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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I have another perspective on the "issues."

    Tires: I don't think any 5000+ lb car with V-rated tires gets more than 20-23K miles before the wear bars show. The summer-only tires that were optional on 19 inch wheels are likely to wear even faster. The tires are the price you pay for being able to cruise at very high speed and why the car sticks so well (for an SUV)in corners. If you really did not want a high performance SUV, you should have bought a Tahoe or a Cherokee or a Lexus.

    Acceleration: My '04 V6 is not smooth off the line unless you tread real light on the gas pedal. The V8 is even more jumpy. This was clear in the test drives. I've accepted this part of the car's character and I get off the line slowly to avoid it. A suggestion for stop and go traffic is to manually select 2nd gear. That reduces the jump you get with a stab at the throttle and the immediate shift from 1st to 2nd. All things considered, I very much like the way the car drives.

    TPMS and electical issues: My TPMS only acted up once, about a year ago, which was fixed by the dealer. The computer itself is a bit of a pain. Within 300 miles of a comfort setting change, it will lose its memory and revert to factory settings, fail to respond to the remote fob, or do something else silly. Happens rarely. The dealer cannot replicate, therefore there is no problem. It's annoying, but not a deal breaker for me. I've heard that 05 and 06 Touaregs do not do this. I cuss when it happens, but I've gone on with life.

    I'm on my 4th cd player (Sound System 1). I finally got them to give me a new one, not a rebuild this time. This one has lasted longer than any of the rest. As long as VW stands by the cd player, I guess I'll be ok with it. It sounds great.

    This car has been to the dealer way more times than any other car I've ever owned. The dealer treats me great, gets me a loaner or demo if I want one (a W12 phaeton once), or takes me to the office and picks me up. I try to be professional and even tempered and they treat me the same way. Threatening class action lawsuit will get you bupkus. I'm not sure that VW cares, but the dealer at the front line is probably trying to keep his customers happy.

    The next fun thing is brakes. It will need rotors and pads all around in a few months. That's a $1400 bill. It's also fairly typical for a heavy european car, based on experience with Volvo and BMW. If you are looking for cheap to keep, forget this car. I have no reason to believe that it is any more expensive to own than a Volvo, BMW or Mercedes. Lexus aint cheap when you show up for service either.

    Overall, the only car I can get interested in trading on would be another Touareg, maybe the beefed up V6 in 07 or a V8, because I would like to be better equipped to tow. I expect to drive mine for awhile, though. It's worn in nicely like a catcher's mit. Let's see what the competing cars are (that I've driven):

    Land Rover: Talk about problems!
    Tahoe: Good truck, big and boring
    Lexus GX470: pretty nice, but not too sporty
    Toyota 4runner: good truck, would have purchased one, but very uncomfortable seating position for a big american
    Toyota Sequoia: good truck, big, boring, good stereo
    Expedition: good truck, big, boring
    Durango: reminds me too much of a minivan
    Grand Cherokee: kind of crude finish, but handles and drives well
    Mercedes ML (new one): reminds me of a Grand Cherokee for a bunch more money, the old one is simply dated compared to what's available now.

    I left out those vehicles that I have no experience with, do not have low range transfer case, or are not set up for off-roading, such as FX35-45, BMW X5 and X3.

    Does anyone else out there like their Touareg?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I HATE SPAM!!!!! :mad: :mad:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I HATE SPAM!!!!!

    Me too! We're working on it. :)

    tidester, host
  • The answer to you question...Does anyone else out there like their Toureg...I would have to say by the amount of people complaining on this forum and the 3 others that I have been to I would have to say NO!!! Have you read any of the other posts? I dont have enough time to tell you about all my problems, the latest is VWOA telling me I need to rplace my engine that has only 28,000 miles on it because of STS putting the incorrect oil in at time of oil change...not sure if I can swallow that the way that engine is going to cost me 10K...I LOVE my T-reg...NOT
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    My tires are pretty worn at 24k miles which seems the norm with these Continental 4x4 Contact tires that have always had good traction. told me the best blend of all season tires for me is the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza which shows excellent ratings in their surveys. It is top rated. 255/55/18's go for $150. ea + about $72. or so for shipping. Has anyone had any experience with the Alenza's on a V8 Touareg? Thx.
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    Does Anyone else out there like their Touareg?

    Hell yes. Go over to
    or one of the other touareg enthusiast pages and you'll find a bunch. Some of the problems that have been complained about have real solutions. Others not. Not that the Touareg enthusiasts don't experience problems with their vehicles, it's just that they (overall) feel differently about them.

    I see you've looked at about as many vehicles as I have to find a suitable on-road/off-road capable, nice SUV. The pickings are remarkably slim in this category. None match the T-reg's style, features, driveability and capability.

    I think I'm figuring out why Toyota has such great reliability. I looked at a 4Runner Limited this weekend and couldn't believe the number of features it DIDN'T have. And for $42K- you'd expect a bit more than a reliable SUV.

    You might want to check out the new '07 Tahoe's. A little big for my tastes- but a very very nicely done vehicle. I was impressed.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Something does not add up. Just using dino oil for one oil change should not be the reason your engine is toast. The lubrication characteristics are not enough different to cause engine failure. I've had racing motorcycles that ran 11,000 rpm on dino oil with no unusual wear issues. Either you are not telling us everything or you're being bent over by VWOA. By the way, the oil change place should know what oil goes into the car. It says so right where the oil goes. There's a reason an oil change costs more than $29.95 on a Touareg.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Make sure the Bridgestones meet the speed ratings for the Touareg. I've noticed that the dealers are putting Dunlop 5000's on their used Touaregs that they have to tire up to sell certified. They must be pretty reasonably priced. Past experience with Bridgestone Duelers on other 4x4's has been good for me. Good traction and wear. Kind of noisy when they get worn out though.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    The 07 Tahoe is indeed a nice truck, still too big for my taste also. I don't have to schlep kids and lots of stuff anymore. If I were in the market now, it would be a top 3 choice though. Making the brakes and handling better has elevated it to peerless among american SUV's. At this point I'm going to cross my fingers, take the risk on reliability issues and enjoy the VW. I would miss it if I traded for anything else.
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    Thx. The 4x4 Conti Contacts were V rated which is 149 mph max speed and of course here in NY or anywhere in this area I'll never see that speed. Once I hit about 95 but that was it. The Bridgestone tires are H rated like I knew before which is 130 mph max speed which I will also never travel at of course. They are Extra Load rated as well like the Contacts. VW was impressed with them in Wappinger Falls, NY today as they will be installing them for me Mon. a.m. is extremely helpful when you call them. Thx. Bob
  • bosnovabosnova Posts: 2
    Hi,I have read several things on a unexplained noise that my '05 T'regg makes in cold weather.It is a howl or warble which begins around 35 mph.It has been suggested that it is the driveshaft hanger bearing.The dealership diagnosed the problem with"electronic ears" and I have had that assembly replaced.For a brief period [weeks] it seemed ok.It has since returned and now is present in even warmer temperatures...up to 43 degrees.Is it possible that I got another bad one?Has anyone had the same type of problem and has had it rectified?Any feedback is appreciated.Thanks
  • rower2rower2 Posts: 22
    I haven't been on here for awhile so I might be repeating a question here. I have a 2004 V6 touareg with only 30,000 miles and I need new rotors already. Is this common in this vehicle? Has anybody else had this problem? I personally think its insane that I have to dump so much money into a relatively new car.

    I am in the process of trying to get out of my lease because they still can't fix the tire pressure monitoring system and I've had a lot of other annoying problems. Does anybody know if there are still annoying glitches in the later models?
  • I own a 2004 V8 with adjustable susupension and 17,500 miles. I keep hearing a loud high pitch humming noise that changes pitch and volume when I decelerate or accelerate. The problem is that it doesn't happen all the time and everytime I take it to the dealer it won't happen. It is so loud when it does happen that people look at my car. Has anyone had this problem? Solution?
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I have 38k on mine and my vw service guy thinks my brakes will be toast within about 5k miles. He said that's normal, and that they do all four wheels, pads and new rotors; the cost will be about $1400. He said wait until the sensors start squealing to have the job done, in order to get as much wear as possible out of them. Yes, it sounds like a lot of money, but not unusual for a european automobile. It would suck to have to do this on a leased car that goes back soon. I own mine, for better or worse.

    Having owned a Volvo in the past that had a similar appetite for brakes, I got pretty good at doing the pad and rotor thing in the garage. I'm looking into the cost of the parts to do this myself.
  • gsotiggsotig Posts: 8
    Today I was informed that I have the same problem with my 2004 at 31,300 miles. The "Check Brake Pad" light went on yesterday and I was only expecting to have the pads replaced, but I am told that a lip has formed on the rotor and it cannot be turned. I'm fighting it! I feel that this warning light is suppose to prevent this wear from occurring prematurely and that VW should cover it. I had a VW tech. agree with me, but he was powerless to do anything. The Operations mgr. bassically told me that they do not have enough history with the Touareg to know if this is a common problem and that he couldn't do anything since it is considered "normal" wear and tear. I've contacted my sales rep. and I'll go from there. My other car is an Audi and I swear if I have to spend $800 to repair a leased vechicle that Audi and VW can kiss me good buy.
  • statman1statman1 Posts: 7
    I have a 2005 Touareg V6 in sunny Arizona. Once the weather cooled down here in Late October early November, I opened my sunroof and immediately heard horrible air feedback like a helicopter was landing on top of my car. It's tough to describe, but a "whoop," "whoop" sound is as close as I can come. It's so bad that it makes your nauseous. And it takes place from 0-25 mph, once you are past that speed, it lessens somewhat. The only way to correct it is to roll down the rear windows an inch or so to relieve the pressure.

    I took it into the dealership and of course was given the run-around. Called VW of America and they instructed me to go back to the dealership and ask for the service manager. He met me with obvious disbelief and consternation...but 5 seconds into the test ride he exclaimed, "Wow, that's terrible! Never heard that before." So we turned around and jumped into a brand new '06 on the lot and guess what -- same thing! A day later he called and said that he test drove another Touareg and same thing.

    When I lease or purchase a $40k+ vehicle, I do not expect to have to roll the windows down to use the sunroof. There must be other Touareg owners out there that have this problem? VWofA said that while this is an inconvenience, it's not something that makes the vehicle undriveable. Nice. So I am stuck. I am going to write a letter to the president of VWofA, but I know that will do little good. The best thing would be for other owners who have this problem to begin calling their dealerships to complain so that VWofA is forced to deal with this issue.

    I am not sure if they forgot to wind tunnel test this thing or just didn't care, but I have owned a BMW and Mercedes before and never had any issues with having my sun roof open. Any help or ideas would be appreciated! Thanks, Jae
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It's usually an issue opening a window; I don't recall seeing any complaints about the helicopter effect using a sunroof, but I guess it's the same principle. See this post for a great explanation:

    tidester, "Volvo XC90 SUV" #930, 3 Jan 2003 9:19 pm

    If they all do it, I think you're going to be stuck with having to crack a window.

    Steve, Host
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    It's called buffetting. It's caused by pressure waves building up in the cabin at that speed range. Opening the windows releases the pressure and the buffetting goes away. There's nothing you can do about it and it's a normal occurence in most vehicles with sunroofs. It may occur at different speeds for different vehicles, but it does occur, regardless.

    It's a VERY minor inconvenience and certainly nothing worth getting all bent out of shape over.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    I have the same model and at 38,000 miles I had to replace my front brakes. What I have discovered about VW is that they refuse to do a brake job unless you replace the rotors even if they are not damaged. While under warranty, should you decide to have a non VW shop replace the brakes and by chance should the brake sensor become faulty, VW will automatically assume that the sensor was damaged by others and is not warranted. This is also true of the tire air pressure sensors. In order for these sensors to be warranted you must have the dealer dismount and mount your tires. Out of principle, I have refused to replace these sensors. Here is a list of what I have replaced: Carrier bearing on the drive line $3,000 (not warranted), brakes and rotors $680, head lamp $65 (not warranted) Convenience package electronic modual? (warranted), short in left headlamp between socket and fuse (took 2 weeks for VW engineering to respond). Should anyone have a loud whirling noise, it is the carrier bearing on the drive line.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    Is there an attorney out there that is willing to file a class action against VW on behalf of T-reg owners? On a positive note, we drive 50,000 miles a year and live in snow country. Our T-reg is probably the smoothest riding 4X4 that we have owned and the 4x4 works well in the snow.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Why wasn't this bearing covered under warranty? Were you just past the warranty period?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Is there an attorney out there that is willing to file a class action against VW on behalf of T-reg owners?

    There probably is but this is not the place to solicit and hire attorneys.

    tidester, host
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    The vehicle was under waranty however, there were (2) loose nuts and some rounding off of the nuts and a some what new VW parts sticker therefore, the dealership made the assumption that the bearing had been replaced, possibly due to damage, possibly by a non dealer and therefore, would not warrant the repair. It is entirely possible that a dealer mechanic had a worn out socket for his air wrench.We bought the car used at 28,000. All of this is conjecture and the VW factory rep backed the dealership.
  • Our lawfirm handles automotive class actions and we have another one with VW/Audi right now. VW's typical response is to send you back to the dealer and have the dealer give you the run-around until your warranty expires. Then it's your problem. Or, their Plan B strategy is to claim that, "You didn't have your car serviced at an authorized dealer - the shop where you went must have screwed it up and we don't fix that."

    I came to this site to check out potential problems with a Touareg because I was planning on buying one. After reading about problem after problem, I think I will keep looking for another vehicle. If I had spent $45,000+ on a new Touareg, I would be pretty mad to have the kind of problems that I am reading about.

    VW expects that the vast majority of the public will not get a lawyer and hold them responsible and will just sell their car at a loss rather than fight them in court. Lawyers handle these cases on a contingent fee basis - you pay a percentage if you win, no attorneys fees if you loose. Seems like more people ought to stand up for what is right and stop taking this from manufacturers that don't stand behind their products!
  • lawboylawboy Posts: 9
    Hi, been thinking about a new Touareg, probably the V8 but after reading some of your discussions here have become very hesitant; love the style, drive etc... but don't have time or patience for a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] car (i.e. taking it to the dealer for repairs regularly); part of reason why I buy brand new is for hassle free driving for several years until the car ages etc...; anyway, do any of you know if VW has been working on the problems mentioned in this forum and perhaps the 06's are less problematic; I plan on driving this thing every weekend in the winters for skiing, a long drive and don't have the time to deal with headaches, any advise would be appreciated

    p.s. other car I am considering is the BMW X5 but don't like the body style as much; any thoughts there would also be appreciated

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    From what I read over at
    it appears that the '06's are a bit better. The other issue with the Touareg initially, other than it being a totally new design, was that the dealers didn't know how to fix this new and very complex vehicle. They appear to be learning.

    What I've surmised about the T-regg is that:
    1. There is no other SUV that comes close to it in handling, feel, style(subjective), luxury and 4wd or towing capability... for the price. It's an enthusiasts SUV.
    2. Its reliability is in direct proportion to its complexity. Sure a 4Runner will be more reliable, but sit inside it and you'll know you're in a completely different class of $40K vehicle. The V-dub comes standard with more features than are even options on the best outfitted 4runner Limited- for about the same price.

    Also- and this is arguable, as it's only my impression- that Touareg drivers are a bit more obsessive about their vehicles than Toyota drivers, and are more likely to report and complain about little problems.
  • spressospresso Posts: 2
    I bought a 2006 V6 Touareg 4 weeks ago and have less than 1500 miles on the car. Recently, the MIL indicator came on and the car shakes when idle and is now doing so at speeds over 30 MPH as well. The RPMs are jumping constantly. I am driving as little as possible until the dealer can squeeze me in, but I do have a commute!

    Anyone have a suggestion for what it could be? Am I safe to drive it in the meantime?

  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I have a 05 that I have owned for 15 months. As some has posted it is a complex enthusiasts SUV.I have changed oil every 4-5K and presently have 24K+ miles on it.I have towed a 4500# boat and trailer,did a little bit of off road,and 4 ,2500 mile cross country trips.I enjoyed every mile.
    The only complaints would be mileage 17-19 mpg,and the substandard Continental tires which I am going to replace with Bridgestone AA Duelers.
  • shavershaver Posts: 18
    I have an 04 with a six and I'm envious of your mileage. We are getting only 15 mpg and they are all long commute miles. Is this typical of the six? I also am experiencing a hesitation leaving from a stop or during acceleration. The VW dealer told us that this was an inherent problem. Is this true and has anyone had success at correcting it.
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I find that the T'reg is sensitive to the various blends of gas that are available.If I get premium that has 10% ethanol my mileage drops. I try and stay with Shell or Chevron who do not add ethanol to their premium
    I a;so change my shift points depending what I,m doing,ie cross country trips I try to get into 6 th gear asap.Towing the boat I let it wind up to higher RPM,s.Towing the boat I get about 14 mpg.
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