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  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31
    I got a quote for 41K of fully loaded 4x4 LE with DVD, Sunroof and NAV systems - is this nice or what? It includes the 2K rebate from Nissan. What do you think?
  • scdatm1scdatm1 Member Posts: 9
    What is the invoice on that? I would think that with the 05's coming, getting invoice for 04's would take just a little haggling on your part.

    By the way, I'm interested in the same thing you are, but in the 4x2 version.
  • scdatm1scdatm1 Member Posts: 9
    Anybody out there buy an '04 lately? If so, I'm wondering what kind of deals are being made.

    Also, if the 05's are out... What is the asking price? Hopefully, not near MSRP.

  • rodgodrodgod Member Posts: 1
    I just bought an Armada LE with Technology Package (Nav, Dual Zone AC, Sunroof, Power Lift Gate, Power 6-way Passenger seat), FLoor Mats, Cargo Mat, Splash Guards, Cargo Area Tray.

    MSRP was $42,670 + plus a $2000 so called mkt adjustment for a total of $44,670.

    We got it for $35,998. More than $2,000 under Invoice. It seems like it was a good deal...
    Ended up financing it for 60mo with a 1% rate....

    SO far it is great!
  • scdatm1scdatm1 Member Posts: 9

    Wow, that sounds great like a great price! I'm just curious as to what dealership you got your deal with?
  • vmoneyvmoney Member Posts: 1
    interested in knowing what dealership you worked w/ looking for aexact same scenerio....that's a good deal
  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31
    The invoice was $47,000, I got it for $40,650 including the rebate - very nice, love the Tec package and DVD entertainment with tire pressure monitoring and navigation system.
  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31
    That's not bad, $6,000 off the retail. Was it 4x4 or 4x2? Nissan had a promotion of $6K in our area for all Armadas, ended on Nov 1st - not sure if they continue the promotion.
  • briandorfbriandorf Member Posts: 1
  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31
    It is a good price considering they offer $7000 discount now. The mileage might be high on these cars, so them them out (I know some offered me $7K discount on the truck that the son of the Nissan dealership was driving, 3,000 miles.) So be careful.
  • svierasviera Member Posts: 2

    Any word on what dealer rodgod used?
  • walinareswalinares Member Posts: 5
    ?Which Dealer did you Purchased The Armada,Please tell me What state or City Thank You, That sounds like a good deal
  • clee3clee3 Member Posts: 3
    I got a 05' FULLY loaded LE 4x4 for 600 below invoice-around 42,600. Dealer threw in coupon booklet with 1500 dollars of coupons (service, oil changes, rental cars, merchandise discounts). Also have unlimited access to car washes, free for lifetime of ownership. I did a feeler for the vehicle I wanted to all of the local dealers saying I would pay invoice and got back 4 replies. Went with closet to home (near Sacramento, CA). Dealt directly with fleet/internet sales manager. Easiest car buy ever by far for me. Dealership has been excellent in every respect. Only had it for a month, but I don't doubt that I will be treated the same the first time I have a need for a fix.
  • k2rickk2rick Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2005 SE for $31,700 at 3% for 60 mths. It would have been $1000 less if I took a higher interest rate. Invoice is $31,997.

    I bought it at Barwick Nissan in San Juan Capistrano

    in California. Easy deal, great price, laid back.
  • jeprijepri Member Posts: 1
    Any one has experince buying an Armada 4x2 SE in Portland OR. Are they being had for invoice? Which dealership did you go to?

  • dadinterpdadinterp Member Posts: 1
    After checking these posts, scouting out about 5 dealers' websites, and visiting two dealers, I finally bargained intensely with a dealer in Maine and got a great price. I got an LE fully loaded with the Technology and DVD packages, floor mats, cargo tray, wheel locks, and rear mud flaps. The MSRP was $47,742.00, they had an internet special at $42,202.00 (including the $1K rebate) and I got them down to $41,128.00.


    It was a little bit of haggling, especially when I asked them to take my 1996 Ford Club Wagon Conversion in trade, for which they reluctantly gave me $3,250.00. After the trade the bottom line was $37,878.00. Pretty cool!


    I had walked out of the dealership once, they called back, and we finally settled on the price.


    Nice and trustworthy dealership (as dealerships go) so far so good. I love the Tech package - it really makes the vehicle.
  • bayareadude1bayareadude1 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased my 05 smoke SE 4X4 with leather package, tow, Floor mats, Rear Splash, Micro filter for 34000 after rebate. Invoice was about 36600. Ended up getting 2% APR in lie of Rebate. Got it from Northbay Nissan in CA. Just dealt with internet department and when I got there they were completing the Pre Delivery Inspection. I think I got a good deal.
  • chemenwaychemenway Member Posts: 1
    What dealership was it? I live in Maine and looking for the same deal.
  • heather1321heather1321 Member Posts: 1
    I have been looking at the 04 and 05 Armada's and have feeling out dealers for the best price that they can give me. They quoted me on an 04, with the sticker price of 46,900 which they would give me for 39,600. I was wondering if yours was an 04 or an 05 and was wondering if you feel if that is a good deal. The vehicle is also a demo that has 8000 miles on it already. I also got a price on a 05 with a sticker price of 47000 that they would give me for 41200. If you have the 04, I was wondering if you have had any problems with vibrating when driving. I've read on other forums that people have noticed a vibrating when driving. I appreciate your input. Thanks, Heather1321
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  • scott174scott174 Member Posts: 74
    I bought a 2005 Armada back in November of 04 loaded with the tech package and only paid 39600. I would NOT touch an 04, even if it was heavly discounted. Pay a little more, and have a car with the bugs worked out.
  • nissanbuyernissanbuyer Member Posts: 1
    Where did you get this deal at ?
  • chuntmdchuntmd Member Posts: 17
    What do folks think of CarMax? They have several Armadas with the $1500 till 3/31/05. Princing was lower than two dealers I visited last Saturday.
  • kc1711kc1711 Member Posts: 3
    I traded in my 2004 Armada and purchased a 2005 Toyota Sequoia at Carmax in Laurel, MD, and it was my best car buying experience ever. They gave me more for my trade in and a better price on the new vehicle than the three other dealers that I had visited. I haven't been to the White Marsh location, but would imagine it is about the same. Good luck.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Member Posts: 40
    SE TW package and few other factory options - Dealt directly with Internet/Fleet Dept - No Haggle Price

    $35,500 MSRP
    32,253 Invoice
    32,453 Deal
    (1,500) Nissan Rebate
    30,953 Final + Tax and Lic

    See my post on the Armada problems and solutions discussion for the official brake resolution.
  • chuntmdchuntmd Member Posts: 17
    CarMax does do it right. Traded my 04 LE for a 05 LE w/Nav last Saturday at White Marsh CarMax. They are the largest Nissan dealer on the east coast and thrid in the US. #1 is a dealer in TN that is open 24hrs.

    White Marsh does 900 cars/mth, Laurel does 1200 (they have the Toyota/scion dealer there)

    47k MSRP down to 39K. Rear camera is great when hooking my my car hauler.
  • soldaustinsoldaustin Member Posts: 91
    The question is though, what did they give you for your vehicle. They can hide pricing in a new vehicle by giving you lower for yours. It is a trade off. Just curious as I have thought about trading but was afraid of the beating I will probably take on my '04 Se that has towing package, bose system, smoke color with 20k miles.
  • dadiwandadiwan Member Posts: 3
    So, after looking at 4Runners, Sequoia, Pathfinder and the Aramada we drove home a new Armada LE today! Ye haw! With 2 kids, 2 goldens and a boat, we decided to go for the extra room and towing. Basically, it was a very good experience from Younker Nissan, Renton. Contact via the internet is immediately rewarded with an offer of $400 off invoice (invoice price on Edmunds) plus another $150 to spend at the parts dept.
    Armada LE:
    Optional Equipment MSRP Invoice
    J02 Sunroof Package $1,000 $867
    A97 Sirius Satellite Radio $400 $347
    L92 6-pc. Floor Mat/Cargo Mat $200 $148
    B10 Rear Splash Guards $70 $57
    R93 Cargo Area Tray $70 $54
    B92 Front Splash Guards $60 $49
    M10 In Cabin MicroFilter $40 $31
    K01 2nd Row Split Bench Seat $0 $0

    Destination Charge $670 $670
    Total with Options $44,210 $40,134
    There were also "high margin" dealer add ons that washed out the $400 off.
    Total price paid: $40032 + tax and lic.
    Also because of the brake issue (see problems forum) I got a free lifetime service rental added- normally $89. Could I have negoiated more? Probably, but this is certainly a good price, way, way better than I could get a Sequoia for, the only one in the state with the options we wanted and took the 2% financing over cash back.
  • chip88chip88 Member Posts: 3
    Just picked up an LE with Sunroof, DVD, mats... for $500 under invoice. Very happy with the deal at Hawkinson Nissan in Matteson. Also took advantage of the 2% financing.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Member Posts: 40
    So how does the Nissan Security + Plus Gold "Standard" w/ $50 deductible and 84 mo/ 100k mi sound at $1,711 for a 2005 Armada? What should it cost?

    What is a good price for the "Preferred" plan with the same specs?
  • jkcurljkcurl Member Posts: 2
    I just bought my new 05' Armada LE, fully loaded with everything except the Navigation System (way over priced). I passed on the extended warrenty, I know that I can go back to the dealer in a couple of years and still buy it, if I really thought I needed it. There is about 90% profit in the extended warrentys, based on those that have them and have to use them.

    You would be (in my opinion) better off finding a great local mechanic for those troublesom times that may occur down the road.
  • jkcurljkcurl Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I just bought my new 05' Armada LE, fully loaded with everything, including DVD player, except the Navigation System (way over priced). I paid $38,920 (drive out), and negotiated splash gaurds, floor mats, cargo mat, two free oil changes and $25 towards a new tank of gas.

    I live in Atlanta and did a great deal of research before making a decision. I think that I drove every large SUV out there, included the Infinity version of the Armada. For the money you can't beat this beast! Do yourself a favor and look for a good "Customer Satisfaction" rated dealer, it will make a difference.
  • dadiwandadiwan Member Posts: 3
    That sounds like a good deal. 4x2 or 4x4? Generally speaking, anything but a 4x4 SUV is an exception up here in the NW.
  • dadiwandadiwan Member Posts: 3
    That's about what I netted out to (see above post from dadiwan). The only caviate for you wheeler dealers is that is has to be an in stock vehicle, so you need to appear somewhat disconnected if that dealer has the only color/option combo you want in the vicinity to get below factory invoice.
  • rotti92201rotti92201 Member Posts: 14
    I live on the east coast any one recently bought a 2005 Armada LE with a sticker around $47,910??? Trying to find out how low did the dealers go???
  • rotti92201rotti92201 Member Posts: 14
    What was the sticker price of this car???
  • grif32grif32 Member Posts: 1
    Bought a 2004 Armada LE for 33900. 35K plus TTL. Truck was used and only had 3900 miles. I think I got a pretty good deal. Truck is fully loaded minus navigation system and DVD. Haven't noticed vibrating. Bought truck in Texas.

  • wsimmonswsimmons Member Posts: 1
    the vibrating was actually a recall with the brakes on my armada
  • soldaustinsoldaustin Member Posts: 91
    There is no recall. :mad:
  • ccharlesccharles Member Posts: 1
    ">NEW 2005 Nissan Armada SE


    Model: SE
    Exterior: Galaxy
    Interior: Graphite Cloth
    Drivetrain: 4x4

    Packages and Options

    In-Cabin Microfilter $40
    Rear Splash Guards $70
    Tow Package $650

    Carpeted Floor and Cargo Mats $200

    Base MSRP $36,600.00
    Total Packages, Options, & Accessories $960.00
    Destination & Handling $670.00

    Total Configured MSRP† $38,230.00

    Negotiated Price: $36,500 ("Out the Door" Price - includes TTL and other Fees)
  • ben16ben16 Member Posts: 1
    This truck has the nav package, power lift gate, backup camera. Didn't get the DVD, the screen was to small, or the XM radio. $40,100.
  • teerxteerx Member Posts: 1
    We just bought an '04 LE loaded without the DVD for $41600 out the door in Clearwater FL. at Lokey Nissan. It was the end of May and they were pushing to get rid of the residual '04 stock. The MSRP was $46500.They gave us $3500 off and we added a little cash down to make up some negative equity in our trade, a '02 Expedition. Initially, they were handling the financing and quoted me 10.32% for 84 months. I had just ran my Beacon and found it over 700. The dealer explained that auto financing is figured differently than what the consumer sees. That is because of dealer reserve. They set financing up at 5%, tell the buyer their score is in a lower tier so the 10% plus and they pocket the 5% difference. Get approval from a bank, credit union, E-Loan, somewhere else and you'll have better buying power. I got my own financing after the deal at 5.75%, $604/month rather than $750 from Nissan. Also, with your own financing, you may be able to get a loaded unit for far less than dealer invoice. can help you find the right starting point to go up from without paying thru the nose. Enjoy!!! :D
  • lrs72lrs72 Member Posts: 2
    What are people paying for lease on a fully loaded 4x4 LE? I got a quote from a dealer in the Puget Sound area of WA State. I was looking for a 36 Month lease on a 4x4 LE w/ DVD, Tech Package, Mats, & F&R Splashguard. MSRP $48,090. The quote from the dealer came back as $16,000 down, 60 month term, 12K miles/year for $719 including tax! :surprise: I thought that was extremly ridiculous. As an extra "incentive" he gave me the option of paying the down payment at the end of the lease and driving it off the lot for just the first month payment. :P
  • galvanggalvang Member Posts: 156
    What a rip-off!!! Was the dealer wearing a blask mask and said " this is a stick up" ?? I almost fell off my chair when I saw that one.
  • cechastaincechastain Member Posts: 1
    I am looking to puchase my first vehicle independant of parental help, etc. I need a little guidance and advise on how to negotiate and what to expect. I am looking at an Armada LE w/ sunroof. Don't need DVD or navigation. I like the bucket seat 2nd row. I am drawn to the black, smoke, or red. Any advise on what price is reasonable to negotiate down to or other things to consider? Please help. Thanks.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Member Posts: 40
    First, know exactly what you want.

    Go to the dealership website, email a purchase request to the internet/fleet manager, specify exactly what you want, and request a quick process at a price better than CarsDirect. You should get a call to make a test drive appt at your convenience, and great offer to close same day. This usually works well, without aggravation, and you probably won't get any better unless you grabbed the loss leader advertised in the paper. Just watch out when you go to the Finance dept. This you can not avoid, other than to so no no no, to all the overpriced peripheral options.
  • rotti92201rotti92201 Member Posts: 14
    I did it.. just purchase 2005 Armada LE white/grey interior, DVD & tech pkg, cargo mats & tray... $41,487 +TTL based on MSRP $48,130. The best thing I did was locate the car myself through Then email the dealerships that had the inventory. Going through the Internet department is the best thing. Get bottom line prices without heavy negiotation. Did get a quote through to compare (came to a couple of hundred more). Also, felt more comfortable seeing what i was buying. reps are a great source of information.

    Advice: secure your own financing before you go to the dealer and let the dealer match the interest rate or get a lower one for you.

    If your in NYC I dealt with a great dealer out on the Island if you are interested......... :shades:
  • bayareabayarea Member Posts: 4
    I had the dealer at 600 under invoice for a fully loaded LE but then went for 2% financing and that was a deal killer. I could have gotten 3% financing, but I walked away from the deal. I think I'm going to go with the Sequoia anyway, but wanted to post this information in case it's helpful to anyone.
  • bayareabayarea Member Posts: 4
    I haven't seen too much info on here re leases. I got the following today, can anyone comment:

    05 LE 4X4 Smoke Fully Loaded:

    Cap Cost 43793
    Residual 23584
    39 months; 12K miles per year

    Payment = 632 plus tax

  • bayareabayarea Member Posts: 4
    the above was with $0 down
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