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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • 7forever17forever1 Posts: 11
    Just wanted to let you all know that the brake kit the dealers are using to fix the 04's and 05's is going to fail a few months down the road. I had my 04 Titan outfitted with the latest and greatest solution to the brake glitch in March and it's now June and I'm going to have to take it back in again! I certainly hope the powers that be at Nissan are reading these post, cause there are a lot of unhappy customers.
    I don't what else to do, other than take it in every 3-4 months for repairs.
  • 777titan777titan Posts: 2
    Mine also does it at start-up. sounds like lifters but I dont believe it has them being a overhead cam. could be the fuel injection.
  • 777titan777titan Posts: 2
    Mine is in the shop today I thought I could hold out until the right parts came in but it is hard to make my 500 payment with the wheel shaking every time I stop.
    Any one have the fix for the Rattle in the dashboard only does it sometimes.
    I was wondering if it had something to do with the airbag assembly?
  • allstarsallstars Posts: 3
    :mad: Have been wondering about the armada and braking. I've bben told its because the Titans are so heavy. I don't recommend any Nissan vehicle to anyone. Haven't heard any good reviews.
  • robertg2robertg2 Posts: 2
    I don't hear about hummers, ford 250's or 350's, rams or 2500 chevey's having this problem. Like I said before , never be able to sell them! :cry:
  • allstarsallstars Posts: 3
    Hey mine is fixed for the 2nd time. I argued and gave my opinion to the service mgr on 6/15, on 6/16 I got a phone call the parts were in and now the Titan drives like new.( They thought they'd get rid of me, only until the 3rd time. I've got a feeling the problem will be back) Hey problem solved for another 2000 miles. Haven't heard anything on the other models. Brkae dust is a heavy issue for the Titan. Sooner of later they'll design the perfect truck.
  • allstarsallstars Posts: 3
    Hate to discourage anyone from a heavy duty good looking truck, but the braking issue is bad and in high demand. The other night coming to a hard curve I braked and the truck lost traction I had to tap the brakes to get control. Now the brakes & rotors have been replaced as of yesterday & on a months waiting list. Now the 2005 trucks do have items that the 2004 don't have. 2004 have a HEAVY tailgate, improvement on 2005 was hydralic tailgate nice but I see problems for the future on that. The space is still there. Maybe you should wait about 6 months and maybe the corks will be worked out. I've thought to myself what if I'd bought the Frontier? Haven't heard anything bad on them.
  • :) :)

    I got the "fix" to the brake judder wednesday afternoon -

    and i have to say "WOW" they rock!

    no more judder, no more smooshy brakes.

    Solid, Nissan braking, no fade, nothing.


  • 7forever17forever1 Posts: 11
    :confuse: What is the DVC, and how does it effect the engine stalling?
    Please advise.

    Thank you!!
  • djmomahadjmomaha Posts: 1
    I had my rotors turned at 15,000 miles, again 2000 miles later and then learned that the new rotors were coming out. Got my dealer to put them on yesterday. He replaced the front rotors with new style and new pads, turned the rear rotors and put new pads on. Will see how long this lasts. Not too sure of hi speed driving when you have to fight the wheel for control.
  • robert26robert26 Posts: 10
    does anyone have any ideas on improving gas mileage?

    i've heard some talk of increasing air intake but that this may damage the throttle?

    any other idea?

  • blizzblizz Posts: 1
    Got new updated rotors 4,000 miles ago. finally they are fixed! NO SHUTTER, Also got new updated pads.NO MORE BRAKE DUST. Gettin 14mpg around town. Thikin on gettin me a the truck!!! Can't afford the gas
  • The brake issue is scary, hadn't heard much on it until I found this site. I took my Titan in for it and unfortunately didn't get it fixed but I found out what it is. I guess I got a sympathetic service manager to talk to, he told me that there have been no less than seven bulletins on the brakes so far, the latest fix is to replace the entire braking system with a heavy duty version, I am waiting on my kit to come in and then we will see.
  • warrantwarrant Posts: 6
    I have a very disturbing "thunk" that I thought was coming from front driver's side wheel or suspension, when going over washboard road surfaces. Now I notice that it is not heard when I hold the driver's side door open! The door appears to shake in my hand when driving with it open, to the same rythmn that I would expect of the "thunk" noise.

    Has anybody experienced a disturbing noise having to do with poorly hung doors?
  • amk2400amk2400 Posts: 1

    I am weary upset with Nissan Corporation, I love my 2005 Titan but the breaks ware repaired at 3000 miles I thought that was a fluke, and now at 4800 miles they have the same problem the front wheels are shaking every time I apply the breaks. I will have to bring it back to the dealer, only to learn that that every Titan owner has the same problem HOW COULD THIS BE POSIBLE DOSENT NISSAN CARE ABOUT THERE REPUTATION THEY BUILT A GREAT TUCK WITH SMALL ROTTERS. :sick:
  • rngrng Posts: 3
    Is the titan engine a hemi? It has the sparkplug in the center of the valve cover like a hemi. A mechanic told it was a hemi, but I don't know if he knows.
  • rngrng Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 titan, the brakes began shaking before it had a 1000 miles on it. Has there been a recall on it?
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Is the titan engine a hemi? It has the sparkplug in the center of the valve cover like a hemi. A mechanic told it was a hemi, but I don't know if he knows.

    LOL, wow, that's a new one. NO NO NO, the Titan does NOT have a hemi in it, thankfully!! Hemi is a Dodge thing.
  • rngrng Posts: 3
    Are you sure it's not a hemi? How does the sparkplug fire in the center of valve cover and the valves come in at an angle? I know nissan had a hemi straight 6 years ago. Anyone can make a hemi, dodge just owns the hemi name trademark I think.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    Hemi describes the combustion chamber in the cylinder head - the shape is "hemispherical". I've never heard that the Nissan 5.6 is designed like that.

  • cptnmattcptnmatt Posts: 5
    I have a 2004 titan with 29000 miles and have had my first problem, the control module (master computer) is going out. the dealer I use has ordered a new one to be replaced on fri.
    anyone else lose that module
  • I had heard a thunk noise when i came upto a stop light shortly after I ran over a pot hole ? Didnt think much of it but later on I heard it again, that was a week ago and havent heard anything since!
  • jadstoyjadstoy Posts: 2
    My dealer mentioned that a silent recall was coming sometime in July. Has anyone else heard the same? My understanding is that it's supposd to be a complete brake system replacement.
  • babyboy8babyboy8 Posts: 1
    i have a 2004 nissan titan. bought it at 5400 miles as a demo in jan 2005. i now have 14500 in july. i have had the brakes replaced 4x times. when i went in june, they told me my braking system was updated. while on a road trip all of the vdc, brake and slip lights came on. thankfully brakes never went out all together. am taking another trip, hope this fix was the right fix!!!
  • jgreene3jgreene3 Posts: 1
    Have the same problems @ 1800 miles Dealer said no parts. I am on a list for repair maybe as long as three months. Said that they have a list of 75 trucks ahead of me. Now after I got back my truck the ABS,Slip,Break,4X4 Light came on on the dash.Brake pedel went to the floor. then service engine light game on and speedodometer does not work. Parts will be in in one week. Nissan would not overnight the parts to dealer. Plus i want to get some items from me titan and found that both driver side door have been scratch down to the metal.
  • warrantwarrant Posts: 6
    If you have the utility bed liner, you'll notice that the two tracks in the bed are covered by a plastic/rubber shield. Often, if you come to a stop, they'll ride forward and smack the bed (just behind the cab), creating a disconcerting "boom" kind of noise (at first I thought my bed was coming loose).

    The noise I'm talking about is coming from the front driver's side, and I'm now thinking it's actually something underneath, at or near the front driver's side wheel. What it is, I can't fathom, as I CANNOT reproduce the sound by rocking the vehicle - it only happens irregularly when driving over a bumpy (not rutty) surface when the front wheel is leaving the bump. In other words, when the front wheel has very little weight on it (or is actually airborne for a millisecond). At that time, one hears (and feels) a clunk.

    Then there are a host of other body and dashboard noises...

    Yikes. What's happening to the Titan I loved so much?
  • trucks4trucks4 Posts: 1
    You can always apply for your states Lemon Law and get a new Nissan!
  • kc333kc333 Posts: 1
    I don't know what's happening with your bed, but I had the squeak noises in the DASH. When I put pressure on the dash just above speedometer, the noise stopped. So I bought some velcro, Yes, velcro, and popped up the dash where the noise was coming from.Where the plastic "male" ends of the piece I popped up fit into the dash, I stuck the the fuzzy side of the velco to and popped the piece back into place. Absolutely no sqeaking since. Sure beats dropping my ' 04 Titan off for a day or two.
  • 7forever17forever1 Posts: 11
    Has anyone turned their truck in yet using the Lemon Law (Texas). I love my truck, but enough is enough with the break issue. :sick:
  • kwikirkkwikirk Posts: 2
    It took me forever to figure out what that thunk was. It was the track-rail covers on the floor of the bed sliding forward when I hit my brakes. The 05 Titans have a stop on the end of the cover to stop them but I just cut a piece of sponge and put it between the rail cover and the cab end of the bed and fixed the THUNK.
    I just had my rotors turned for the second time and the dealer said on the third time they would replace the rotors and the front and rear pads.
    I LOVE MY [non-permissible content removed]-KICKING TITAN!
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