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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks for the reply! Here in Illinois, the Lemon Law would only apply if the car was less than 12 months old. Unfortuntely it's more like 20 months old. The car is finally FIXED and they have given me a bunch of things for free: Ipod Adapter, oil change (we all know those are worth about $90), wiper blades, detailed the car and the latest thing given the additional time this took them is they would have paid half of the roof rails. BUT now we're looking at applying that $$ toward an extended warranty. I still have 25,000 to go on the current factory warranty and I'm waiting to hear what the options are with an extended warranty. Yes, it is a 3rd party situation, but oh well.

    So, they have compensated me in various ways and I"m so so happy to have my car back. I'm still working out this last detail of whether or not to have the roof rails installed or go with the extended warranty. I know what the practical choice would be, but I just love the look of roof rails and wish I would have paid more attention to that when I bought the car!!

    Oh and I'm not really a "pampered" person. :) I just happen to be a consultant with a company that sells top-notch cooking tools/entertaining stuff that has that name in the title. I'm far from "pampered." :)
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Ah! A Pampered Chef lady! ;) I love their baking stones and some of the utensils. Not crazy about the rest of it. Do they still make you carry stuff around in that wood crate? (My ex wife sold it, too.)
  • cfo_86kcfo_86k Posts: 1
    As I myself purchased a new 2007 Touareg in November 2006 for my wife to replace an '02 Toyota Land Cruiser and know what it feels like to buy a car/SUV that needs repairs every 2 months (but no officially a :lemon: ) Had the Land Cruiser for over 4 years, 66k miles and not a single issue. Had the Touareg for less than 3 months when the first electrical issue arose- toasted central locking unit. During its 3 years with us, it must have visited the dealership 10+ times for various items- brakes and braking systems were especially horrific. The best was when we were on weekend getaway in Maine and the transmission refused to shift out of park after refueling. (Shift lock was not the issue or so says the service manager.) Was flatbedded to a dealer on a Saturday afternoon-- I can not begin to explain the head ache we went through to have them flatbed the SUV back to NJ. In the end, we suffered emotional pain but that pain was relieved when we traded it in for an Infiniti FX which thus far has been fairly reliable other than a replaced relay switch.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    cfo, no need for a pity party, at least not for the non-2rag VW owners.
    seems like the 2rag is way less reliable & more costly-maintenance from all the anecdotes i've heard.

    many of us are 100% with our VWs over the decades. 6 for 6 in my case.
    65 bug, 80 rabbit, 03 tdi wagon, 05 tdi passat, 06 tdi newbeetle, 06 tdi jetta.
    also my pals had 79 rabbit diesel and 80 dasher diesel back in the ancient times.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Can the VR6 engine use regular gas?

    Or is premium gas *required* for this engine?

  • I am getting ready to buy new tires for my 2006 Toureg. Any suggestions on a considerations/great brand or any NYC locations to get a geat price.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    yes, it can use regular gas.
    no, premium gas is not required.
    as far as i know, there aren't any gas powered cars/suvs in USA that require premium gas, but there many that are 'recommend' premium gas.
    for those that 'recommend premium', they'll all run fine/forever on 87 octane while *may* losing some mpg or power compared to premium...
    on your 2reg, take a look inside fuel door - there may be a sticker there which agrees.
  • Actually, there is a sticker which clearly calls out for minimum 91 octane gas. You can always use lower octane, but you will sacrifice power and some economy.

    Eventually, you will be unhappy with the loss of spirit.

    To say that no vehicles in NA require premium gas is absurd. I had a Chrysler Pacifica that "recommended" mid grade 89 octane gas, but I never followed that recommendation. That seemed unnecessary. The Touareg is a different story.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    gpower, perhaps we disagree on the definition of 'required' and 'recommended' in this context.
    Can you give an example of a gas car/suv for which premium gasoline is required?
    Here are my definitions:
    Premium Required = warranty-voided and engine-damage possible unless-you-use premium.
    Premium Recommended = vehicle may have reduced power or mpg if you don't use premium, but warranty and engine will remain fine/intact.
    If you are using different a different definition for 'required' please let me know what it is. Thanks for your consideration.
  • I have an 04 Tourage. In the last few days it has started to make squeaking noises. They are coming from the suspension system on all four tires. This leads me to believe that it is something with the pneumatic suspension system. Has anyone else had an issue with this? Also am I right in my diagnosis? Thank you all for your help.
  • The in dash display tells me to move selector to park position while i'm driving. Has this happened to anyone else? The dealer can't find the problem and it's very annoying flashing every 30 seconds while your driving.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    that is annoying, alright, caranci.
    possibly consider applying black electrical tape to block the flashing light? :|
    (that's why I do for the TPMS light all winter, since my snowtires+steelwheels do not have TPMS).
  • hi, , we have a 2005 Touareg SE Sport Auto- Diesel 2.5 TDI... its done 45000 mls.
    has anyone had the following problem.
    It has been driving perfectly, but a few days ago, when I put my foot down to overtake someone, got really a lot of blue/black smoke from exhaust, and growling/rattling noise from front, but the car drives ok until you kick down.
    any help would be much appreciated
  • It certainly cannot use regular gas. Unless you like driving with the check-engine light on. I've tested it in my 2004. Regular Gas... check engine light. Premium... light goes off... The placard says minimum 91 octane only.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    Thanks taxags -
    I sit corrected - looking at the 2010 info, it also shows premium *required* for the T-reg V6. Not merely recommended!
  • We have an '04 touareg with the TPMS. A few months ago, it would tell me that I had a flat tire about every 3 seconds. When I took it in, they said I definatly had a bad sensor on one of the wheels, so they replaced it. When the flat tire light still came on, they decided another sensor must be bad so they replaced that also. When I picked it up and drove half a block away, the flat tire light started again. I turned around and went back to dealership where they told me that it was working when they had it and wouldn't do anything for me. They only suggested replacing the other 2 sensors or the whole module and see if that did anything. Since then, it goes back and forth between flat tire or TPMS fault. Sometimes I can drive for a day or two and not see anything. We actually have lights and errors constantly. Between the tire stuff, system fault workshop and the remote. We get a light error also and the lights are fine. Now I'm getting something on and off that there is a problem with the exhaust. I don't really want to go to the dealership so they can replace whatever and hope that it might fix the problem. In the past when we brought it in, supposedly most of these problems don't show up when the mechanics check them out. Has anyone else had these problems and if so, what was your fix?
  • devanedevane Posts: 1
    what did you ever do about the problem with toureg. im having same issus.
  • jlcjrjlcjr Posts: 4
    My lease ran out and I was able to turn it in. They couldn't duplicate the problem at the dealership.
  • jeff618jeff618 Posts: 29
    I found aftermarket wiper blades for the Volkswagen Touareg. I replace the entire wiper because of the abuse the ice and snow put them through - I figure better safe than sorry (plus much less hassel than dealing with those rubber blade refills). I went with Trico Tech Beam Blades. I've been a Trico NeoForm guy for a while, but I tried the new Techs because they have a new mounting system that allows the wiper arm to sit slightly lower than in the past. The Techs are beefy as hell and look great with the new, lower side mount. By the way - they came with complete removal and installation instructions - very easy. Got them online.
  • What did you decide to do. I have the same problem on a 04. They want me to replace all the sensors and module. It's driving me crazy.
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