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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair

steverstever Posts: 52,683
Please post any problems and possible solutions you have experienced with your Touareg.

Steve, Host


  • bulsarabulsara Posts: 21
    When my back seats are laid down to extend the cargo bed...I get pretty severe indentations on the backrest portion at top of seat where it touches the metal on the floor.

    Does someone have a simple fix like inserting a commonly/economically found object that would stay in place and stowaway in the rear.


  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    That's an easy one. You are putting the rear seats down incorrectly.

    Lift the rear seat cushion and look on the underside. You will see a bracket which should have a rubber cover. Now fold the upper half of the seat down (with the headrest removed and make sure that bracket comes to rest in the plastic receptor that is on the top of the seat underneath the headrest. If you do that, the seat backrest will never touch any metal underneath the seat. No leather indentations.
  • bulsarabulsara Posts: 21
    Thanks Dr Spock! Will look for it and do as suggested.

  • I woke up to a dead battery on 12/17/03. Towed Treg to nearest dealer-100miles. Dealer said they could not find anything except a discharged battery and charged battery . Told me it was fixed. To make a long story shorter, I picked up Treg and Nav unit had me on I55 which was at least ten miles away. Took it right back. On 1/09/04 I was called by the dealer and they said they had experienced another problem. The starter would not dis-engage, so they cut the wire to the starter. THEY Called the VW Treg tech hotline and the problem is a wiring harness that came from the factory too close to the manifold and had been heated and chaffed into bare wire. The fix is to drop the frontend, take motor out, take wiring out, rewire, and then re-install motor. I paid over $51,000 for this and I cannot accept this in a new vehicle. If it were a minor problem, that is a lot different. I would never feel safe or have any confidence in this Treg again I have a chronic illness and have to have reliable transportaiton and I do not have any confidence in this particular Treg . I love Touaregs and I really am upset about this and will try and get VWOA to replace it as I fould another Treg owner with the same identical problem and VWOA replaced the Treg in that case. They are identical, so I am hoping.
      This is MAJOR , Big time trouble and I have sold cars, have friends who have sold cars and none can say that any real MAJOR electrical problem is ever fixed.
      It had ha d a dead battery before this happened and they changed a generator out. This was the fix at that time. Now its a whole different story and I just know this one is one of the ones that got through somehow that should not have,
     I hope all who are owners will share their experiences on this board. Good and bad. I wish this was not happening but things like thuis DO happen and that is why I am so glad to see a board with this topic.
  • rower2rower2 Posts: 22
    Tyre Pressure Monitor warning light- The antennas are too close to the wheel well. After four visits to one dealer with no luck, the second dealer I took it to moved the antennas and no problem at all. (They had to move them on both sides)

    Wind Whistle over 50mph- Move racks to the back or take the cross bars off altogether.
  • brundogbrundog Posts: 13
    I got my T-reg last week. It now has about 320 miles on it - not very representative of a long ownership period, I admit.

    There are only a few things that bug me. Two I consider a problem and will need to be fixed, the other is a design flaw and I will live with it:

    1. The remote FOB distance is horrible. I can not be any further than 10 ft from the car and in many cases it wont work even standing next to it. I know this is a common problem, but it needs be remedied.

    2. One of my brakes squeeks. It doesn't happen all of the time, but it happens with enough brake pressure and often enough to get to me. I am hoping it resolves itself with more miles. If it doesn't the dealer will be writing this on a service ticket soon.

    3. The radio stinks - and I have the upgraded 300W version. The sound is OK but it is a little boomy, I wish it had less mid bass. The radio does not have RDS. For the life of me I cannot understand this. Also, the steering wheel controls are malconceived. The volume buttons should be on the left side of the wheel, not the right. Why would I use my right hand to push the button when it could simply go over a little to the radio's volume knob?? Also, there is no way to scroll through the saved stations. The thumbwheel will seek up or down, but who does this that often? It should move to the next stored station up or down.

  • Picked up my Touareg a week ago. Very enjoyable, but that remote has a mind of it's own. I tried to search previous discussions, but couldn't find the solution for the fix. Sometimes the doors unlock and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the hatch unlocks and.....
    I looked at the settings in MFI and thought I had a fix.
    Any help out there?



    I bought a Treg V8 Prem Plus, 19' diff locks .It was made in June and I have 7k miles on it and it. I woke up one day to find it would not start. I had to have it towed a hundred miles to the nearest dealer. This was on 12/17/03. I called the nest day and problem was not diagnosed yet. Called a day or so later, they said they charged the battery and it was all OK now.,

    I picked it up on 12/2603 to find a blown out a door speaker, broken motor surround panels and messed up the battery cover. I drove it around the block to find the Nav unit had me on a interstate some 10 miles away. I took it right back to dealer and told them everything. They said they were SORRY. They ordered parts and said there is a national back order on Treg parts. If you keep calling VWOA customer Care , they can try and expedite parts from Germany. There is a law that parts have to be in the country . VW has not addressed this requirement.
     Anyway, on 1/9/04 they said they had found the real problem. It is a factory defective electrical wiring that was placed too close to the manifold and is chaffed. The fix is to drop the front end, take the motor out and un-install complete wiring harness. Then re-wire the vehicle, re-install the engine, re-install the frontend. To this I have said NO THANKS! I cannot pay over 50k and end up with a MAJOR problem that so far in my searchng, and talking to many techs, service departments from many dealers, all who said, they have never seen an electrical problem of this MAGNITUDE , FIXED. IT WILL ALWAYS BE UNRELIABLE. I EXPECT VWOA TO REPLACE THIS TREG. I cannot and will not accept this from a 50 something thousand dollar vehicle. I would never feel safe or like I had a dependable vehicle after so much re-manufacturing of the vehicle.

    I found an identical case on the townhall Touareg forum and the vehicle was replaced .

    I am finally delighted there is NOW a forum within Townhall where Touareg owners can report their problem, experience and solutions . A lot of the threads have no owners making comments. Many are just jawing backj and for forth and are not actuial OWNERS who are experiencing anything .
    Please post your problems , comments, experience, , etc..

    Thanks and hopefully we can get VWOA to listen to us. This was my first VW and will be my last unless VWOA comes clean and replaces or buys back the UNMERCHANTABLE. TOUAREG I ENDED UP WITH. It cost almost 52K with the tow hitch and thats does not include any license title, tax, etc....... If you are fed up with the treatment you have received from VWOA or have a problem that is of the major category and feel slighted, join in and post.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You did't mention it in your post but did you ASK for a replacement?

    tidester, host
  • Host asked if VW was asked to replace Treg, They were asked and have denied. In an IDENTICAL CASE VW DID REPLACE THE TREG. Litigation has proceeded and I will update when there are updates available.
    Thanks and keep posting.
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    This problem is being addressed by a dealer in PA by running the antenna wire up the A pillar. There is an ongoing discussion about this elsewhere. Supposedly a 60+ foot range all around the car is possible.
  • brundogbrundog Posts: 13
    Where is this ongoing discussion? Is this something a resonably skilled person can manage? Where is the control module and antenna?

  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Email me for details.
  • brundogbrundog Posts: 13
    Per 4x4s recommendation in some other forums to temporarily remove the radio's fuse, I tried it, and garsh dangit, it worked!

    Like a charm - hat's off to you for finding it!

  • bulsarabulsara Posts: 21
    Hi Dr. Spock:

    Is the dealer doing this fix in PA going with a VW reco'd fix...or just a personal discovery type thang? If it is a VW rec'od thing I will ask my dealer to do it.

    As for the person's complaint, that the remote seems to have a mind of it's own...I initially had that type of problem for a day or so and it is created by pressing it again and again, in very quick succession. Wait a second and then press again. Also there will be certian zones around your car it will always work foolprooof and some not! Like being on the driver's door side helps as the antenna is somewherw there in the wheel well, but if you are directly behind the car it will not. Also, to open all doors mine is set to two presses of the button and one presonly opens the driver's door. Rear hatch need two presses too.

  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Sorry, I can't recall all the details. I've sent you an email where you can read them. I can't post the link here.
  • jd1318jd1318 Posts: 7
    my remote distance is fine, 50'+. my problem is that last week my remote wouldn't work. i reset it like the owners manual said and it worked fine again for a few days and then stopped working and i reset it again. this cycle has happened twice more. has any one else had this problem and know the cause? does anyone have a fix without going back to the dealer?
  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    Anyone look into getting different wheels since there is basically no tires made for the odd touareg wheel size (255/60-17)
  • brundogbrundog Posts: 13
    Anyone else have this?

    I can program a preset for the driver seat and the outside mirrors no problem. When I move them, then press the memory button to recall the set positions, everything works except the passenger mirror. It never returns to the preset position despite what the joystick is set to (R or L), and naturally, I cannot program the setting for vehicle reverse either. I have tried many different ways to get this to work (ignition on / off / reverse / joystick positions, etc)!

    Any ideas appreciated.

  • To say the least we are so far very disappointed w/ our new V8 Toureg. Owned it for 7 weeks been in the shop for 2 and not fixed yet.

    AC makes a very loud noise when on-- none of the other V8's seemed to do this.

    Roof Rack when spread is loud--service said keep them at back together--not practical for someone who uses them almost daily.

    Air Bag Default light has been on--so far not fixed. The service dept said worst case scenario they would not work in case of accident! I would definitely call that Worst case scenario!

    Seat indentations are terrible and do not come out--Service dept said seats should not be left down---too bad we didn't know our car would be in the shop for 2 weeks trying to fix airbags.

    We love a lot of things about the Toureg but it doesn't seem to be quite as refined as other luxury vehicles in its class. Hope VW works to improve.
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