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Toyota Highlander Hybrid



  • Today while driving to my Dr's office, I thought I'd really try to get the best MPG possible.
    With mostly highway driving until the last 2 miles, I averaged 31.8 MPG according to the Nav. system computer. The length of the trip was 21 miles. The a/c was NOT on.
    I currently have 1300 miles on the clock.
  • I saw the same spot for the first time tonight while watching the Red Sox. I thought at first it was for a drug or chemical company. I have seen other Toyota Hybrid spots with the "Moving You Forwards" tag line that featured both the Prius and the HH. There is another ad that boasts the HH's performance compared with popular sports cars. Maybe I just watch too much TV or I watch the shows they are targeting more often than you. I like the new ad.
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    While HH is very different than the Prius and has its weakness, it seems quite capable on streets. Poorer street performance should result in decreasing MPG as city miles increase but this has not been our experience. When driven conservatively in favorable traffic condition, a 16-mile city loop in our area (San Jose, CA) can add a net delta of +0.5 MPG.

    The car is very responsive or sensitive to driving style and driver demands. Want power and speed? Punch it and it flies. Want to stretch a tank to the max? It can crawl like a turtle on electric. It all depends on what the driver wants.
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    The following article has a 1 line blurp about a Fuel Cell version of Highlander on a tour through CA.
  • mmreidmmreid Posts: 88
    Found a link this afternoon on CNN homepage from Fortune magazine entitled "Detroit has Hybrid Envy" and end of article has Toyota claiming it is going to be making the hybrids cheaper and more affordable. Link to article is:,15114,1106636,00.html?cnn=yes

    I don't know about anyone else but when I am stopped a light and I see the folks in the car behind me obviously pointing at the "hybrd synergy drive" logo on the back of my HH, I get a cheap thrill.

  • qsortqsort Posts: 1
    Just received my Consumer Reports today, and it gives the Highlander Hybrid Limited the top rating among all midsized SUVs. Outscores the Lexus RX330, Honda Pilot, and BMW X5. Based on its mileage numbers, it determines an annual fuel cost of ~$2000, which is about $1000 less than the other comparables listed in the article.
  • I, too, have no regrets paying full sticker price, and then some, for this vehicle. I enjoy the fact that it can take off like a rocket, yet sips gas unlike most of the other SUVs out there. This baby's got power without the guilt.

    My German friend, veteran of the Autobahn, thoroughly enjoys driving it; and claims it feels just as fast and powerful as a turbocharged diesel BMW. Plus, its strong low-end torque gives the HH a faster start than most other automatics out there.
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    Thanks for the link! I love that "pooh pooh" part.

    Years ago, a Ford sales manager friend disparaged all japanese trucks and claimed that our trucks would always be superior. At the time, I told him that such arrogance would breed complacency, a sure way to finish last. The Japanese are at our auto empire gates and my friend is not happy.

    Let's see if this little shake-up can awaken the big 3's can-do attitude. They have been whining, complaining, stewing in complacency and hogging status quo for much too long.
  • gazguzlergazguzler Posts: 137
    Tell us more bc I can't find this review on their website. did it give mileage on test?
  • CR reporter the following

    HH overall mpg with regular fuel was 22 mpg.
    City was 16 mpg, hwy was 28 mpg.

    Lexus overall was 23 mpg with regular fuel.
    City was 16, hwy was 29 mpg.

    They reported test results of the Merc. ML350, Subaru B9, Pathfinder, Land Rover LR3, Grand Cherokee. Overall mpg was 16 (premium), 16(premium), 15(premium), 13(premium), 14(regular) respectively. City/hwy breakdown was 11/24, 11/25, 10/23, 9/21, 9/21 respectively.

    Our HH now averages 27-28 mpg, 5 to 6 better than CR's result.
  • ulevulev Posts: 57
    Yup !!
    I remember those early posts on this site when gas was @ $2.50 give or take...
    and we all argued about the 'value' of paying MSRP...
    I paid MSRP on my Gold 4wi Unlimited model and still groan about it, but in the long run, it's nice to be ahead of the curve or Tsunami which ever the case...
  • CR puts its reviews in its paid area, since subscriptions are the only way they pay for what they do (no ads, buy from dealers like us at MSRP or above in this case I'm sure) you either need to buy the magazine or access the paid site.

    The article reflects the experience many of us have had, the HH is a great ride. Since CR does the same essential test driving for mileage on every vehicle (sure, weather changes will have some effect), their numbers are good for comparison purposes.

    Drove a group of professors I work with to a meeting yesterday in the HH, one is a first gen Prius owner, and they were all impressed, commenting on the ride and how for 4 adults there was lots of room. I suspect if it was jsut an SUV (which I wouldn't have chosen had it not been a hybrid) the conversaton would have gone elsewhere....... - John
  • ulevulev Posts: 57
    I attempted to access the info on the CR site, and as you have reported, I have to sunscribe to access...

    I am just curious as to what the MPG figures were reported for the HH?
    Did they also comment on the acceleration? :confuse:

    I know...go buy the magazine...
  • gazguzlergazguzler Posts: 137
    I'm subscribed to CR and the results still aren't on their site . . . even when you get in. (Even as a guest, you should be able to see highlights of a test).

    But, further up, there's a post with all the MPG results, which are poor but better than other SUVs.
  • mmreidmmreid Posts: 88
    It is really cheap to subscribe to Consumer Reports on-line - we get the magazine but also do the on-line membership (I couldn't find the results either) and I think it costs $12 a year. You also get to do feedback as a "member" if you so choose to do it. It is worth the subscription and the on-line membership if for nothing else but the annual April issue on new cars. They also do an amazing job of reviewing "used" cars and have specific lists of repairs and issues for each model and year. They have buyer recommended cars as well as "don't buy" cars, both new and used.

    Not a commercial for them but just saying its definitely worth it's relatively low cost (I can't recall what the subscription to the magazine costs).

  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    Groan is right, I still shake my head once in a while thinking about the price we paid. As the mileage increases, I am appreciating it more but...

    With gas locally back up from 3.09 to 3.19 a gallon this week, I am beginning to groan a bit less :).
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    Bought a copy of the magazine this AM and read in over breakfast.

    Ouch! :cry: CR got only 22 MPG mixed off their HH :cry:. While it is decent compared against other mid-size SUV they tested, it is too low to excite CR readers.

    We had to buy gas today, filled up to 14.009 gallons at $3.19 (premium) for 423 miles. No top-off this time, stopped pumping when the auto-cutoff popped. A whopping 30.19 MPG by our own calculation, on-board computer claims an impressive 31.5 MPG. WOW!!! First time ever we broke the 30-MPG mark. It took a lot of work, a lot of crawling and sacrificing a lot of time for gas, probably got a few drivers angry at us :). At least we have finally proven to ourselves that the car can indeed break the 30 MPG barrier if we really try.

    For this new tank, I will need to drive it normal and see what the MPG will be.
  • gazguzlergazguzler Posts: 137

    I think your computer's more accurate than the fill-up. So, you really did great.

    Just how I felt went I broke the 30. But it's more kudos to the driver than the car. As you say, you have to drive it like a golf cart at times.

    The HH can do it but it shouldn't be this much work for us.
  • idatenidaten Posts: 16
    I'm considering prepaid maintainence. Best price i've seen for the 4 year / 55K mile is around $670, which includes the 5K service intervals, which is primarily oil change, and 3 major services. I figure the oil change will be a bit of losing proposition, given that I'll want to run Mobil 1, which means i'[ll be paying for the oil twice, in all likelihood.

    Any idea what the major service runs for the HH?

    Has anyone else gone the prepaid route and compared the numbers?

    -- rick
  • gazguzlergazguzler Posts: 137
    It does make you wonder how CR drives. No one (like no one) has ever claimed to have gotten 16mpg in any circumstances and I think it would be harder to get 16 than 30. You'd have to floor it every light and speed up if the motors kick in.

    But even the combined 22 is far worse than anyone's claimed.
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    The 16 mpg in town is abnormally low, their drivers must really be gunning the car, a lot of jack-rabbit type driving.

    I also wonder if CR checked the tire pressure. If they used 32 psi, it probably will adversely impact the mpg.

    I am trying 40 psi with this next tank.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    CR puts its reviews in its paid area, since subscriptions are the only way they pay for what they do (no ads, buy from dealers like us at MSRP or above in this case I'm sure) you either need to buy the magazine or access the paid site

    Call your Library! Most public librarys subscribe to a data base callled EBSCO HOST. You should be able to access it from your home internet, and read CR on line. I believe that the current and most recent 2 months issues are excluded, but for back issues, it is great.
  • OK, got the Scangauge. It plugs right into the computer output socket under the dash, just to the left of the steering column.

    At first I thought it would not work w/ the HH because it turned off after 15 seconds of non-ICE running, thinking that the vehical was off. A call to the company (maybe a one person biz?) --the person who picked up the phone mentioned he programmed it. It does work with the HH. The trick, not mentioned in the manual, is to set the fuel type to Hybrid. With this setting, the guage works great.

    It gives the missing info--trip MPG--plus numerous other bits of info: digital instantaneous MPG, daily average MPG, digital speed, battery voltage (only the 12V bat), percentage of enegine load, and many other possible bits of arcane info.

    It also reads any error codes the computer might be storing, for the technically minded.

    All this for $130 pp. Such a deal!
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    CR published a link for subscribers to get to the HH article.

    Another article about declining sales figure of larger cars, more like a crash.

    UAW is apparently quite concern because GM is about to roll out more large vehicles while sales figures for the Tahoe just dropped 56%.

    Watching GM's VP answering questions about larger cars is disappointing. The VP was not arrogant but was quite sure that large cars would continue to sell well although there will be little increase in the coming years. His claim is that people who want large cars are still out there and they will buy them regardless of gas prices. His comments seemed to have implied that the current sales numbers will hold without significant increase but neither will there be a decrease.

    The sales figures announced in the news article above just destroyed his claim.

    I wish he would have said something like GM has seen the light and will begin to develop a new generation of hi-tech gas efficient high performance reliable vehicle to rival the foreign car companies.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "The sales figures announced in the news article above just destroyed his claim.

    I wish he would have said something like GM has seen the light and will begin to develop a new generation of hi-tech gas efficient high performance reliable vehicle to rival the foreign car companies."

    Concur with your comments. How about a quote from the original Airplane! movie:

    "First the earth cooled. Then the dinosoars came. But then they got too big and fat, and all died and turned into oil."

    Maybe the same quote is true of the mammoth SUVs... only they die and turn into scrap metal.
  • gazguzlergazguzler Posts: 137
    I don't see this link for CR subs. Can you direct us?

    The link you sent takes us to the main page, which has no mention of the HH

    The ice age killed dinosaurs. GMosaurus will be extinct by global warming.
  • mmreidmmreid Posts: 88
    Which issue of Consumer Reports is that in? November? I haven't gotten one since the October issue and I still can't find it on-line. That link in a previous post to the article on-line takes you back to the home page. I tried to search at the website since I'm a member but couldn't find it.

    I filled up for the first time since coming back from Tennessee over a week ago and the station was out of anything but 87 octane and it was $3.09! Yikes.

  • hhvahhva Posts: 37
    Tonight's (10/3) CBS evening news did a segment on the Hh, slumping sales for Ford and GM, and rising gas prices. It featured a guy in NYC who traded his Mercedes sedan for an Hh. He said the waiting list was over a year(?) but he "knew somebody" so he got lucky.
    I don't think that wait time is accurate but it was right there on CBS.

    GM had best rethink its bigger is OK outlook.
  • hhvahhva Posts: 37
    November. I subscribe and just got mine today.
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