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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • When I took my truck in for repairs, they told me the fix would come out sometime in the Spring. In the meantime, they're simply turning the rotors. Overall, however, you're absolutely right--this truck definitely hauls. I love when it roars next to a Chevy. By the way, did your truck come with the bed liner and rails? I've been asking if they can install after the fact, but I haven't gotten a straight yes or no.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    I got a leftover '04 in mid October. Couldn't get my first color choice but the 2k rebate took care of that problem. Mine has the big tow, off road package & the utility bed package which includes the spray in liner and the utility tracks (which have already proved their worth several times already.) This is the first truck I've had with the spray in liner. Some folks are having bubbling problems with theirs. Mine is OK so far. Always had drop in liners with my other trucks. They were OK and I never had a rust problem, but then again, I trade on average every 4-5 years.
  • question to Titan Se owners does the mirror switch on the drivers door have back lighting?
    my dealer does not seem to be sure and there are no other se trucks on the lot, i have looked on the LE trucks and they do light up but i have been told se trucks dont,i thought mine used to but i have only driven it at night twice in 6 months.
  • has anybody out there experience this? I bought my 4x4 se 6 months ago it has only 4500 miles I got the 17 inch chrome wheels and the wheels are getting rusted already the chrome is so thin that is peeling off. I contacted the dealership and they tol me to bring it in to check it out so I will take in next monday an d see what they have to say as for the brakes I had no problems so far but I will kep a close eye on them from now on, I did have one recall fix on it the seat bel restraints in the back seats, if any body has the chrome wheels you should check the out thanks!!!
  • has anybody out there experience this? I bought my 4x4 se 6 months ago it has only 4500 miles I got the 17 inch chrome wheels and the wheels are getting rusted already the chrome is so thin that is peeling off. I contacted the dealership and they tol me to bring it in to check it out so I will take in next monday an d see what they have to say as for the brakes I had no problems so far but I will kep a close eye on them from now on, I did have one recall fix on it the seat bel restraints in the back seats, if any body has the chrome wheels you should check the out thanks!!!
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    My message does not reflect brake problems but it does reflect some very dissapointing issues with my 2004 Nissan Titan SE Crewcab. Had this vehicle since Jan 23rd 2005, 6500 km on it. Right now I have a vehicle that doesent have a useable four wheel drive. Axle apparently popped out of the left side of the front deferential. Two weeks ago when I made contact with the dealer and was advised that this was the first warranty claim that they received for a Titan. Parts were orderd and should be in soon. Found out today that this is a common problem with this vehicle. Even found out that this one dealer has three others with the same problem. Was also advised that they were working on a redesign of the deferential. No date provided as to availability date. Nissan appears to be pleading ignorance to the problem. On slippery roads vehicle is very unstable without the four wheel drive.
    I also had problems with the tailgate. Components appear to freeze and gate will not stay up.
    My off road package has rancho shocks. Three of the four are leaking.
    Condensation forms above the console and water drips down.
    Gas mileage is extremely poor.
    It is amazing what you can get for 50K these days. Comments welcome.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT continue to drive the vehicle. Mine did this same thing a month ago and we were told the vehicle was NOT safe to drive. Nissan has been paying for a rental in the meantime. Its not just a matter of no 4WD its a matter of the axle can and will come all the way out and could cause you to have an accident. The differentials were released about 10 days ago, the parts for mine got to the dealer today. My truck was down for a month waiting on the new front diff, should get it back in the next couple days.
  • chipvjchipvj Posts: 2
    Bought an 05 a month ago, 4,100 miles. The gas gauge didn't work from the start. Called service advisor, he said probably a sending unit. I drive too much to take it in for that, I just reset the tripometer ea. fill up. Getting 17+ here in Arizona. So far so good.
  • I've driven my new Titan for a week now, and love it. No major or minor problems yet. One oddity; first start-up in the morning, my oil pressure reads very high, and stays there for about 5 minutes, then goes back to the middle of the gauge. The service manager said that this is normal.
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    I had the same problems with mine, you need to have the radio replaced with an updated version, and the door needs to be adjusted at the hinge and or striker plate to stop the door from opening the switch. Both easy fixes.
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    Appreciate the comment. Nissan has not yet given me authorization to rent but I have taken it upon myself to rent a vehicle. My vehicle is now parked at the dealer.
    I do not know what the end result will be.
    Contacted Nissan today for the third time, have yet to be provided with any details and I have yet to receive a response from anybody despite my persistence.
    I fell like I am being ignored.
    Other than that I love the vehicle.
  • accumacaccumac Posts: 16
    You should get authorization from Nissan, or your dealer should be happy to give you a loaner or pay for a rental. I am almost on a first name basis with the local Enterprise rental agency that always supplies me with a Ford or a Dodge truck at my dealers expense. Probably about 6 or 7 different times in 34,000 miles. Face it we are a ginuea pigs for Nissan so they should at least feed us.
    New question for fellow Titan owners: On cold start up in the morning or anytime after the truck has sat for a good length of time, if I rest my foot on the brake pedal when I start the engine the brake pedal will sink all the way to the floor. No problem with the braking and the brake pedal is normal after I pump it once or twice, dealer says no problem found. I find it unsettling and think it must be a master cylinder, power brake booster problem that I want taken care of before I drive out of warranty. Any one else experienced this phenom?
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Have the service manager contact the district rep to authorize a rental. They did for me, cost Nissan $2059 for 29 days rental on a Ford Escape.

    I got my truck back last night, dealer got the updated diffs on Monday, so they have been released.
  • ok went to the dealer to have a look at my wheels,and turns out that nissan sends out the wheels to another company to have them chromed and they do have a warranty. so my dealer installed a brand new set of wheels, yesss!!! also they checked the AC noise from under the dash it turns out is a "TSB" waiting on parts to have it fixed, I got a great response from my dealer service department
  • I got my 2004, 4x4 Titan LE Crew Cab last September as it just rolled off the truck. It had everything I could want, and more. I new the minute I saw it, I would be driving it home. Once I test drove it, I was hooked. I have 27,000 miles on it now, mostly from highway driving. It runs great...enough horses to get out of trouble quickly when congestion is tight. No rattles, radio sounds great. Not quite as good as my Alpine with 100W Infinity speakers, but close. The only problem has been the front end brakes. At about 12,000 miles often mentioned wobble occurred. A local dealer (Not where I purchased it) replaced both rotors, calipers, and brake pads, with no problem. The service (In Tampa, FL) was great, but no one mentioned any chronic problems from Nissan. It ran great until last week (another 14,000 later) and it happened again. This time they turned the rotors and replaced the pads which they said were glazed over, again with no problem, and the service was fantastic. But, now I'm wondering and waiting to see if it happens again?? And I'm worried that my warrantee will soon run out, with as many miles as I travel. Florida has a good lemon law, and I have one more strike left before Nissan gets their last chance. I'll stick with the Titan, though. Love the power and the way it handles. Love the interior and style. I just hope they can get this rotor bug solved.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Supposedly larger rotors coming out in next 1-2 months that
    they are hoping to be the fix for the brake judder. Your service department has their hands tied at present until the new rotors are shipped. Turning the rotors is only a temporary fix and the brake judder will probably rear its ugly head again in the next
    3-4k miles. 01' Chevy Impalas were also notorious for this problem as well as leaking manifold gaskets and I don't know if GM ever did fix it since we dumped our Impala in '04 for a Honda Ody.
    I have a '04 SE KC 4x4, over 4k and no judder yet (fingers crossed) and only back for one TSB so far. This truck rocks.
  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    What's a judder?
  • i've had my titan in 5 times for brakes. they dont have a leg to stand on. they know it is a design flaw. no heat dissipation warps the rotors.
    my radio changes volume also, even the cd. so i know its not reception.
  • yes, the finish flakes right off around the remote stereo and cruise control on steering wheel
  • i fought them on the rear brakes and won. 19000 miles after 4 visits for fronts rears were doin the work they replaced them free after i spewed venom all over them. i told them i would get a giant lemon decal and place it on my tailgate and have the words "ask me about my new TITAN" written under it!!!!
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    After battling with Nissan Canada they finally advised that the deferential is being shipped. Should have my vehicle back on the road in ten days. ??????
    I am having a heck of a problem with getting a rental. Thus far Nissan has committed $35.00 canadian to the cost for a maximum of two weeks. The minimium cost for a rental for a small car is $55.00 plus tax per day, in Labrador.They said that they have no legal obligation to providing any rental. Anything they do for me is being done in good faith not out of obligation. I beg to differ.
    I live in a remote area where the roads are covered with ice and snoe for 5 months of the year. Most of my driving is in the country away from any town with a trailer and two snowmobiles. Not a good situation for a car.
    I have rented a 4 x 4 pickup and have turned the file over to my lawyer.
    I love the vehicle despite the problem but I cannot tolerate the arrogancy of the company.
    I bought my vehicle from a sub dealer and they are great.
  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    quote: "01' Chevy Impalas were also notorious for this problem as well as leaking manifold gaskets"

    Our 2000 Impala had brake rotor problems. Also had the sub frame noise problems, never cured that. No water leaks

    I will be looking at the New Titans this fall. Time to replace my pickup.

    I've readin the comments on the Titan here for months.
  • tester16tester16 Posts: 2
    I am looking at buying a titan truck soon. Should I buy a 2004 or 2005? Have the brakes been fixed with 2005?
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    My question is. Do any of the switches have back lighting ? My mirror switch does not have back lighting nor does any of the controls on the steering wheel.

    It is like driving with a blindfold on. You have to feel your away around and hope that the button that you touch dosen't eject you.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Unfortunatly those don't have lights. I've learned which is which and have no trouble with it at night......not that I ever get to drive my Titan. Its in the shop again, rearend went out this time, sheesh. Still love my truck though.
  • labradorlabrador Posts: 11
    You indicate that it is in the shop again which indicates some previous problems. How are you doing for a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is in the shop.

    Mine is presently in the shop awaiting a deferential.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    When it was in for the front differential Nissan paid for a rental for the 29 days the truck was down. They offered a rental this time but I declined, we have 3 vehicles so its a none issue, the Titan is more our toy/pull the travel trailer/family vehicle. They also said it shouldn't be more than a week until I get the truck back.
  • yogibm1yogibm1 Posts: 6
    Hey, I had that same thing happen to me, not to worry though!
  • Lets hope!! This truck is too awesome to be burdened by a problem that would seem to be an easy fix. I mean it's "2005"! How many years have we had disc brakes and how complicated can it be to manufacture such a standard component? Maybe they're buying cheep, substandard steel or something? At any rate lets hope Nissan can put this nuscience behind us. Has anyone installed a satellite receiver? If I can erase the brake problem, I'll probably have one installed, but would like to switch between the two plans because one carries the NFL and the other carries ML Baseball. Go figure! Could I have the receiver wired to accept both plans where I can switch services month to month? I would think it could be done by installing components from each, and maybe two separate antennas. Is this possible??
  • yogibm1yogibm1 Posts: 6
    I'll tell ya what I was going to get a used one, but after reading all of these forums I think that I should get a new one. I am dissapointed to hear that you are still having the same problems and I has been out for a year and a half. I went to the dealer today and Man I was impressed with the 05 over the 04(I am getting a Titan Posse Cab LE 4x4 WITHOUT the big tow package). Those mirrors are so ugly. I didn't see it in the Brochure but do they still make the Sedona Color(burnt orange). If they don't do they still offer the two tone colored interior Sand/Grey in the Leather. Someone that has bought one recently, let me know cause that is what I really want. Thanks for your help
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