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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • Ours has 16,000 miles on it after 9 months and no signs of uneven wear and tear on the tires. We've taken it in for 5k service three times, so maybe that has something to do w/ it. Three trips from DC to NY, as well as some other long trips, plus some rugged roads, so a good mix of surfaces.
  • I concur w/ spockcat that the nav is going to be a disappointment for you - and definitely not worth the $2,000. For $1200, you can get a top-notch Garmin system that works when you're not in the car, too. I have no idea what the engineers were thinking w/ CD-based Nav on a $40k+ car. The incremental cost of a dvd would have been minimal. And NAVTEQ's been making the discs for at least 2 years in the Volvo.

    The 20% less expensive Pilot has a much better touch screen system that shows road names and is generally much more accurate. It even has a cute little breadcrumbs feature for when you go off the route - it can show you how to get back from where you came from.
  • Does anyone know how to TURN IT OFF WHEN NOT IN MOTION? It drives me nuts. It beeps at you forever if you're parked or have the engine off but the power on.

    There are frequent times when I can't turn the engine off but need to the mobility of no seatbelt, but the warning signal goes off. One would think this would be an issue when the car is in motion, but not when parked or even turned off.

    I don't know of any other car that is so intrusive w/ it's beeps and dings and warnings. G-d forbid you open the door w/ the headlights on! I wish I knew a tech personally at my dealership so I could see the system settings and make changes to suit my needs!
  • I changed the heated steering wheel fuse and then on the MFI it says "Running Fault". The fuse didn't solve the problem but does the dealer have to reset the "Running Fault" error message now? Thanks, Bob
  • I made a mistake and the steering wheel is find and the fuses all work and the fault error went away..Thx Bob
  • I am a new Touareg owner and try to get used to the vehicle. I am not able to find any information in regards to any computer info for the need of an oil change. Is such a service interval reminder programmed into any of the different computers? My Audit TT has it, my Buick Rendezvous had it. the standard recommendations of every 5000 miles are not really applicable for my driving (hardly any city driving, over 90% on the freeway). The Buick allowed oil change frequencies around 15,000 miles with that kind of driving. How about the VW? Can anybody give me some info here?
  • andyhyandyhy Posts: 3
    While we don't have AC noise, we do have the problem with the remote key access being intermitent. Also, we have been locked out of the car with key in the ignition at a gas pump. Our dealer has installed a special extra key that is in a hiding place under the vehicle. They also have been working with the glitch that causes intermitent trunk response and it seems to work now.
  • andyhyandyhy Posts: 3
    Recently we complained about excess tire wear to VW America and they replaced our tires for free with a beefier Dunlap set of tires. They were worn past the replacement point at 20,000 miles. Also we have had recurrent issues with the electrical system including tire pressure warning lights with no tire pressure loss, lack of remote key response for trunk, car self locking with key in ignition while gassing it up, GPS clueless in many areas of Vermont and New England. Antenna for radio inoperative when rear defroster is on. We are not happy with general reliability and experience the car as underpowered in the hilly terrain of southern Vermont (V6). I would not buy this car ever again.
  • andyhyandyhy Posts: 3
    We also have very little mapping in New England. We have been assured that the next set of CDs will be more comprehensive and have been promised these CDs for free. Your dealer SHOULD handle this complaint at least by giving you the new CDs for free when they are issued in 2005. If not, then complain to VW America and they will ensure that this happens. I agree it is false and misleading advertising on a number of fronts including the significantly low power of the six in hilly conditions.
  • anybody know how to tur of the tire message that continues to pop up and beep every ti8me I start the car. I replaced my oem wheels with new and they are not tire monitor wheels......also, I have had my terg to the dealer 11 times in the past 15 months for just about everything electrical. cd deck goes out about every three months..replaced four times......i need help to get this dog replaced
  • I'm a newcomer to the board so I was looking for your expert advice. I was looking to purchase a new 2005 V8 Touareg. I really like the car, but there are always those comments about how VWs have a lot of problems. Anyone have thoughts? Are you happy with yours or would you have gone to a different car had you another chance? Thx.
  • Buy a 2004 and save $8000 over a 2005.

    Hey anyone know what the 2 little buttons are behind the steering wheels cruise and radio buttons?

    They are round little things that push in, but appear to have no function.
  • They are for the heated steering wheel.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Actually, one of the buttons is for heated steering wheel, and does nothing if you don't have that option, and the other dims the night lights on the steering wheel.
  • okg0okg0 Posts: 7
    The air suspension on my 2004 V8 T-Reg seems to randomly activate when I'm stopped at a light or after the ignition is turned off and the doors are locked. The dealer doesn't seem to have a clue as to how to fix it. Anyone else experience this problem, and if so, is there a fix for it?
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    I think it levels itself out from what I have read over the last 6 months. That's why at different times it needs to activate. Thx. Bob
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    I had gotten a message indicating my air compressor tank was filling up. I had used it 4-5 times in a row. While it was filling I had shut the Touareg off. Then I got the "run drive" error that said to stop and the suspension stayed in the low position and would not raise to road level.

    I read awhile back that they reset this at the dealer or can we do that ourselves? I waited 10 minutes and finally the error went away and the suspension corrected itself and since then has worked fine. Is there anyway to reset this when that happens? Thx. Bob
  • I replaced all 4 of my tires last week. Initially, I received the dreaded "defective wheel onboard" prompt for one wheel, and the other three read the pressure ok. I decided to see if it was just a problem in reading the one wheel, so I initiated the store function. The "learning tire pressure" prompt came on, and that's it. All 4 wheels read "ok" on the MFI, but also so 0 pressure. The "learning" prompt will come on, but of course there is nothing to learn, since all of the wheels show 0 for inflation. It would seem as though the computer need to be reset, but who knows. Has anyone experienced this? I can't believe that you need to go to the dealer to get this fixed every time you get new tires......
  • Its not so silly as you think, In Europe it's by law allowed to have odemeter readings untill 10% over the actual speed.
    This is done to avoid law suits for overspeeding.
    you'll always have a tolerance in the system, new tires warn tires etc.
    When the odometer is giving a higher reading than actual you'll have less chance on a ticket

    I don't think Volkswagen will do much about your problem. Maybe you can have the software reprogrammed someware.
    I think you'll have to get used to your speedometer reading.
    If a customer doesn't measure this, he'll never know.
  • I have a 2005 Touareg V8 everything works great but there is no power in the 12 Volt outlets except the one in the ashtray compartment does anyone know if there is a switch to turn them on?
         Thank you very much Leo-K
  • dutyduty Posts: 1
    I have been looking for a deal on a 2004 SUV.
    Chevy and GMC have great deals on Tahoes and Denalis. My wife didn't not like them too big. It would have been more convient for me to have one of those since the dealer is very accessable,
    whereas the VW dealer is not. I found a dealer that has too 2004 V8's in stock not easy to find.I test drove the vehicle this past sunday and was impressed over all with the appearance, finish , fit, handling etc. I have struck a deal to purchase a Touraeg V8 w/ navigation and convience package for $41,500.00 , without the navaigation and other package $37,600.00. I too have much concern over the reliability and service of the vehilce . Many of the web sites
    including MSN chat room on Touareg have about 50%
    saying they love them and the rest saying they
    can't get parts electrical problems , down time in repairs are long. I asked the sales manager
    if the dealership would contractually agree to give my money back in full if any elcetrical problems or drive train problems occur during the first 30 days after purchase and they agreed,
    I am also going to ask them for free loner car if I need to take my car into repair, Idon't know
    if they will accept that or not but I think it would be important. I believe that if VW wants to play in the Luxury car market they need to treat their customers much better. I am now thnking of whether to go thru with the deal or not. I have not tested some other options ie. Honda Pilot, Infiniti, Lexus, etc. In summary see if you can get the dealer to add to the contract some of the items I mentioned earlier.
  • I too have noticed the optomistic speedometer reading. I set the computer speed warning to 80mph, and it seems to take 87MPH on the speedometer before I get the little dinging sounds and max speed exceeded warning.

    Another problem I have noticed is when I am decelerating, I see feel and hear the engine rev up almost as if I had stepped on the gas. It is brief, but it jerks the car slightly and I am concerned that this "unintended accelleration" could cause an accident.
    Anyone else experience something similar?
  • As a new Touareg V8 owner I will occasionally park the car on the street in Manhattan. The front of the car seems rather unprotected against careless fellow parkers and I would like to install a grill guard or similar. VW does not offer any product that could help. Where could I find such a guard? Any advice how and where to install it? Thank you.

  • aokvwaokvw Posts: 3
    I don't think it's unintended acceleration, but rather the transmission software doing some "rev-matching" during the downshifting process. my V8 does the same. weird sensation at first, getting used to the automatic, as i have always driven manual transmissions and do the rev-matching myself. what a powerful V8 in such a weighty vehicle, isn't it? going from the 90 hp diesel to the Touareg- oh WOW!


  • aokvwaokvw Posts: 3
    you sure don't sound happy with yours. about the tire wear; are you frequently off road in the vehicle? my 2004 V8 is (knocking wood) flawless thus far but for intermittent tire pressure monitoring system fault indicators- no pressure loss at all though. my Continental tires, used almost exclusively highway just far, at 12000 miles are wearing not at all! i am wondering about tire wear vs. applied usage of the vehicle.
  • gjwgjw Posts: 1
    I also have a V8 and I had the exact same problem with hard downshifting.

    I took it in to the dealer I purchased the vehicle from and they fixed the problem. Apparently the transmission needed an adjustment.

     I am happy to say I haven't had the problem since!

    Good Luck!
  • I’m looking to get a trailer hitch for my V8 Touareg. A VW dealer will do it for around $1000. It seems crazy to pay that much, but I can’t seem to find anybody that can do the wiring. I checked around and most other hitch installation places say they can do the hitch but not the wiring. I did find one place, which said they could do it all for around $300, but I am concerned since no one else but the dealer seems able to do it. Has anyone gone outside the VW dealership to have one put in? Will it void the warranty if I go elsewhere (I’m worried about the wiring)?


    Any comment would be appreciated.


  • Wow - Lots of negative commments about the V-8 Touareg? For someone who just placed an order, can I get some good news from new owners? How do you like the car?
  • Get's the greatest combination of fine European luxury sedan & SUV heft
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