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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • ray2ray2 Posts: 1
    My 2004 V8 Touareg is in the shop for 20,000 mile service. In addition the following items were noted for correction

    1. The Tire pressure monitoring system is not working and shows a warning light even though all tires are at the recommended pressure (third time this has happened)

    2. The two passenger side tires are wearing prematurely. The tires on the driver side are OK. The car has done 20,000 miles but the rear passenger tire has only done 10,000 miles. The original tire suffered a nail side wall puncture (in my garage).

    3. The clip holding the inner storage pocket of the glove compartment has broken off.

    4. The cover over the rear window wiper has broken off.

    5. The clip covering the key lock on the roof rack has broken off

    6. Cover on the rear set belt buckle has broken. (This happened when the rear seat cushion was folded over to increase rear cargo space).

    I have been advised to replace the two tires ($520 plus alignment cost of $190). VW claim this is a result of incorrect alignment. This they claim is probably due to hitting a pothole! This is an SUV for goodness sake! If hitting a highway pothole, unbeknownst to the driver, results in two tires wearing out in under 10,000 miles than there is something wrong here. The car has never been off road and has done only highway miles. Previously I owned two Landrover Discoveries, covered over 60,000 in each and have never even noticed tire wear never mind having to replace the tires.

    On the question of the multiple clips that have fallen off, their answer again was that these are not covered under warrantee.

    The cost of the roof rack clip I understand is $75, The rear windscreen wiper is available only as a compete assembly and costs $350 , the rear seat belts also have to be completely replaced and this is another $300 or so.

    Why should I have to pay for things falling off my $45,000 two year old car and why does it require compete replacement of the units with all the attendant labor charges? New covers could be clipped in place by me in 5 minutes!

    Has anyone else had a similar experience with tire wear? Any advice as to the next step?
  • blaskyblasky Posts: 15
    Hi -
    I am in the same predicament. Have been driving my 4runner for the past 12 years and no problems whatsoever.... NONE. But now that I want a new car, im not so sure I want to be in another toyota for 5-6 years. Toyota is the logical choice over VW (less expensive, less to maintain, 100% reliable... etc...). But i really like the styling of the VW and nothing is screaming "buy me" at the moment. While I know all cars may have problems, I am a bit weary since VW might be still working out the kinks. No sense buying a car that is not only "not-proven" but actually disproven by Consumer Reports and actual users of this board. Also, I've heard from multiple people that VW service department (multiple dealers) has yet to realise that their customers are not all $20K jetta drivers anymore - with Touaregs and Phaetons well in the $50K range - and expect decent customer service.

    Curious to know what you decided.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 875
    I have pretty much decided that the MDX is our best bet. I have done tons of research into this. The car you get for the money with Acura is just to much to pass up. The best way to describe the MDX is, there are no 5 stars in any catagory but every catagory is a 4 star. I think the only thing keeping Volkswagon going is Audi. I hope they can get bugs worked out soon. I have lots of friends that have VW's and they are pulling there hair out.
    My wife is a resident physician and the last thing she needs is her car crapping out on the way home from a 36 hour shift. Not that we are sure the MDX will never have problems, but I think you play the odds and reduce them down quite a bit with a good ol Japanese car.
    Drive the MDX. It is a fabulous suv. My brother-in-law bought a 2001 with 60k and he says it is as quiet and smooth as the day the previous owner drove it off the lot.
    Best of luck......Dan
  • bradsterbradster Posts: 6
    I have just purchase a '05 V6 T-reg and love it. I have only had it for a month but I have had no issues and don't expect any major ones in the future. When people compare a Japanese automobile to a German automobile, I laugh. Besides the size and or maybe the cost they have nothing in common. The Japanese vehicles compared to German vehicles in their class are boring, boring, boring. The MDX interior is horrible. German vehicles are meant for people who have a passion for driving, along with first class interiors and exteriors. If you want a taller Camary or Accord buy the RX330 or MDX. Let’s not talk about their off-road capabilities.

    It is very easy for everyone to defend why they purchased their vehicle. Rather it’s reliability or lack there of. Our T-reg is my wife’s primary vehicle and she drives 40 miles a day (big deal). You should simply enjoy every second in your vehicle, buy what you love. If reliability is an issue, make the dealer guarantee in writing that they will provide a loaner.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 875
    If you had read my above post's you would see that I agree with the fact that German cars are different from Japanese. German cars are for driving enthusiasts.
    Now as far as your ridiculous statement about the dealer providing a loaner. Anyone is going to do that under warrenty. The fact that your having to do that constantly with a 35k plus vehicle is crazy but, if that's what you want to spend your time doing then knock yourself out. If it was for me I would probably buy an audi, But my wife doesnt have time for ridiculous problems. As far as the MDX's interior being horrible, that is your opinion. I found that both the MDX and the Volkswagon have very nicely apointed interiors. When I see people compare car choices based on two different lifestyles i laugh. Have fun driving your loaner..
  • Just bought a used V6. Generally happy, nice car. Yes engine undersized, but we knew that before we purchased this 1.5 yr., 20,000 mile-car. Questions: Are following symptoms normal?

    1) Front lights are permanently on, when engine runs. No difference when switching the "beam light switch" on.

    2) Pump-Noise below dashboard right side, when stopping, parking, using the brakes. Seems to be a loud "hydraulic charge pump". Can that be? When I asked service they said all Touregs make that noise.

    3) Convenience-Setting are gone after some hours. Is there an internal battery (other than the regular one) that needs to be replaced by service.

    4) Average mpg display only shows static value. Never changes until you scroll through the MFI. Seems weird..

  • blaskyblasky Posts: 15
    Thanks for your response. I too am leaning further away from the VW. It is GREAT looking car, but sounds like the odds are at the end of the day you might end up with a great looking piece of junk! I am not a car snob, and find the acuras/lexus's nice cars, but def. not as fun to drive. However, the idea of having to negotiate a loaner seems rediculous. Even Acura, who sells plenty of $20-30K priced cars gives loaners and you dont have to twist their arm. As for the enthusiasts who say the VW is a far superior vehicle, i am still asking myself, if it was so superior why are there so many posts on this board like this. Seems VW released this a bit too early, and who knows, maybe the 2004's are giving the newer models a bad rap.

    One thing I dont understand though (and i dont mean this as a jab at VW, but i am really curious) but can anyone explain the horrible resale value on the 2004's? Seems odd that any car would loose approx 20-25% of their value in just one model year.

    Thanks... B
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 875
    I don't know for sure but I would guess that you are correct as far as the 04 models giving a bad reputaion. If you look at the infiniti fx, it doesn't have great resale either. I fell in love with the T-reg on a 10 minute test drive. My wife loves how it looks. It just seems like a big risk. Nobody will report on the 05's yet. [I guess they haven't been out long enough for any conclusions] If consumer reports and more forums like this can sing a different tune between now and the end of august I will reconsider. I kind of hope things change, what a great car the T-reg is. But if I had to buy today? No question. MDX. Audi is coming out with there version in a year or two. That will be pretty sweet. By that time the wife will be in private practise and she can afford anything she wants...Don't stop researching and digging. Maybe things will turn around for us tentative T-reg buyers. Best of luck to all shoppers. Ain't car shoppin grand? :)
  • The headlights are always on. That is what the DRL (daytime running lights) display is in your dash is. Not sure about the brights, never had to use them.

    We do not have a noise in the front rightside dash. But do on the left side, It drives me crazy.

    The convenience setting will disapear when you are driving the car. You must be stoped in order for it to work. Otherwise there is something wrong.

    Not to sure about the mpg deal.

    Hope this helps you a little.
  • rlbmanrlbman Posts: 1
    My 2004 VW Touareg had unusually high tread wear after about 14000 miles. The dealership confessed that the first 23000 or so Touareg's produced all had alignment problems. They replaced my front tires and aligned the car. I have to keep an eye on it though as after another 20000 miles its out of wack again and in the shop. Your VIN number will tell you if you are one of thse affected. Odd that there has not been a recall.
  • pittsypittsy Posts: 15
    I too had a wind whistle and at around 70 mph and a "shudder" that felt like a wheel out of balance. I had the roof racks together at the rear of the roof, noticed that the racks do not touch, there is a quarter inch gap between the racks. For a lark I taped up the gap with duct tape, top and bottom and the noise and "shudder" went away. Next I split the racks, moved the front rack forward to next indent and same thing, no whistle no shudder. Does not look as good as with both racks together but got rid of the anoting noise.
  • pittsypittsy Posts: 15
    Curt Manufacturing now has an aftermarket hitch for the Toureg. On the internet for $129.00. I called Curt and they said installation is about 90 minutes, The Bumper,Tail Lights and Bumper Beam need to be removed. I spoke with my local trailer shop, he took a look and didn't think it was a big deal. On order, I'll do a post to let everyone know how it went. $800. less than VW so I can put up with a little agrivation.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Here's the deal. Get rid of those silly roof racks. They look stupid together in the back, and they look stupid without being used to carry something (skis, bikes) which you can't do because VW does not have the attachments available, or at least they didn't 5 months ago. They do absolutely nothing to keep the rear window clean. The car looks much better without them. They come off in about 2 minutes. No more weird noises. I had the dealer take them off before I took delivery. They sit in my basement, virgins.

    Because of the above, I bought the whole Tule enchilada for skis and bikes, and boy is it slick. It comes off/goes on in a minute. The mounting stubs are hardly noticeable and easily removed and replaced if they do bother you.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    If anybody finds a link to the hitch site, please post. If the part is decent, I have no need to spend an extra $800 (or more) at my local dealer. Remember there is some sort of a recall (at least for 2004's) that has to do with the electronics and towing that you'll have to have done by the dealer if you put a hitch on. I've been holding off to see if someone would come up with a reasonably priced alternative to Vw's part.
  • chunnelchunnel Posts: 1
    I've already Lemoned one Touareg and am about to try to lemon the '05 they gave me. Trust me when I tell you that VW will not help and will fight every problem to the end by saying that the "vehicle is operating within normal parameters." Call Norman Taylor and Associates, you can find them online. I used them for the '04 and will used them for the '05. If they accept your case, out of pocket costs are $750. I got nowhere with VW and one letter from the attorney and VW gave in.
  • I am a Realtor just South of Nashville, TN in a well developed suburban area. A T'reg with Nav (I thought) would be cool and fun for clients and also to help me with those occaisonally unfamiliar areas.

    I was so close to Buying a used T'reg today until I tried out the NAV.

    One word, "WORTHLESS".

    It didn't know the street where my personal home was - it's been around since 1999 and the discs were the 2003 set - infact in the well devloped suburb of Franklin, all it knew were the main roads.

    What made it worse is that when I asked the dealer principal about this, he and the other salespeople scattered like roaches in a flashlight beam! Somehow I think they knew that this was a waste too - though not one of them professed ANY knowledge of how to use the NAV system anyway.

    Am I really missing something here or is the Nav something that just looks good and is for those with more money than sense?
  • After further research I discovered that later in 2005 models the T'reg will have a new DVD based nav system.

    In other words, "yes, the Nav something that just looks good and is for those with more money than sense." and VW know it too!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Thanks for the update. If my nephew asks, I'll tell him to wait (he's building houses over near Murfreesborough).

    Steve, Host
  • cris1cris1 Posts: 1
    Hello. I am considering a new 2005 T-reg and seem to be getting an excellent deal on paper. I love the body type and have test driven the MD, X5, XC90, ML. I am so confused!!!

    anyone have any advise on the T-reg. All the reviews on this board seem to be horrible. :cry:
  • I have an answer for you, DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Keep in mind that a Forum with the title "Problems & Solutions" will not provide a representative sample of customer satisfaction. You may want to participate in VW Touareg SUV for a more general discussion of the vehicle.

    tidester, host
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Need more information on what is important to you about a car. If it's styling only, I too would pick the Touareg (I did, but not only based on styling), with the X-5 a close second. If it's reliability, you probably want a Japanese car. Although the routine maintenance on Japanese cars is no bargain. I've not driven the brand new ML, but the old one was a dog, way too much money for a pretty mediocre car in many respects. I sat in the new one at the auto show. I couldnt help thinking I was in a Jeep, or worse, a minivan. The ML is not cheap either. You pay for the star on the hood. The star left the building about 15 years ago. Just my opinion.

    The MDX is ok and nice to drive, but kind of blah and very common. I honestly dont see why anyone would buy one over a Honda Pilot EX and save enough money to take a couple cruises. Also not good for off-road or towing. If that's important, you need the Touareg or maybe the ML, or something else not on your list. If all you really need is an upscale all wheel drive station wagon with no heavy duty stuff, have you looked at the Lexus RX330? I would choose that over the Acura.

    I've owned several pre-ford Volvos and they were good cars, but not very reliable. Cost a fortune to keep on the road, mainly brakes and electical issues. Comfortable and satisfying to drive though. I am not a Ford fan, so I can't imagine that the marriage was good for Volvo. Most people that I know that own newer Volvos do not replace them with Volvos, like old Volvo owners used to. Maybe that tells you something.

    You can check some of my previous posts in this and the main Touareg board to get some reflections on owning the car for a year. I really like it. It is different from all of the above, but not perfect. Hope this helps.
  • djocksdjocks Posts: 124
    I am seriously considering a t-reg.

    To all, can you tell me what you have been getting for MPG on both the v8's and v6's. Please let me know which you are driving.

  • mmachadommachado Posts: 1
    I am going to arbitration regarding replacement of my Touareg. I have owned the car for a year and a half, car has been into dealer for 22 days. Replaced tire monitor module 5 times, tire sensors twice. Remote entry has never work, dealer has tried to repair over 5 times. Original set of tires failed after 20K miles, dealer did not offer to replace. How many others are experiencing the same problems? Tire monitor is particularly troublesome, shows fault or tire failure on highway, had to pull off road to check, no problem, but condition unsafe. VW offered one months car payment and another chance to fix. I have had it.
  • pittsypittsy Posts: 15 about $260.00 U.S. delivered with Customs, shipping and tax. Also get a Hoppy 46365 wiring harness from NAPA at $65.00 U.S - Self powered and does not screw up Tourag wiring sensors.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I wouldn't place a lot of emphasis on the tires wearing out at the hearing (if that's what you mean by failed). 20,000 miles of useful life on OEM tires isn't all that unusual.

    Steve, Host
  • pittsypittsy Posts: 15
    Tire problems are a persistant problem, I have to reset my monitor every month or so. Biggest problem is in winter when Trg goes from heated garage to cold. However I did have a flat once and it picked it up right away, I ignored it as I thought it was just another fault. Now I am coping with a persistant Headlight Aiming failure. Just orderd new headlight sensors.
  • pittsypittsy Posts: 15
    Check out the Mio PDA - All of the U.S. and Canada Maps on CD that you can download to a SD card, voice activated and a bargan at $499.00 and you can move it from car-to-car. I would not touch a factory DVD system, a waste of money.
  • thgdnmsrgnthgdnmsrgn Posts: 14
    I also have a remote key troubles. Sometimes it does work, but alot of the time I can not lock the doors unless I push the bottom on the door handle.

    Also have 12,000 miles and alot of tire wear. The monitor has gone of for a flat and also when nothing was wrong. And same thing with the gas cap monitor.

    Anyone have the A/C smell BAD?
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I feel your pain. I've had the tire monitor problem twice. No problems in many months. Remote entry is better since they repositioned the antenna. Every once in awhile (rarely) it just refuses to work and I have to use the old fashioned method to lock or unlock the car. It then works a few minutes later. I could do without remote entry anyway, but since I have it, it should work as flawlessly as does my six year old Oldsmobile. In my opinion, your problems are fixable, you just need someone who cares at VW to get it done. 22 days out of service is a drag. Don't they give you a loaner at the dealer?

    H-rated tires wear fast. This is a heavy car. My tires are toast at 23k and I expected that. That is the price you pay for being able to cruise at ungodly speed and have decent snow and off road traction too. My Dunlop SP8000's were rated 200AA, so no surprise on quick wear. Tire performance was otherwise excellent. There are tires with much higher wear ratings that fit the car. Generally they dont get the good reviews for traction, quietness or ride. I will be replacing tires soon, thinking of Pirelli Scorpion Zeros (which were OEM), Pirelli Scorpion STR, or maybe the Dunlops again, although they run about $50 more per tire and have lower wear rating. Anybody have an opinion?
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