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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    No Sedona color for 2005 and no Sand/Steel interior for 2005.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Nissan just issued a claims bulletin on 3/16/5 stating they have
    developed new brake parts including pads, rotors & floating shims to handle the brake judder & will cover '04 & '05 Titans and Armadas. The warranty will be for 36 months/unlimited mileage from the original in service date. Mailing notices to go out to customers during May and parts to be available shortly thereafter.
    So, there ya go.
  • That's too bad.I have a Black 04 LE 4x4 Crew cab with the sand/steel leather interior, and it's the best looking combination I've seen in a long time. Have to work a little extra to keep it clean..(washing once a week) but it's worth it.
  • Thanks for the info, Hogboy........My service rep keeps calling me and leaving messages about their service....which has been great so far, and bugging me to fill out the survey. I will and pay him a visit this week and ask about the bulletin. That makes me feel a lot better. Nissan is hoping to win over the loyal owners of the U.S. trucks, so I would expect them to take care of these problems ASAP. It seems to be working............they won me over!
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    I have been plagued with the deferential problem. Finally got it fixed two days ago. Still fighting the cost of a rental vehicle.

    I have been noticing since I purchased the truck (04 Titan Crew with off road package) that the visibility in the mirrors, especially on the right side is dangerously poor. Very narrow range limiting visibility when changing lanes, pulling a trailer and especially when reversing with a trailer.

    Anybody else experiencing the same problems ?
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Do you have the regular mirrors or the big tow mirrors? I have the BT mirrors and have virtually no blind spots, works great with our travel trailer. If you didn't get the big tow pkg you can alway add the mirrors later, they are really good.
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    I am not sure what I have but there is a convex mirror below the regular mirror. They are extendable and heated. Didn't know there was another type.

    Can't say for sure if it is the regular or tow mirror as I have only seen one other titan.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Those are the tow mirrors. I can't believe you have problems with them, I love mine. Can back a trailer no problem, can see around our 24' TT as long as the mirrors are extended.
  • chipvjchipvj Posts: 2
    Here is the deal. Go to the Nissan dealer and start talking buyback, lawsuit and the like. They will install new rotors on the front and pads all the way around. Disc brakes have been a problem for most manufacturers on and off for years. This truck is awsome. I have an 05 and have put over 6,000 miles on in 7 weeks. I drive like a madman and so far it is perfect, except for the brake problem. Which by the way is non existant at lower speeds, and really only shows up under certain conditions. [non-permissible content removed] luck all.
  • When I took it in to have these two problems looked at, they simply said they couldn't reproduce the problems. I'm curious. . . what did you tell them to replace your stereo and adjust the hinge/striker place. What I should ask is, "What did you tell them to convince them to replace them?"
  • What do you recommend to wash the interior and exterior. Anything special?
  • benitslubenitslu Posts: 5
    what is the exact problems that you guys are having? i have an 04 SE crew cab with about 10k miles and have not experienced any brake problems whatsoever. the only thing that i notice is that when i first take off after the truck has been off for at least about 4-5 hours, i hear a slight bang noise as the truck shifts into second gear....anyone else has this problem.
    other than that i love this truck and would have no other!
  • I also hear a slight bang when accelerating after vehicle has sat. Sounds sort of like a spring popping. I have an 04 SE CC 4x4 w/o the big tow pkg. Love the truck and have not experienced anything except the clock died in the radio from day one.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    The slight bang or spring popping noise you are hearing has been discussed on other titan talk boards as well. The noise is normal.
    The computer runs multiple diagnostic tests on start up, one being the check on the ABS system. So, once you start your truck and start to drive away at approx 5-10 MPH you will hear that sound. Nothing to worry about. The truck is just doing what it's suppose to do. A love hate relationship with all computers.
  • I was at the dealer a coule days ago and the service rep told me the brake problem is only affecting a small percentage of Titan Drivers. He kind of blamed driving habits. I drive a lot of highway miles....1,000 miles every other weekend doing mostly 80, but on cruise control, and not much braking other than the steering wheel controls. I don't hit them hard too much in the city or the highway, and I have 29,000 on my 04 LE Crew 4x4 in 5 months. After a bit of prodding, he finally said they were outfitting the brakes with new,thicker rotors than the originals, so as it continues to happen, all they need to do is keep turning them. Mine were already replaced once along with new calipers and pads, and then those were turned once (during my second visit in 4-5 months)They're running fine still.........two weeks since, and he told me if it happens again just bring it on in and they'll take care of it. It seems like they're going to eventually get to know me over there. Still Love the truck though. .........Anybody lift the front end yet? The pitch is about 2 inches lower, most likely to compensate for the weight while towing, but I want to level it off. It will look so much better.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Yep did the 2" vs the 2.5" with the PRG kit. Truck looks better though IMO the ride didn't change any.
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    Recently had the front deferential and axles replaced 6800Km. This came only after a threat of legal action. I have now noticed that there is a lot of brake dust on the front wheels. Further checking determined that both front rotors are worn substantially. Still holding fine. Will have it checked on the next service.
    I have gone legal to get the cost of my rental vehicle reinbursed. I have a $985.00 bill for a ten day rental that nobody will pay. Not that impressive after purchasing a new vehicle. Don't mind having trouble but I hate the BS that Nissan is going on with. If there are problems, and there are they need to own up to the issues and respond without making the customer feel as if it is something that they did. I love the truck but I will not keep my mouth shut indefinitely. I can certainly provide some free advertising for Nissan that will cost them far more that the cost of the rental. It dosen't need to be this way.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I have now noticed that there is a lot of brake dust on the front wheels.

    Are you saying that you didn't have brake dust prior to having the front differential and axels replaced?
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    I am not saying that one is related to the other just that I did not notice the brake dust prior to having the Deferential replaced.

    Have to wait to see if there is a connection.
  • I'm about ready to buy a 2005 Titan XE CC. However after reading all the posts on the faulty brakes, radio, etc., I am wondering if I should go with the Titan. Have most of the problems been resolved? Do I have anything to worry about?
  • jeffbondjeffbond Posts: 16
    This is my same thoughts. As for brakes, I have a 99 GMC 1500 SLE with 95000 miles with the original brakes, but on the other doesn't stop very well, and by reading all the reports the TITAN, It stops some 36 feet sooner? Now does brakes lasting an eternity versus 25K and being able to stop when you want to constitute a big problem???? I have a BMW that eats up brake shoes every 25K, but it stops on the dime. So???
  • foureyes3foureyes3 Posts: 165
    I have had my 2005 le Titan since the end of December 2004. There has been no problems with it. I have over 8000 miles with only an oil change. I am about to go get my second oil change. The 2005 Titan is an excellent truck. There is nothing wrong with getting an extended warranty. That might make you feel better about buying the truck. My family is a ford family. My uncle and father are both waiting to see if and when my truck breaks down. They both believe I should have bought an F150 but it is having reliability problems. I suggest you would enjoy your truck. My Titan stops on a dime. I have had it tested for me by last minute stopping motorists. Those brakes were great every time. Make sure you wash under your truck and not let excessive dust build in your breaks. I live in somewhat of a red clay area. Every so often I go to a car wash that washes underneath the truck to clear the sand and dust off of the brakes. My uncle the ford man told me that could wear down your brakes because of sand being like glass. So I suggest washing under your truck to keep dirt from caking up around your brakes. I can not hardly stay out of my truck. I love doing the errands just for an excuse to get on the road. If I was you I would hold off a little while longer and get an se at a xe price. The gas prices would definitely be more favourable to the customer buying trucks.
  • foureyes3foureyes3 Posts: 165
    I would have had a lot of accidents with those kind of brakes. I suggest you get a Titan. I do agree about being able to stop on a dime to avoid accidents. My Titan has definitely keep me out of some accidents stopping short. My truck takes off fast and stops on a dime and you can't beat that with a stick.
  • jeffbondjeffbond Posts: 16
    I am glad there are some positive opinions out here, I know die hard ford people also, but there is something about myself and fords that just don't mix. I only hand wash all of my vehicles, which some may say isn't good either, but my current truck looks only a couple years old not 6-1/2. I will keep in mind your undercarriage wash.
  • benitslubenitslu Posts: 5
    I have an 04 Titan and have had absolutely no problems with it. I was a die hard Chevy man, but I will admit to anyone that the Titan kicks all trucks azz that are in their class. Every aspect..bottom line. I would also recommend getting the SE or LE as oppossed to the XE. There are so many more options with SE over the XE for not that much more $$.
  • Definitely Buy!! This truck is so awesome, I'm willing to put up with my brake issue indefinitely. I'll change the rotors whenever I need to. Maybe I can find a high performance, heat dissipating rotor to replace it with?? My truck also hauls from a standstill and stops on a dime. When my rotors warp you can feel them pulsating right up through the steering wheel. It still stops okay, but if you don't get them fixed right away, it slowly gets worse over a couple weeks time. You might say I run it hard. I'm always about 10 over the speed limit where ever I drive, but it runs so smooth, it feels like I'm driving 10 under. I now have over 31,000 miles in 5 months, but I have no rattles, no radio problem, no gas gage problem, no other problem whatsoever. I love the two new features of the 05.....electric back seat rear window and some kind of hydrolic tailgate.....easy open and easy close feature. You can't beat the sprayed in bed liner and utilitrack system either!! It looks like the other makers are starting to copy it. Buy it. You'll like it...and everybody you know will like it too.
  • Thanks! I bet it looks great. I can't wait to lift mine. Who did the work?? Dealer, other mechanic, or yourself?? I was wondering about the handle responds so great now, I'd hate to screw it up. I travel a lot and don't want to sacrifice anything with the way it rides now.It sounds like there's no difference.
  • Thanks! I bet it looks great. I can't wait to lift mine. Who did the work?? Dealer, other mechanic, or yourself?? I was wondering about the handle responds so great now, I'd hate to screw it up. I travel a lot and don't want to sacrifice anything with the way it rides now. It sounds like there's no difference.
  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Hey warpedagain, Sounds like a very nice truck. If you don't mind what was MSRP & what did you pay?

    thanks, Keith
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I had a friend who owns a repair shop with an alignment machine do it. I read the installation instructions and thought since an alignment is recommended may as well have him install it. Took about two hours to do it all.

    The handling didn't seem to change much as with the ride. The truck sits almost level since I installed the 2 vs. the 2.5. If you want a more level look to the truck I'd recommend it.
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