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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • "great wilee, but aren't YOUR last two posts "off topic" and "fluff"?"

    Yes, I would consider my recent posts to be "off topic" for a thread titled "2007 Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports". This forum doesn't have a thread for "Forum Improvements" or whatever, and over 70% of the stuff in this thread is fluff or off topic, so my posts actually fit right in. This is exactly my point so we are in agreement, thank you for the confirmation.

    Would new forum users expect to find a bunch of comments from non-2007-Tundra-Owners in this thread? I don't think so. Yet this is exactly what we have. No further debate needed - continue discussing whatever you want. I will continue to monitor and post occasionally, and use other forums for more detailed and efficient info.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Your problem with the way the various Edmunds forums are set up is a common one ALL ACROSS Edmunds (you might want to venture over into the "News & Views" Board and check out one of the threads devoted to "Forums Software".

    You might also consider the fact that ANYONE can create whatever threads they wish - so, if you think there are narrower aspects of the new Tundra to be discussed, feel free to start a new thread(s).

    Consider this however: on other forums (ie. TundraSolutions), they are DEVOTED to individual vehicles. As such, they will get individuals posting and lurking who are ONLY INTERESTED in those specific vehicles. Meaning LOTS of folks just interested in the Tundra and, by extension, lots of different ACTIVE threads going on.

    However, Edmunds is much more general. There are LOTS of folks in here that are simply interested in cars (or trucks) and/or manufacturers in general. For this reason, the threads you'll see in here tend to be, by nature, much more general. I, for instance, am interested in lots of different cars and car related issues. But there is no way that I could ever HOPE to keep up with general car issues on 12 or 15 different on-line automotive communities, each devoted to specific vehicles. Which is why I'm HERE, since it IS more general.

    You may have noticed that there are less than a dozen ACTUAL OWNER'S of the new Tundra posting in here. Nothing wrong with that. But if all of a sudden there were 15-20 DIFFERENT threads in here all devoted to different '07 Tundra minutia, you'd probably find one or two posts in each thread, following by long periods of crickets chirping.

    In other words, if you want to open more specific threads for the new Tundra, go right ahead. But don't be disappointed if they don't see much traffic.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    From what I understand, the only way to get leather FROM THE FACTORY on the new Tundra is with the Limited.

    However, various regions (for example GulfStates Toyota or Southeast Toyota) have their own region-specific packages which MIGHT include leather on the SR5 trim level. Also, the dealers themselves may have partnerships set up on the local level with local trim shops to install leather interiors on specific vehicles.

    I don't know what you've been "assured" but, from the FACTORY, the only way to get leather is on the Limited, which is why on the general website, you won't find leather on the SR5.
  • Excellent points Rorr, and I totally agree. I am primarily interested in lots of detail on my specific vehicle, the 2007 Tundra, which is why this forum has limited value for me. I realized that new threads could be started but the trend on this forum is for fewer threads which are more general, thus I didn't want to start new threads for each topic only to see them become abandoned or filled up with fluff. I don't expect this forum to change one bit, I was just making an observation since some others in this thread had commented about the nature of the posts, number of actual owners, etc.
  • Hey wilee, have you tried yet?

    It is a great forum (as is this one) only a little different it that it has relatively few members, but a LOT of new Tundra info. It is set up a lot different, more like you seem to be discribing. check it out.

    Lots of smilees and icons too, lol. and you can add pics straight to your post!
  • doggboysdoggboys Posts: 17
    Exactly on the region idea. I purchased the DC, 5.7, tow package, SR5 that came with the Texas Edition with Enkei wheels, leather, special badging, aluminum door sill protectors, running boards, and floor mat badging for $1990. Could care less about the badging and garbage but I was able to get the leather on a SR5. Check the dealers options. Good luck.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    A modestly successful month for 'Yota's Tundra. See for yourself:

    Interestingly, Tacoma sales continue to rise, and could reach 200k this year, where Tundra wants to go.

    April will really start CrewMax sales in earnest, so April will be a true test if the Tundra has all of the engines running. :blush:

    Toyota will want 15k a month out of Tundra, and April could get there.

    For the '08 model year, expect several changes on the RC Tundra, to get the price under $20k. ;)

  • rorr,

    my SR5 TRD 4x4 is leather. I am in the Gulf State Region.
  • dssnuffydssnuffy Posts: 39
    Nine Owners, three waiting

    Now that finallyat150 is finallyinaTundra (congratulations), here's the latest tally sheet.

    1. doggboys
    2. dmorrell
    3. usvet92
    4. finallyat150
    5. a47chuck
    6. bugchucker
    7. conwaychevy
    8. wileetundra
    9. cbuellgo

    1. joe140
    2. abrascal'08
    3. ltdan2

    I'll leave the other commentary off this time. Got to keep out of trouble.

    Thanks for the input,

    David "Snuffy" Smith
  • New to posting here, but have been reading this for about 4 weeks now and since there is a count on owners I thought I'd better join in officially. I took delivery of my slate DC 5.7 middle of Feb and have 2040 miles on it now. I haven't towed anything yet, but have moved my entire house (many loads) with it, as I picked it up the week I closed on my new house. I'm not sure on the weight, but I had 188 sq yards or carpet in the back (2nd day of owning) and it was solid. Almost to the point of having to look in the mirror to ck on the load! Two days before I took the same amount of old carpet to a local dump in my 01' GMC longbed (30k miles) and there wasn't a comparison. I had a Gator Hyde liner sprayed in (bolts removed) and added the tie down rails after. There is plenty of room for both my boys in the back and even my wife would rather take it than her car when we go places. So far, mainly city driving, I haven't gotten over 14.2 mpg's avg, but to me it's worth it for the power fun factor!
  • Sorry, I didn't say this, but my SR5 is leather and I'm in OK.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Hey Snuffy - where are YOU on that list?

    Owner? Waiter? Or just another interested party?
  • I am also new to this forum. From Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Waiting to take possesion of my DC 5.7 TRD in pyrite. It's at the dealership waiting for me to move my 03 Tundra Access Limited. Have a buyer and should be riding it next friday. it took them 1 week to source the truck. If I ordered it tomorrow I would have to wait 2 months. Just got luck on the order. Love the old truck but, kids gettin to large to use the back seat without complaining. New truck is great, I have drove it several times, little stiffer ride than my 03 but still far exceeds my experience with contractor buddies GM's. They always joking and complaining of the smaller size of my 03 but always wanted me to drive, especailly when frost heave season is apon us. I get 24 canadian gallons to the mile (about 19 US). And have put 150,000 Km (80,000 miles) on 03, no complaints, only regular maintenace, again something my buddies hate to admit to. Really looking forward to the new truck. Lots of good remarks on this forum that's why I piped up. Anyone get a B Bak Flip cover? I really like the setup but not sure if it will work well with the rail system.
  • drfill, as for the break-in on the new Tundra, here is what the owners manual says:

    Break-in period

    Drive gently and avoid high speeds.

    Your vehicle does not need an elaborate break-in. But following a few simple tips for the first 1000 miles can add to the future economy and long live of your vehicle:

    *Avoid full throttle acceleration when starting and driving.

    *Avoid racing the engine.

    *Try to avoid hard stops during the first 200 miles.

    *Do not drive for a long time at any single speed, either fast or slow.

    *Do not tow a trailer during the first 500 miles.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yep this is the same for all Toyota's except the Prius where the breakin period is only 600 mi.
  • ackboaterackboater Posts: 19
    I don't see my moniker on the list.
  • ackboaterackboater Posts: 19
    Has anyone figured out their fuel mileage other than looking at the digital readout on the dashboard? I have a DC 4.7 TRD and I'm only getting 12-13 mpg according to the dashboard thingie. All my driving is done in the city so I guess 12-13 sounds about right.
  • 5.7 DC 4x4 with TRD dual exhaust. Manual calculations have matched the dash readout EXACTLY.

    Once the pump shuts off, takes an additonal 3.3 gallons to fill to the brim for accurate computations. Thus the truck actually holds about 30 gallons, which gives great range. When the low fuel light comes on, there are still 3.1 gallons left in the tank.

    I've only had my truck 5 days and 650 miles, but here are my initial readings:

    Uphill in the mountains, 80 miles, 4,000 foot elevation change: 13.6 mpg. Best highway so far, cruising at 73: 19.2 mpg. Mixed city/highway 15.6 mpg.

    I'm going to the 4x4 rally in Moab this week and hope to get some 4x4 mpg readings, along with a lot of highway miles as I live about 8 hours from Moab.
  • grberetgrberet Posts: 3
    I totally agree with your data on the fuel tank capacity. Mine showed empty yesterday with only "9" miles to go on the calculator. I filled it up completely and it also took 3.1 gallons less than the stated 26 gallon capacity.

    I have had mine since Feb 22 and am averaging 16.1 :) city/hwy. I am completly satisfied with every thing except the lack of steps which I soon will remedy. It is high truck compared to my old 2005 Tundra stepside I traded in.

    Performance is awesome. Warning: DO NOT stomp on the gas pedal when idling about 20-25 mph. It will definitely come to life and let you know what is under the hood. All 381 hp come to life!

    Awesome truck! We area Totota family. Wife has '06 Avalon, daughter '05 Camry, and son bought his onw '06 Rav4.

    I expect and predict that next year;s Truck of the year from Motor Trend will be the Tundra!

    Terry in Tupelo, Mississippi :shades:
  • bigkenbigken Posts: 7
    I ordered a new DC 07 Tundra 04/02/2007. I am promised delivery by end of May.
    SR5 ,double cab, 6 disk changer, back up monitor,
    TRD Dual exhaust, 5.7 engine,4X4, Slate w gray interor
    remote start, assorted goodies
  • joe140joe140 Posts: 22
    Good luck with that delivery date! I ordered Feb 25 and promised 2-3 weeks, then it was April first, then end of April, then Mid May, then end of May and now middle of June!!!!! All this from the largest Toyota dealer in the midwest. So I don't think it's the dealer here, but some hair brained (could that be a she?)(not sexist please, but I think that is really who is making that decision) person at Toyota that is deciding to make stock units for dealers rather than fill a sold order.
  • dssnuffydssnuffy Posts: 39
    Eleven Owners, five waiting

    Congratulations lagerman. That was a great comparison to your GMC.

    I am lucky enough to be a driver this weekend, but I won't be an owner until late this year, so I am not yet a waiter either.

    Got to test one out last weekend on a prove it course. It was towing 10,500 pounds of trailer plus barbell weights. Handled like a dream on the course lots of torque at a wide range of RPM. Didn't go highway driving with it, but I have heard enough accounts to know it would do well.

    1. doggboys
    2. dmorrell
    3. usvet92
    4. finallyat150
    5. a47chuck
    6. bugchucker
    7. conwaychevy
    8. wileetundra
    9. cbuellgo
    10. lagerman72
    11. ackboater

    1. joe140
    2. abrascal'08
    3. ltdan2
    4. crazycanuck4
    5. bigken


  • I own an '07 Tundra put my name there. I have an SR5 Double Cab 5.7 L.
  • I have only had the beast for a few days now. I have 200 miles on it is all.

    A very fine truck. Why would anyone even consider any other brand? I am very glad I finally stepped out of the Chevy box.

    My first half of tank of gas was all city driving and I got 15 mpg. Gotta admit though, I was "testin" her out here and there, so that ate some petro. Plus, I bedded in my brake which I am sure uses lots of gas with all the stopping and going involved with that process.

    What I don't like about the truck (but will enjoy living with)?

    1) SR5 does not have daytime running lights. That is not a problem, but if I turn my parking lights on during the day time, the readout on the dash (time, outside temp, mpg, etc.) gets pretty dim and difficult to read.

    2) Don't like the emergency brake setup. You have to "push" to set AND "push" to release. Seems odd to me. The dang thing should just releas when you put the truck in drive. I'll get used to it though.

    Other than that, this is a fine vehicle that is sure to become extremely popular.

    I tell you one thing for sure, the 5.7 is very very strong, period. And the 6 speed tranny is smooth as a bone.
  • doggboysdoggboys Posts: 17
    I agree with the daytime running light dis-like. I am sure there will be some aftermarket cure for this problem, at least I hope there will be. Also, it doesn't appear that many of the tundras have fog lamps, big holes to fill but no lights. Again, aftermarket. I do agree with being an awesome driving truck though...
  • I do have the fog lights. I believe the fog lights are part of the TRD package.

    uh....did I mention that this is one bad [non-permissible content removed] truck, lol.
  • Hey, I have seen a few wheel vibration stories on here. I had my brakes replaced a few months ago, and progressively had more and more vibration, accompanied by more and more noise from said vibration. It is annoying at any speed 0-85 MPH and is TERRIBLE at higher speeds, and more specifically around corners/turns.
    I would think it is wheel bearings, but I get no shake from the disc with the tire off. I am at a loss. I took it back to the mechanic in S.C. who did the work, and he told me he found out that the front tires should be lower in pressure than the stated pressure from the tire manufacturer. He was giving me the slip because he knew I was leaving to head back to Canada. Told me that it would 'wear out' after a couple hundred miles. I knew better, but didn't have time for an exhibition.
    Anyhow, I know this isn't really the purpose of this thread, but I can't really find a thread dedicated to it. I will start a new one, but I hoped maybe you would know something.
  • Mpg update: swapped stock BFG 275/65-18 Rugged Trails for BFG 305/65-18 A/T's; increased rolling resistance has dropped mpg about .5 mpg after correcting for the difference in tire size. I used my gps to confirm the actual miles driven vs. what the odometer now incorrectly shows.

    After making all the corrections, I had two off-road tanks in Moab: one was 13.7, the other 17. Highway cruising was a bit disappointing, as 70 mph only yielded just over 16mpg. The stock tires would have been closer to 17.

    Besides upgrading the tires, I installed the RevTek spacer lift. I haven't crawled underneath to measure it yet, but I suspect the ground clearance is around 13." Overall performance in Moab was great, but I didn't think there was enough ground clearance to try Potato Salad Hill without risking damaging the bottom.

    Power for passing at 70mph is truly amazing. 5.7 engine is a winner.
  • "Power for passing at 70mph is truly amazing. 5.7 engine is a winner."

    Agreed! Punch that pedal to the floor at 70 and you will feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllll the power. I mean, that 5.7 passing gear will kick in and you'll think, "wow, that was powerfull,,,,,then,,,,,,,the horses start comin in, and I mean it is like the motor gets MORE powerfull as the rpm's climb. Incredible feeling for sure. :shades:

    Try it, you'll like!
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