any car accessory which needs electricity should be turned off. Most people would not need to disconnect the 12 v battery ...unless the car is sitting for a very long time, maybe over approx 3 weeks.

    I had a dead 12 v battery in the Prius 2004 because I did not drive it for 3 weeks and did not turn off the Smart Entry. It was very easy to jump start using the very accessible terminal under the hood. I used another car and jump cables. The manual explains this very well. The Prius 12 v battery can be jumped with even less of a charge... reports are of multiple large lantern batteries jump starting the Prius.
    A cheap trickle charge battery will easily keep the 12 v battery's charge. If you buy the type which shuts off when a full charge is accomplished, that works the best. If someone is available to push the power button and just get the car in the "Ready" status for several minutes periodically, that keeps the charge also.
    The car does not need to be started completely.
    I assume that the same procedure can be used with the Hybrid Highlander.
    This "problem" is not a significant one and should not deter anyone from buying the Toyota hybrid.
  • stevewastevewa Posts: 203
    There was a problem with the 12v battery used in the early Prius in that it wasn't very large and the alarm system could drain it in a couple weeks. The best approach where possible is to run the car for a minimum of 30 minutes at least once a week to ensure the 12v battery gets a full charge. However a "battery tender" type charger would suffice.

    If you left the car long enough it's possible the HV battery would discharge to the point where it could not start the engine, but I think you're talking well over a month for that to be a problem. Also, the HV battery can charge much more quickly than the 12v battery, so a few minutes running would top it off.
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    The dealer bulletin tells dealers to disconnect the 12v battery if it will be stored for 30 days or more.
  • fizbanfizban Posts: 42
    Ugh! I suppose it's not often that one's gone for 30 days at a crack, but of course every time you remove your battery, there goes your pre-programmed radio station settings and all your long term statistics (mileage, maintenance cycle info, etc.).
  • tempusvntempusvn Posts: 119
    Well, aleternatively you can connect a Float Charger (Not a Trickle Charger) to keep the battery topped off.
  • manukumarmanukumar Posts: 9
    Does anyone know what is the approximate wait time for someone who just got on the waiting list last weekend? I am #83 on my local dealer's wait list. I was wondering if Toyota was going to establish a single national list of fist come first served and if so, where would I be on that list?
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