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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2004 Titan automatic with the off road package. Today while I was in 4HI on a very muddy road my shifter (center consol) stopped functioning properly. It will not go all the way into park. It will go into park, but only in the Neutral position on the consol, the dashboard shows the truck being in Park, but I cant take out my key. Each gear is affected and I can not get into 1,2, or 3rd. Anybody have any ideas. Thanks
  • There are micro-switches underneath the shift panel for the center console that might have be out of alignment.


    Don't know if you want to try this or not...


    But to remove the panel:


    1.) Unscrew and remove the shift knob.

    2.) Remove the 6" x 3 " vertical (trap door) panel at the *frontside* of the storage well to the rear of the shifter panel. Yank up and away on it.

    3.) Lift up at the rear of the shifter panel.

    4.) The micro-switches are on the underside of the shifter panel/plate.
  • Thanks Ill give it a try.
  • I've owned an '86 Maxima, a '93 Nissan pickup, and now I drive a '95 Pathfinder (which has NO giddy-up power, but actually runs great w/ 154k miles on it). Anyway - LOVE Nissans and have really been eyeing the Titan Crew. However, I gotta say, fromo all I'm reading here, I can't imagine purchasing a Titan.


    I test drove one 2 weeks ago and I couldn't believe how loud it was and how I could feel EVERY bump in the road.


    My Pathfinder has an unbearable rattle behind the front dash, but the car is 10 years old. I can't imagine how upset I would be if I got a Titan that had dashboard rattling, a loud engine (muffler), and a ride about as smooth as the Colorado Rapids.


    Am I way off here? I think the design of the Titan is breathtaking, I LOVE how it looks, but I need a little dependability behind the beauty. Again, am I way off here? Are we doomed to see rows and rows of used Titans in a year or two?
  • Zemrock, don't forget that these forums are a great place for aggravated people to sound off and share experiences. Generally you don't hear the good reports. I have contributed a few times and generally I love the Titan. Yes I have had a few of the problems but with understanding that I purchased a new vehicle(pre 50K s/n) and expected to be a guinea pig for Nissan. To Nissans credit let me tell everyone, I have purchased 4 new vehicles in 4 years,(VW,BMW,Chevy, GMC) the other vehicles have had: engine oil leaks, rear end oil leaks, warped rotors, fuel inj. failure, wind leaks, paint issues, bad front suspension bushings, anti freeze leaks, detonation ping, and slipping transmission all under warranty! I have 32,400 mi on my Titan and so far the only persistent problem that I have had is the front brake rotors warping causing the pulsating braking. I have had some dash rattles but none that I didn't get fixed or fix myself, I had the hiss from the A/C but it has gone away. My exhaust is loud but I like it and have grown used to it, Nissan stepped out on that one and some love it some hate it. I have had a 1999 GMC Sierra, 2001 Chevy Silverado, 1986.5 Nissan hard body (still in the family), and about 20 other vehicles. The Titan has been putting a smile on my face every day for about 14 months every time I step on the gas. I am considering trading it on an '05 model once I know they have licked the brake problem. I have driven the Ford F150 and really missed the horsepower, I am afraid the Dodge has too many reliability issues, If I didn't buy a Nissan again, it would be the Chevy but they are so darn ugly. I think we will see used Titans, hopefully I will have contributed one as I step into a new Titan!
  • I have the same probelm with the radio. I just bought my 04 Titan and i notice the radio also cutting out. Sort of like it goes from stereo to mono. Whats up with that. I have the Fosgate Stereo and the 6 disc. It bumps with cd's but FM stations are wierd.


    Let me know if it is something the dealership is able to fix or what?


  • I just turned 21500 miles and I'm getting ready to return to the dealer for another set of rotors and brake pads. This is very disappointing since I had the rotors and brake pads replaced at 5000 also. The problem is warped rotors which is causing heavy duty pulsating.


    Right front passenger bucket seat squeaks along with another squeak coming from the right rear portion of the cab.


    Rear king cab door needs adjustment because it doesn't close properly. You have to slam it shut.


    The metalic paint is peeling off of the steering wheel below the radio controls. Really poor quality went into this vehicle and though I did a great deal of research before buying, I guess I didn't do enough.


    It actually happens to be my 5th Nissan product. I own a 2 year old I35 and had three Maximas and all of them have been great. This was one of the earliest Titans out. I should have waited. I'm not happy with it. I had a Toyota Tundra Limited before this and it was never back to the dealer.


    I hope everyone is correct about a fix coming out for what seems to be an inherent brake problem.
  • I have 20k on my LE kingcab,4wd. I have had a number of problems and although I love the truck and power I am tired of taking it in for service and having them tell me they can't duplicate the noises I hear. I have had several problems including:


    -FM stereo reception, had to live with it for a year and recently was fixed with a new factory stereo

    -the common brake rotor warpage, replaced 2 times now

    -defective window switches, window won't go up, no fix

    -drivers power seat doesn't always move forward when key is inserted, no fix

    -dash rattling, no fix

    -horrible power steering whining in cold weather, no fix

    -horrible rear diff whirring noises in cold weather, no fix

    -rear window rubber seal falling out, fixed twice

    -rear door plastic handles often don't work, no fix

    -problems with 4wd indicator light, can't get out of 4wd at times, no fix

    -passenger seat airbag sensor defective, airbag remains off at times when there is a passenger, no fix

    -strange chirping sound from suspension components? no fix


    As you can see I have had too many problems for a truck with only 20k miles. I had a Tundra for 3 years before my Titan and didn't have a single issue. I didn't take it in for work one time and honestly, I drove it very hard on and off road. I would have to say my overall experience with the Titan has been dissapointing and I will be looking for a new truck before my warranty is up. Has anyone else had the steering and diff noises? They seem to worry me the most.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    You need to visit and do a search on your problems, the guys there are very up on what's happening with our lovely Titans. There IS a fix for the windows, Nissan has a TSB out on it. Same with a lot of the problems you are having.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Ditto on akangi comment above, along with the suggestion

    that unfortunately you need to find another dealer with a

    more concerned service department. Other option which may or

    may not fall on deaf ears is to speak directly with the general

    manager or owner of the dealership. I have had both good and

    bad luck with this option.
  • I drove both the off road package Titan and the standard Titan. I ended up buying the Titan with the offroad package even though the ride wasnt as smooth. I think it has to do with a tighter suspension system. The standard was much smoother. However with the off road package you get a much smoother ride over very rough terrain. I test drove the Tundra and the OffRoad Titan. Speed bumps in the Titan at 45mph were very smooth considering the speed. The Tundra felt like I grounded the underside. Oh yea, dont tell the dealer;)
  • rafarafa Posts: 35
    I have a 2004 nissan titan king cab love it still after one year anyways went for a oil change to the dealer last week came home let it cool down went to check the oil any what do i see the techs spilled all the oil on my engine now my one year oil titan smells like burn oil any feed back what should i do thanks
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    Wipe off as much as you can. The thing to worry about is to make sure they replaced your oil filler cap, which could also cause you to see oil. Sometimes they forget....
  • akimoakimo Posts: 3
    I have a friend who due to brake failure of an 04 Titan he rolled over and the airbags never deployed. Nissan has a bulletin on the brake problem but the state that the people cause the brakes to become warped from agressive driving. You sould take it down the "do you the favor" and change your brakes tell anyone and everyone who has a Titan that they should take it down to the dealership and request the bulletin to be fullfilled because you don't want what happen to my friend to happen to you
  • akimoakimo Posts: 3
    A friend of mine has an 04 Nissan Titan that was involved in a roll over accident cause by brake failure. Nissan has a bulletin on the problem but won't submit a recall on the problem. We have contacted Nissan a number of times in order to have them place a recall and replace the unsafe brakes but it seems as though someone has to die or have brain damage in order for them to do something of the matter. Don't think that my friend is a young kid who doesn't know how to drive actually he is a very safe driver with no accidents on his record no moving violations or anything I just wanted to let the people know that Nissan is supplying an unsafe truck. Ask any Nissan service advisor and he will not be able to lie the 04 Nisssan Titans has a MAJOR brake problem and they don't even have enough brake kits on hand to fix the problem. When I went to the dealership they had at least 10 Titans waiting brake kits and everyday as I was told a repair man that they bite the bullet because they were blamed for the faulty brake system. Nissan should get it straight and stop selling the 05 Titan till they can assure the consumer that they have fixed the problem. So please contact me if you have problems and go to a Nissan dealership immediatly your life may depend on it.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I've had 2 Titans, the first one I put over 15,000 miles on it and never had a problem with the brakes. A lot of those miles were towing big trailers or running up and down the logging road.

    My second Titan hasn't had a problem in 4800 miles with the brakes. I don't think every Titan is having the problem, just some of them.

    My trucks had other problems, but not that.

    I haven't read up on the brake problem, but isn't it just the rotors are warping? We just replaced warped rotors on a 94 Escort, the car had been that way for 5 or 6 years, it had no brake pads left and the rotors were still stopped fairly good.....course its a little car too.
  • Akimo, I am on my 3rd set of rotors, 33,000 miles, I get them replaced as soon as they are pulsating and I never had any delay because of the parts. Nissan reps say they will gladly keep replacing my rotors untill the engineers have devised a system that works, about two months away. What was your friends VIN? I would like to know more about the brakes causing an accident was there a snow or ice condition?
  • I know how you feel. I took my Titan in today for a faulty fuel gauge (sticky float). They had to disconnect the fuel line and drop the gas tank. After repair was done and I was driving home the truck died on the highway and would not re-start. Gas line was not re-connected properly and broke loose on the way home. Gas was pouring out everywhere. Had to get towed back to the dealer. 2 hours wasted from my day.

  • vubsvubs Posts: 14
    all these problems/issues are freaking me out. i'm looking for my first truck and like the titan... a lot (also drove 05 frontier). does anyone know if the 05's are any better (most complaints seem to be with 04 models, and armada too)? should i just wait for the 06's? the dealership is trying to sell me a new 04 KC SE (4x4 off road, utility bed, bucket seats, etc.) for under $26K, msrp is $32K with adds. ok deal but not sure about the truck. what do you think?
  • Perfect? No.

    But every day I get in it, I feel like my lot in life has improved.
  • akimoakimo Posts: 3
    This was in San Diego California and it was a sunny day.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Ditto, I love mine too. I just wish I would get it back, its been gone 2 weeks and we are looking at another 2-4 weeks until the part gets in. Ah well, its like having a new truck when I get it back.
  • Gawd...well, there should still be a few evenings of winter to enjoy by then. :)

    I had the brake judder and a few rattles fixed, but overall, it's nicely solid. The 4x4 system (and VCD) is really trustworthy on icy streets, and off-road in winter.

    It's got some luxury to it I'm not accustomed, heated leather and mirrors, nav, satellite radio. I feel like I've retired comfortably, but hardly the case. It just coddles me.

    The little things that annoyed me about the Chevrolet, like daytime running lights and headlamps you could not turn off, express windows on driver side (down only) were reminders that GM designs to the lowest common denominator.

    The Titan has express windows on both sides that work on the "up" as well as the down, headlamps I can choose to be Auto or Manual. I can read the tire pressure for each tire, no more checking with the tire pressure gauge.

    My favorite 3 features though:

    1.) Dead on-center steering, rack and pinion, perfectly weighted with feedback like a sports car.
    2.) Silky smooth 5 spd automatic transmission.
    3.) Responsive, willing engine with a snarling growl that "speaks."

    I could go on, but I'm preaching to the choir.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    I see at 2 different truck sites about a 2x titan owner in AK with numerous problems.

    The latest mention on a Dodge site concerning towing ability..... is about your axle falling out !

    Your name is not mentioned...............
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    LOL, thing is I never towed with the new Titan and I'm not the only one with the problem. There are about a dozen Titans sitting at the dealer right now waiting on new front diffs, including my old one.

    I'm still driving the 03 Escape rental, I rather like that little bugger.

    If Nissan would quit denying every problem and just step up and get 'er done they wouldn't have so many irritated owners.

    The front diff is a design flaw. Design flaws can happen with any vehicle. Nissan is fixing them with an updated diff, however, the parts are on backorder. Same thing goes for the EGR purge valve, although that should be in this next week.......only took 3 months to get that.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    The inital posts were about titans 9400 lb. towing cap. But the trailer could only have X inches of frontal area. They said this is mentioned in the owners manual/tow guide.
    Towing a 9400 lb. boat was ok but not a big cargo trailer...........

    There was also mention of the honda ridgeline struggling with its advertised 5000 lb. tow rating.

    The Dodge boys had quite a few lively comments !
  • My Silverado 2500-HD? Duramax chucked its dual mass flywheel at 40,000 miles, and I never towed more than 2 dirt bikes with it. And about 1 in every 5 2001-2002 Duramax (LB7) gets a bosch fuel injector leak before 75,000 miles. Not making that up, there's a poll over at When it happens, the crankcase fills up with diesel fuel, and it dumps all the motor oil onto the highway. Why? Because the genius' put them under the valve covers. If you had pay for that repair (some have), $4-6k.

    I wasn't unhappy with it though, I loved it. But I wondered that with the Isuzu built engine and ZF designed transmission, what was left for GM to screw up? Answer: GM still hasn't learned how to make a clutch! I'm honestly probably finished buying any of the domestic big-3 brands. None of them are wholly U.S. built, not more so than Titan, the only real difference being that only the big-3 brands are UAW union built, which after buying a '99 Silverado in a strike year, I've concluded I don't owe the UAW any loyalty for their willingness to sabotage their own customers, pi$$ing in the drinking fountain.

    Bitter? I guess I am. GM had plenty of chances to get it right by 2001. They didn't, so I doubt there's enough incentive they ever will as long as they can continue to produce exciting new models the public cares about, quality will remain job #2. I like Ford's attitude better than GM's, but I don't like the product as well, with the exception(s) of the new F150, the new Mustang, the Thunderbird...all cool. But the F250/350 Powerstroke has as many problems if not more than Duramax. As for Dodge, well...(ahem) I'm just not interested. Bold new styling is a euphemism for "trendy," and everything is overstyled including the truck line. The Cummins diesel? If you have a good diesel mechanic, but don't count on the dealership. You can actually make that complaint about Ford and GM as well.

    That said, I absolutely agree the 9400# towing capacity of the Titan is pure market hype. While you can get away with it no doubt, towing a boat 50 miles to the dock is probably what they had in mind, not towing a 9000# travel trailer full time across the lower 48 states + Alaska.

    My $0.02
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I've been in my cave too long!

    I agree with most of you're views on the big-3 including the F150 (which I bought in July) I sold the big boat so I didn't need the 2500hd any more and although I loved the truck, I was pretty disappointed in the reliability as was well documented here...

    But a Titan? do you drive with earplugs? I test drove one in July and with all the rattles coming from the dash I wasn't sure it would last through the test drive. Other than that it was great and I'm sure they'll do better when they get it ironed out.

    My F150 is rated to tow a lot more than any sane person would try. When they rate a truck like that it's just for marketing purposes. It'll do it but not well. 50 miles to the dock seems like a stretch. More like it'll pull 9400 lb out of a parking space at the RV dealers lot so you can get to it with a real tow vehicle.

  • I've had my Titan since January of '04. I have had to replace my brakes because they were worn out in Oct./Nov. I don't haul anything or live in the hills. They replaced the brakes but the service department said they would replace them THIS time. That really p#@%*! me off!

    My dash is very noisy and my radio changes in tone quality once in a while.

    My dome light goes on when I'm going more than 15mph and turning towards the right on a curve.

    When I move the shifter out of Park, I hear a hard bang.

    Has anyone else had to fix any of these problems?
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    You will get the same "brake fix" at present. There have been lots of issues with the "brake judder." There is suppose to be a redesigned rotor and brake pad coming down the pike in very near future. At least that is what other Titan boards are saying. Nothing in concrete yet whether it will be a TSB issue or full recall. Have approx 4k on my SE 4x4 KC. Thankfully only the EVAP TSB done on mine. A few rubbing sounds in the dash. Nothing I can't live with. First year vehicles unfortunately will always have some type of problems. This truck definitely hauls.
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