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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • I have owned my Touareg since November 2003. I am soooooo frustrated beyond belief and grateful to have found this forum with others experiencing the same problems. What is up with the tire monitoring system? Mine has all of a sudden disappeared from the display console and warnings are appearing. First, check the pressures then to flat tire. Checked everything and it was fine but monitoring system has disappeared and warnings are appearing. The tires have worn beyond belief and all I do is city driving. When I make a parking turn a strange noise occurs as if the engine will drop out. Tell me more in regards tot his arbitration. How do we get involved. Also, has anyone experienced all the dash paint completely stripping off. As in by the radio controls, ac controls etc. Another problem is putting down the back seats. It is so hard to do and a nightmare! Next is the gas mileage......geez I am constantly at the gas station. Why isn't there a way to switch it out of 4 wheel drive all the time? One last thing is the seatbelt reminder "dinging". I am all for the purpose of it but enough is enough. I get in my car to start the day and am immediately annoyed by that dinging. I put my seatbelt on always but I do not need to be reminded. Taking to dealer tomorrow with a list of problems and will relay that it is not me and my driving causing these problems. I am so mad! I bought a new car to get rid of problems not begin more!!
  • How do you rest the tire monitoring system?
  • Sorry, I mean re-set the tire monitoring system?
  • thgdnmsrgnthgdnmsrgn Posts: 14
    Sounds like we have the same TORTURE REG (as I call it). The steering noise is the need to replace the differential motor. Ours was replaced in Feb 2005.(I thought the engine feel out too!)

    I just took the car this past week with a list of problems that the dealer can not duplicate. Key remote, remotely works, A/C smells, and tire monitor, just a few of the items listed. Also everyone take a look at the wood trim on the doors, they are cracking and is a warranty issue. And the glove box latch that holds the manual is defective when it will not stay closed.
    I was told to call VW of America at 800-822-8987. ns/emotorcons/emo_sick.gif
  • thgdnmsrgnthgdnmsrgn Posts: 14
    To reset the tire monitor:
    Make sure you check your tire pressure first and that is correct pressure according to a gage.
    Start car- close door
    Push the lower (right side) button on steering wheel till the dash screen changes to "CONV SET"
    Scroll down using the thumb wheel (middle knob, right side on steering wheel) till you get to "TIRE PRESS"
    Push the thumb wheel.
    Then it will say "MON PRESS" and "STORE" Go to which ever one you want to do.

    Hope that helps.
  • alexcabalexcab Posts: 1
    I drive a '01VW Beetle and noticed one day that I could increase the range of operation of my Key Fob. I know it sounds kind of silly but I put the Key Fob against my chin! Maybe its my big ears or nose but the doors or hatch will unlock at greater distance when I do this!! :D
    Wonder if this would help any of the T-Reg sibling owners' having problems w/locks?
  • mml7mml7 Posts: 55
    A couple of things:

    1) make sure your tires are cold before doing this. Don't do this if you've already driven the car around.

    2) After selecting "Store" in the MFI, you must drive your car around for a short period so that it can learn the cold and warm pressure.
  • cpricecprice Posts: 2
    I have the tire problem. I was told that I can expect 20,000 miles on a set of original equipment tires on my T-rag by the Volkswagon dealership when I took it in for service(oil change25k). I think this is ridiculous for a tire that cost $200+
  • thgdnmsrgnthgdnmsrgn Posts: 14
    I tried the key remote to the chin trick, and it seems to work! Maybe it's a hight thing.
    Thanks for your imput
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Your body is a giant waterball. It probably has to do with magnetics and conductivity of your body. I have worked a lot with wireless computer technology and human bodies can help/hinder communications depending on the circumstance and technology.
  • hosshaulrhosshaulr Posts: 2
    We are experiencing uneven tire wear in our 2004 V8. The dealer and VW just put on the second set of new tires. Vehicle only has 20,000 miles and is only driven highway and streets - no off road. Are others having this problem?
  • angelehuaangelehua Posts: 3
    I have a '04 V8 with close to 28,000 miles on it. The black rubber coating on the headlight switch has started to come off to reveal the white plastic that the knob was made out of. Also on the interior driver door handle area the gray rubber coating has started to peel. This seems to be premature for a car that is very rarely driven at night and the headlight knob isn't used much. Yes I do use the door handle each time I get in or out, but why VW would use something so obviously not up to the task is beyond me. I plan on making a complaint when I take it in for service. Wondering if anyone else is having this same problem.

    Also when accelerating uphill, my Touareg seems to have difficulty upshifting when in auto. When I have it in manual mode, it shifts fine, however as soon as I change back to auto mode it goes back to being problematic.

    Anyone else have really bad mpg. The brochures I saw when I bought it said 14/15mpg. I'm lucky if I get 11.5mpg most of the time. When I am on a long road trip I can get 16 or 17mpg, but in town driving is just pitiful. I feel guilty when I go to the gas station several times a week and fill up with 22-25 gallons.

    I hope they come out with a hybrid sometime soon, I love my car but hate that it is sooo not eco friendly.

  • angelehuaangelehua Posts: 3
    When I took my '04 V8 in for 20,000 mile service it needed new tires already. The dealer got VW to pay for an alignment and two new tires, but I had to pay for the other two. I have never taken mine off road and was told that because of the weight of the vehicle and the softness of the tires that they would wear quickly. That was at Christmas when my Touareg was at the dealership for 3 weeks waiting on a replacement alternator harness. Took it in a few weeks ago for an oil change and they said my brakes were at 65%. I got new brakes when they replaced the tires at christmas. I'll be lucky if I make it a year on these brakes. This is going to be an expensive car to maintain. I think VW should give people who bought the first Touaregs a big incentive to rebuy VW. I'll need one when it comes time.

  • thgdnmsrgnthgdnmsrgn Posts: 14
    I also find myself at the gas station 3 days a week. My average is running no better than 13.4 mpg.

    And with 13,000 miles our tires are looking pretty well used and that is all street miles.

    Does anyone have a fan noise coming from the Nav/CD area that will run when the car is off?
  • I have the same problem at 18k and 40k front tires totally worn out on one side. The dealer said the problems is :
    a. Need to rotate the tires.
    b. Oh, Pirelli scorpions only last 6k
    c. Oh, we know the problem and cannot fix it. He was telling the truth.
    I believe we can get a class action lawsuit under the lemon law as I took my car to an independant testing alignment company and they said I would continue to have this problem as there is an alignment defect. I got a print out after I replaced the tires and had an alignment done. The local dealer had to bring in a specialist to do the work.
  • same problem maybe worse. I replace my tires twice at 18k and 42k worn out and pulling to the left and road noise and low gas mileage. an independant test showed that the alignment is all wrong and defective. ( and cannot be changed) according to state law I have a claim under the lemon law as this is the third timne the dealer has tried to repair it.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Take a look at the vinyl piping on the left side of your seat where your posterior rubs on it as you get in/out. I have the gray interior. The gray has rubbed off, partially showing clear now. Now granted, I have an ample american butt. This at 24k miles. I have not seen any other finish wear. Most of the wood panels have cracked and been replaced at some point.

    The uphill shift issue seems like the normal operation. I think the transmission works really well in drive uphill, and I drive uphill alot. Just dont ever shift into drive while rolling back or shift into drive before the motor has fully started. You will get the most massive crunch noise. Have the dealer look at it.

    Can't help you on the gas mileage. That's why I bought the V6 and accellerate a little slower. I average 18.1 mpg.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Is your 18.1 average for city and highway? What percentage of each do you think it includes?
  • grugvothgrugvoth Posts: 2
    To answer a few things people have been talking about around here.
    I'm averaging 19.2mpg in my 04 V6 overall with a high of 22mpg on the highway and usually around 15mpg in city driving.
    As for the tyres mine are just getting to the point where they need to be replaced and I'm getting close to 36000 miles now.
    The above things are both probably due to me having a V6 rather than the V8 (a 100 mile round trip commute every day will do that :-) ).

    Next thought.... the key remote thing is a height thing, nothing to do with being near your body. If I hold my key up by my head or higher I get a much better range with it rather than just using it at waist height when I get the key out of my pocket.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    That's over the last 15000 of 25000 miles. I guess I'm about 40 percent suburban driving and 60 percent highway, of which most is around town freeways (I live in Denver). Some of the highway is stop and go, rush hour crap. On the rare tank that is mostly city-suburban, I get about 16 mpg. On trips, which are usually up to the mountains, I get about 17mpg uphill and about 20-22 mpg downhill, and typically average about 19-20 mpg on the trip. I'm not a lead foot, but like to cruise as fast as the traffic allows, which is usually 70-80 mph on the highway. As you would expect, mileage goes up with average speed of 55-65 and goes way down cruising at 90-95, which the car loves to do. If you drive hard, mashing the gas pedal, this car will eat gas. Mileage always goes down when my daughter or wife drive the car. They only know on and off, theres no moderation. I've slowed down a bit after collecting 2 tickets in the past year of ownership, after about 15 years without a ticket.
  • petermacpetermac Posts: 1
    I have been evaluating the Lexus GX and the T-Reg and based on the professional reviews and owner comments I'm convinced the GX is the better buy. Of course, my experience with LA Downtown Motors for my wife's '99 VW Passat (30,000 miles) was my first clue that VW and its dealers are losing ground fast. In Southern California's extremely mild climate you would think today's VWs, like the old Bug and Bus, would last forever. To the contrary, much like the T-Reg, my wife's Passat has front-glass window trim falling apart, cracked wood trim interior handles, warping dashboard around the airbag and, according to LA Downtown Motors, a potentially failing timing belt. Worse, every time I try to schedule an appointment for recall items, they claim to have none of the necessary parts in inventory. And, folks, this is on a garaged-kept car with very low mileage and is driven only 5 miles to and from work (and no kids)!

    Thank you, Edmunds, for this forum. What an invaluable source of automotive pros and cons.
  • doceddydoceddy Posts: 1
    Twice while driving on the highway in sumer conditions my generator light has come on and the car was unable to get gas and thus stalled on highway. Turning off the car for a short time and restarting engine relieved problem both times. 1st check by dealer said everything checked out fine. Not satisfied that all is well. Any other thoughts or similar experiences?
  • grvlguygrvlguy Posts: 1
    I have an 04 VW Touareg,now with 36,000 miles. The wood trim continues to crack and they are telling me it is a 12,000 mile "wear and tear" item no longer covered by any warrenty. Great, now I will have to go to small claims court and prove it is a defect every time it cracks again. For a $50,000 vehicle VWof A has the worst support ever. No wonder they last billions......
  • see my messages on VW forum re tires same problem
  • I am about to take my V8 '04 back in for new tires. Last week when the dealer had the car they said they will not compensate me for any of the tires. I have 18,000 on them now and they are bald. They felt that the wear I got was sufficient and made the comment that if I got 20,000 I was lucky. They did tell me that VW identified an alignment problem on the Touaregs and have now fixed it. My VIN does not fall into the problem category however now that I read all of these problems, I know they are BSing me. I bought my car last May so I really feel I should be compensated. I would have never bought this car knowing that I would need to spend $1100 almost every year for new tires. Something does NOT sound right here.
  • angelehuaangelehua Posts: 3
    Yesterday when I got in my car and turned it on, the stereo came on(I always leave it on) but then after about five seconds I hear a little blip and the sound cuts out. I tried changing to the radio and changing cd's etc. still no sound. I turned the engine completely off and even removed the key and then started it up again hoping to reset whatever the problem was to no avail. It didn't work for the rest of the afternoon, but then that evening I got in and tried the stereo again and it was all fine, no problems at all. Anyone else had this happen
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Is this your first high performance SUV, designed to go 130 mph? That's why.

    You should be able to get out the door at a tire store (not the dealer) with good tires for under $700. I did. Got Pirelli Scorpion Zeros for $681 including tax.Make sure they know about the tire pressure monitors before they start (they are easy to damage) and they dont charge you for valves, because they stay with the wheel.
  • mmk1mmk1 Posts: 1
    2004 Touareg -
    Radio - Has anyone been able to get around the difficulty of switching between AM and FM stations. I find it dangerous and annoying to have to go to six buttons to change stations to select FM or AM. To have to go to Band, FM, station choice and repeat. I also find it really annoying to that you can't roll through the pre-set buttons but have to hit each one individually on the console. I've been through the manual and been back to the agency but they don't have another way.
    Cup holders - does anyone else have the problem that cups of coffee and water bottles go flying out of the cup holders when they make turns. I find them extremely shallow and don't hold the drinks in place.
  • I have an 05 V6 with 7,000 miles and have problems with a total lack of power actually bogging down at slow rolling speeds. I also have a missing/lunging under acceleration primarily noticed in 3rd & 4th gears. There seems to be a disconnect between the potentiometer and the throttle body. The dealer doesn't have a clue.

  • I just had to drop off the Torture Reg to the dealer lastnight. Engine light
    went on and suspension light in the dash. Last week I had a flat tire and the
    tire monitoring light did not go on., But two weeks before that it said I had a
    "flat tire on board", but all tires were fine. (Maybe it's psyhic, except it
    indicated a different tire.) This time we brought the Torture Reg back with the
    TITLE in hand. The manager even mentioned the Lemon Law but first want to
    contact VW Corp.
    Anyone else having this much trouble? I would love any input.
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