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Nissan Armada Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Member Posts: 23
    I've been looking to purchase a LE 4x4. Sounds like you guys did pretty good. I always look at the CarMax's no haggle price first before I make a visit to a dealership. It looks like their prices are around $8K below MSRP with the $3k rebate. I think I should be able to do better when I actually make up my mind.....
  • dsturtzdsturtz Member Posts: 1
    You should check out Herb Gordon Nissan in Silver Spring. They look to be selling for $600 under invoice, plus invoice pricing on all options.
  • chazmanchazman Member Posts: 3
    Im looking at a fully loaded 06 LE 4WD with all the options plus the tech pack. MSRP is $48.600, how low should i go? I would like to get somewhere around the 41K price minus the 3k rebate, do you guys think i have a chance?
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    No way, but if so please let us know. You are wanting $7600 off the sticker price, plus another $3000 off, for a total of $10,600 off. A fantastic deal in my opinion, from my latest experience would be $5000 off the sticker, then another $3000, giving you $8000 off the total price. You might be able to get $8500 off.
  • bksquadronbksquadron Member Posts: 8
    Hi, you can get close to $9,000 off MSRP I am sure. Let us know how you do. Good luck!
  • jadekijadeki Member Posts: 4
    Wow, how can they do that? I just spec'd an LE 4WD on edmunds (U08, V01, L92, B10, M10) for $49k msrp, $44.5k invoice and TMV of $41.7k (after taking the $3k rebate). That's only around $7.5 off msrp. Are they giving up the holdback on ones fresh on the lot? Can anyone confirm they have a $800 holdback at this time?
  • bksquadronbksquadron Member Posts: 8
    Hi, it is possible to get $8,000-$9,000 off MSRP. Quote dealers via Edmunds. I am unfamiliar with holdbacks. Tell us how you do. Best wishes.
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    I can't imagine $9000 off or more. Let us know how it goes, I thought I was doing good with $8000 off.
    Make sure you get a good deal on your trade! If you have one that is.
  • bksquadronbksquadron Member Posts: 8
    Hi, Parker, $8,000 off MSRP is very good! Good job! I only got about $500 more off months ago. I am sure you can push closer to $9,000 off MSRP now since it is after mid-year for a current year model; and with high gas prices these cars are very unattractive in the market. Let us know how you do and good luck again!
  • jadekijadeki Member Posts: 4
    Edmunds is listing $3000 cash back through 7/31/06 while MSN Autos says 9/5/06. Anyone know if that's officially extended?
  • westmowestmo Member Posts: 1
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    I see 9/5/06, but if they still have '06 models on the lot they will probably keep extending it till they are gone. $3,000 seems to be the top rebate they will give. When I bought my Armada in June, the $3000 rebate was supposed to end early July.
  • rockbiggierockbiggie Member Posts: 4
    I would like to say congratulations on your purchase. I would like to know where did you get your 2 TV's with DVDs and how did you hide the cords.
  • jadekijadeki Member Posts: 4
    I didn't see the original post, but I found good deals on portal DVD players (seatback hanging type) at Sams. I don't have my Armada yet so haven't tried to hide cords.
  • jadekijadeki Member Posts: 4
    I just took delivery of my '06 Armada. I used the Edmunds 'request quotes' feature and within 24 hours had four dealerships quoting well under invoice. Getting to $500-600 under invoice was easy before I mentioned I had a trade-in. Suddenly they were willing to drop to $1200 under invoice (and haggle with me on my trade).

    Final price was $8,800 below MSRP or $1200 under invoice. I saw the Manheim wholesale numbers on my trade-in so I think the net effect was they took nothing on the Armada and "bought my trade-in" for a few hundred less. I suspect they get better sales commission on that side of the deal and if they retail it instead of wholesale there's a better opportunity to make money.
  • ramhenramhen Member Posts: 5
    I just pushed in the back cover of the driver and left 2nd row passenger seat. Yes I got the DVDs at SAMS club.
  • ramhenramhen Member Posts: 5
    I think that with Patience (if you are not desperate) you can get your deal. Make all the dealers in your area compete for your deal. Every day gas gets more expensive and people are running from the large vehicle. btw, we love the Armada, so much room compared to the Tahoe/GMC. The third row in the tahoe is not even good for kids.
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    More room compared to the Tahoe\GMC, more power than the 5.3 liter version, and even though the Tahoe\GMC is getting better gas mileage through displacement on demand technology, they are offering very little deals on the new 2007 Tahoe\GMC vehicles.
    People are losing their minds due to the price of gas, they must realize that the bottom line is the dollar. I have a female friend that trade her new Armada in on a Honda Accord, lost $8000 in the trade. How much gas could she have bought with $8000? A lot!!
  • ramhenramhen Member Posts: 5
    Armada to have flex fuel management in 2007 model according to July sales -31% compared to July 2005.

    Features of the 2007 Armada include:
    · Engine horsepower and torque increases to 317 and 385 lb-ft, respectively
    · Flexible Fuel Vehicle Technology added
  • soldaustinsoldaustin Member Posts: 91
    A friend of mine has a 2004 Armada Le 2 wheel drive. He got it after I got mine. He now has 70k miles on it and looks great with only one ding in the back bumper. Well he checked on the carmax site as he said it would be easier to sell it to them and then go buy something else. Well his vehicle stickered for 39k, he paid 36k which was 3k off at the time which was unheard of. Most people paid sticker or more. You can't believe what carmax says they will pay. They say their goal is to make at least 1,800 from each vehicle. They would put his in the category of fair. So they would offer him 13,222 for it. Isn't this crazy?? Even taking off the miles it should be right at 20k according to the books and this would be trade-in.

    Has anyone tried to trade one in yet and did you get robbed on it? I think the resale must be horrible and this started way before the gas price thing and Katrina. I think the reputation is following it as the 1st year was horrible. Mine has spent most of its life in the shop. I am a Realtor and was showing a house recently and the potential buyer was also driving a 2004. I asked them if they liked it and they said yes, now but it has been in the shop 14 times and everything has been worked on. I told them, same for me. I lost count. One thing to keep in mind. If a vehicle is being offered for around 9k off of MSRP like I have seen posts on here, then resale is going to be bad. Here in the Austin area, they were offering new 2004 Tahoes for 10 off sticker. Now think about that one. I am glad I got a break off of mine when I bought. Mine has 40,000 miles on it and no way I would sell it to a dealer or trade it in for 15 or 16,000. Mine is super slick also. Needs nothing, interior like brand new. Anyway, just curious if anyone has tried or traded one in.

    I hope to drive mine at least until the end of 2008 is the plan as I am not willing to give it away so might as well suck it up and drive it.
  • zcarguy1zcarguy1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi guys,

    I live near Buffalo, NY and I am planning on buying an Armada. Due to the relatively weak US dollar, this car in particular is much cheaper south of the border. I called a couple of Nissan dealers and was quoted prices of about 42k all in for a fully loaded Armada 4WD. The prices inlcuded the current 3k cash back and dest. From what I have read I should be aiming for close to 8k off MSRP which would be 40,600. What suggestions would you have for someone in my shoes that needs to make the best deal possible over the phone.


  • rwhite1226rwhite1226 Member Posts: 1
    Being in the car business, I can tell you that there are many variables that go into what a car is worth today. The fact that the Armada was once a hot vehicle has no bearing on it's value today. If an SE that stickers for 35,000 can be purchased for 28,000 and change NOW, it will affect the value of the older vehicle as well. Edmunds shows that a 2006 will depreciate about 12,500 in the first two years, making the retail value on a 2006 SE Armada 15,500 in 2008. Therefore a trade in value of 13,200 is more than fair.
    Keep in mind, the window sticker is a fictitious number. The true value of anything is what someone is willing to pay for it. Also, any change in body style will affect the price of its respective older model years as well.
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    Keep this in mind as well, with gas prices dipping, these big vehicles will again become hot, and hybrids will cool. Gas prices in my area have dipped .80 cents per gallon.
    Furthermore, remember that you are better to take your cash now than bank on any future revenue. Two years ago my friend bought a Toyota Sequoia, the dealership didn't even want to dicker and he wanted the Toyota bad enough to pay the price. Afterwards he repeated the mantra of all Toyota dealerships, "Toyotas hold their value." To which I retorted "Well I hope so considering your $8000 in the hole since you past on the Expedition." Not to mention the interest you could have made on that money.
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Member Posts: 23
    If you look at cars as an investment, it's a bad decision. I bought mine as a necessity, not pleasure or investment. I got mine (LE 4x4, Tech, DVD) for $40.3K two weeks ago. Nothing in this class comes close to this price. The resale of the Armadas have plunged as well as other full size SUVs. However, I plan to hold the car for quite a while, more than 5 years, and think what I get out of it will be more than its worth...
  • wanttobuyansuvwanttobuyansuv Member Posts: 3
    Did the price you paid include extended warrenty and tax, etc or was that just the final price of the Armada.
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Member Posts: 23
    no. it's just the price of the car, no tax, registration included. I paid $42,500 out the door with tax & registraton....
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    Was this an 06 or 07? I know what you mean about nothing comes close to it...I have an 04 Armada that just got creamed and I am looking for what to buy next... Nothing compares in size/utility in all 3 rows to the Armada, except for the Suburban, which is too big...But funny enough the 3rd row in the Armada, still beats the Sub in legroom. I have an 07 Sub for a rental right now and can't wait to get something smaller, but it is nice when you have to put something in the back...I think the Sequoia has the Armada beat on overall quality (mainly in the squeak/rattle category) but is smaller in the 2nd and 3rd rows.

    One quick question-did Nissan ever put any sound deadening material in the roof (on 06/07's) or does it still sound like you are holding an aluminum pan over your head every time it rains?
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Member Posts: 23
    it was '06, '07 wasn't out... I looked at Tahoe, not my style, and Sequoia, better quality but interior looks funny and smaller.

    I don't know about the sound deadening material, but I haven't noticed the noise when it rains. I test drove QX56, it was noisier. I thought it had more sound proofing than Armada, go figure....
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    Thanks for the info!! I am going to take one for a spin this week...
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    Bad time to buy a Sequoia, old model, old technology, old styling, which will be update next year. Not really competitive with all the newer offerings, Tahoe/Sub/Yukon, Armada, and Expedition. As well as the lack of space that you pointed out. Of course, I am sure Toyota doesn't see it that way. You would most likely pay more for the Sequoia, resting solely on the quality issue, whether or not that exists or not.
  • mbuntingmbunting Member Posts: 158
    Just brought home my Blizzard Armada!

    I'm interested in purchasing an Extended Warranty for it (I declined it at the dealership) because I thought I could find the Nissan Warranty online (from Marlboro Nissan) for a better price. I did this for my Xterra (previous vehicle) and saved a ton - but I don't see any extended warranties being offered from Marlboro Nissan now.

    Anyone have any other options they could recommend to me?

    Many thanks!
  • bksquadronbksquadron Member Posts: 8
    Congratulations on your new Blizzard Armada (I have one too).

    Call dealerships in your area from your search at and ask for warranty price. Price difference I found was $2K. Search for official Nissan USA Service Contract Dealers online as well. Good luck.
  • bud_foxx44bud_foxx44 Member Posts: 31
    I just drove a 2006 Armada LE 4X4 demo
    It had the tech package with Nav. DVD and Sunroof
    7080 miles on it. MSRP is 48,560 about and I got them
    down to $39,000 Good price or not for a demo?

  • manarakimanaraki Member Posts: 40
  • manarakimanaraki Member Posts: 40
    I have talked with three seperate dealers, and they are all willing to sell me a 2006 at invoice, and on top of that, take off another 4000.oo for the manf to dealer cash. Would this be considered a great deal, or could I shoot for under invoice. I even had one dealership offer to sell me a 2007 at invoice and take off the 3000.00 extra for rebate. I hope this is a great deal. If not, I will shoot for under invoice. Thank you!
  • indyjenindyjen Member Posts: 4
    Good Afternoon,

    We are considering a purchase of a 06 Armada. It has the all available options, including the tech package, sunroof, dvd system and all of the little bells and whistles that were availalbe.

    It has 9K miles on it - price is $35,598. Any opinions are welcome!!!!!

  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    Doesn't sound like that good of a deal. If you are paying $35,500 for a 9,000 mile, '06, with a third of the warranty burned, why not pay maybe $3000 more, for an '07 brand new. The $4000 rebate should be a great equalizer when dealing on an '07. You should be able to get $9000 off with the rebate included, that would put you around 38,000 and change. Just my two cents.
    I was just curious so I checked out Kelley Blue Book, retail value is $39,000, but if someone trade it in, $30,000. So it appears they are making $5000 off the vehicle.
    Find out how much for a new one, should be able to get $9000 off easy. Look at prior posts.
  • haropharop Member Posts: 59
    I agree with parker4551.
    I got my 2006 LE 4x4 last october. No tech package.
    Paid 29,200. It had 20k at the time. I guess I was
    lucky, still don't see any deal like that.

  • indyjenindyjen Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for your input - I did a search, the best price I can get on a 2007 with all of the options I want including the tech package is $39,998 which is 9K off MSRP, including the 4K rebate as you indicated above. I don't want to pay the additional 5K for the 2007, it's not worth it to me.

    Also, I did a nationwide search on used Armada's and could not find ONE with the options even close to the price we are paying. Most of them are in that 39K range. To the poster who recently purchased an 06 Armada for 29K with 20K and without the tech package - add 4K for the tech package and a bit for the mileage difference and we seem to be about even.

    Yes, they are making some money on the car, but so is the dealer - and that's what businesses do.....

    Thanks again, you made me search hard to make sure I was doing the right thing.....
  • haropharop Member Posts: 59
    >add 4K for the tech package and a bit for the mileage >difference and we seem to be about even.

    I think you need to add another 3k for 4x4. But again, you may be right at the price range, since I think I bought mine a little cheaper. Good luck

  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    Sounds like you know what you are getting now. I really think you will enjoy your new vehicle. Good luck!
  • pamela3256pamela3256 Member Posts: 3
    I would like to see if this would be a good deal I'm looking to buy it:

    2007 Armada 4x4 silver exterior, black interior 7000 miles SE with the standar equipment nothing fancy for $26,000.
  • parker4551parker4551 Member Posts: 58
    That sounds like a good deal to me. Real good, as long as you are happy with the options.
  • twinbladesztwinbladesz Member Posts: 104
    I'm looking to buy a used Armada. So far I have found 3 nearby. A Smoke 05 with 37k miles on it for at least internet price of $24995, another 05 Blue for $24990 with 29k miles on it, although this one is in Upstate NY. The 3rd is an 06 for $26995 that has 34k miles on it also in upstate NY. Do these prices sound good for used vehicles?
  • ricoman24ricoman24 Member Posts: 1
    Purchasing an 04 LE with 44k, navi, DVD etc. from a chevy dealer. They are offering me a GM Major Guard protection plan for $2300 which covers all of the above and more for 48 months or 48k miles. I have two questions. #1, is $2300 obscene or what? and #2 if $2300 is obscene are there alternatives after purchasing? My gut tells me the dealer is making their $$$ on the back end since I am paying close to trade-in value for the truck. Out the door with warranty for $28900
  • jdls22jdls22 Member Posts: 7
    Ok, here is what I received from a dealer last night..

    MSRP: 46,975
    Term: 39mo
    Mileage: 12K -$.15over
    Purchase Option: 23,167

    Money Due at Inception:
    Total: 4769.42

    Question: Is this a good deal? The way the deal is structured it doesn't look like I am getting anything off of the MSRP...HELP!!!! NEED TO MAKE A DECISION SOON!!!!
  • jdls22jdls22 Member Posts: 7
    Oh and I forgot the payment quoted is $579.00 per month.... :confuse: :confuse:
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Member Posts: 252
    It's not a good deal under any circumstances. It needs to be based on invoice price minus Nissan rebate or thereabout. Your best bet is to go through internet managers at your local dealers. Be aggressive with your offer. Just my two cents.
  • jdls22jdls22 Member Posts: 7
    Believe me, I have shopped this around..I am in NJ, I have spoken with dealers in NY, NJ and DE..Still no luck..Not sure what the "going" lease is on an ARMADA but I haven't been happy with what I have been quoted.. Anyone out there have any recent experiance, I would love to hear about it..

    Thanks :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31
    I bought a new fully loaded Armada in Oct 2004. Now it has 28400 miles on it. A few days ago we had a storm with large hail, that damaged Armada. The insurance issued a check worth of $2,700 for repair. I would like to trade it for 07 Armada that the dealer has offered today:

    Armada 07 (fully loaded)
    MSRP: $49,785
    Rebate: -$4,000
    Discount: -$4,750

    My Armada 04 (fuly loaded) trade in: -$23,000 (original MSRP: 47,000 in 2004)
    Total: $18,035 + TAX + LIC

    They will also take care of the hail damage repair on the 04 Armada through my insurance, so we do not have have to pay for repair.

    Question: Is this a good deal or not?
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