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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • lawboylawboy Posts: 9
    Hi, just got a 06 V8 and so far only used Premium Gas; saw note from previous post about using only Shell or Chevron for optimum gas mileage; what about performance and wear and tear on the engine; is it best to use Premium gas from Shell or Chevron only, or can I use Premium gas from any station??? also can I use lower grade fuel or should I always stick with Premium; any thoughts would help

  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I have only used Shell or Chevron premium because they are the only ones that I know that do not put ethanol in their premium. I live in WI where
    we have restrictions on our fuel composition ,most others use large %of ethanol to get in compliance.
    I have never used less than premium in my T'reg.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    I was not aware of the ethanol and am guilty of using any brand. I have tried the 87 octane but after the first 4 tanks the car noticeably did not perform well and we have since only used 91 octane. The news just reported this week that fuel prices will be going up substantially do to the elimination of MTBE and the replacement with ethanol which will create an ethanol shortage.
  • lawboylawboy Posts: 9
    I just got the 06' V8 with single CD player; no cd changer in trunk yet; was thinking I would rather get Satellite Radio; any tips on the least obtrusive and effective method for doing so; I do not wany any outside people installing anything for fear of giving VW an excuse later on to beg off the warranty; p.s. My wife has Sirrus in her car and I believe I can join on the same membership just have to figure out a way to install in my car; appreciate any thoughts and this forum so far has been really, really helpful

    thanks again
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    I also have a 2004 six. I can't attest that your problem is the same as mine but it was the carrier bearing on the drive line that caused a very similar noise such as the one you describe. It became so loud that it was embarrassing.
  • My father-in-law just sold me his very low miles 2004 Touareg, and he bought a new 2006. (Both V8's) I have always told him to use Premium when he owned the '04, and now the '06. I did use 88 octane once, and because I'm in Salt Lake City, the elevation doesn't affect it a lot, but power difference was slight. The reason Chevron is great to use is that VW / Audi Service have praised Chevron's Techron fuel system cleaner that's in their gas for years. This helps your engine run better by controlling carbon build-up.

    Ultimately, you can use lower grade gas if you drive the car at an elevation that is so much above sea level.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    hmmm. Squeeze you in! You spent $40k on a new car, have a problem like that and can't get in. Be assertive or find another dealer and don't look back. My dealer would pee his pants to help you out. Drive into the service line, ask to have it looked at immediately or ask for a loaner and leave it. Smile and be nice. If they don't go for it with a smile on their face, don't ever go back, and tell your friends.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    It'll run ok on regular, you may not notice the performance difference, except for slightly less gas mileage, maybe 0.3 to 0.5 mpg. I've tried long periods with both regular and premium gas. I prefer Shell premium, which I use almost exclusively because I get 5% back and they have $2 coupons in the paper every week. In Colorado, all gas has lots of ethanol, even Shell. I sure miss real gas.

    What is compelling though, is that the engine adjusts to lower octane by making the mixture richer, which explains the lower mileage, but it also seems to make more carbon deposits in the tailpipes, because combustion is less efficient. I can only imagine what's accumulating in the head. I'm guessing that's only a problem for people that plan to keep them past the normal lease period. If I was leasing it, I would run regular for 20 cents a gallon less.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Gas in Salt Lake (and Denver) is formulated for high altitude, and is a couple of octane points below gas sold at sea level. That does not imply the quality is less, just adjusted for the reduced octane requirement at altitude. Use premium or at least mid-grade if you care about your car. Use regular if you don't plan to keep it for the long haul. Also, I don't know if the warranty is affected by using regular gas as a habit.
  • lawboylawboy Posts: 9
    Thanks for all the input, I plan on keeping the car for the long haul and want the optimum performance(what I paid for) so Premium it is for my rig
  • jlcjrjlcjr Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 V6 Toureg and haven't even owned it for a year. I have 15k miles on it and the tires already need replacing. I have rotated them every 5,000 miles. I called the dealer and they said that they have had major problems with the Dunlop 8000 series. Some people have had as little as 12k miles on them before they had to be replaced. Volkswagen said that they would replace ONE tire! What a slap in the face. I paid close to $40k for this car and they won't stand behind the vehicle. Customer service is why VW will never make it into the luxury market. Anyone else had this problem? Did you get a different solution? If so, how?
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I think you need to go to Dunlop and request a adjustment. I have never had much luck complaining about tires at the dealer.
  • madvwmadvw Posts: 1
    I had my 2004 Touareg for 18 mos and have also rotated them accordingly to VW recommendations. My tires went bald and slid in the rain and I rear ended someone. VW will not replace any tires and it turns out there was a problem with the automatic 4 wheel drive. The tires are to adjust automatically, and they weren't. VW would fix that but nothing else. Not to mention the outrageous amount of gas I was putting into it because the 4 wheel drive was burning it up. Then they had the nerve to charge me $93.00 to reset a faulty air bag light.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    I replaced tires on my 2004 T-Reg with Michelin Cross Terrain that are specifically designed for SUV's and they come with a 65,000 mile limited warranty. I do not know if they are rated for 140 mph but I do not see that as an issue here in the USA. We have winter from Oct to May and they are good in snow and ice and have a smooth and quiet ride. I had the same problem with the air bag light and it was covered under warranty. Thanks for the tip on the 4 wheel drive that may not be disengaging as my gas mileage for a six cyl is only 15 mpg.
  • lawboylawboy Posts: 9
    Hi, not to ask a stupid question but can you disengage the 4 wheel drive on these cars?? or is it done automatically?? I have a 06 V8 and I thought it was done automatically from what I read and know but I thought I would just make sure anyway

  • spressospresso Posts: 2
    I bought the Touareg at a dealership out of state, attempt at a lower price :). Turns out the dealership in my home town fit me in quickly, provided me with a loaner and sent me home with a clean Touareg (still with less than 2k miles) that ran better than when I bought it. The coils and spark plugs were rotting due to a less than stellar steam clean of the engine. All of this deserves thanks to the dealer where I purchased by T-reg. All is well again, thank you for your advice, panzer. I've sent my (less than happy) regards to the dealer in OR where it was purchased...doubt it will make a difference, but figured they should at least know! I'm loving my Touareg again. :-D
  • carlobcarlob Posts: 5
    I have a 2004 Toureg and at 22,000 miles I replaced all 4 tires. Incredibly without me even noticing the back tires went bald at 26,0000. Less than 4,000 miles on them. The front tires are fine. Obviously the dealer was shocked and told me I must have bent the axle. He has had the car now for over 24 hours and seems to be perplexed, so obviously there is no evident damage. They are looking at alignment problems, as described in this forum. I have also had the hesitation problem described in this forum and it is very dangerous. Does anyone have thoughts on how two new rear tires could wear almost instantly?
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    Have the dealer check the rear differential stepper motor.Mine failed at 23K.I had just replaced the tires with Bridgestones and noticed some tire marking on my concrete drive from the rear tires.
  • carlobcarlob Posts: 5
    I thought I should give an update on my original post. The dealer has had the Toureg for 5 days now - they are giving me two new tires for the rear. They are waiting on a special tool that they did not previously have to tighten something in the suspension. I wish I was mechanically inclined to questions these guys better but apparently when they installed the new tires something was not tightened properly. In a vehicle that is already tough on tires it does not take much to wear these tires to bald. I hope this info helps current and future buyers of the Toureg.
  • hekmohekmo Posts: 1
    I have owned my Touareg for almost a year now, and the day we bought it, I noticed a "skipping/knocking" feeling as I make tight radius turns to either side. The dealer said that this was because it was all wheel drive and said it was normal. I talked to a friend who has an 04 touareg and she said that she didn't have this problem. Anyone else notice this problem?
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    If you go my post on replacing the the rear differential stepper motor,one the symptoms of a failing stepper motor is the knocking in tight radius turns. You can minimize the knocking, by as you are moving flick the low/high knob(the right knob on the consul)momentarily to low and back to high. Eventually you will have have the stepper motor replaced. The clunking causes excess rear tire wear. Do not let your service advisors give you the bull thats the way it is.The part # of the stepper control motor is oad-341-601-c,. The warranty cost to VW was $ 918.00.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    I have a 2004 6 cyl that has a rattling noise that sounds like it is coming from the engine. Although not loud, the best that I can describe is that it sounds much like a lifter in older engines. The rattling is most predominant when the RPM's plane before the transmission shifts. The dealer thought it was a heat shield vibrating (wasn't) but otherwise has no answer. This is my 1st VW and some makes such as the Jeep in-line 6 are noisy so I am OK if this is the nature of VW. Any comments or experience? Is 15 mpg standard for the 6 cyl? Thanks
  • carlobcarlob Posts: 5
    It is now Tuesday a full 8 days later and the dealer has not yet been able to install 2 new rear tires. Excuses range from how hard it is to determine if the car is in alignment to they need a tool from Germany to fix the car. Any person buying this vehicle after reading all these posts would have to have their head examined. I know I am going to have mine examined for buying the damn thing. If you want an SUV buy one known for toughness, if you want performance get a performance car. Don't ever believe you can combine the two.
  • mdriveromdrivero Posts: 29
    I have a 2005 T-reg V-8 that have one of the headlights not working properly. I took it to the dealership and they are replacing them with a YELLOW light instead of the one that came from the factory because according to them, Volkswagen replaced the part and now they do not have the white-blueish xenon. Does anyone knows something like this? Is this true? It is hard to believe it. Please any inputs will be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I'm quite certain your dealer is scamming you. HID headlights are expensive. Sounds like they're cheating you out of what you're supposed to have by replacing it with a halogen unit.

    Go back and demand to get the proper HID replacement. Call VWAG direct if you have to.
  • mdriveromdrivero Posts: 29
    I did and they are coming from the main plant to meet with me this coming TH the 11th at 11:00am.
    I will let you know what happened.
  • docsokdocsok Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Toureg and they replaced all 4 tires at 18000 miles after they were worn. I demanded this from the National VW reps and they complied. Having said that, I have had multiple issues with the VW most of them in the electronical dept.. .i.e tire pressure monitor and Lighting. Very frustrating, I like the vehicle but the service and problems make me wish I had purchased something else. I am currently considering getting rid of the vehicle and buying an acura RDX.
    :mad: :sick:
  • gsotiggsotig Posts: 8
    I have a 2004 and did the same thing at 18K. Currently at 34K the tires are supposedly perfectly aligned and balanced and I'm sure they won't see 40K. Had several problems with the electrical also, along with AC. I was told I needed new rotors at 33k. To top it off, it broke down a few hours ago and I had to be towed into the dealer - bushing broke in the rear drive shaft. My advice would be to dump the vehicle if you can and avoid a lot of future headaches.
  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    My battery just went out yesterday, out of the blue. Just found out that nothing works when the battery is dead. I couldn't take the key out of the ignition, nor could I put the car in Neutral to move it. Is this how it is? Anyhow, after some time, I just started the car to find some type of an error (that displayed on the display) relating to the differential know (it was quick), but it disappeared when I turned off the engine and restarted. However, I had no sound on the radio, cd or nav for the rest of the evening. I thought maybe it requires a re-activation since the battery was jumped, but I didn't notice anywhere to enter a code or anything. Is this strange?
  • We are thinking of purchasing or leasing a Touareg but we are wondering if anyone has had experience in towing a boat and trailer with one. We have an 18 ft bow rider that we tow all over. Presently we have a Ford Expedition which is okay but we love our Passat so much we thought we would try the Touareg. Any comments out there.
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